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Remember that I have been telling you that God is sorting out who are the good guys and who are the bad guys so you can make informed decisions?

Every Republican, like Pence, who stands firmly behind giving more and more and more weapons to Ukraine with it being so blatantly obvious Ukraine is about removing Putin, who just happens to be in the way of the openly globalists tyrants setting up their global dictatorship over you, is telling you they are a lefty globalist RINO working together to set up a dictatorship over you.

God is causing these people to expose themselves to you so you will know they are not good people. You just might want to pay attention.

Also, I have become convinced that, at least most of the people who keep dodging the obvious fact that the globalist left is waging this war against Russia to get rid of Putin, because Putin is in their way of the globalists setting up their global dictatorship, are doing so to distract you from that fact so it will make it easier to fool you into believing something else.

That simple fact explains everything about this war and those people who dodge that fact pretend to not be able to figure out why either side is doing what they are doing. At least most of them keep doing that to distract you from thinking about the truth so they can con you into believing their lies. Don't forget the truth.

In some areas the Ukrainians have increased their attacks, have taken small bits of land but are still suffering heavy losses. In some areas, they have quit using armored vehicles because they have lost too many and their personnel casualties were higher too.

In other areas the Russians are taking some ground for strategic reasons making me think they are setting up a counter offensive.

I am expecting the Ukrainians to make one super effort with just about everything they have left and they will take extremely heavy losses, after which, I expect Russia to go on the offensive because Ukraine won't have much left.

I am wondering if the promises from NATO for Ukraine taking significant ground by July 11 is that NATO will send in their own forces in mass to finish the fight for Ukraine but I think that will be a really big mistake because the Western leaders are clearly delusional. I am thinking that is what Putin is planning and waiting for NATO to do because, after those forces are broken, Europe will be open for a massive and complete invasion and probably also the US. Hey, they have admitted that they have already disarmed themselves by giving too much to Ukraine.

You can bet that Putin and his people knew this July 11 deadline was coming and what it will involve so you know he has prepared for it. We know that Putin and China have both started ramping up for a space war to take out the West's satellites to blind us and you can bet the West is planning to do the same. This will be more than just another world war because it will also include a space war like you cannot begin to imagine.

In this video he tells you that he expects Ukraine to start their final insane push on July 5, why, and it makes sense. He also shows the very high destruction rates of troops, weapons, and munitions with the West saying they can't give any more weapons or munitions.

It is only common sense that you can only lose so many troops, weapons, or munitions and the war is over. I have been watching for months and Ukraine has been losing all of them heavily for months. This last push that has to capture "any village" (I have read that is their goal) by July 11 and 12 has to finish off the Ukrainian forces enough to permit Russia to go on a rampage all of the way to Poland.

Keep an eye on it.

From what I am seeing, it is looking like Russia is planning to destroy the last or almost last of the Ukrainian/NATO forces in Ukraine's last effort and then Russia will make a multiple pronged attack into Ukraine.

I expect Russia to attack south from Belarus through Lviv to Moldova to cut off reinforcement, resupply, retreat to Poland, and to keep Poland/NATO from attacking into Ukraine. They will also attack south from Belarus into Kiev to seize the capital city and control of the nation. They will also attack from at least several directions to take Kharkiv, west in conjunction with an amphibious landing to take Odessa and the entire Black Sea coast line, and generally west to take the rest of Ukraine in one massive push.

I also have to keep in mind that Russia will probably also attack Europe and the US either because of provocations by the West to stop Russia from taking all of Ukraine or to just stop the upper class trash royal insanity and force them to give up on their evil global dictatorship. If the worst of them are dead, there won't be a dictatorship.

If Russia does, I expect three basic battle plans.

One will be to attack through Poland and Germany into France to take them out, causing the rest of Europe to surrender.

A second one will be to nuke the British Royal Family in the British Isles, the British government, British intelligence, and the ability of the British military to retaliate to stop their insanity and put an end to their evil global dictatorship. Putin has consistently referred to this a number of times.

Third will be something from a possible limited attack on the US to completely take out the evil upper class trash and their puppets, take out our government, take out our military industry, and prevent a significant counter attack.

