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Problem Solving

Every day I think about things wondering how we are going to solve those problems like dealing with our corrupt labor unions who don't represent the people anymore and only represent themselves, their greedy pockets and crawl in bed with the upper class trash at your expense, selling you out. Today I saw that increasing numbers of employees are leaving those corrupt unions, which is God solving those problems.

Whenever God shows me something like that, I write about it to let you know what is going on and what God is doing about.

For years I thought that, with such a high successful prediction rate and me just using junk intel from the media, how much better could I do with classified intel?

But then I realized that I am getting the best intel in the world from God. You can't get better intel than me.


The automobile companies thought they would make a real killing from electric cars so they supported the fake global warming crisis. They are making a killing alright because they are losing billions per year so they are killing their own businesses because of greed and deception.

It looks like woke is taking down more businesses because too many young college graduates blindly believed their lefty college professors, didn't question what they were taught, and didn't think for themselves so they are destroying their businesses the way those college professors told them to destroy them.

They should show their gratitude to those idiot lefty college professors who dreamed this great sounding stupid idea up, probably while smoking dope out of touch with reality in their white palaces.


Everyone is focusing on the fact that Putin said he will not use nukes in Ukraine and they are thinking that means he won't use nukes at all, so they feel safe to push him as far as they want.

Please note that Putin NEVER said he will not use nukes in Europe or North America. Think about that.

He didn't say that he will not use nukes at all; he said he will not use nukes in Ukraine.


This video provides some good intel. First, they tell you about some of the improvements Russia has made to her weapons to make them better, while the US is giving Ukraine junk and everyone in the West is wondering why Ukraine is losing the war. They really are that stupid, people.

Second, he provides you with some intel on troop and equipment loses. Just in July, Ukraine lost more than 20,000 troops and, he didn't remember, but in June she lost 26,000 troops so for just the last two months Ukraine has lost more than 45,000 troops and remember that their new super duper offensive was going to have 60,000 troops but you have to keep in mind that those 60,000 "western trained super duper troops" were joining about 200,000 surviving and beat up troops with lower quality training.

What that does mean is that, out of 260,000 troops, they have lost 45,000 troops and a lot of armored vehicles and artillery, which, just in troops is about 20% of their total troops at the beginning of this Ukrainian super duper offensive so they only have about 215,000 troops left, which is why they are attacking with larger attack forces in very few areas.

But that is not including all of the wounded, which will probably be at least 2 times that many more. So let's be conservative and say the wounded only equals another 45,000 troops for a total of 90,000 troops out of only 260,000 troops, which only leaves 170,000 remaining fighting troops.

Do you understand why Ukraine is concentrating more troops in a few small areas?

They don't have that many troops left to fight with and every day that number gets smaller by another 700+ dead troops plus another 700+ wounded troops or a total of about 1,500 fewer troops left to fight with and, every 10 days, that is another 15,000 troops out of the fight or, by the end of this month, another 45,000 out of the fight for only 125,000 troops remaining against more than 700,000 Russian troops.

Yep, it sure sounds like Ukraine is winning, doesn't it?

And, oh yeah, that doesn't include the number surrendering or deserting.

That means that, by the end of this month, Ukraine won't even be able to hold a defensive line without Russia just crushing right through it.

Wow, all of those galaxy conquering game changer weapons really worked, didn't they? Gee, you can't believe a thing the lefty media say, can you?

But, hey, don't worry because Afghan Joe and King Chuck will send them more super duper game changer weapons to finish conquering the galaxy again.

I am really super duper tired of these evil lefty pagans who just can't leave other people alone.

This video shows you some important things. First, just like I have been telling you, it is telling that the UK Military Intelligence, you know, MI5 and MI6, are the ones pushing us towards a nuke war.

Second, it shows that they are increasing attacks against Russia/Moscow, while expecting Putin not to stage nuke attacks against their nations.

Third, Russia is warning of nuke attacks against the US and UK, especially the UK. The more the UK OPENLY escalates this war, the more I become convinced that the UK will soon glow in the dark and almost all of those arrogant inbred royals will be killed.

Note that Z boy says that, "War is now coming to Russia" and he forgets to add, "Also to the US, UK, and Europe." Medvedev is already saying, "There is no other way out of this war for Russia." Sooner or later, even Putin is going to be forced to stage a preemptive nuclear attack against the US and UK and, if he doesn't, you watch Medvedev seize control of Russia and stage that attack for the people. The Russians will not tolerate this much longer.

