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With Disney having been in the news for a few years now because of all of this woke crap and a lot of people still taking their children there, it should tell you that we have a lot of stupid evil people wanting to use Disney to cause harm to their children or they just have not been paying attention to life on this planet.

I would never take my children to Disney right now. They would have to really clean up their act first.


I keep seeing that Russia is bringing in troops who are not members of the Russian Army but are units from other nations like Chechnya. He just moved several other units to the front lines and is rebuilding the Wagner Group to return them to the front line.

With Russia having a minimum of 750,000 troops in the area against Ukraine's dwindling 300,000 to 400,000 troops and Russia just called up another 500,000 reserves, why is Putin not using Russian Army troops and what is he saving Russian troops for?

Well, three times he had move nuke missiles, a number of other troops, and recently Russian tanks to the Polish border in Belarus plus he positioned 18 nuke armed bombers against UK. He is probably using foreign troops for the same reason he is using foreign weapons and munitions; to conserve and stockpile Russian troops the way he is stockpiling Russian weapons and munitions.

Then I found out that Russia is building a standing army of 2 million, 100 new T90 tanks a month, and increasing other weapons and munitions. He is clearly ramping up for a big war (It ain't against Ukraine) and you can bet that at least a quarter to half a million of those troops will soon be stationed by Alaska.

It looks to me like Russia is gradually and quietly building up troops to invade Europe by way of Poland so keep an eye on that. That could be why Russia is conserving Russian troops, weapons, and munitions.

This brief video shows Chechen forces attacking all along the front lines.

Remember that I have been telling you that the UK is providing weapons to Ukraine and encouraging Ukraine to attack inside Russia?

Just about 2 minutes into this brief video a top UK official said that "Ukraine has the right to project force beyond its borders", you know, into Russia while providing Ukraine with better weapons that can strike inside Russia and refusing to permit Ukraine to negotiate a peace deal.

A little before that in that video but in response to that statement, the former Russian President stated that the UK is "waging an undeclared war on Russia" and is Moscow's "eternal enemy." He also said that the UK "can be qualified as being at war with Russia" as per international law.

Basically, the UK providing weapons and training to Ukraine, while also telling Ukraine what it can and cannot do is the UK "leading Ukraine in an undeclared war" against Russia. That is because the UK is micro managing the war for Ukraine, you know, by doing things like having the UK intelligence plan invasions into Russian territory, which is an act of war.

I see this as probably Russia legally justifying a preemptive nuclear strike against UK to stop their war and insanity against Russia. I believe he confirmed that when he said that any UK officials who are involved in this war against Russia "can be considered as a legitimate military target", hint, hint.

If their top officials involved in the war are legitimate military targets, then the UK government aiding and running the war for Ukraine is also a legitimate military target. The Russians are really fed up with the greedy, power mad British Royals and want to put them out of action.

In about the first six minutes of this video they tell you what is going on. They tell you that the British intelligence and special forces like the SAS are probably involved in these "Ukrainian" attacks inside of Russia.

Then he tells you that the US intelligence is also there, you know, involved in waging this war against Russia, making the US a "legitimate military target". He tells you how they word things to make it look like they didn't do it while admitting they did do it because our upper class trash and their idiot puppets think they are smarter than they are and that the Russians are dumber than they are. Their idiot games they have gotten away with insulting the intelligence of the Western people are insulting the intelligence of the Russians.

Then Admiral Kirby shows you more about their brilliant dancing with words to insult everyone's intelligence. He says that we don't tell them where to strike or where not to strike and then tells that "we give them equipment, give them training, give them advice and counsel, and, heck, we even do table top exercises for them".

In other words (the translation from smarty pants double speak), we give them the equipment making it possible for them to attack Russia, give them the training on how to attack Russia, give them advice about attacking Russia, and then do table top exercises to help them plan attacking Russia but they are not involved in attacking Russia. I don't know if it is possible to be any more arrogant than the upper class trash and their idiot puppets.

Do you believe me yet that the upper class trash and their idiot puppets think they are smarter than they are?

The upper class trash are so arrogant they really do think they are smarter than they are and the Russians are dumber than they are so they can easily fool the Russians by just dancing around in circles with their smarty pants talking.

