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In this video the top members of BRICS just told "hostile nations", you know, France to shove it because they are not invited to join BRICS.

What did the West expect, to wage war against Russia and be openly welcomed into BRICS?

Why, yes, only the royals and their puppets are that arrogant.

Hey, it is everyone else's turn to do unto the West what the West has been doing unto everyone else for hundreds of years.

And God said, "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you."

After watching that video, guess who is becoming the leader of the new world and it isn't India. You can bet that increasing numbers of people will recognize over the next 3 to 5 years that Putin is now the leader of the new world, not Afghan Joe. The royals blew it. Hey, the royals wanted a new world order.

You can bet the US and UK are super screwed with France and Germany not far behind.

So, how is that global dictatorship thingy doing?

What kills me is it took the EU 11 rounds of sanctions to figure out the sanctions were not working.

And you think they are smarter than you? Really?

You think this is not the fall of Rome II by Alaric Putin and the rise of Christian Russia?

Watch this video and tell me about it. The Russians got richer at a time we know everyone in the West got poorer. They say the people in the West lost more than one trillion dollars in personal wealth and that is with the rich getting richer.

Maybe the royals should eat the bugs?


The government of Niger is expelling the French envoy and the people are demanding the French military leave their nation in about a week or they will storm the bases.

I told you that President Moron trying to use military force to regain imperial slave control of Niger would backfire on France.

Do you want to see how mad the people of Niger are at France?

Watch this video. They are furious and are saying, "Enough, get out!"

But the arrogant French government is rejecting the ultimatum claiming that the government of Niger does not have the authority. I guess he arrogantly believes the people of Niger don't have the authority either and can't give that authority to their chosen government.

The upper class trash royals never learn and never quit because they are too arrogant to learn.

This is getting interesting.

Here is another great example of how stupid the Western upper class trash and their puppets are.

This video tells you that Muslims in France cannot wear their required clothing in their public schools. Just like the video tells you, this is going to tick off all Muslims around the world.

Did you know that all of the African nations in North Africa, you know, just across the Mediterranean Sea from France, are run by Muslims, including Algeria, which controls the oil and gas pipelines into Europe?

This is just one more reason why the Africans will want to invade Europe, especially France, to take back what was stolen from them.

Do you understand why I call him President Moron?

He just keeps making everything worse for everyone because the upper class trash royals and their puppets are delusional. I can just see someone carrying him off into slavery. If you don't believe me go back and study the fall of other great empires and see how many of their upper class trash royals and their puppets got carried off into slavery but they never learn. They always convince themselves that they are smarter than their ancestors and it won't happen to them. "No, I is are be smarter than my ancestors so that, if I do the same thing, I won't get the same results."


Remember that I have been telling you that, if they do manage to get rid of Putin, NATO will find itself facing someone less patient and more aggressive, who won't hesitate to go to war with the West?

Pay attention to Medvedev in this video because you can bet he will be the one to take Putin's place. He didn't hesitate to have his troops fight Georgia when their government tried to use military force to take control of two independent nations in 2008 at the encouragement of the CIA and he will not hesitate to take on the West, especially with him knowing the Western upper class trash royals have destroyed their own militaries because of their greed and are just bluffing.

He is also telling you that Putin won't tolerate much more of their insane aggression against Russia with the open intention of destroying Russia to set up the West's communist global dictatorship.

Remember that I told you that the encirclements or Russian cauldrons are traps and the idiot Western leaders just keep pouring more and more troops in Russia's cauldrons to die?

This video shows you how devastating the Russian cauldron is and how it works but the person talking doesn't realize it is a trap. Notice the massive amount of troops they are preparing to rush into the trap to die because the idiots believe that doing more of what is not worked will magically work.

When Ukraine sends that massive force into that trap, it is going to be one massive slaughter. I can just see the Russian artillery, missiles, drones, and bombs pounding those troops to death. It is going to be like shooting fish in a barrel with a cannon. Don't be surprised if Ukraine loses 1,000 to 3,000+ troops in one day in that battle. That one battle could finish off and break the military back of Ukraine. That battlefield will be one super massive graveyard for troops and weapons.

If you want to see what the battlefield for the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39 will look like after the fight, watch that fight in Ukraine.

I pray for the salvation of those troops so they won't burn in Hell.

BTW, I was watching a video about Russian night time missile strikes throughout Ukraine and realized this is just a modern version of the US bombing Germany during WWII before the D Day invasion. The Allies bombed Germany for several years to weaken Germany before the Allies began their offensive. Gee, what a magic coincidence.

I am also seeing more shadows moving in the background telling me the West is getting ready to dump Z Boy, you know, probably with an MI6 and/or CIA plane crash. Keep an eye on it.

