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Remember that I have been teaching you that no one can trust a traitor, not even another traitor? Remember that I have been teaching you that the royals will always turn on each other for money and power?

This video is about that with the US betraying France and causing a split even though they don't have their dictatorship yet. President Moron is furious.

The rest of the Euro-American royals better wake up to the increasingly obvious fact that the British Royals in the US and UK do not plan to share power with them and I would not be surprised to eventually see them turn on each other like the royals have been doing for thousands of years.

If they betray the people, they betray themselves.


I saw this happen in Nam during Operation Line Backer in 1972, when the US was bombing factories in Hanoi only the Vietnamese eventually started doing it on purpose.

This video shows Western air defense missiles being use by Ukraine "intercepting" a big shopping mall and other buildings.

We had an understanding that, whatever goes up, has to come down and desperate armies get to where they don't care on whom. Look at all of those missiles going up to intercept a much smaller number of incoming Russian projectiles and then look at some of the damage they caused when they came down. They caused more damage than the Russian missiles did.

During the Bombing of Hanoi in the winter of 72 and 73, the North couldn't hit many of our Buffs, which were being very careful to only hit military targets, especially since missing the targets meant you had to go back in to try again. Since the North couldn't hit many Buffs because of our ECM, they started using what we called the "shotgun effect", which was them just firing bunches of missiles hoping some would hit something just like they showed in that video.

Some of the many SAM-3 missiles missing our Buffs fell on residential areas, killing some of their own people. They were so successful at causing bad press for the US by claiming that we had bombed those civilians that they started moving their SAMs further out away from the city so they would fire them back towards the city so their missiles would fall on their own people, killing them so they could use their own dead people for propaganda.

I clearly remember one picture the North put out for our press to use against us, which showed a family of 4 lying dead on the bedroom floor with a large white object next to them. It was very clear there was no explosion like bombs cause and the family was just killed by the falling of that big object.

We knew that white object was the remains of part of a SAM-3 missile because they painted them white and we didn't paint any of our munitions white plus we were using 500 and 750 pound bombs that would have left a massive crater much bigger than a city block so that bedroom would have been much more than completely destroyed but the stupid lefties back home believed it was one of our bombs that killed that family. The lefties have been hating our nation for more than half a century.

You have to understand that, when the old SAM-3s missed their target and reached their pinnacle altitude, they automatically detonated so that a live warhead would not be falling back to the ground. That caused big chunks of white missile to fall to the ground, often killing people but a big warhead would have caused much more damage.

Ukraine can't keep firing air defense missiles like that and still have any left for much longer. What they have done is that Ukraine has some of her biggest military units in Odessa so they have brought almost all of their air defense systems to Odessa to protect those units. At that rate, soon they won't have any missiles left to protect anything.

Remember that I told you that, with Ukraine taking such heavy losses, it was only a matter of time until those same "offensive forces" would be used for defensive purposes because they would be too weak to go on the offensive?

This video identifies a number of brigades that used to be Ukraine's offensive force and are no Ukraine's defensive force trying to stop the Russia offensive that is building. It is happening just like I told you it would.

Most of Ukraine's forces have gone from being offensive capable to only barely being defensive capable and I have seen a number of times where they had to merge 2 or more brigades to make a new brigade because of losses.

Child Trafficking

I have told you about these child trafficking people they talk about in this video for decades. Those people work for the upper class trash.

They bring children into the US or kidnap them in the US and sell them to people, mostly on the left and to quite a few of the very rich. These children are used by pedaphiles for sex and for human sacrifices in pagan cults. Most of them end up being murdered to get rid of the evidence.

I have told you that this is why the left wants to legalize pedophilia to protect themselves and their customers and post birth abortions to protect their pagan cults for child sacrifices.

On Judgment Day, you are going to find out how extremely evil these savages really are, which is why God said, "Everything will be made known" and it will make you sick and furious.

I can't wait for all of this to get over. Believe me, they deserve eternal damnation.

Z Boy

Remember that I have been telling you that Z Boy is probably going to end up dead soon because it is becoming very obvious that the West is losing the war in Ukraine?

This video shows the real reason why Z Boy has been firing his top officers. He is desperate and is taking over from them to save his butt. He may not live much longer.

He is desperately telling his generals that they MUST go back on the offensive, even with very few troops left.

Now where did I see this desperation before?

Oh yeah, Adolph Hitler at the end of WWII. He took over running his military and fired much of his staff. He ended up blowing his own brains out or, at least that is what we were taught. It is possible that what was left of his staff killed him to get him out of their way.

Note that at about 13 minutes into that video he tells you that, in just one battle in just one day, Ukraine lost about 200 troops and 50 armored vehicles, including 5 tanks. Then he told you that they lost another 200 soldiers in another fight on the same day. They have to keep feeding reinforcements into that fight to continue being able to fight it.

