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Remember that, in my last essay or post, I told you that Russia permitting all of those tanks into that area was a trap?

In the first 8 to 10 minutes of this video he tells you it was a trap and the Ukrainian forces were forced to retreat because of that trap.

In this video an Italian general and former NATO general admits that Russia cannot be defeated in Ukraine.

He also tells you that Russia WILL NOT permit Ukraine to join NATO, even after a cease fire just like I told you. It seems he only recently figured it out.

Remember that I have been telling you that Putin and company have realized that they will have to fight the US and UK to stop this insanity, which is why they have been ramping up for war against us for about a year?

In this video at about 22 minutes, Macgregor tells you he has finally figured it out that Russia knows they will have to fight us to stop the insanity of our upper class trash royals and their puppets.

Do you believe me yet?

He tells you that we need to stop this before the war is out of control but it is the Western leaders, especially for the US and UK that are already out of control and must be stopped before it is too late.

You better pray long, pray hard, pray often, get right with God, secure your red zones, and lock and load.

Pay attention towards the end of that video because he shows you how the left has already destroyed this nation, she just has not finished kicking yet. There is no way the hard working people of this nation can pay that debt off that already exists and the upper class trash are still increasing that debt plus the richest pay very little in taxes because of them having their wealth in tax shelters called trust funds.

Oh, they tell you that the richest pay the highest taxes but not if they use the trust funds I was trained to manage. Those rich, you know, the upper class trash royals like the Clintons and their puppets, pay very little, if any taxes and I have shown you that in the past.

To pay off that debt, you would have to take all of the wealth the upper class trash have stolen from us away from the upper class trash and use it to pay off that debt. That is the only way you can pay off that debt and you are not going to rebuild a devastated nation with any debt.

You will have to get rid of that debt by either taking back the money stolen by the upper class trash and/or defaulting on that debt and/or letting the left have the nation they have destroyed along with its debt so you can build a new nation. The last option is the most probable.

In my opinion, the upper class trash, their puppets, and everyone who aided and abetted them in these crimes should be tried for treason and other capital crimes against the state and its people.

Remember that I have been telling you that the Western upper class trash royals and their puppets will blame Z Boy for losing the war so they don't have to admit they were wrong, their idea was stupid, and they have been lying?

You are going to love this because it is just too obvious. This video tells you that "the reason Ukraine is losing the war is because Z Boy is putting his troops in the wrong places."

Did you fall out of your chair? Probably laughing, huh?

Talk about a lousy and really stupid cop out. Forget the fact that every time Putin destroyed any of their military headquarters, he killed NATO officers there helping direct the war.

"No, no, it was Z Boy's fault for putting his troops in the wrong places. Why, if he had put them in the right places, Ukraine would be winning the war." You know, he was putting his troops right in front of where the missiles, artillery, and drones were going to land, the dummy.

Do you believe me yet that the idiots make my brain hurt? Do you believe me yet that they are not smarter than you and are probably less intelligent? Do you believe me yet that you cannot blindly believe any of the lefty media?

But, hey, the stupid people will believe it but the upper class trash believe you are all stupid and they are insulting your intelligence.

Remember that I have been telling you that Putin sitting in place grinding down and devastating the Ukrainian forces is causing the idiot lefties and their puppet military officers to believe Putin is weak and barely hanging on?

In this video he tells you that is exactly what they believe. They are completely delusional and out of touch with reality so they keep sending young men to die in Putin's cauldrons like livestock going to the slaughter house.

Do you believe me yet that, in spite of what they believe, they are NOT more intelligent than you?

BTW, he tells you that Ukraine is not losing this war because Z Boy is putting his troops in the wrong places but because the NATO and Pentagon commanders are putting them in the wrong places and because of theirs and their leaders' delusions.

Note that he tells you that partly because of spy satellites, it is now impossible to move troops without the other side knowing it, which explains why both Russia and China launched a bunch of killer satellites months ago to take out our spy satellites just before they start military actions against us to blind us so we can't see their attacks coming. You can bet that have spent the time since positioning those killer satellites for one quick kill. I pray we still have our Black Closet and it still works.

Do you get the picture yet?

He also tells you that groups of Ukrainian troops of from 50 to 150 troops at a time are surrendering to stay alive. He is the first to not make it sound like much smaller groups are surrendering, you know, like 5 or 10 people. Those are huge numbers of troops surrendering at one time.

I have not heard of such large groups of troops surrendering at a time since the Germans at the end of WWII, when they knew the war was lost.

He told you that they are also trying to blame the press for the failure of Ukraine in this war.