You have to understand that Z Boy purging his military and civilian leadership is getting them out of the way in hopes that they won't soon be murdered by the CIA and MI6 but is transferring their guilt to Z Boy, who probably doesn't even realize it. The best thing Z Boy could do right now is resign and retire to his numerous mansions before the West kills him.

Remember those game changer weapons from the West that were supposed to conquer the galaxy?

This video tells you just how much of the galaxy they conquered. Talk about desperation; I don't think Z Boy could be any more desperate right now.

No single or even two or three weapon systems can conquer the galaxy. It takes a very complex and well structured military with very good leaders to win a modern war.

This video shows another reason Putin is playing a defensive war with the West. He is using Ukraine to deplete the West's weapons and munitions supplies so that, when he begins his offensive, the West won't have much left to fight Russia with and will be easier to quickly overrun.

When we run out of guns and bullets, we surrender or die.

Putin is fighting a smart war and our idiot leaders are fighting a stupid war that will get a lot of us killed.

BTW, after Putin wins this war, watch him shut down the international organizations that fought against him, like the UN, EU, NATO, and others.

Here is another thought; if the entire planet is against the West and the West gets conquered, where will the upper class trash royals and their puppets run to hide?

Plane Crash

Russia has confirmed that Prigozhin died in that plane crash. That makes him one of very few people to have died twice in two different plane crashes. I am wondering whether he will become the first person ever to die three times in plane crashes. I am keeping an eye on this.

Question EVERYTHING you are told so you don't have bad surprises, only good ones.

Rome II

Remember that I have been telling you about the fall of Rome II, you know, Europe and North America? Remember that I have been telling you about the breakup of the West?

This video provides us with some interesting intel to pay attention to. It tells you that "several" European nations are willing to "snub the US" to get Iranian drones that the US has sanctioned.

It also tells you that the "deal will only be signed after evaluating 'political and security considerations'" meaning they will not sell them to anyone who remains hostile towards Iran, you know, they are allied with any nation that is hostile towards Iran, like the US.

This means some European nations are considering jumping ship with NATO and the EU to get those drones.

Keep in mind that a number of European nations are considering jumping ship with the US and UK for a number of other reasons. It will only take one too many reasons for those nations to jump ship on the US, UK, and EU.

Keep an eye on this.

Richest People in History

If you Euro-Americans think your job is so terrible and horrible, you could have been born here and had to live like these people in this video. Be thankful for what you have because I guarantee it could always be worse. Believe me, we Westerners are spoiled and most don't even know it.

You want to know how spoiled you are?

200 years ago even the richest people in the world didn't have electricity, gas for cooking and heating, vehicles with internal combustion engines, air planes to fly thousands of miles in just hours, and the great variety of food and products the middle class enjoy today in Europe and North America. The richest people didn't even have bicycles 250 years ago.

You have it better than the richest people used to have it not too long ago. You are the richest people in history. Be thankful for what you have.

One of a number of reasons why I watch these videos is to remind me of how good I have it, even with me living in poverty because of my extreme prolonged illness so I thank God for His many blessings for me. With me living in poverty, I still have it better than the richest people on this planet did just 200 years ago.

If you just study history and archaeology and use some common sense, you should realize how privileged, blessed, and how much luxury you have compared to how people lived even just 50 to 100 years ago. We have things many times better today than we did when I was a kid in the 1950s and 1960s and most people don't know it.

And you know what is really great?

Even with all of this luxury we have today that not even the richest people on the planet had such a short time ago, we will have it much better in Paradise than even the richest people do today because Jesus told the Apostles, "I go to prepare things for you that have never entered into the heart of man," meaning that no human will have ever even thought of those things before we see them in Paradise. Think about that.

Today, we are the richest people in history but would be the poorest people in Paradise.

Remember that all I have ever prayed for in Paradise is to have a small cabin in the woods near a small stream and pond where I can grow my own food, enjoy God's plants and animals, meet with friends, and, when God has time from taking care of you, He will spend some time with me?

Even with that little in Paradise, I know I will be more wealthy than the richest 10 people on Earth today because of what God promised me.

The poorest people in history will be those who chose eternal damnation by rejecting God and His love for them because they will never own anything, have any luxuries of any kind, and will be in excruciating pain forever. They will never have a happy second again forever.

That is your choice, choose wisely.

I am really losing interest in more and more of these sailboat cruising shows because they are either just shows about fixing or upgrading stuff on the boat or are turning into T&A or porn shows and don't show you that much about how people are living around the world. I have quit watching more than half of the sailboat cruising channels I started watching because of that.