The place he is talking about is one of the very few places where Ukraine had concentrated large numbers of their remaining forces to be able to go on the offensive for a while longer. This just can't last much longer.


It is pretty obvious that the US is mostly responsible for destroying China's economy and making her a weak nation for war. I would tend to be glad to see that but not with our leaders and knowing that this will cause China to be desperate and realize that she must go to war before it is too late to save her nation and their butts.

What the upper class trash are missing is that, with China having at least hundreds of thousands of troops infiltrated inside the US to fight us from within, it will still be possible for her to at least take the US down with her.

Also, with the aid of her BRICS allies like Russia, Latin America, and Iran, it will also be possible for her to defeat the weakened US and sack enough and take enough human slaves to save herself.

You have to understand that China has a number of threats against the US right now. She has her external threat of her own military force, the internal threat of her infiltrated troops inside the US, the threat of her BRICS allies who have both external and internal threats to us, our own commie traitors like Antifa and BLM inside the US, and the fact we will be fighting on at least 2 to 3 fronts with a one front military.

Do you believe me yet that you better pray long, pray hard, pray often, get right with God, secure your red zones, and lock and load?

Spacy Aliens

Remember that I told you this crap about spacy aliens was a con and that the upper class trash royals would either have their fake spacy aliens tell you to submit to the absolute rule of the royals so they can take care of you or the royals would tell you to submit to their absolute rule so the royals can protect you from the spacy aliens?

I just saw that "Egyptian Pharaoh DNA is not of this world", you know, their ancient royal ancestors are the superior spacy aliens so the royals are all superior to you so you should submit to their absolute rule because they know what is best for you and can take care of you in spite of the fact that their great sounding stupid ideas keep failing. Hey, the stupid people will believe it and bow down to the "spacy alien royals" as their gods like they did for thousands of years.

It makes my brain hurt because they will tell any obvious lie to get their global dictatorship and the stupid people will believe any of their lies. It takes the liars and believers of lies to make the lies work.

Royals Failing

This video gives you some examples of the royals and their puppets playing their smarty pants games and failing.

Why do they keep believing their idiot lefty academe who dream all of this crap up?

Oh yeah, they are inbred stupid.

They found out that the military equipment they sold to Ukraine was sold to the nations in Africa that gets turned against us so that, if we fight them, they will fight us with our own weapons.

Then he tells you about the US staging war games in Finland, right on Russia's border.

Putin's response was to make a speech telling the world that they will share weapons with anyone who takes a stand against the West's imperialistic globalism for their own freedom. He is uniting the world against the evil royal globalists to destroy their imperialistic plans to rule the entire planet. They are increasingly calling their globalism imperialism, telling you that they know it is the royals doing all of this trouble making, you know, just like I have been telling you.

And God said, "The truth will be made known."

Then he gives you some statistics concerning the war casualties in Ukraine with there being over 400,000 Ukrainians killed and more than 2 million wounded and disabled and they want to keep killing more by sending them to their deaths. There have only been 30,000 Russian troops killed with 1.5 million more still ready to fight.

This video shows even more wonderful failures by the lefty royals and their puppets. Soros' Open Society Foundation donations are down by 40% and they are laying people off and significantly reducing ALL operations in the EU, which may save some European butts.

The OSF is pulling out of Europe and focusing on other parts of the world. Their great sounding stupid ideas are failing in Europe so they are going to try to sell them to other people. God is bringing down the Soros family.

The Soros/China fight was just two power mad whackos fighting against each other because they both want to rule the world. Them fighting does not mean that one of them is a good guy.

It is so nice to see Soros and his globalist pals fail.


Remember that I have been telling you that the UK is probably the biggest criminal in all of this with the US being a close second?

This video tells you about what is about to happen and proves what I have been saying about the lefties never quit.

UK's MI6 is sending 100 Ukraine fighters to Africa. They are clearly planning to use Africa to Weaken Russia like they did Ukraine.

Hey, the royals plan on depopulating most of those people anyway so what does it matter if they murder them off now or later? And you think the Euro-American Royals are not racist?

Do you believe me yet that the lefty upper class trash and their evil puppets are brutal savages?

I have come to the conclusion that the reason God is sending these evil monsters to the Lake of Fire is because Hell isn't hot enough for what they are doing to others. They deserve the worst possible punishment.

How many more women and little children are going to die because of these evil, satanic monsters?

Niger is now recruiting volunteers to fight in a war and the people are volunteering.

What they need to do is arm, train, and organize the people into fighting units, which is Wagner's job.


I just found out that there are now three NATO nations "rushing troops" to the Belarus border to prevent a nuke war, you know, by threatening Belarus and increasing the chance of Belarus being forced to use nukes.