Then he told you what I told you about the F-16s not surviving very long against the Russian air defenses.

Concerning the training for those pilots for just the 6 months I have been hearing; I have been watching them train F-16 pilots here for years and I can tell what part of their training they are in by how they are flying and where they fly to.

It takes them a full year and they spend the first 6 months just learning to fly and maneuver the planes alone and then in pairs. They don't start working in combat units of 4 aircraft until the start of the second 6 months.

They also have to learn to use the aircraft in air-to-air and ground attack and then they have to be trained in dealing with air defense systems. There is a lot to learn to survive very long in such aircraft IF they have the best equipment, which Ukraine is not getting because they are getting old, worn out, obsolete aircraft or junk.

Plus you have to keep in mind that they will have to train all of those Ukrainian pilots in reading English for their instruments and control panels, which will take more time.

Towards the end, he tells you the US generals are believing their own lies and ignoring the intel. They are completely delusional and dysfunctional.

Remember that I told you a long time ago that no military can be better than its leaders and they have clearly promoted idiots to the top. That should scare the crap out of everyone.

Then I found this video showing that the West is trying to use both Poland and Georgia to continue waging war against Russia.

"Hey, if it is failing, do more of what is failing!"

Do you believe me yet that the upper class trash royals are psychopathic lunatics who just gots tuh habs der global dictatorship? Do you believe me yet that the only thing that can stop them is their deaths? Do you believe me yet that Putin is going to have to invade Europe and North American, especially the US and UK, to stop their evil insanity? Do you believe me yet that you better pray long, pray hard, pray often, get right with God, secure your red zones, and lock and load? Do you believe me yet that God is our only hope?


This video tells you two important things. First, it tells you that France is making the huge mistake of using military force to regain imperialistic control of Niger, which you know will just tick off the rest of Africa even more.

Second, it tells you that Algeria, who stated they are supporting Niger even though they were formerly under imperialistic control by France, said France cannot use its airspace to attack Niger. That is a big rebellion against France like I told you would happen.

Note that the leader of Algeria said that, "any military action could reignite the whole Sahel Region" or Central Africa like I have been warning. Then it tells you that "France's military presence in West Africa has become increasingly tenuous amid a wave of coups", you know, like I warned you. France's military staying there will encourage more coups and them taking military actions because of coups will cause it to happen even faster.

French President Moron is really screwing up by trying to do things they way they used to but they don't have the military they used to have. The more I see, the more convinced I become that France using military intervention to get back one of their imperialistic slave states will blow up in France's face and President Moron is too arrogant to see it coming. Because of their arrogance and them being out of touch with reality, the West just keeps making things worse.

But you know that French President Moron, the US, and UK aren't going to quit and Africa will have to invade Europe, especially France, to stop the insanity.

I am wondering what the situation will be when the big BRICS meeting in South Africa is over at the end of August 24.

BTW, they are saying that it is the 15 nation ECOWAS organization fighting against Niger and trying to return her to being a French imperialist slave state.

Hey, their lips were moving so you should have known they are lying to you. First, Niger was a member of ECOWAS so there could only be 14 nations against Niger but then you find out that two other nations that staged military coups earlier to get out from under European imperialism and are allies with Niger, you know, Mali and Burkina Faso, were also members of ECOWAS so it is now down to a maximum of 12 nations that might be against Niger.

People, that is only 12 out of 54 African nations that might be against Niger gaining freedom from European imperialism with the rest having already either gained freedom or are in the process of gaining freedom like Algeria is using this to gain her freedom. (She is not a member of ECOWAS.)

Gee, I wonder why France, the US, and UK are so upset about Niger gaining her freedom from their tyranny?

Hey, that would leave them with only 12 puppet slave states left in Africa out of 54 nations.

Do you believe me yet that, if the left's lips are moving, they are lying?

BTW, both Burkina Faso and Mali deployed military aircraft inside Niger to protect Niger from attack. It seems that Russia "sold" the aircraft to Burkina Faso and Mali a couple of weeks ago. Gee, what a magic coincidence.

How many other African nations will ally with Niger for military aircraft from Russia?

Well, so far a few more just joined the Niger alliance. In this video we see that Chad and the Central African Republic now have Wagner forces and are aligning up on Niger's side of the potential war. That means their alliance has Niger, Mali, Burkina Faso, Algeria, Chad, and the Central African Republic or 6 African nations plus Russia and China against 12 ECOWAS nations, France, the US, and UK.

I told you that using military force to get Niger back under France's imperialistic control would backfire and it is getting worse with time.

