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I just read that Russia has brought in another 400,000 reserves to the front lines.

Ukraine only brought in 60,000 offensive troops so the Russians just brought almost 7 times that many troops and were kicking butt before Ukraine brought in their 60,000 Western trained super soldiers to conquer the galaxy. Do the math.

The next day I saw this video telling towards the end that Prigozhin traveled south and had a meeting with the top people in the Russian Army and then went to Moscow and had a meeting there. They are saying he is about to begin operations into Ukraine.

Do you believe me yet that there was no coup and it was just a cover to move Prigozhin and some Wagner troops into Belarus? It gets more obvious every day, doesn't it?

Also, he points out some damaged buildings in Lviv that were reported by other sources a day ago were where civilians got killed. Since then I found out that the most damaged building was the main building and barracks for a Ukrainian military academy and he told you in that video that more than 800 Ukrainian soldiers were buried under the rubble and Russia also destroyed an ammo depot for the British tanks in Ukraine.

This video you even more about that attack including that Ukraine lied about the building being a civilian building and not an army building.

He also pointed out that Lviv is a receiving area for weapons from the West making it an even more important target.

Remember that I told you that they will take that western side to prevent reinforcement, RESUPPLY, and retreat?

This video makes it absolutely certain that there was no coup and it was just a cover to move Prigozhin and his Wagner troops into Belarus. It shows you the camp built in Belarus for Prigozhin and his troops.

The West just doesn't want to admit that Prigozhin and Putin outsmarted the MI6.

Now Bulgaria has turned against sending weapons to Ukraine and is pushing for a negotiated peace settlement. NATO and the EU are falling apart and more nations are turning against the US and UK. Watch, the MI6 and CIA will start riots against the government in Bulgaria soon.

This is a good video that tells you quite a bit. First, he shows you how Russia withdraws troops from an area to set a trap and then destroys the Ukrainian troops when they go into that trap.

Then he showed you how they will repeat what failed but do more of it so it can fail bigger.

He also confirmed that Ukraine is sending more of their reserves to the front lines and they are being devastated.

Then he showed you that they use the radar from SAMs to detect and destroy those SAMs just like I have told you.


Speaking of NATO, here are a few things to keep an eye on.

First, Putin knows the US and UK have already decided to have the US go to war with Russia soon after this NATO meeting so don't be surprised if Putin stages a preemptive nuclear strike against the US and UK.

After all, they have made public that NATO is right now moving 300,000 troops to the Russian border by the end of this month and Afghan Joe just activated 30,000 guard reserves to be part of that force.

Second, with them having a meeting with all of the heads of NATO present on July 11 and 12, it would be a great time to launch an attack at that location, you know, take out all of those leaders in one shot. You can also bet that the most important of the upper class trash will be there making deals behind closed doors.

NATO knows this, which is why they have beefed up their defenses in that area as shown in this video but, I see holes in that defense I also know Putin sees. That area could soon glow in the dark and we could be electing new leaders.

People, NATO having those meetings that close to the Russian border, while causing all of this trouble for Putin, should tell you how arrogant and delusional the upper class trash and their puppets are so that they really do believe that Putin wouldn't dare attack them because they are so magnificent, wonderful, and are gods.

And that means it would also be a great opportunity for Putin to destroy all of those weapons, further disarming the West.

Just when you think the upper class trash and their puppets couldn't get any crazier, they do.

British Royals

Why did the US British Royals stand up to the UK British Royals concerning the new head for NATO? What are the UK British Royals going to do, go to war against the US?

I just found out that the UK only has 40 combat ready tanks, 130 planes, 27 naval ships, and about 78,000 regular troops compared to 6,000 US tanks, more than 5,000 US war planes, about 1.4 million regular troops, and over 200 ships. Wow, that war would last about 15 minutes.