I just saw the former president of Russia saying that he expects this war with Ukraine to last a long time and we must keep in mind that he may be saying that to convince the Western fools that their belief that Russia won't attack the West, much less use nukes on them is true so Russia can stage a surprise attack on the West.

Now, we also have to keep in mind that other members of the Eastern Alliance will do their things like certain African nations invading Europe via Spain, France, and maybe even Italy, China/Russia/Latin America invading the US from both within, using the troops they have already infiltrated into the US, and from without from a number of directions such as Russia, Mexico, Canada?, and from the Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, and Gulf of Mexico.

A lot of people, probably a few billion, are about to die because of the greed and lust for power of the upper class trash royals and their puppets.

Keep an eye on this.

You better pray long, pray hard, pray often, get right with God, secure your red zones, and lock and load. This is not going to be pleasant.

At some point, the royal dream of their global dictatorship will cease to exist, at least for the next century, and I think that is when Obama and his pals will make their move to use Islam to set up their own global dictatorship without the rest of the royals and fail, causing most of them to die so the rest of us will have to fight to regain control of our nations.

At the very end of this video he tells you that Poland has moved 500 cops, 5,000 guards, and 2,000 soldiers to along the Belarus border because of the Wagner Group forces deployed to Belarus with Prigozhin just like I told you had happened. Then he told you about the move the US has done and that he believes that is to deploy NATO (US and UK) troops inside of Western Ukraine starting WWIII.

Do you believe me where this is going because of the insanity of the inbred upper class trash royals and their evil puppets? Do you believe me yet? Hey, they told you they were going to depopulate their planet, didn't they, you know, while they hide in their nuke shelters?

They don't care how many of you they murder off. What really gets me is the Western cops and military "just obeying orders" and "just doing their jobs" supporting the evil upper class trash royals don't seem to realize that, after the royals murder off almost all of you, the royals won't need to keep most of those cops and military and will murder them and their families off too. One way or another, if the royals get what they want, almost all of the cops, military, and their families are going to die.

Think about it, if you want to prevent a military coup of an evil dictatorship, you destroy the military.

I think it is probably too late to stop this coming nuclear war. I think that the people and/or the military/law enforcement would have had to have staged a successful coup by now. The people are too brainwashed and cowardly to stage that coup; the top military and law enforcement leaders are big part of the problem and infiltrated to the top positions to help set up the global dictatorship, and the rest of the officers are too spineless to do their jobs and stop the insanity. It looks like, at the very least, the UK, US, France, Poland, and Germany are about to get nuked with at least tens, probably hundreds of millions of people dying, you know, those cowards who wouldn't fight for their lives and the lives of their families.

Maybe they deserve to be nuked?

If you are going to die, die fighting for what is right.

You better pray long, pray hard, pray often, and get right with God because your insane leaders are about to get you killed.

Affirmative Action

I have been watching this Affirmative Action con for decades. What they do is use it to allow blacks into college who do not either have the right education or intelligence to pass their classes so they can flunk them out of college or they will drop out of college, while virtue signaling that they are wonderful people for letting them into college.

Check it out and you will find that more of the blacks who get into their colleges either flunk out or drop out so they are not doing anyone a favor.

Listen, if you don't apply yourself to learn enough in high school, I don't care what color your skin is, you won't pass college courses. If you don't pass algebra, you won't pass calculus.

Another thing I have been seeing the more left leaning universities doing is allowing blacks with lower SAT scores than whites so the blacks will have a higher dropout rate to make the blacks look less intelligent than the whites. The truth is, if they permitted whites into their universities with the same SAT scores, they would both have about the same dropout rates.

For more than half a century now, I have been seeing the left do everything they can to make blacks look less intelligent and responsible than whites to turn whites against them and it is possible and I am watching to see if this is to turn the whites against the blacks so the upper class trash whites can use that to get you to support them committing a genocide against blacks. Keep an eye on that.

War in France

The French police recently shot and killed a Muslim, who had been arrested and resisted arrest a number of times. Those riots are Muslims rejecting the government and laws of the West, saying that they do not have to abide by the laws of your nation and they can do as they will.

