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Ukrainian War

Another thing the West is looking at doing so they don't have to admit they lost and were lying is "freezing the war where neither side is said to have won or lost."

Is that an obvious con or what?

I told you that the upper class trash would never admit they lied or lost. Watch this brief video.

They are now also just playing their denial game where they just openly deny that Russia just took Bakhmut so they don't have to deal with the truth that Russia is winning the war and the lefties have been lying.

This leaves a problem in that Russia and Putin are still standing between the evil upper class trash royals and their global dictatorship so the question begs to ask, "Just what is the West planning next to get rid of Putin and Russia so the West can set up its global dictatorship?" Will they accept a partial global dictatorship FOR NOW?

You know the evil monsters will dream up some plan later to get their full global dictatorship. This will only hesitate their global dictatorship plans until they can dream up something else.

I will be so glad when all of these evil things are burning in Hell forever so they can never again cause harm to anyone. Paradise will be absolutely wonderful without them. Being with God and being without them will be the essence of Paradise.

It is clear that one of the reasons the West wants to freeze this war is because it is draining NATO's weapons arsenal. That should tell you that the West only wants this freeze or temporary peace so they can rebuild their weapons arsenal and then try again, you know, the way they made the last fake peace agreement to build Ukraine's forces to fight Russia.

And you think Putin is stupid enough he didn't learn from that con job?

BTW, Ukraine already staged its "offensive", it was so small and pathetic that it only involved the Bakhmut area, and, after Bakhmut fell, it got really quiet along the entire front line with very low military actions and damages. That was it, trying to hold onto Bakhmut was the Ukrainian offensive.

Wow, that was NOTHING like the West has been telling us it was going to be, you know, conquer Russia, conquer the planet, conquer the solar system, conquer the galaxy, and conquer the entire cosmos.

It is now official that Bakhmut has fallen to Russia and Ukraine is licking its wounds.

Now we wait to see what is going to happen next in the Ukrainian War.

BTW, Putin has said that he sees the West providing weapons to Ukraine as a direct involvement in the war on the side of Ukraine against Russia or an act of war against Russia. He is saying the West has been committing acts of war against Russia, which legally justifies any military action against any of those allies.

I posted this on FB concerning the F-16s:

"I am seeing bull crap from both sides concerning the US sending or allowing allies to send F-16s to Ukraine.

First, it is really stupid because it gives Russia the opportunity to learn the strengths and weaknesses of the F-16 in the hands of Zelensky. I would not be surprised to see at least one get captured by Russia for study and research.

If we ever have to go to war against Russia later, it will give Russia a serious advantage over us. We may not even be able to use the F-16 against Russia in a war.

This is like Rome giving Alaric and his Goths Rome's most advanced weapons while Alaric and his Goths are laying siege to Rome. It is that kind of stupid.

Second, it takes time to build the replacements for those aircraft given to Ukraine, which makes all nations giving the weapon to Ukraine vulnerable to attack by just about any hostile nation, you know, like Russia AND providing Ukraine with such weapons can be considered an act of war against Russia.

Third, how successful it will be against Russian weapons, especially other planes, SAMs, and other weapons, depends on the electronics warfare (EW) being used by both sides and how well both sides learn and adapt to each other's EW, especially ECM. Without the US having the right researchers and technicians there, we are not going to learn and adapt to crap so that Russia will definitely have the advantage and, from what I have been seeing, Russia is adapting very well and I have seen that others have noticed that too.

Did you know that the US has not engaged enemy fighter planes in a turning dog fight since before Desert Storm?

The nearest to a turning dog fight was during Desert Storm, when an F-15 shot down an enemy plane with a missile from a mile away. Today's dog fighting is done using radar and electronics warfare with missiles from a distance. Because of this, an enemy learning to counter your EW and ECM is critical.

Plus you have to keep in mind that the US never gives its best EW to even its allies except for Israel so Ukraine will be at a very strong disadvantage.

Fourth, we are being lied to about the air defense systems Ukraine has and they have almost none left so that, those planes will become easy targets as soon as they enter the nation of Ukraine and Russia's intel gathering and use is great, as good as ours. Most of them could be blown up on arrival or shortly thereafter, you know, like Russia just blew up most of the missiles we just sent Ukraine.

The people running our Western nations are idiots, who have invented infinite stupidity because their stupidity is never ending. They are so stupid they make my brain hurt a lot. We are going to have to rename Earth the Galaxy Mental Institution.

You better pray long, pray hard, pray often. We are definitely going to need it."

Then I found this video giving us some intel with Russia's next move being placing top troops along the northern Russian/Ukrainian border in the area of Kursk, not too far from Kiev. Putin is probably now positioning his reserves to start his offensive.