Do you believe me yet that, to stop this insanity, Russia and her allies are going to have to invade Europe and destroy the UK and all of its leaders?

If he doesn't, the inbred insane royals won't quit until they cause a nuke war because dey gots tuh habs der imperial global dictatorship.


You think that Shiite Muslim Obama is not in control of Afghan Joe and the US?

Watch this video and keep in mind that it was Obama that made a deal with Iran and he gave them over $1.5 billion dollars, you know, to build their nuke program.

Now, the same people who worked for Obama, including his vice president, Afghan Joe, just gave Iran ANOTHER $6 billion. Gee, what a magic coincidence.

Please note that the general said that Iran is at 60% and can get to 90% or weapons grade nuke dirt in a few weeks. Put that together with everything I have taught you over the last few decades and, if you don't realize that Iran already has nukes, then you are an idiot.

It isn't whether she has nukes but how many. I have told you she is building a nuke arsenal just like the US, Russia, and China. Iran knows that a handful of nukes won't do her any good, especially since she plans on using them.


I have been keeping an eye on India because of some red flags and those red flags are getting bigger. For years I have seen signs of the Hindus persecuting Christians.

According to this video that Hindus persecuting Christians has gotten really out of hand. The Hindus kidnap, beat, probably murder, and rape Christians out of hatred.

You better pray for your brothers and sisters. They really need it all over the world. Keep an eye on this.

Court Case

Where do I begin on this?

I realized that this is something God wants me to share with you to help you in your fight against Satan's spawn in this world.

With my last update on my court case, I was doing some wishful thinking because as a sick, weak, impoverished old man with severe chronic fatigue syndrome, I have it worse at 74 than most people have it at 80 to 100, so any task is tough for me. I normally have to rest for a day or two from just going to town to buy food. Therefore, I want this court case to end quickly.

I just want to get this over with so I can have more peace but God is preparing me for a much more difficult task He has for me and I wish He would give to you (nothing personal).

I was hoping that judge would be objective and deal with the true constitutionality of their unconstitutional criminal activity because I knew God would not let me have rest and peace until I finished the job.

I was afraid that, with her living here and being part of the same legal industry that was being used to screw me, she would be part of the local "good-ole-boy" system and she is.

She insulted my intelligence by playing a little game to make it look like she objectively dealt with the constitutionality of the program, when she didn't. Her strategy was to fool me so I would just pay their unconstitutional fine, roll over, and they could continue to make big bucks with their unconstitutional government program.

I am trying to kill their cash cow and they kind of don't like that.

I knew these people were corrupt before I started this fight God told me to start but I really had no idea how corrupt they were and every time I engage them, I find out more about how corrupt they are. I now think of this city and, now, also county as Micro Soviet Union because they made it clear to me that the US Constitution does not apply in their dictatorship and we have no Constitutional rights in this city and county. (Your butts are heading there.)

Let me give you a little example of how corrupt they are. Yesterday in the County Court House I met a young man who told me he had been a city cop but he quit because he couldn't stand their corruption. When your own cops walk away from your corruption, you are not good people. About 25 years ago some high school students told me that there was a cop who waited in a city park a few blocks from the school to sell them drugs during lunch time. Also, over the years a number of different people told me they are working with a cartel in Juarez, Mexico just across the border from El Paso, TX about 90 miles south of here to smuggle in drugs, people, and who knows what else. They are big time bad.

So how bad and wide spread is this corruption?

That is the lesson I have been learning the last two weeks since I got my last judicial ruling.

You have to understand that, from the time they dated that ruling, which was about a week before I got it, I only had 30 days to file an appeal with one week of that already gone.

So I spent the last few weeks busting my butt trying to find out how to appeal and the process is intentionally and unnecessarily complex to discourage most people from appealing. So far, this entire process is rigged against you to discourage you from fighting the corrupt system and to just roll over, pay the fine, and let them continue making lots of money with their corrupt system.

For weeks, everyone I talked to only knew a few things, if anything, about what I needed to do and was not "allowed" to give me legal advice or assistance. I noticed that, whenever I approached people for information about what I was doing, I saw fear in their faces and heard it in their voices. They know how corrupt this city is and are afraid of it. Believe me, this is a Micro Soviet Union with no Constitutional protections or rights.

After several weeks of digging and searching I finally figured out on my own how to file the first set of documents and filed them a few days ago and they were approved.

By the most miraculous coincidence, the next day, I walked into a very different world where everyone knew everything I needed to know, they had all of the forms I needed, I could even fill THOSE forms out by hand, and they could give me all of the legal advice they had been told to give me.