The media are portraying this all wrong making it look like it is conservatives but it is Muslims rioting in the streets.

This video shows some of what is going on in France with President Moron having to have another emergency meeting and note that the Muslim people are now using military grade weapons just like they do everywhere they go, even though France has gun control. Wow, that worked well.

Gee, you don't think those Muslims have been smuggling those military weapons into those nations where the people of those nations can't even have civilians weapons, do you?

Then I found this video that tells you that the Muslims know how to fight the royals by attacking their homes because they went to the home of a mayor for a town south of Paris and rammed a burning car into his home, while he and his family were inside sleeping.

This is the Muslims rejecting the rule and authority of the Western government.

Then the next day there were "protestors" called patriots, who were hunting the Muslim protestors to beat them up. Who wins that battle determines who will control France, the Muslims, the people, or the royals.

What the media are falsely telling you is that those protestors are conservative people but that has nothing to do with what is going on in France right now. The media either don't know what they are talking about or are lying.

Islam has not just infiltrated troops into the US the way I began telling you since a few decades ago but also throughout the West to attack those nations from within, when it comes time. You won't hear any of this from the lefty media.

The riots in France have inspired riots in Switzerland, telling me those rioters are also Muslims.

Are the Muslims, who illegally immigrated to Europe, trying to take over Europe right now?

Keep an eye on this.

I am seeing increasing numbers of "geniuses" saying that it doesn't matter what another nation does with other nations, only what they do with you. Basically, mind your own business so I can do whatever I want.

This attitude is so ignorant and stupid because, what one nation does with another nation tells you they might have the same plans for you. The Muslims will use this stupid mentality to conquer the world during the Tribulation because no nation will come to any other nation's aid, permitting a united Islam to take down nations one at a time instead of having to fight a more powerful federation of nations.

The Bible gives us a hint about this when it says the Antichrist will make a treat of non intervention with Israel at the beginning of the Tribulation, will conquer the world, and, when Israel has no potential allies left, Islam will turn on Israel and she will capitulate, except for the remnant that will flee into the wilderness.

It is this cowardly and selfish attitude that will make it much easier for Islam to conquer the world.

Hey, what do you expect from reprobate minds, intelligence?

Interfering in Governments

The CIA and MI6 have taken it upon themselves to determine what government other nations can have. If you don't do what they say, they stage riots in your country to overturn your government so they can put in place their government for your nation to control your nations like they did with Ukraine. It does not matter what you want. It only matters what the Western upper class trash royals want.

Maybe the CIA and MI6 should take care of their own nations and governments to stop this insanity?

This video shows that, after India made buds with Russia, suddenly there is now rioting in the Indian streets to topple their government. That is a covert act of war. Keep an eye on it.


Remember that I have been telling you that God is sorting Satan's spawn out of His church?

What Satan does is infiltrate his pagans into God's church as poser Christians, who paganize Christianity to prevent people from being led to God and keep them as pagans going to Hell.

You can see a little of that in this video showing you just a tiny bit of how they blaspheme God to make Him their false pagan god.

God is making these people known to us and it is only a matter of time until they convert 100% and more openly to paganism hating God by doing something like converting the entire church to Islam, Satan worship, or some other pagan religion.

This is what lefties are doing to the church to destroy it and chase people away from Christianity by showing them a false Christianity. It is one of many ways Satan is waging war against the church.

Do you realize what there suddenly being so many lefty pagans throughout the US and the world means?

It means that there were a lot of already evil poser Christians who were closet pagans just dying to break loose from their satanic closet to force their evil on you. They fooled us by pretending to be nice people telling me they know how to be nice people but clearly don't want to be nice people. The lies they tell us to fool the good people tell me that they know good from evil and have chosen to be evil. They are the essence of Sodom and Gomorrah.


AOC (already overly crazy) shows us the perfect attitude by the left. The US Supreme Court makes a ruling limiting the government's abuse of power and she throws a fit.

"Why, how dare they use their power to limit our power to maintain a proper balance of power to keep us lefties from being out of control evil tyrants?"

Hey, they are in Madam Hitler's way of her evil global dictatorship over you.