He finally tells you what I have been warning you about for more than a year in that the West, especially the US and UK royals want to have a nuke war to get rid of most of you, you know, depopulate their planet so they can set up their global dictatorship and they are just finally figuring it out.

Remember that this is where you get tomorrow's news today.

This is a great video that really tells it like it is and it doesn't matter whether you like it, it is the truth.

The upper class trash royals' and their puppets' plans concerning destroying Russia to get her out of their way so they can set up their global dictatorship have completely failed and it is when, not if, will Russia take Ukraine. If that doesn't stop the insane Western leaders, then Russia will be forced into a nuclear war with the West just like Medvedev said.

Then the beginning of this video shows you about a special mission that I think I told you about that was designed and the troops were trained by the UK MI6 to take the western side of Crimea by sea instead of by land because the Ukrainian and MI6 and CIA plans have been failing everywhere else and the commentator unintentionally tells you that Ukraine is failing everywhere else later in the video.

This mission is a desperation attack by MI6/Ukraine to regain the ability for Ukraine to use grain ships as a cover for things like bringing in weapons and attacking Crimea.

The MI6 and CIA are really failing badly at managing special missions in this war. Note that he tells you that Ukraine made the basic plans for this mission public so Putin knows it and I doubt it has much chance for success.

Note that in the latter information, in just one area, Ukraine lost 11 artillery systems in just one day telling us that Russia is hunting Ukrainian artillery at least in some areas.

Time Line

The lefty pagan archaeologists keep stretching out the time line to disprove the Bible because that is the only way they can disprove the Bible, you know, lie. They hate God, His Laws, the Bible, and Christians so they wage war and discriminate against them.

I have seen several places where they are saying that ancient civilizations we know existed 3,500 to 4,000 years ago existed 30,000 to 40,000 years ago to disprove the Bible. Pagans will tell any lie, no matter how obvious, to get what they want and they know that, if they tell a lie long enough to enough generations, it will be believed as fact. They don't have laws in paganism that say, "You will not lie, steal, or murder" and that is what they want to do to get what they want. Therefore, it should be obvious that, on Judgment Day, they will be found guilty of those crimes.

Their only hope is Jesus but they hate Jesus because, to be saved they have to repent of what they want and accept Jesus and very few of them will do that, therefore, they continue to love what they want and to hate Jesus.

I also keep seeing the pagans saying things like "this, that, or something else MAY have caused life to accidentally and coincidentally happen", telling you that they don't know how life happened so they are making up ideas about how it MAY HAVE and MAY NOT HAVE happened, being sure to not talk about the "may not" to keep their lie of evolution alive. They still can't come up with that first moment for life I have told you about or they would not be saying "It may have...". They would conclusively say, "it did happen...".

I learned in science that every time they say, "May have," you must always add, "and may not have," to finish the sentence.

They can't even agree on how the pyramids were built so they keep coming up with new ideas about "how the pyramids MAY have been built", after hundreds of years of science studying the pyramids. Guess what, they keep disproving all of those "may have" theories and proving they may not have.

They have distorted history and archaeology so much so often that you can't even blindly believe even it any more. They are now destroying science and turning it back into pagan black magic and voodoo magic so you will believe any lie they say.

I just saw an item that said that scientists found spacy alien skulls that were oddly elongated. We knew about those skulls half a century ago and we knew that those skulls were oddly elongated because those people wrapped their heads from the time of them being children in such a way it caused their skulls to grow that way.

They are rewriting and distorting history to make people believe in spacy aliens so you will believe their con I have been warning you about.

Do you believe me yet that they will tell ANY lie to get what they want?

Their lies have gotten so obvious but ignorant and stupid people still believe them and, when you don't, you are racist.

I so look forward to the Judgment Day because God said that everything will be made known. Think about what that means. NO ONE will ever again believe even one of their lies because everyone will know the truth. Their lies will do them no good and will only cause them harm.


Remember that I have been telling you that I keep seeing more and more signs of our inbreeding catching up with us?

We have known for decades that autism is caused by inbreeding and I keep seeing more and more autistic people along with things like increasing infertility or other medical problems caused by inbreeding.