Putin is also continuing his artillery assault against Ukrainian reserves to continue weakening them for future military actions by Russia and to diminish or prevent any more offensives by Ukraine.

Something is about to happen. Keep an eye on this.

Then I found this video showing that Russia has based 18 nuke bombers near the Finland border and people think it is to "intimidate the UK", you know, he is just bluffing.


I think Putin has had enough and is getting ready to attack the UK, US, and whomever else Putin and his generals feel is necessary to stop the war against Russia. Putin isn't going to just sit there and let them wage war against Russia forever. The idiots are about to find out that Putin wasn't bluffing about using nukes on the UK and US and note that his primary target is the UK because Putin knows what is really going on and he knows he has to take out the British Royal Family in the UK to stop it.

I am now looking for a military movement or buildup concerning the US. I know Russia and others like China already had troops and such based by Alaska and ships and subs off our Pacific, Gulf, and Atlantic coasts and that may be all he needs along with his ICBMs. There are other things I will be watching too.

One or two nuke bombers with a few fighters is not an attack but 18 nuke bombers with hypersonic missiles armed with nukes and a navy of ships and subs near our coasts armed with nuke missiles along with their ICBMs is definitely an attack. If they don't stop waging war against Russia now, it will be WWIII.

His primary targets will be the British Royal Family (not just Charlie and Billy Boy; almost the entire family) and key military targets to prevent retaliation.

I have told you that Putin knows who he has to kill to stop this war against him and Russia and this video shows he knows the names of the people and fully intends to take them out. Putin just put out warrants for the prosecutor and judges who put out warrants on him. You can bet Putin and his people have a kill list and they just added a few more names to it to stop the insanity against them. The Western leaders and their puppets need to wake up and realize that Putin is not bluffing; he means business.

You have to understand that, if Russia takes out the UK and US, the war in Ukraine is finished, will stop within hours, and Putin will be able to take whatever land he wants with very little to no resistance. He doesn't even have to take out more than about 10% to 20% or just the leaders and the military's ability to retaliate.

Putin has shown he is not going to talk to the Western royals anymore because he knows that a treaty will be to just buy them time to rearm and it is best if he attacks while we are weakest, you know, we gave our weapons and munitions to Ukraine and have not had time to rearm. It just got real and Putin knows who he has to kill to stop the insanity, which will probably include the US upper class trash royals and their puppets too.

Sailboat Cruising

I am seeing increasing numbers of sailboats anchored or docked in key cruising ports and it has gotten so bad that increasing numbers of places have run out of room so the true cruisers can't stay there. The rich sailboat owners, with some living on their boats and others just using them for weekends and vacations, are crowding out the cruising crowd.

Many of those countries have already outlawed fishing of any kind by the boaters because those boat owners have seriously depleted the fish populations and it will only be a matter of time until they will have to start importing fish for their restaurants and stores.

Most of them have wild and loud parties on their boats, the beaches, and in towns, and hang out in restaurants and bars, driving up prices, which is going to anger the residents, which will cause their governments to clamp down on that stuff too. I previously told you about some islands the cruising crowd is staying away from because the people on those islands got so angry at the cruising crowd they got violent. The rich always over do things, causing problems and restrictions.

The sailboat cruisers are having to find more distant exotic places the rich don't know about but, with the YouTube videos, the rich will quickly find those places too and screw them up. I may be watching the end of the sailboat cruising culture.


I am watching Indian PM Modi traveling around his part of the world making buds with other leaders and getting all of his ducks in a row for what China is planning.

Remember that his many allies are China's many enemies.

Keep an eye on this.


Remember that I have been warning you that the left has so completely corrupted our governments that only God can clean up the mess?

Listen to them talk about this on this video showing how the left has so completely corrupted our government that they cannot figure out how to clean it up. The Durham Report showed a little of just how corrupt our governments are and people are finally waking up to what I have been telling you for decades.

If you really sit down and study it from an organizational level, no human or groups of humans can clean up this mess the left has made of our governments from too many city, county, state, and federal governments.

It will take the hand of God and I believe God is going to help us clean up this mess by causing many of them to be killed in the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39 and then you have to clean up enough of the rest with a war to regain control of most of our nation. Even Obama nuking Chicago will kill some of them, especially the top upper class trash and their lying media who show up to cover the formal ball in the top of the Sears Tower.

There are so many corrupt people infiltrated into the tops of our governments, media, universities, and other organizations the lefties are using for this coup that God is going to have to kill a lot of people and you will have to finish that job.

The more I think about it, Obama nuking Chicago will be him doing the world a favor because he is going to kill some of the worst at the top of this international criminal organization trying to enslave and kill you so he can grab control and he will be used by God to pass judgment on Chicago because its voters keep electing evil people to make things worse. It is going to be like a modern Sodom where approximately one square mile will be completely leveled.