Because of their arrogance, the UK British Royals foolishly created their own trap by setting up the organizations to start the global dictatorship, believing everyone would submit to them ruling everyone, especially with them using the US as their proxy bully, and then got caught in their own trap by the US British Royals. The wonderful, magnificent, extraordinary UK British royals are so arrogant that they thought the entire planet would bow to them because they are them, the British gods.

Why should the US British Royals submit to the UK British Royals?

With all of that, Britain is the toughest talking nation in the world, obviously trying to bluff Russia and everyone else, you know, like Russia hasn't counted the UK's tanks, planes, and ships. If Russia gets rid of the UK British Royals, all they have to worry about is the US British Royals.

The UK British Royal Family is the epitome of arrogance and stupidity. They arrogantly think that, if they talk tough enough, everyone will run scared to mommy and that isn't working out at all. The world woke up and realized that they are all talk and no fight. They couldn't fight their way out of a wet paper sack with a machine gun.

You have to understand that the UK military is currently ranked 4th in the world, partly because she has a few hundred nukes and probably because she was involved in the ranking procedure. I would definitely rank her far less than 4th in the world, especially in conventional forces.

Russia has 360 ships, more than 5,000 aircraft, at least 10,000 tanks, and about 2 million troops plus almost 6,000 combat ready nukes. Britain can't win a war against Russia without the US.

Do you get the picture?

And the UK is always threatening Russia? Really? Do you believe me yet that the British Royals are bluffing with a lot of tough talk they can't back up? Do you believe me yet that Russia knows it?

Britain should be a small time player but has been getting away with running stuff for a while because she has control of the US by way of the US Commierats and that just backfired on her. The Commierats are waking up and realizing they have more power than the UK.

There are other nations either as strong or stronger or quickly closing the gap on the UK because of her upper class trash royals sacking their military, nation, and economy to fill their glorious bank accounts.

Let me share one misconception the greedy and power mad rich have. They think their power is their money and the ability to bribe others to do what they say but history teaches there is a flaw to that idea and Alaric was a great example of that. The Roman upper class trash were paying Alaric and his Goths to fight and die for them and, one day, Alaric looked over his shoulder and realized that there was no one between him and Rome so why should he fight and die for table scraps when he could get the entire meal, so he sacked Rome and got all of their wealth.

The power mad rich don't realize that it is only a matter of time and the guy with the guns will blow their brains out, take all of their wealth, and have all of their power and not just scraps of that power.

Based on what I know, I am pretty sure that Israel has a stronger military than the UK with 169,500 active forces and 465,000 reserves, especially since she also has at least a few hundred nukes and she has 640 aircraft, 1,760 tanks, and some of the best weapons systems in the world, especially electronics warfare and air defense systems.

India is already a stronger military than the UK with 1.4 million standing troops, 150 ships, 4,600 tanks, 632 fighter jets, and she has some of the best weapons in the world, especially since she also has nukes.

Japan clearly has a better and more powerful conventional military than the UK with 247,000 active personnel and a larger and more powerful navy with 155 vessels, 540 tanks, and 330 fighter aircraft. If she had a few hundred tactical nukes like the UK, she would easily have a more powerful military.

Taiwan has a larger, better quality, and more powerful conventional military than the UK and, if she had a few hundred tactical nukes, she would definitely have a more powerful military. Remember that I told you that little Taiwan has a combined army of almost 2 million plus, 1,000 tanks, a descent size navy of 140 ships and subs, a really great air defense system, and an air force with 1,600 fighter planes.

South Korea has a larger and better quality conventional military than the UK with 365,000 troops, 720 combat aircraft, 2,200 tanks, 3,100 armored fighting vehicles, 5,600 artillery, and, if she had a few hundred tactical nukes, she would definitely be a stronger military power.

I want to know how the UK is ranked as having the 4th most powerful military in the world. Except for a few hundred tactical nukes, she doesn't have crap.

Now, why should the UK British Royals rule the world? Because they are more wonderful than everyone else?