Listen, we have only been on this planet 6,000 years and God tells us in the Bible that He changed our DNA 4,400 years ago to where it does not self repair as well as it did before the flood so that our inbreeding causes increasingly lasting genetic damage. IT IS NOT POSSIBLE for mankind to have existed for just 10,000 years with our current DNA without inbreeding ourselves into extinction and we are now having to deal with that because of the increasing numbers of infertile people caused by 4,400 years of inbreeding since the Flood.

The pagans stretching out our history time line is just blatant lying to disprove the Bible, when I keep seeing new discoveries proving the Bible on a regular basis. The lies are so pervasive that I cannot overcome them with education; only God can. You have to understand that they can only keep their paganism and do away with Christianity to get what they want, if they can get you to believe their lies and they will tell any lie to get what they want.


Here is something you better keep an eye on. Pakistan is on the verge of collapsing and she has nukes that could end up either being used or stolen and sold to people like terrorists. Everyone better pay attention to this because one or more of those nukes could easily end up being used as a terrorist weapon in your nation. Fortunately, they are low yield tactical nukes, you know less than 100K. Hey, maybe that is where Obama will get his 10K nuke from.


The military in Niger just staged a coup and overthrew the French puppet government so French President Moron is throwing a fit.

This video tells us that he has already checked with the head of the Niger National Guard to get permission to invade Niger to replace his French puppet government.

That tells me that the royals are too arrogant to be in touch with reality to realize they are now between a rock and a hard spot and I am betting that Moron is going to really screw this up the way the royals have been screwing up everything else. Hey, why change now?

If Moron doesn't go into Niger to replace his puppet government, then that will encourage the militaries of other African nations being run by European puppet governments to stage coups to free their people from European imperialism.

If Moron does go into Niger with his military to replace his puppet government in Niger, it will be seen as greedy, power mad, imperialist France/Europe invading Africa again, which will turn almost all African nations against all of Europe. If that happens, they will return the favor by helping Russia invade Europe to put an end to that crap.

And God said, "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you."

Hey, the Europeans conquered and oppressed African nations for hundreds of years, why shouldn't African nations conquer them?

Either way they lose but I am betting they will screw it up the most possible by invading Niger because I have the utmost faith in the royals to screw up everything they touch. Hey, this is ANOTHER threat to their global dictatorship.

Do you believe me yet that the upper class trash royals are going to get themselves killed? Can't you just see French President Moron being led off in chains to be a slave in Africa?

Then I found out later that France and other European nations are telling their people to get out of Niger and that tells me that France is planning to invade Niger to put their puppet government back in power so keep an eye on this.

My guess is that most of Africa will side with the coup leaders in Niger and we already know that Putin has and that Wagner will be sending troops in to fight France, you know, after France has disarmed herself by giving weapons and munitions to Ukraine.

I think you are about to find out how weak France, one of the three strongest militaries in Europe, really is. Now, if France invades Niger and loses the fight, you can bet that Africa will storm Europe. BTW, Africa has already infiltrated millions of people into and all over Europe to attack those European nations from within, while those African nations attack Europe from without. Wow, that immigration thingy worked well.

Do you believe me yet that the European royals are inbred idiots out of touch with reality? Do you believe me yet that Europe is about to fall and it is their royals who are destroying Europe?

But, hey, how can the royals set up their global dictatorship, if they lose control of all of their puppet nations? Do you see God's hand at work using what the royals are doing against them? How many of them do you think will end up as slaves in Africa?

The royal insane obsession with their beloved global dictatorship is backfiring on them big time right now.

Climate Crap

This guy in this video has been disproving the climate crap for years. He does his homework and is good with his sarcasm.

You will learn a lot from him.


Remember that I told you that I designed a drone during the invasion of Iraq that would cost our military less money per shot and do just as good a job but ye ole military industry refused to look at it because they wouldn't make as much money per shot?

Hey, money is more important than winning wars. It should be only common sense that, if your weapon costs less per shot to take out the enemy, then you can afford to have more weapons taking out the same enemies, which will make the weapons industry more money and help win wars.