If you are arming the Ukrainians, training the Ukrainians, advising the Ukrainians, and helping them plan the missions with "table top training sessions", you ARE supporting them, aiding them, encouraging them, and directly involved in military actions against Russia, which is an act of war. They arrogantly insult everyone's intelligence with their satanic word games.

Remember that it was Satan who used such word games to try to fool Jesus but failed and Satan did fool Eve with the same kind of word games.

That ain't going to stop the Russian nukes but, hey, Putin is just bluffing.

After watching that entire video, do you believe me yet that the lefty upper class trash royals and their idiot puppets are ignorant, stupid, arrogant fools?

He tells you what I have been telling you about them. Note that he is hoping that Putin does not have to attack and invade the UK and US so he keeps not bringing that up but I think Putin already knows he has to because his troop movements ramping up for war against us are telling me Putin is getting ready to do that.

I just pray that, when these evil things cause their nuclear war, that they are among the first to die because it just would not be right for them to get millions of people killed by starting a nuclear war and them not also die. If they do survive, they should be rounded up, prosecuted, and hung for their crimes against humanity. You just know that God has a special place waiting for them in Hell.

Then I found this very informative video by Scott Ritter, who just got back from Russia.

First, he tells you that the Russian economy is now booming because of this war and the sanctions by the West and why. He said the Russian economy has NEVER been this healthy and strong. Keep in mind that this means the Russian economy is booming, while the left is killing the Western economies, even the US, so, if this doesn't stop, common sense tells me that the Russian economy will surpass the US economy some time in the future and it could become the economic power house of the world along with India.

Do you believe me yet that the idiot upper class trash royals are grossly failing at everything they are trying? Do you believe me yet that they should have never tried to destroy Christian Russia to set up their global dictatorship over you?

Man plans, God laughs.

Then, he tells you that the West trained up 60,000 soldiers for their terrible offensive but Ukraine lost 75,000 soldiers killed and about 150,000 wounded so that, even with that mighty Ukrainian offensive force, their military is not larger and strong but is 165,000 troops smaller and weaker so they will not be able to stage any kind of reasonable offensive against the Russian forces so the inbred, smarty pants West has failed again.

He gives you the numbers, especially concerning weapons systems and more proving we are being lied to. The ramping up for war that Russia is doing, isn't just for Ukraine and he hinted at that by pointing out that the Russia Army is 100,000 stronger JUST for Finland and he said they are doing that all long the Russian border with Europe.

It is like I have been warning you, they are ramping up to go into Europe but, especially the US and UK, to stop this evil. You better pray long, pray hard, pray often and get right with God because Satan's upper class trash royals and their idiot puppets are about to bring a mighty Christian Russian Army down on you.

That tells me that those attacks against Moscow and into Russia from Ukraine are acts of desperation by the West to make it look like Ukraine can still win this lost war. The upper class trash royals and their idiot puppets just flunked life.

And you think those idiots are smarter than you because they stole more than you can earn?

Then I found this video that proves that our idiot lefty upper class trash royals and their moron puppets have been given over to reprobate minds by God. They are being called "delusional" by everyone who knows anything about what is going on. It is just like I told you that they are so inbred insane and stupid they cannot see beyond what they want to believe to see the truth. They're nuts because they are out of touch with reality and irrational.

Note that he pointed out that the upper class trash and their puppets are "as delusional as Hitler" who thought he could win right up the the moment he put a gun to his head and blew his brains out.


We didn't learn from history so we were tolerant of homosexuals and now we are repeating history.

What am I talking about?

In the story of Sodom and Gomorrah, the homosexuals that ran the cities were very aggressive and threatening violence if they did not get their way with or have sex with the two new strange men in town visiting Lot.

So we believed the pagan lies about homosexuals being nice people, they have gotten majority control of many of the US governments and other institutions and are now being aggressive and violent towards us if we don't let them turn our children into homosexuals so they can screw them. Deja vu, baby.

Gee, you think that just maybe that is why God told us to not tolerate homosexuality because God knew they would force their homosexuality on you and your children?