Then Obama will use the lie that Israel nuked Chicago to cover his butt and get the lefties to run down and join the woke military to get even with Israel, causing the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39, which will kill most of them and most of the rest of the upper class trash, their puppet politicians and bureaucrats, their lefty media there to cover that invasion, and many others. It will be like God flushing our overflowing toilet.

It begs to ask, "Why would Obama nuke Chicago?"

1. Because he is a greedy, power mad, devout Shiite Muslim, super duper narcissist, and him nuking the third largest city in the most powerful nation in history that used to be Christian will make him the greatest Muslim terrorist in history, dwarfing Osama, and an instant hero to 1.4 billion Muslims, all Western lefties, China, North Korea, and everyone else who hates the US because of our upper class trash or about 3 to 5 billion people globally

2. If he does it right, it will give him absolute control of the US and an excuse to invade Israel so he can prove he is the Muslim Mahdi by standing on the Temple Mount and giving the order to all Muslims to kill all non Muslims, you know, like the Bible says the Antichrist will do at mid Tribulation

3. After he proves he is the Muslim Mahdi or messiah, all Muslims will be required to unite behind him as their leader to set up a global Caliphate or dictatorship with him as the absolute dictator

Now, knowing all of that, it also begs to ask, "Why would power mad, super narcissist Obama NOT nuke Chicago?"

You tell me.

Now you have to understand everything Obama has to do in order to achieve absolute power over the US. He has to get rid of our 3 branches of government; the executive (Afghan Joe and Kruella), Congress, and the Supreme Court and he has to get rid of the US Constitution.

He can do that two probable ways. First, he can nuke Chicago with both Afghan Joe and Kruella there, also nuke Congress and the Supreme Court along with also killing Trump so Obama will be the last living president and replace the US Constitution with Sharia.

He can nuke Chicago, grab power with the help of our corrupt government bureaucrats, declare a national emergency, use that to declare martial law, use that to suspend Congress, the Supreme Court, and the US Constitution and put the US under Sharia Law.

Remember that God told me in a dream that Obama will impose Sharia Law on the US after he seizes control and power.

I figure that it is only a matter of time and Obama and Farrakhan will get so frustrated at the upper class trash and their puppets failing at everything they are doing with their global dictatorship becoming less likely by the day until they will take matters into their own hands to make that global dictatorship happen, but with them ruling.


Remember that I warned you about China infiltrating troops into the US by different means?

This video confirms China is infiltrating her troops across our southern border and note that they are infiltrating in groups of just Chinese migrants, who are military age, telling us this is being done by the Chinese military and government. This is clearly not just individuals sneaking into the US on their own. This is a military operation and the idiot journalists don't get it.

Also, notice that, just like I warned you, Afghan Joe and company are completely ignoring court orders and doing as they please. They have made themselves above the law.

Keep an eye on it.

Food for Thought

They keep telling you that Iran don't gots no nukes but my intel tells me they do and they are not building A nuke but an arsenal of nukes and it is being kept from you. Iran knows that to be a super power one nuke won't do it and she has to have a few thousand nukes.

Think not?

Answer these questions.

Did you know that Iran is the only nation to try for 6 years or more to make nuke weapons and "still doesn't have nukes" after more than 40 years?

Did you know that Iran's nuke scientists have bee working with nuke scientists from Pakistan (who has nukes), North Korea (who has nukes), and China (who has lots of nukes) and she still doesn't have nukes?

Did you know that all of her nuclear facilities that generate nuke dirt were built by Germany because of greed?

Did you know that about 20 years ago they detected 3 different seismic activities from a weapons testing range in Southeastern Iran that were all identical to the seismic activities generated by 10K nukes?

Did you know that Iran has had nuke dirt for more than 20 years and still doesn't have a nuke?

Did you know that an engineering college student in the Eastern US built a fully operational nuke warhead without the explosives or nuke dirt, while I was studying mechanical engineering in the late 60s, for a class project and Iran still doesn't have a nuke?

Did you know that those same stupid Iranian scientists who cannot make a nuke have created and successfully tested ICBMs that can reach Europe and the US along with other weapons like drones but she still doesn't have a nuke?

Did you know that those same stupid Iranian scientists who cannot make a nuke have created a space program for Iran and put a number of satellites in space but they still don't have a nuke?

Did you know that, as part of the US/Iran deal, Obama gave Iran $150 billion dollars for Iran's nuke program but Iran still doesn't have nukes?

Gee, what a bunch of magic coincidences. Go ahead; convince me that Iran doesn't have nukes.

It suddenly got really obvious, didn't it?

I just saw a headline that said, "Is the FBI spying on you?" My first thought was, "Oh heck yeah, why wouldn't they?" They probably check my site at least once a day. They probably even have one of those app thingies that tells them when I upload a new essay.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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