If you have to spend a million dollars per shot from a done to take out every target, regardless of its value and threat, you are not going to be able to have as many of those weapons as you will when it only costs a few dollars a shot so you won't be able to take out as many targets per hour and per each weapon before it is destroyed. In this coming war, they will probably wish they had my "Hunter Killer" drone. It would be especially effective against infantry, most armored vehicles, and artillery plus it could also hunt and kill other drones and even choppers; day and night.

Importantly, it would cost only a fraction as much money to build and operate so we could have at least 10 to 20 times more drones operating at the same time to overwhelm the enemy.

It would be extremely difficult to find, target, and destroy because I also designed a special stealth technology for it so it could easily hunt at low altitudes and not be easy to see.

I could also design in things like ECM and other technologies to hunt and kill air defense systems. Hey, I was trained to do that by SAC during Nam.

Upper Class Trash

Remember that I have been warning you about the upper class trash royals being the ones causing all of our problems?

In this video Macgregor finally tells you about the upper class trash royals I have been warning you about for more than a decade. He tells you that they own the rest and order them what to do just like I have been telling you. Those are the people you have to take out to get your nations back.

They just keep proving me right because I do my homework and God shows me the rest.

He also tells you that the upper class trash have been planning this insanity for some time but he doesn't know when it began and I told you they started working on this global dictatorship in 1947, right after WWII, because the royals just can't leave other people alone.

So what if they just killed millions of people in a global war. Dey just gots tuh habs der global dictatorship.

Do you believe me yet that the upper class trash royals are inbred crazy? All of the killing in WWII wasn't bad enough for them? Do you believe me yet that they don't care about you?

I only watched the first 12 minutes of that video for the intel I got.

People, when this war started, I told you the West would not stop and they would force Putin to fight a nuclear war even though they do not believe he will dare to use nukes against them. Some are finally beginning to realize he will. The upper class trash either refuse to accept that Putin, when cornered enough, will use nukes to stop the West or they want him to use nukes to kill most of you off and there is probably a mixture of both in the upper class trash but they are all nuts, just different types of insanity.

Remember that I have been telling you about the upper class trash can't steal enough from enough people fast enough?

This video tells you that is what is going on.

The court case I am fighting in Alamogordo is about that because the upper class trash running this town have set up a code enforcement racket to steal from the middle and lower classes and I am trying to stop that because no one else will. With me being sick and impoverished, I am the only one willing and capable to fight for the poor and middle class here. No one else in the middle and lower classes here know as much about law and science and can stand up to the upper class trash for the people. Pray for me and my people.


I think the UK and US upper class trash royals and their puppets are setting Poland up to be their next proxy to continue trying to destroy Russia since Ukraine is failing. They will destroy every nation in Europe to get rid of Russia so they can set up their global dictatorship.

It looks like they are right now working to make Poland their next Ukraine and Putin probably knows it.

Don't be surprised if the West, mostly the MI6 and CIA, find a way to get Poland to attack into either Belarus or Ukraine to start the war with Russia so the US and UK can continue to try to destroy Russia. Hey, so the UK and US kill a few million Poles; at least they will get their global dictatorship.

This video shows you some of that and don't be surprised to find out that it is the UK and US telling Poland they "should grab some of their land back from Ukraine and Belarus." It looks like their idiot leaders are stupid enough to fall for it and they probably also believe that NATO will come to their aid, starting WWIII or will back down Putin.

Then I found this video saying that Poland is reporting that 2 choppers from Belarus entered Polish airspace. This could be a ploy or an excuse for Poland to invade Russian ally, Belarus, to start a war there to spread out Russian troops between Ukraine and Poland. It may be a red flag operation to justify NATO going to war against Belarus because the Western upper class trash royals don't believe Russia will fight NATO and they are "calling his bluff".

Note that it tells you that, at first, Poland denied the entry into Polish airspace but later said they had. This is looking kind of fishy like Poland is falling for the lies of the US and UK to protect Poland in a war with Russia.

Then Poland admitted that the 2 choppers were just training. It is possible they just strayed across the border while training. People, Belarus is not going to invade Poland with 2 choppers.

Poland is using this as an excuse to increase troops along the border with Belarus AND NATO is on "alert" concerning this.

Keep an eye on this because our Western upper class trash royals are nuts.


China is probably purging their military leaders right now because they either found out that those leaders are planning a coup of the government or the CCP leaders just got paranoid about them staging a coup.