Remember that I told you that I am trained to do field research to study animal behavior and my second ex-wife was a lesbian before we married, she still loved to hang out with homosexuals, both men and women, after we got married, and I used that to do field research on the behavior of homosexuals for 5 years without having to have sex with any of them? Remember that I told you that the males and females worked together because there were so few homosexuals back then and they needed but hated each other more than they hated heterosexuals?

I am now seeing that the homosexual men pretending to be women that they used to call queens but are now calling transgenders are causing problems for lesbians and the lesbians are now fighting back. This is driving a wedge between the two populations and turning them against each other even more. This will be interesting to watch.

That same ex-wife also had a masters in psychiatry, got invitations to parties in Hollywood with the top shrinks so I got to hang out at those parties and do animal behavior research on lefty shrinks without them ever figuring it out and told you they are nuts and I consider psychiatry to have almost nothing to do with science and see it as voodoo medicine.

Did you know that most of even the best Ph.D.s in psychiatry have never even studied freshman biology?

They know almost nothing about neurology and the physical function of the brain. They just smoke some dope in their white palaces and make up some great sounding fairy tales they call science. I know because I studied neurology and spent 5 years listening to them talk and me asking questions about their genius ideas. There were a few times I questioned their ideas and tried to explain neurology to them and every time I got the response that "the function of the brain has nothing to do with atoms and molecules." That is why I call psychiatry voodoo medicine.

Almost all lefty shrinks are homosexuals and they were the ones who started and ran the feminism fad they are now killing with their transgender fad. I believe, based on my research and observations, that they started feminism to turn women against men and cause men to turn against women to get more people to become homosexual and it seems to have worked to some extent but is now beginning to fail, especially with women beginning to realize they have been used and played.

The lefties are proving right now that they never really cared about women's rights by stampeding all over women's rights for the rest of their agenda and turning women into second class citizens. The lefties just used women and are now throwing them away because they don't need them anymore, knowing that most of them will just continue to vote Democrat regardless of what the left does to women and their rights because the women have to be deprogrammed plus they are right now trying to finalize setting up their US dictatorship and won't need any voters.

That is also one big reason why I believe that it is the lefty shrinks that are causing these mass shootings to get rid of guns. That is something they would do, especially for money from the upper class trash, and the evidence tells me they are doing it by brainwashing lefty nuts and filling them with a drug that they know causes violence and, upon the orders of the upper class trash, they send them out to murder people. The left have proven to me that they will do anything to get what they want.

All of the people doing mass shootings are lefties seeing lefty shrinks who just happen to have prescriptions for the drug the shrinks know causes violence and no one ever investigates it. I have been watching that for about 30 years now and it never fails.

Don't believe me?

Keep an eye on it.

Rome II

This video shows you one more very important reason why the upper class trash have been spending the US Government into such extreme debt. Because of their corruption and treasons, our government may not be able to keep the F-35 flying because they won't have the money for parts and maintenance but, hey, they all got rich stuffing your tax dollars in their greedy pockets and gave billions to other countries like Ukraine.

This is no accident. They planned this to destroy the US so they could set up their global dictatorship without the US Military being able to stop them.

These traitors have turned the US into Germany II. Remember that Germany went from having 360 prime fighter planes to only having 90 old fighter planes of which half couldn't fly because the German military doesn't have the money for parts and maintenance, only half of their 250 tanks can run because their military doesn't have the money for parts and maintenance, and none of her 4 subs can leave the dock because her military doesn't have the money for parts and maintenance all so the German upper class trash could launder the German military money into their greedy pockets.

Now the US F-35 may not be able to fly because the US Military may not have enough money for parts and maintenance all so the US upper class trash could launder the US Military money into their greedy pockets. Deja vu.

What other US weapons will not be able to function because our military will not have the money for parts and maintenance but our corrupt upper class trash and puppet politicians will be rich until the US falls and they all get sacked?

Do you believe me yet that they are inbred stupid?

Did you notice the cost overruns so the greedy upper class trash can stuff more of your money in their greedy pockets before the arrogant fools get sacked?