FYI: If you just sit around watching videos for the T&A or porn, you are just driving up your sex hormone blood level, increasing your sex drive to where you can't control it, and turning yourself into nymphomaniac and pervert and potential sex offender and criminal.


Remember that I told you that today's archaeologists are making things look older and older for money and to discredit the Bible?

I just saw that they have "dated" (I hope it was a fun date) a stone pillar with writing on it to 250,000 years old!

Hold it, didn't they definitively tell us there was no writing or written history more than a few thousand years ago and then more than 30,000 to 40,000 years ago, you know, prerecorded history?

Do you know what that means?

People are learning to read and write while dead! Oooo!

You smiled didn't you.

I have come to the conclusion that modern archaeology is just modern fairy tales to con you into buying books, watching TV shows and movies, and anything else that will make them money.

Question everything you are told so you don't get any bad surprises and only get good surprises.

You can't even believe the scientists today, you know, like Fauci. They are all lying to you.

Mean while, I am still waiting for them to find the trillion year old man/woman/whatever.


When you see a lefty who "can't tell you what a woman is", know that they are telling you that they are virtue signaling cowardly lefty sheep who can't stand for what is right and must do and say whatever they are told to do and say. They are spineless individuals who are terrified of what other lefties will say about them. They fear criticism from other idiot lefties more than they fear looking super stupid.


The Libyan foreign minister met with Israel, was fired for doing so, and fled the country to Turkey because Libya is Muslim and Islam as a whole is working to destroy Israel, not make friends with her.

Libya is one of the nations mentioned as partaking in the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39. Almost all of the nations listed as partaking in the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39 are currently Muslim run and I have never heard one Christian preacher even mention that. That battle will be an attempted Muslim invasion of Israel, you know, with Shiite Muslim leader, Obama, leading the invasion.


I have been watching India for more than a decade as they have been persecuting Christians and it is getting worse.

The Idiot lefties keep telling us how peaceful and wonderful Hinduism is but the Hindus keep killing people who belong to other religions, especially Christians and Muslims. Hindus have zero tolerance for anyone who is not a Hindu and I understand that Modi is encouraging it.

In this video it shows that Hinduism has a large standing army of bullies just like Nazi German's Gestapo and SS. They are trained to attack and kill non Hindus in large groups, you know, the way Muslims attack and kill non Muslims.

Also, it manages to be kept mostly quiet but the Hindus are still practicing human sacrifices, especially with children. I have also been watching that for more than a decade, when I became aware of it.

Hey, they have been doing these things for thousands of years; why change now?

You are being lied to by the left about all pagan religions being peaceful, tolerant, and not using human sacrifices and it is now being made public because the pagans are taking back control of the planet from the Christians and are telling you about their real selves with their actions. They are increasingly coming out of their pagan closets and they are nothing like the pagan lefties have been telling you.

And God said, "The truth will be made known."

It just keeps getting worse as the Christians lose control everywhere, doesn't it? Are you ready for a Christian theocracy to protect you and your family yet?

It also shows that God is still moving in this world and converting more people to Christianity and the other religions, including fanatical atheism, hate it because they are losing control of their people to Christianity.

Pray for your Christian brothers and sisters. They need it.

Keep an eye on Modi. He is not the good guy they make him out to be. I am seeing signs that he is trying to take control of BRICS the way China is to set up a global dictatorship run by India. Keep an eye on this.

Putin has had to crawl in bed with some really terrible people to save Russia from the West and he is walking a thin tight rope for survival.

Upper Class Trash Royals

Remember that I have been telling you that the upper class trash royals who call themselves Christians are just pretending to be Christian in public but are really pagans and that is decreasing?

They are gradually coming out of the closet as pagans and too many Christians don't even realize it.

This video tells you at the start that King Chuck included every religion in his coronation services. No true Christian would include the worship and respect for other gods in a personal service, only a pagan would do that. That should tell you that King Chuck is a member of the New Age cult just like the Pope, meaning they believe that all gods, including Satan, are the same god with different names so they are admitting they are Satan worshipers.

You have to understand that he is trying to become recognized by everyone as their king so he can rule everyone with their global dictatorship. He wants EVERYONE to support his monarchy so he included all of their religions in his coronation.

If you paid attention, King Chuck, just let you know he is really a pagan and not a true Christian.


Taiwan is having its elections now and they now have a billionaire who is running as an independent and, according to his speech, he plans to sell out Taiwan and become a member of China.

I wonder how much China bribed him. Keep an eye on this because, if enough of Taiwan's people get stupid enough to vote for him, they will become Chinese slaves and everyone in that area will be in much worse trouble plus the US will be even easier to defeat by China.

I think we are about to find out how many stupid people they have in Taiwan.

If you can't defeat them from without, you defeat them from within.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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