I sure am glad that SAC trained me well in espionage because I needed it. I can't even begin to imagine fighting this fight without everything God has taught me. Most poor people are forced to just pay the fines, roll over, and let the pagan gods steal from them with their unconstitutional code program. They don't know enough to have a choice because knowledge is a tool and, without that knowledge, it is like trying to build a house without tools.

These criminals know that what they are doing is unconstitutional and illegal and realized that I am smart educated enough to figure out how to do all of the filing and such I need to appeal this case so they decided to set a trap to permanently get me out of their way and protect their cash cow. I am a threat to them and their cash cow and they want to remove that threat. Hey, they gotta take care of their bank accounts.

This is a civil case and they lied to me that it is a criminal case because the forms they provided me with are for a criminal case so that, if I filed those forms, it would be me (they can't do it) turning my civil case into a criminal case so that, when it got bounced back here for a retrial, they could stage another fake trial, declare I am guilty, and throw my butt in jail for as long as they could, under their complete control to protect their unconstitutional cash cow, and their problems would be solved. Do not be surprised if they try to kill me to stop me and God told me years ago in dreams that someone would try to kill me four times and it is looking like they are probably that someone but God said He would take care of me.

Gee, I wonder why I was suddenly getting so much help to file those forms, when none of them knew or were allowed to help me file the civil case forms to the same place less than 24 hours before?

Hey, if it looks like a fish, swims like a fish, and smells like a fish, it ain't no duck.

I also found out that it isn't just the city that is so corrupt but is also the county because this is our county seat. This criminal organization is much bigger and much, much worse than I had last thought.

Plus, this state has been extremely corrupt for at least 500 years, when the Spanish royals colonized it as their monarchy in the early 1500s. The US Government purchased the Territory of Nuevo Mexico in 1849, at that time a Spanish Monarchy, and it was so corrupt that the US Government would not allow it to have statehood until 1912, 63 years later. Even then, it has been at least one of the 3 to 5 most corrupt states in the US since.

I tell people that this state is so corrupt that, whenever I see an item about another state being the most corrupt state in the US, I just know the Spanish Royals running this state say, "Here, hold my tequila."

Now, today's revelation was, "Why would God have an extremely ill and impoverished 74 year old man take on such a corrupt city and corrupt county in such a corrupt state by himself, with very little help from anyone else?"

Because, years ago, God told me that, when you leave and get out of the soon coming Tribulation, the worst time in human history, I will have to stay behind and fight a fight for 3.5 years I fought God for about 2 to 3 years to give to YOU (nothing personal) and I absolutely do not want but was created and trained up to do, therefore, I must do it.

If God were to come today and tell me I do not have to do that job, I would thank and praise Him a lot for a very long time. I am really battered right now but I have to keep fighting.

So, "how do you train a person to deal with the worst time in human history during even just slightly better times?"

To prepare a man for combat, you put them through as bad or worse of conditions but how can you put them through worse for a much worse time to come?

You have them deal with today's evil but you make them extremely ill and weak in poverty, with severe chronic fatigue syndrome, and all alone in a very corrupt city, in a very corrupt county, in a very corrupt state, in a very corrupt nation, on a very corrupt planet to make it more difficult so the Tribulation won't be worse and may even be easier, especially after God heals me to do that work, like He said He is going to do.

I am going through God's version of Special Forces and SEAL training to prepare me for the soon coming Tribulation that is going to suck more than I have seen any preacher tell. The US Navy SEALs ain't got nuttin' on me, baby. Imagine going through their training almost dead.

One of the most important things God has taught me with this is perspective and attitude.

The worldly perspective and attitude is that I am just a sick, weak, impoverished old man all alone fighting a very corrupt city, county, state, nation, and planet which should be overwhelming to me and encouraging to them.

But God's perspective is that it isn't just me against the world, but is me AND God against the world and He is the king of our solar system, king of our galaxy, king of our cosmos, and the king of all infinity. Also, I am only one of God's many agents, of whom some are other true Christian humans but most are His angels and we have their evil butts outnumbered and out gunned. Plus, if I die, which I have been told I will during the Tribulation, I go home to be with God but they go to Hell to be with their gods forever.

You see, they are idiots who are committing crimes that will get them eternal damnation for very temporary pleasures and luxuries. None of these greedy monsters who steal from others for their temporary luxuries on Earth will have a penny from the time their evil butts bounce off the bottom of Hell until eternity ends and remember that Jesus said He was going to prepare things for us Christians in Paradise that have never entered into the heart of man meaning no one can imagine, create, or build what we will have forever in Paradise.

And God said, "Thinking themselves wise, they have made themselves fools."

So, suck it up, baby, because you are backed by the most powerful organization in all of history and existence.

Mean while, I have a war to fight for my basic military training. Hey, at least Paradise won't suck. (attitude is important) Hold my soda because I have to crawl under this spiritual barbed wire.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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