BTW, God is using the lefty agenda to prove to you that most Republicans in Congress are really RINOs and lefties, especially McCarthy. Keep an eye on that because God is telling you who the traitors are. I think that Pence and McCarthy are two of the worst RINOs.

BTW, the white face that lefties are starting to use in public, especially at protests and other gatherings, was used by certain pagans about 2,500 years ago, especially in places like Greece. They are coming out of their pagan closet and telling you they are satanic pagans by what they are doing and saying.


This video provides a little important intel because North Korea has nukes but can't put a satellite in space and Iran is supposed to not have nukes but has a number of satellites in space and has missiles that can reach Europe, which means they have to temporarily achieve low orbit before falling down on Europe.

Does that sound logical to you?

Putting together a nuke warhead is much less complex than putting together a system to get a satellite in space.

Just one more dot in the picture.


Remember that I warned you years ago that it was looking like the left was planning on "making contract with space aliens", who, of course would be more intelligent than us and the space aliens would tell us that the inbred upper class trash royals, who keep screwing everything up and failing, are intellectually superior to us lowly peasants, they know what is best for us, and we should submit to their absolute rule "so they can take care of us" poor widdle peasants, you know, like they did for thousands of years, oppressing, enslaving, impoverishing, and murdering us?

Well, now NASA is having meetings on UFOs to "determine who they are", you know, like intellectually superior beings would want to make contact with our idiot inbred, greedy, power mad, ruthless, worthless leaders who have done nothing but screw everything up for thousands of years so they can have more wealth to live lives of luxury on everyone else's back. I am sure that intellectually superior beings from other planets will just stampede to meet those savages and barbarians.

Keep an eye on it because you just know the upper class trash are getting ready to pull that con in desperation because everything else they are trying is failing.

I recently saw an idea that the upper class trash are planning to have a fake war with fake space aliens so they can get you to let them set up their global dictatorship to "protect you from the fake space aliens". I wouldn't put it past them. The upper class trash have proved they will do ANYTHING to get what they want.

Global Warming

The liars are still pushing the idea of global warming to terrify everyone into believing the sky is falling.

When I first moved back to this high altitude desert in 1998 and for at least 8 to 10 years following, every spring was the same routine. By April 15, I turned off my space heater because I didn't need it at night; by May 15 it was hitting 100 degrees F every day, and by June 1, it was hitting 100 to 115 degrees F every day until the second week in July, when our monsoon season started.

This year on June 1, today, I still have my space heater on because, early in the morning it gets cool enough to run once or twice before I wake up and our daily temperatures are ranging from the high 80s to low 90s with it not even coming close to hitting 100 degrees F even once. The warmest it has gotten so far this year is about 94F and it is now being forecast that it will be in the high 80s for the next 2 to 4 days. It is summer in this high altitude desert and my space heater is still on. Think about that.

Wow, don't you wish the planet would cool off so we would have warmer weather?

Actually, I love this better weather because being over 100 degrees F isn't too much fun. I thank God for this great weather. I wish all crises were this good. Heck yeah, baby, this is the best crisis I have ever seen.


In the Bible God makes it a curse to curse or cause harm to Israel and a blessing to help Israel.

This video shows that we are permitting our lefty run government to curse Israel and that is one of the reasons why God is permitting the left to destroy our nation. They are paying the Muslims to destroy Israel so God is permitting the same evil monsters to destroy our nation. I also found out that the US CIA is orchestrating the lefty riots in Israel to bring down their conservative government.

We have to stop this because it will destroy us.


Remember that I told you that India's economy was the fastest growing economy in the world?

It turns out that is forecast to be true for at least a few more years.

The German economy is in a recession, the UK's economy is declining and in trouble, and the US economy is struggling because of your brilliant, all-knowing, all-wise, heavily educated, upper class trash royals and their insane obsession with their global dictatorship.


China is doing a big military buildup along its border with India while increasing it forces harassing Taiwan. She is also destroying a Muslim mosque, which will turn Muslims around the world against her. She is also refusing to even just talk to US government diplomats.

I think she is ramping up for war to begin fighting when Russia invades the West to stop the insanity in Ukraine.

Keep an eye on this and don't forget she has at least hundreds of thousands of sleeper cell troops stationed in the US.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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