You see, the only way the UK British Royals can rule the world with their global dictatorship is by hook, crook, and bluffing and, so far, they have been pretty good at bluffing but God is opening everyone's eyes to the bluffing. Everyone except the British Royals is realizing the UK is only bluffing.

There are almost a dozen conventional armies that could defeat the UK in a conventional war. The UK's military has been so badly sacked by her upper class trash royals to make them more wealthy that she pretty much has nothing left to fight with. She couldn't last more than a day in combat with Russia but she is always talking tough to Russia and Russia knows better.

A lot of people think the UK military is more powerful than it is because their royals bluff a lot, loudly, and really well. It is amazing how many people believe her bluffing.

In street fighting as a kid in places like East LA, I learned that the people who talk the toughest fight are not the ones you need to worry about the most in a fight. That tough talk is a defense mechanism to scare people off so you don't have to fight them. All of the loudest and toughest talkers are telling you they are afraid of you.

The quiet ones are the dangerous ones. They don't feel they have to talk tough to scare you off. They will just quickly kick your butt.

It is like I have been telling you that the UK or British Royals are bluffing and insisting on a fight with Russia, while hiding behind the US, to intimidate Russia but Russia knows better because she has counted the UK tanks, planes, and ships and, when pushed far enough into her corner, Russia will crush the UK just like Putin keeps warning them and the UK is the biggest cause of this mess.

The UK has 260 tactical nukes and Russia has almost 6,000 combat ready nukes. Do the math.

The UK is all talk and now walk and the world is figuring it out, especially the American British Royals and the Russians. Because of the insane greed of the royals, the UK isn't even a paper tiger any more. The UK is just a barking shadow.

You better know that the only military that counts in NATO is the US military and our upper class trash have screwed that up. The rest of Europe combined are just target practice for Russia and Russia knows that.

The way I would rank the top powers in the world right now based on size of force and quality of weapons is as follows and this is for you to keep in mind:

1 Russia 2 US 3 China 4 Israel 5 India 6 Japan 7 Taiwan 8 South Korea (and I am an American Vet.)

Wow, not one European nation; not even the UK. Europe is dead because their greedy, power mad upper class trash royals destroyed them to setup their global dictatorship and it has failed miserably. Europe has fallen and Rome II is dead.

Do you believe me yet that Europe CANNOT be the one world government and the Catholic Church CANNOT be the one world church of the Tribulation too many preachers are still teaching?

The EU has imploded just like I have been warning you for decades. It is done, it is over, Islam will be the one world government and one world church of the Tribulation just like I have been telling you for several decades. All they have to do is unite into one big Caliphate with 1.4 billion people.

Go ahead; conquer the world with the devastated militaries the upper class trash royals have left in Europe so they could get more wealthy. The royals destroyed their own evil hopes and dreams with their greed. The WEF Globalism is DEAD on arrival and they are too stupid to figure it out. It isn't going to happen because the royals outsmarted themselves because they are not as smart as they think they are.

Natural elites?

What a joke. They have more money than brains because they stole the money from their own militaries and are now defenseless.

And God said, "The love of money is the root to all evil."


Remember that I have been telling you that the lefty upper class trash royals have been chasing more and more nations away from the corrupt West and their plans for a global dictatorship over those nations?

I just found out that Israel is traveling to China to join BRICS or the Eastern Alliance. This is huge because Israel has been our most dependable ally and the upper class trash lefties have chased her away to BRICS.

This video shows you a couple of things. First, it shows that Israel is joining BRICS because Afghan Joe is determined to betray Israel and finish her off with the idiot two state solution and defunding research and development in Eastern Israel, which means she won't be getting at least as much assistance in making weapons and purchasing weapons from the US.

Second, he tells you that the US has been betraying Israel by funding terrorists against Israel.

Third, it shows that the left is on the side of Islam waging war against Israel because most lefties converted to Islam in 2012 under Obama.