Note that the officers Xi is firing have to do with being in charge of nuclear and all other missiles so I am wondering why he is firing them.

Are they not willing to use nukes against other nations like the US?

Remember that I told you that China has been setting up camps of their people they legally brought into the US for decades near US Military bases and they were infiltrating their soldiers into the US? Remember that I have been warning you that these Chinese coming into the US illegally are also soldiers being infiltrated into the US to fight us from within?

This video tells me that others are finally figuring this out too. I told you that China is literally invading the US from Mexico. They just have not started shooting yet.

He shows you that this is all extremely well planned out, organized, and managed to infiltrate a lot of military age men into the US to bring our nation down. He is telling you that the US Military knows this.

He tells you that they have infiltrated 800,000 Chinese into the US in just the last few years. That is a bigger army than Russia has in Ukraine, they are spreading out throughout the US and you better believe they are being told to go near strategic targets to be attacked or destroyed when ordered.

He also tells you they are infiltrating into the US from about 100 other nations.

BTW, a lot of them are going to our big blue cities run by the left and are going to kill or enslave a lot of lefties.

Keep an eye on this.

Do you believe me yet that you better pray long, pray hard, pray often, get right with God, secure your red zones, and lock and load? Do you believe me yet that you better also pray that we still have our Black Closet and it still works?

You are going to need it very soon. I have been watching this crap for decades. You also need to know that some of our people are saying, "Yeah, but we have more than 60 million gun owners in the US." The trouble is that history teaches that you will be lucky if 15 to 20 million of them show up to the fight and you have no idea how many of these illegal alilens are infiltrated soldiers and where they are. Historically, there have been very few times that more than 3% to 5% of a nation's population has fought in a war and that would be about 10 to 17 million in the US today. These invading troops have several strategic advantages over you.

Do you believe me yet that we better stage a strategic retreat from Europe to pull our troops back to protect the US and leave Russia alone? Do you believe me yet that the upper class trash royals have been planning and designing the destruction of our nations for more than half a century so they can set up their global dictatorship? Do you believe me yet that the Republic of the US is dead, just has not finished kicking yet, and you will have to fight a war to regain control and build a new nation?

Remember that this is where you get tomorrow's news today.

If you don't think the Republic is dead, just watch this video that gives you details as to why it is dead and I am not the only one saying it as more are realizing it.

I am believing that Afghan Joe and his family and lefty accomplices have sold out to China to help them invade and conquer the US with promises that they will be set up as the dictators for life over the US, which you know China won't keep. Nobody can trust a traitor, not even another traitor. If this is true, Afghan Joe and that bunch will end up dead or as Chinese slaves.


When I heard that the upper class trash and their puppets are considering bringing back the military draft because we only have a one front military and are trying to start WWIII with Russia and China, my first thought was, "Is this God putting a bunch of lefty traitors into the military to kill them off in the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39?"

Keep an eye on this.

Hey, you lefties keep voting for these Commierats who keep starting these wars, maybe a few of you should die in their wars? Why should only conservatives, who don't vote for these evil monsters, die in their wars?


Decades ago I told you that, with the liberals not having kids and killing their kids off with abortions, it was only a matter of time until the conservatives outnumbered the liberals.

This video shows you that is EXACTLY what is happening right just like I told you decades ago.

Remember that this is where you get tomorrow's news today.

It is just common sense, if group A quits having kids and kills their kids off and group B keeps having and raising kids, group B will eventually become the majority group.

Conservatives are now taking over control because the lefty college professors, media, and others convinced their people to stop having children and to kill their children off.

And the lefties think they are smarter than you because they stole more than you can earn? Really?

The idiots are putting themselves out of business.

Z Boy

Remember that I told you they would probably snuff Z Boy's butt when he is no longer useful to them?

This video and its timely release tell me two things. First, they planned all along that, if this war didn't work out, they would kill Z Boy and blame him for losing the war.

Second, the release of this information right now with Z Boy losing this war really bad and absolutely no hope of winning it tells me they are getting ready to snuff Z Boy, blame Putin, and replace him with a counsel. People, they are releasing this right now to put it in your mind that Putin might kill Z Boy so you won't suspect them, when they murder Z Boy. It is called psychological warfare.

Keep an eye on this. It won't be a coincidence if he dies soon. MI6 will probably take care of it.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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