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One of the things I think about is how is God going to deprogram all of the bull crap we have all been taught because everyone has been brainwashed to believe at least some bull crap and, if they don't question everything they have been told, they are believing at least some bull crap with many believing a massive amount of bull crap.

When you look at all of the different things I have written about on this blog, those are things I have learned from other people's comments that they either don't know about or have been lied to about, that is a massive amount of knowledge and that is just a fraction of what I could write about.

God taught me to question everything I was told in the spring of 1968, when I started college, so I have spent the last 55 years questioning everything I have been told and had a huge amount of help from God using things like my studies in science, history, business management, finance, religion, military, and even with life experiences by God putting me behind a number of closed doors to see what is really going on.

Almost everything the lefties and their media say is a lie. I think they must be allergic to the truth. It has gotten so bad that I can't think of anything in life they don't lie about. In 1990 I realized that, if you believed just 10% of what you see on TV or out of Hollywood, you are grossly misinformed and today it is much, much worse. If you believe anything they tell you, you are misinformed.

Most people are just now getting their eyes opened by God but I can tell by their comments that there is still a massive amount of bull crap they are believing. It is pretty overwhelming to see so many people still believing so much bull crap and I believe that only God can deprogram those people and He is using me to do some of that.

I am sick of their lies and I know that many people choose to believe the lies and others just don't know better. You should know what God has taught me in 74 years and then look at what people are believing. Most of what most people believe about just the Bible and God is wrong, forget about everything else. God is using many Christians to teach the truth about God and the Bible and me to teach about most other things you need to know about now.

Remember that Satan is the father of lies and that tells you where those lies are coming from.

US Military Drills

I keep reading about US Military drills all over the US, especially in cities.

What are they preparing for?

They tell you they are preparing for a potential war with Russia and China but they could also be preparing for a civil war.

Then why are they training in our cities? Remember that over the last 20+ years I have been telling you about China infiltrating their troops into the US and basing them in our cities and near our military bases? Remember that I have also been telling you about the bases full of Chinese troops in Mexico and Canada? Remember that Afghan Joe has our borders open so the Chinese and now Russians can infiltrate more troops into the US and they are going to our cities?

That is why our troops are training in our cities and all over the US and why the US Military began training up militias all over the US more than 2 decades ago. They are ramping up for a war they know is coming because of the upper class trash royals making a grab for global power to set up their global dictatorship now.

BTW, they are wondering why Afghan Joe said, "God save the Queen" at the end of one of his speeches and I am certain that was Afghan Joe telling King Charles, you know, Chuck, that he is loyal to and obeying the orders of Chuck. It was a simple coded message to Chuck and note that they didn't try to walk it back or explain it later.

This is going to be a really terrible war because we are going to be fighting each other, China, Russia, Mexico and Latin America, and probably even lefty Canada. You better pray long, pray hard, pray often, and get right with God. A lot of people are about to die because of the insane lefty commie traitor upper class trash royals and their puppet traitors.


In studying military history, I learned that the greatest military leaders ALWAYS studied how their enemies thought so they could anticipate their actions.

To my absolute amazement, I have not seen one Western leader, not even the Israeli leaders, who has studied Islam to see how they think. They just arrogantly and ignorantly believe that the Muslims must think the way the Western upper class trash think because the Western upper class trash are just so intellectually superior, why, everyone must think the way they think.

People, you think based on what you believe and act based on how you think. That should be obvious and just common sense because the lefties clearly believe differently than conservatives, therefore, they think differently than the conservatives, therefore, they act differently than conservatives.

People who believe in Buddhism and Hinduism think differently than people who believe in other religions. People who are atheists think differently than people who are theists. People who believe in the occult think differently than people who don't believe in the occult. Christians think differently than pagans.

If people believe it is good to have human sacrifices, then they will think about having human sacrifices and will have human sacrifices.

When you study Islam, you should realize that they believe differently than non Muslims, therefore they will think differently than non Muslims, therefore they will act differently than non Muslims.