Remember that I told you that we shouldn't send weapons to Ukraine, with us knowing it won't change anything, or Russia could get intel to learn how to defeat our weapons?

This video shows you that is a major concern now and they have turned it into a racket.

What they do is give Ukraine money to buy our old junk from our military so we can use that money to buy new weapons for our military. It is a money laundering racket, slight of hand, and con and they get more money because they own stocks in our military industry so that, when the military buys new weapons, they make money, you know, your tax dollars.

And Ukraine?

She gets her people killed and her nation destroyed. Wow, they really do care about the people in Ukraine, right?

Upper Class Trash Royals

The lefties have created some stupid psychobabble they fervently believe and live by to explain things that are 100% out of touch with reality and they dare not question their psychobabble. They will be excommunicated from their pagan church of Leftism.

For example, they try to explain the actions of Muslims using their brain dead psychobabble instead of studying Islam to find out why the Muslims are consistently behaving the way they do. The idiots are terrified to even think that the actions of the Muslims could be because of Islam, much less say it.

Instead of studying Islam to find out why Muslims consistently behave certain ways, they use their all-knowing psychobabble dreamed up by their dope smoking lefty professors at their university white palaces to explain it and this is right now haunting them and will make it much easier for the Muslims to conquer the world during the Tribulation. The upper class trash royal reprobate minds are out of touch with reality, delusional, and filled with great sounding stupid bull crap, which explains why they keep failing at everything they try and can't figure it out.

"What? They and their glorious philosophies could actually be wrong? Oh, how dare you say such blasphemy about their fanatical intellectual religion and cult?"


I am seeing more and more of what India believes and it is scary. You just know this will be used against them by China, the West, and Islam to take advantage of Indian and bring her down. History teaches more and more of what they believe to be utterly stupid. They will briefly prosper until others learn to use what they believe against them.

They may make it to the top as one of the greatest nations in the world because of the stupidity of other nations but it will quickly bring her back down.

If you want to know why India believes what she believes, study Hinduism. What people believe determines how they think, which determines how they behave.

More and more I am beginning to believe that Putin is one of very few world leaders who is not just a babbling idiot.

What are these people smoking?

Oh yeah, they are the royals for their nations and have been inbreeding for thousands of years and practice some form of paganism. I want my own planet.

Listen, without walking with God, you won't get the wisdom of God, you will just get reprobate minds.


Remember that I have been warning you about Russia's FSB (used to be the KGB that Putin was an officer of)?

They are good and are everywhere. They know and inform Putin about almost everything.

This video shows you just one example of how well they work. I have been watching them for decades and they are good.

Are they perfect?

No, but right now, they are doing much better than our CIA and MI6.

Keep an eye on them because they might be keeping an eye on you.

Iran Nukes

Remember that I have been telling you that Iran has to have nukes, why, and that she is building an arsenal of them?

This video shows you one of 3 hidden underground missile bases for CBMs.

Gee, I wonder what she is hiding in those underground CBM bases? You don't think it might be nuke missiles, do you? Were you surprised by the hidden missile bases?

I wasn't.

Gee, all of those missiles hiding underground and not one nuke? Really?

I am not stupid enough to believe that, how about you?

Climate Change

The media reporting on the lies by the left blow my mind. They refute one lie after another and then believe everything else they see on TeeBee without question.

"Why, I seen it on TeeBee about climate change so it gots tuh be real." Yeah, on the same TeeBee that told you all of those other things that turned out to be lies.

It amazes me the stupidity and ignorance I keep seeing even from most people on the right. I can't believe they believe ANYTHING they see on TeeBee or that the left says after all of the lies they have seen on TeeBee or heard from the left. They are smart about some things and super stupid about other things.

Get a clue, the left started the climate change thingy. That means it CAN'T be right and MUST be a lie. ANYTHING and EVERYTHING the left dreams up and starts or pushes is a stupid lie and they don't even question it.

When was the last time the left told the truth about anything?

And then, when you read the lefty comments on these news videos and see just how out of touch with really and brainwashed so many people. There is no hope as long as those idiots vote. I think you should have to have an IQ to be able to vote.

My brain hurts.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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