Then he tells you that Russian officers paid a little visit to the western part of Libya (Russia has had forces in Libya for a few years now helping fight their civil war caused by the West, you know, Obama) and they discussed Russia helping Libya more with their civil war in exchange for Libya helping with the logistics for the potential war in Niger.

Getting those ducks in a row, are they? Do you remember that most of the African nations have already signed military contracts with Russia?

This is unifying much of Africa against the West, especially Europe. I keep waiting for more of the ECOWAS nations' militaries to stage their coups to free their nations from European imperialism and you can bet the Russian FSB (KGB) is working on that.

What? The West is failing again?

Look closely at that map and you should see a couple of things. First, the West has acknowledged that their best point to invade Niger is from the big nation of Nigeria at the bottom of that map and just below Niger. Second, Nigeria is now surrounded on 3 sides by Niger allies. Oops.

With everyone knowing that the West caused the war in Ukraine to destroy Russia and then the West starting a war in Africa, it will turn almost all African nations against the West and, when Putin has to go into Europe, most of Africa will follow to get their stolen goods back.

India Moon Landing

Is that a distraction from important things or what?

We first landed humans on the moon by 1970, more than half a century ago, so it is nice to see India land an empty space craft on the moon but I am not going to get excited about it.

I keep seeing it all over the media like they just landed humans on Mars or something. It is very clearly being used as a distraction and is being over played. There are more important things the media should be covering.

Then I found out that NASA helped with India's moon landing, you know, like they are trying to coax India away from being Russia's ally, you know, divide and conquer AND they needed a distraction. Afghan Joe said India is the next great nation, you know, like he was saying about China a few years ago.

I am now wondering if Modi and the rest of India's leaders are stupid enough to fall for their con the way China did or will they learn from China's mistake and not make the same mistake?

BTW, you better keep an eye on India because they are infiltrating their upper class trash into top positions in other nations. For example, the British PM, Sunak, is an Indian Hindu and US presidential candidate, Ramaswamy, is an Indian Hindu. Gee, what a magic coincidence that India is trying to get their Hindus in the top positions for two of the most influential and aggressive nations in the world.

Gee, you wouldn't call that a pattern, would you?

In military espionage we would. Keep an eye on it.


I just saw a media headline about Muslim run Iraq thinking about passing a law making homosexuality a death penalty.

The media and Western upper class trash are so ignorant it makes me wonder what closet are they hiding in? Is it even in this galaxy?

For 1,400 years it has been a death penalty in Islam to commit homosexual acts based on their definition of homosexual. You see, if you are a man having sex with a boy under 12 years of age, that is not considered homosexuality and they almost all do it.

If the male another male is having sex with is 12 or older, that is considered homosexuality and will get your head cut off and it has not been that long since I read about Muslims getting their heads cut off for homosexuality in a number of different Muslim nations.

People, it doesn't even have to be that nation's law. If the Muslims are running that nation, it is assumed by Muslims that Shiria Law is their law.

Do you believe me yet that the left, especially the upper class trash royals and their puppets are way out of touch with reality?

They don't even know what is going on in this solar system but dey chood be running a global dictatorship, yup, yup, dey chure chood, because dey is smarty pants, dey is, dey is. /sarc

I don't think any of the lefties, especially the royals, their puppets, the academe, and the media, could pass a test about reality. The more I learn about the lefties, the less respect I have for them. Geeze, they are simple minded, ignorant, stupid, and arrogant.

Listen, if the upper class trash royals, their puppets, their college professors, they media, and their supporters were living under Islamic law, most of them would already be dead, the rest of them would be in jail, and they are too ignorant and stupid to know it. They are completely delusional. They sit in their white palaces smoking their dope making up their "reality".

Remember that God told me in a dream years ago that, when Obama takes over control of the US, he will impose Shiria Law on us? Why do you think the white idiot lefties will be subjugated as second class citizens to the black Muslims like God showed me in a dream I told you about?

Think about it. Under Muslim law, they will be forced to publically convert to Islam or they will be made slaves and that forced conversion will make them second class citizens in accordance with Muslim law.


Remember that I have told you I like watching videos of people who travel around the world to see how the rest of the world lives?

I have been to parts of the world and seen how they live and I thank God that He created and raised me up in this great and affluent nation because those people have it much worse but most don't know they have it worse or how much worse it is. Truly, God has blessed me and many of us much more than we realize and, if you see how those other people live, you will realize it.

Watch this video and other of her videos about her travels on her motorcycle around the world, especially in Africa, and she shows you how people live in other countries but she has not made the connection that in pagan run nations, it is much worse than in nations under the influence of Christianity.