They believe that, if they die murdering non Muslims, they are guaranteed paradise so they think about using suicide terrorism as a weapon and they commit acts of suicide terrorism against others so they can go to paradise.

They believe that, if they sign a treaty with a non Muslim, they are required to build their military until they can devastate that enemy and then they must break the treaty and destroy that enemy but our idiot Western leaders do not know Muslims believe this because they have not studied Islam to see what the Muslims believe so they can tell how they will think and act.

That is really critical because, for a Muslim to sign a treaty with a non Muslim, to them, it is a declaration of war against the non Muslim which is meant to keep the non Muslim from attacking them until the Muslims can build an army to destroy the non Muslim, at which time, they will attack the non Muslims.

But no one in the West realizes this because they don't study Islam to see what Muslims believe to see how they think and know how they will act; they just arrogantly and ignorantly believe the Muslims think the same way about treaties that they think about treaties.

You ALWAYS study the enemy to get to know how the enemy thinks so you can anticipate their actions, which is one of many reasons why my successful prediction rate is much, much higher than even the CIA Langley Think Tank. I actually research to learn how other people think so I can tell what they will do.

None of the Western experts do that because they just blindly believe their idiot lefty college professors sitting in their white palaces out of touch with reality, smoking their dope, dreaming up great sounding bull crap, which is why the best successful prediction rate is only 10% to 12% for Langley and my prediction rate is easily more than 90% (conservatively estimating; probably more like 98%), which is why I write so many "I Told You So" essays and everything they are doing is failing. They don't do their homework.

People, I have about 2,200 essays on this blog and 559 of them are "I Told You So" essays or about 25% or 1 out of every 4 essays and I could easily title more of them as "I Told You So", which is huge and is because I do my homework.

They just blindly guess wrong again and again and again and keep failing.

ALWAYS know your enemy. People, I have studied Putin for more than 20 years.

Let me share a little personal observation with you. A number of years ago, Google censored this blog for 2 weeks before just quietly uncensoring it and FB censored me for a few days once and has not censored me again since in spite of the fact that I post truths that are more significant than the truths I see others getting censored for a lot AND I found out that my blog gets into all nations on the planet that censor other sites for much less. You should see the stuff I post on FB and don't even get a warning while others on my friends list go to FB jail for much, much less.

Now why do you think that is?

If you are an intelligence agency or military and someone has a much, much higher successful prediction rate than anyone else, are you going to censor them, denying yourself better quality intel, or let them keep posting so you can have a better idea of what will really happen?

No, you are not going to censor or let others censor that person so you can have better intel about what is most likely going to happen. Their business is getting the best intel they can find and they are not going to shut down a really good source of intel.

Other people get censored a lot because their prediction rates suck because they don't study other people like Putin, the royals, the Muslims, and others the way I have. They have not spent more than half a century studying human behavior in the real world. They just blindly believe their idiot lefty college professors and keep guessing wrong.

That is what Langley is all about. Everyone in their think tank gots dem duh right degree from duh right unkneebursity, they have access to classified intel, and they get paid 6 digits a year to guess right 10% to 12% (their estimate) of the time or be wrong about 90% of the time, almost as often as I am right, without having access to classified intel and my intel costs them nothing but the time it takes them to read it. Think about that.

It would be super stupid for them to shut down such a valuable source of intel.

For example, this is one of the videos I posted on FB two days ago with the following comments:

"This guy either doesn't know what he is talking about or he is being paid to put out some bull crap propaganda for Saudi Arabia because they can't raise the investment money to build Neom.

The Saudis have been trying to sell the rich on the city of Neom for several decades now and this is the FOURTH architectural design for their wonder city because they couldn't get anyone to invest in the first three plans and they have not been able to get more than a tiny fraction of the investors needed for this design. They have been on a fishing expedition for Neom for at least a few decades.

The first design was a super duper fancy city at the entrance to the Gulf of Aqaba, completely inside Saudi Arabia shown on this map.

After not getting enough investments for more than a tiny bit of that, they moved it to the north end of Aqaba so the city would be in Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Israel, and Egypt but no more than a few stupid rich people fell for that super duper con either.