To survive, Israel is being forced to join BRICS against the West, especially since it was really only the US in the West who used to help Israel survive and is now betraying Israel.

BTW, I am convinced that France will soon join BRICS to survive. Hey, it may be the French Royals who will be the iron mixed with the clay and not the British Royals who will join forces with the Muslims to form the last Caliphate out of Babylon to rule the world. Keep an eye on it.

Think about this: remember that it is the Muslims rioting in France right now and, if France makes buds with Iran to save their own butts, those Muslims will stop rioting in France.

White House Dope

They are making such a big deal out of the dope found in the White House and they keep pointing to Hunter as a distraction.

"Why, it must be Hunter's dope."

Let me give you a clue, the lefties want to legalize illegal drugs because ALMOST ALL lefties use illegal drugs, especially at the top.

Why are you surprised about them finding dope in the lefty controlled White House?

Of course those lefty dopers are using dope in the lefty controlled White House.

What they are doing is they planted some dope or just knew where Afghan Joe kept a stash, called in the Secret Service to "find it" and start an investigation to get rid of Afghan Joe because they don't want him to run again.

They are trying so many different ways right now to discourage Afghan Joe and his family from Joe running again in 2024. The left does not want him to be their next president. Don't be surprised if he "dies" soon.

Hey, maybe the dope is the stash of Afghan Joe's professional liar, KJP? Is that why she gets so upset when the press asks her about it?

"Darn, they found my stash!"

All of the lefties at the top are stoners, especially the academe. That is part of why they believe the stupid crap they believe and keep failing at everything. They probably have stoner parties all over DC for lunch breaks.

The entire Biden family is behaving as badly as the royals have always behaved and are above the law like the royals have always been. What you are watching is the same thing the royals have always done.


Most people wrongly call it polygamy but it is when a man has two or more wives. There is something really funny about this too.

In cultures where Polygyny is permitted, it is not that unusual for the wives to gang up on the husband and beat the crap out of him. Alone, they are at his mercy but united, he is at their mercy.

I am writing this because I just read ANOTHER story about a couple of wives beating the crap out of the husband. Hey, you have to sleep sometime, guys.

I learned from my grandmother that her husband used to come home drunk when he was a young man and beat the crap out of her before passing out on the bed.

One night she had had enough and was ready for him. He beat the crap out of her, passed out on the bed, and she pulled rope out from under the bed and wrapped around him and the bed from his shoulders down to his feet tying him to the bed. Then she pulled a number 16 cast iron skillet out from under the bed and beat his butt from head to toe for more than an hour. Then she warned him that, if he ever laid another hand on her, she would wait until he went to sleep and finish the job and let him spend the night tied up to think about it.

He told me he never laid a hand on her again "because he had to sleep sometime."

Now, you get two or more wives working together against ANY man, who has to sleep sometime, and he isn't going to win. You better think twice about having two or more wives.

US Ally

Watch this video about the US and UK betraying Z boy and stuffing his butt under their bus.

Have you noticed that neither of them are sticking with Z boy "to the end no matter what it takes"?

Fecal matter is worth more than their word because you can always use fecal matter to fertilize your plants.

After this and Afghanistan, no one will want to be a US or UK ally, no one. That is why both France, Germany, and other European nations are either jumping ship or considering it. That is why Israel is joining BRICS. NO ONE can depend on the US or UK as an ally with the lefty upper class trash royals running them.

It should be obvious that the left is planning to betray Taiwan and anyone else that would benefit them and China sees that.

It makes me wonder, "Why are the stupid lefty voters trusting them?"

The upper class trash and their puppets can't even trust each other.


Something to keep an eye on is that China has built up troops along the Indian border to eventually invade India.

Well, India is also building up troops along that same border. They are ramping up for war and, when that war starts, you watch their Asian Alliance jump in too.

Don't be surprised if India takes Tibet soon.

There are a lot of things I watch that I don't tell you about until I am sure where they are heading.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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