Paganism gives the upper class trash much more freedom to do as they will to the rest of the people and the corrupt people always work their way to the top as they have finally done in the US. When they get to the top, about 1% to 3% of the people always oppress, rob, rape, and murder the rest at will, you know, Satan's one law of do as you will. The pagan upper class trash always set it as their goal that you will own nothing and they will own everything and that has been going on for thousands of years.

That is where our lefty pagans are taking us back to right now and they don't realize it. They have been lied into believing that they will all be rich and live in the luxury of the upper class trash because they don't want to believe the truth that the upper class trash openly tell them; "you will own nothing." They don't get it because they don't want to get it but all you have to do is look at what our lefty pagan leaders have done to their blue cities and states in the US and they are trying to do that to the entire planet.

In that video she shows you a people who live by the pagan religion of Voodoo and they are very poor, except for a few.

When I see such people, first, I always pray for their salvation and then I pray that God will take care of them. Know that, in Paradise with God, we will ALL have it much better than the richest people have it now and Jesus told us that, when He said He was going to prepare things for us that have never entered into the heart of man or that man has never even thought about.

Seeing people living in poverty under paganism breaks my heart.

Upper Class Trash

I hate it that so many people have been conned into believing that the richest people are the smartest people or they wouldn't be the richest people.

No, that is not true. Quite often, the richest people are not very intelligent or really know much about anything but how to lie and steal, which is why they have to bribe and steal to make more money.

Do you really believe that the super rich people who keep bribing corrupt politicians and bureaucrats to give them your tax dollars so they can be more wealthy are very intelligent?

Of course they are not or they would earn the money legally instead of stealing it from you.

Did you know that, decades ago, Bill Gates had to settle out of court because he stole Microsoft from some friends because he is not intelligent enough to create it himself?

Did you know that Mark Zuckerberg also had to settle out of court and pay friends he stole FB from because he is not intelligent enough to create it himself?

That is how they get rich, by being liars and thieves and not by being more intelligent than you. They don't have more intelligence than you, they have fewer morals, values, and ethics and steal stuff you would not steal.

That is how the royal families got rich over thousands of years by using brute force to steal from your ancestors. But the royals lied and convinced most of your ancestors they got rich by being the intellectually superior elites and most of your ancestors didn't know better.

That is where that lie about people having more money because they are more intelligent came from, the royals.

Hey, what were they going to do, admit they were wealthy because they stole from your ancestors?

Them pretending to be more intelligent than you is just a cover for their corruption and they are also arrogant enough to believe it because they want to believe it but it is rarely true. Most of them are probably not intelligent enough to pass freshman and sophomore hard science courses but they like to make you think they have Ph.D.s in everything and know everything.

People, most of them have to have their rich mommies and daddies hire tutors for them to pass the same soft science college courses most of you pass on your own and, even then, they still have to have mommy and daddy give bribes...uh...I mean donations to those universities for them to pass, much less get good grades. Very few of them actually earn anything on their own.

Think I am wrong?

Did you know that Ted Kennedy got kicked out of Harvard TWICE for having his tutor take tests for him because Teddy Boy couldn't pass those tests on his own.

If you had gotten kicked out of any university for cheating, they would have never let you back in but Teddy's mommy and daddy made donations to the school so he got back in TWICE and then finally passed classes he couldn't pass the exams for with great grades.

Gee, you don't think his parents finally bribed the university enough to pass him with good grades, do you?

When I was in college, they told us that, with enough money, you can buy anything.

When I was in LA, I rubbed shoulders with the rich and most of them are not that intelligent but they are that dishonest.

When the corrupt rich are telling you what will happen in the future because they are such smarty pants, what they are really doing most of the time is telling you what they plan to do to you.

For example, in that video, when the upper class trash are "warning you about what might happen", they are really warning you that they plan to release those viruses loose on you. You should take it as a threat from them to scare you and make money from you.

Remember that I have been telling you that the upper class trash and their puppets never quit, they keep doing what doesn't work, and the only thing that stops them is death?

They are right now talking about bringing back masks, social distancing, and everything else that was proved conclusively in the Fakedemic to not work to control the people and steal more money from the people in mask and vaccine sales.

Do you believe me yet that the ONLY thing that will stop these evil creatures is death?

That is right, they are going to do more of what did not work in the fakedemic to control you and steal more money from you because they NEVER quit with their evil.

Fighting Back

Remember that I have told you that the people are getting mad, forming militias, and fighting back?

This video tells you that is what is happening. The people are organizing and arming themselves to do the government's job of protecting them because the government won't do its job. They are saying, "enough," and standing up for themselves.