Then they moved it to be a super big regular city like shown in that map but about midway down the Red Sea on the coast of Saudi Arabia but no more than a few stupid rich people fell for that.

That is when they decided to make it more spectacular as a super duper linear city running all of the way across the desert of Saudi Arabia and they have been trying to sell that idea for at least a few years.

This all has to do with religious end time prophecies for Islam. Saudi Arabia is Sunni Muslim and Iran, Iraq, and Syria are majority Shiite Muslim. In Sunni Islam, Mecca is the most holy city but in Shiite Islam Babylon is the most holy city but they do make the annual trip to Mecca because it is still holy to them. In Shiite end time prophecy, the Shiite Muslims believe that Babylon must be 'rebuilt' before their messiah or the Mahdi can come and lead them in setting up their one world government/church (Islam is both a government and a religion or church.)

They believe that ancient Babylon is holy and no one is allowed to build on it so they plan on 'rebuilding' what I call Mystery Babylon next to ancient Babylon to become the economic, political, military, and religious capitol of the world for their one world government/church. In 2009, 3 months after first taking office, Obama, a closet Shiite Muslim, used the US State Department to give $2 million of your tax money to the World Monuments Fund (at this site) to survey and rebuild ancient Babylon so that no one would be able to build on that holy site while 'rebuilding' new or Mystery Babylon and the US State Department has been giving millions of your tax dollars to the World Monuments Fund every year since for rebuilding ancient Babylon. The British Royal Family, the Vatican, China (they also purchased the oil rights to a very large oil field near Mystery Babylon), a number of oil companies like Exxon, and others purchased land where they plan to 'rebuild' Mystery Babylon and they finished surveying ancient Babylon about 2.5 years ago (I tell you more detail about this on my blog) and they mostly dried up the Euphrates River with their dams so it would be easier to dredge the river for super tanker traffic to move up and down the river between the Gulf and Mystery Babylon and they finished dredging the river about 1.5 years ago but have not started dredging the huge harbor for Mystery Babylon yet, probably because their negotiations fell apart under Trump (OK, he stopped it) and Afghan Joe has not been able to get them restarted.

Now, if Mystery Babylon becomes the capitol of the world, it would diminish the significance of Mecca and Saudi Arabia is trying to prevent that by building Neom to be the capitol of the world under Muslim rule. That is why the Sunni Muslims won't give up on Neom because, if Mystery Babylon becomes the capitol of the world, Sunni Islam loses significant control of Islam to Shiite Islam. It is all about power and control.

BTW, for those of you who have studied the Book of Revelation, Muslim end time prophecy is the same as Biblical end time prophecy but from the perspective of the Antichrist. For example, the most holy number in Shiite Islam is 666 and they have been tattooing it on the back of their right hand or forehead for 1,400 years without you Christians finding out about it and the reason they don't tattoo it on the back of their left hand is because, at the time of Muhammad, they cleaned their butts with their left hand so it is considered defiled and would defile their most holy number and cost you your head. For their Mahdi to prove he is the Mahdi, he has to stand on the Temple Mount and give the order for Muslims to kill all non Muslims, you know, just like the Bible says the Antichrist will do. There are more similarities I tell you about on my blog at

I have studied Islam almost as much as I have studied Judeao-Christianity and this is very interesting.

BTW, the 'one world government' ain't going to be the EU and the 'one world Church' ain't going to be the Catholic Church and they know this, which is why the British Royal Family and Vatican purchased land for their new mansions where they plan to build Mystery Babylon. What they are negotiating is how many of the 10 seats the different parties will get for their last Caliphate to rule the world. The Muslim Caliphate has always been ruled by 10 rulers or 'horns' for 1,400 years. Gee, what a magic coincidence.