Remember that I have been warning you about China infiltrating troops into the US to attack us from within and they are even positioning groups of them near US Military bases?

This video tells you that they are training up children to hate and want to fight the US, you know, want to kill Americans, and have been doing this for decades.

Oops and they are now infiltrating those grown up children who want to kill Americans into the US to fight us from within? Do you believe me yet that we better cut the crap about globalism and stage a strategic retreat with our troops back to the US from Europe to defend and protect the US? Do you get the picture yet?

We are in just a wee bit of a fix because of our greedy, power mad, lunatic upper class trash royals and their idiot puppets.

I sure hope our military gets their forces into those nuke bunker bases quickly enough.

Question Everything

This video doesn't make sense because they are saying that he crashed in an airplane in Western Russia when other news has been saying he is in Central Africa organizing Wagner for war? What did he do, teleport?

This is something to keep an eye on because it could be true, could be a cover for moving Prigozhin into Niger with troops, you know, the way they faked a coup to quietly move Prigozhin and his Wagner troops into Belarus, or could be something else. This is especially true since the idiot US media are making it look like Putin had him shot down because of the fake coup.

That really doesn't make sense when Putin sent Prigozhin to Africa to help Niger.

Our idiot media will jump at ANY story to make Putin or Trump look bad and notice that they didn't even question it. "Oh yeah, Putin killed him for sure."

If it did happen, why didn't someone in the Russian government announce it instead of their media? Is Putin playing our idiot media for suckers and fools and our fool media are falling for it?

I am going to wait for confirmation on this. If it looks like a fish, smells like a fish, and swims like a fish, it ain't no duck and this is very fishy.

Then I found this video and talk about magic coincidences. At a time when the Russian media are saying that Prigozhin died in a plane crash in Western Russia while organizing Wagner in Africa, Putin fires this general for being involved in the fake coup.

What is going on here? Is Prigozhin being secretly moved back to Belarus to prepare to either stop an invasion into Belarus by Poland or to prepare to invade Poland from Belarus and Surovikin is being freed from Russian government military duty (though he will remain in the Russian Defense Ministry) so he can take Prigozhin's place in Africa at the head of Wagner?

Putin is up to something and he is fooling the West again.

Note that, as head of the Russian Aerospace Forces, he was in charge of their air force and space program. He could be assigned to Wagner in Niger to build up an air force for Wagner and Niger to protect them from invasion by France/Nigeria. This could be a really big move.

Aren't you glad SAC trained me in espionage plus God shows me stuff?

I bet you are not getting ANY of this intel from other sources and they keep proving me right because this is where you get tomorrow's news today.

Then I found another video that all it says is that "Russia confirmed that Prigozhin was on a list of passengers on a plane that crashed," and said that "he is BELIEVED to be dead," with no confirmation. You have to pay attention to that wording because they could have just added his name to that list.

Then it said, "according to preliminary information, all of those on board died."

But was he on board or just on the list?

You should see the clandestine crap I have seen.

I just saw an interview with Scott Ritter and he said that he learned in espionage that, "until you see the body, I wouldn't confirm it dead," which is what I was also taught so I am keeping an open mind about it, especially because of the tricks Putin has already played on us.

Note that he also said that people who know Prigozhin are saying, "No comment," and they have no contact with him, which would be normal for a secret clandestine plan to move him somewhere to do something important. He would not be in touch with people he knows after making such a move. It would compromise his mission.

One thing is that they already have a video of the burning aircraft but don't have a body yet?

There were only 10 bodies on that plane and it wouldn't take long to get his and have him positively identified by his medical records, even if all they have is a skeleton, which is even more suspicious. For someone like him, they would want to confirm his death as soon as possible.

Keep an eye on this.


Remember that I have been telling you that most people go into politics because they are too stupid to earn half as much money legally?

This is great and proves it to be true. This video provides some interesting intel about Afghan Joe.

He was bragging about his superior IQ to someone. First, you don't need more than an average IQ to get a Ph.D. in law or any other "soft sciences" but you have to be a genius to pass hard science courses. Average IQ is 85 to 115.

Second he finished 76th out of 85 students, in the lower 10 of the graduates; he was one of the 10 dumbest students in his class.

That tells me he is probably so stupid he has a low average IQ (probably below 100) and couldn't pass freshman and sophomore hard science courses, which is why he went into law and then into politics. He probably went into politics because he is so stupid no legal firm would hire him.

Do you believe me yet that you can't blindly believe ANYTHING lefty upper class trash puppets say? Do you believe me yet that you don't have to be very intelligent to be rich, just corrupt?

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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