What happened was I had only read a tiny bit about Islam until 9/11. I have studied so much military history that it was just normal for me to want to get to know my enemy so I got a dual translation (in both Arabic and English) Koran because they are written for people who can read both languages and they would know whether it was translated into English right so the publisher is more concerned about the English translation being right. I read it cover-to-cover, studied quite a bit of of Muslim law and end time prophecies (they have sites for English speaking Muslims to study their law and end time prophesies) for years along with both the Muslim version of their history and the secular version of their history to get inside their heads, like a good military person is trained to do. The more I learned, the more interesting it got. I have been keeping an eye on all of this since 9/11.

I have not seen one medium that has even come close to telling you the truth about Islam, not one."

That was posted two days ago and nothing, not one fact check.

I also posted this one 3 days ago:

"When I see people talking about how peaceful and righteous the American Indians were, it just shows me how ignorant they are.

Archaeologists discovered more than a quarter of a century ago that the Indians living here when the first European colonists got here about 500 years ago had already wiped out the tribes that had been here before them 800 to 1,000 years ago and were still waging war against each other until the last of them were put on reservations less than 200 years ago.

Before the first Spanish got on the first boat to cross the ocean, the Aztecs wiped out more than 100 tribes, the Incas wiped out more than 100 tribes, the Navajos, Apaches, and Comanches wiped out the Mogollon, Anasazi, and hundreds of other tribes. We have more than 300 known Indian ruins from all of that raiding and killing just in the State of New Mexico.

Ever hear of the Mississippian People?

Most people haven't. They were a city-state civilization similar to Ancient Greece that existed along the Mississippi River from the Gulf to about the state of Illinois and along the southern Atlantic coast. Their civilization was in decline by the time the first Europeans found them just after 1500 AD because of their constant warring with each other. By the time the French established New Orleans, there were only a few tribes left down by the Gulf and they disappeared shortly after.

People ignorantly like to think that the Vikings were the greatest warriors in the world because they mostly raided villages of unarmed farmers, ranchers, and craftsmen. When they came to North America about 1,000 years ago, some of them tried to raid Indian villages and didn't succeed one time because the Indians were used to other Indians raiding their villages so they all kept weapons handy, knew how to use them, and how to quickly form a battle line to fight off the other Indians so they easily drove off the attacking Vikings every time, the candy butts.

They were also using slaves from Canada to Chili and the first slaves the Europeans had when they got here were Indians they purchased from other Indians.

American Indians are human and they were no worse and no better than anyone else. There were good ones and there were bad ones just like all other humans. There is only one race, the human race and about half of them suck.

They also like to say that the American Indians were more in tune with nature. Bull crap.

When they hunted, they didn't always kill just enough to eat. They often stampeded entire herds over cliffs and then only ate a fraction of what they killed. Archaeologists found one kill in Eastern New Mexico where they stampeded 10,000 giant bison over a cliff and ate less than 1% of the kill.

They hunted at least as many species into extinction as any other humans including the mammoth, mastodon, giant bison, saber toothed tiger, a number of species of wolves, several members of the horse family, and many others.

And you think that is in tune with nature? Really?

Hell, they were human, which isn't always a good thing."

Still nothing; not one fact check.

I also post the truth about Ukraine every now and then and not one fact check.


Remember that I have been telling you that the new weapons we have been sending to Ukraine are not game changers?

Russia has stated that none of the "game changing wonder weapons" from the West has been "a threat to Russia yet". They always destroy them pretty fast and easily.

The US is also admitting that the training they have provided for those wonder weapons "isn't perfect" and saying it was adequate, which it obviously wasn't.

You have to understand why they are making the claim that it was adequate but not perfect. If you don't give troops adequate training and send them into combat, that is a war crime and they don't want to be prosecuted for a war crime they know they are committing.

I have been telling you that it takes longer to train troops to properly use today's weapons than they are taking and it is showing so they are trying to dodge their lack of responsibilities in training troops. I have told you that, if the troops don't get proper training, they are just target practice.

Remember that I told you that Ukrainian forces are refusing to fight Russia and some are faking vehicle breakdowns?

Then I found this video telling you more about it. The crews seem concerned about what the Russian artillery shells do to their Leopard 2 tanks; they kind of blow them up.

A rebellion is building in their ranks so keep an eye on this.

Is the following a sucker punch by Putin or what?

He moved nukes into Belarus so Z boy panicked and moved more troops to the border with Belarus, which means those troops can't be used against Russia on the front line or elsewhere. Putin just tided down a bunch of Ukrainian troops from being able to fight in the war by scaring Z boy, you know, like those troops are going to stop those nukes.

In the first 5 minutes of this video he shows a very brilliant encirclement trap by Russia to trap and destroy at least one or two brigades of Ukrainian troops. They very quickly destroyed those troops tactical support and cut off any route for retreat, then just destroyed the troops.

That was some first class maneuvering and positioning by Russia. The Ukrainian troops didn't have a prayer. I told you not to mess with Christian Russia.

Note that he tells you that because of the huge losses by the Ukrainians, the Russians have staged small offensives and gained ground in a number of areas. This is probably Russia testing the waters for their final offensive to see if more reserves show up because it looks like all of the Ukrainian reserves have been deployed and have suffered losses.

Note that at the end of that video he told you what I have not seen anywhere else, that the US will not enter into a military conflict to protect Taiwan from an invasion by China. He is doing that to prevent the US being involved in a two front war while preparing to go to war with Russia but the cowards don't realize that China will also help Russia try to destroy the US from within.

That set that war in motion because now China will feel free to try to take Taiwan before the US can change its leadership. This will just further encourage China to invade Taiwan and sends a very clear and powerful message to all US allies to not depend on the US so we won't be able to depend on them either.

This is really critical and changes a lot.

If you think that Afghanistan hurt the US, this will easily hurt the US ten times as more because now none of our allies except the UK can trust or depend on the US as an ally. Even the EU won't trust us any more and will turn to Russia. It is now just the US and UK against the world.


Remember that I have been telling you that China is being over rated because her weapons systems suck?

This video tells you about the extreme corruption in China's industries and military causing weapons systems to not be combat capable and he gives some interesting details.

He starts out talking about inferior construction causing problems with China's Navy and then includes information I told you about concerning her lousy jet engines. He tells you things like their aircraft carriers can't go very far without refueling and their planes can't launch with full loads of fuel and weapons because of the ramps. He confirms some of what I have been telling you.

I have been reading about their military industry problems and inferior weaponry for a few decades. Their military is grossly over rated and the biggest threat China poses to the US is that they already have a sizable army inside the US or "inside our gates", as the military puts it. That is at least one of the reasons why the US is currently doing military war games inside the US.

They always talk about how China has more ships than the US but not the quality, which you are now finding out sucks, and the fact that most of her ships are quite small compared to US naval ships. The US still has the best navy in the world and even Japan's Navy could probably defeat China's Navy.

I have also read that her "stealth planes" aren't and can be easily tracked, at least half of her tanks can't even run, and her missiles are very inaccurate, which tells me her missile guidance technology is even worse than what the Soviet Union had during Nam. Just the amount of corruption he tells you about should tell you that all of China's weapons are probably second class at best.

China's military is heavily over rated but, due to the treason of our lefty commie traitors, she has at least a few hundred thousand troops inside the US with at least some of them stationed near US bases so they can quickly and easily attack those bases plus she will be attacking with Russia, and Latin America, especially Mexico. Most of China's and her allies' troops seem to be in big cities where they can destroy or disrupt the production of weapons and munitions to cripple our military in a fight. Plus she has entire military bases and units in both Mexico and Canada she can use against us.

In my opinion, they should hang everyone who helped commit that act of treason against the US and her people.

The more I learn, the more I become convinced that, if China invades Taiwan, Taiwan will kick China's butt.

Listen, if your tanks, planes, and ships don't run, you don't have a military. Your weapons systems have to work for you to be able to fight a war.

Hey, look at it this way, this may be just enough to save our butts. Unfortunately, we won't be that lucky with Russia because she is showing her weapons are better than many of our overpriced weapons systems. Hey, maybe we are only half screwed.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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