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Liberal Psychology

I just saw the headlines of another family locking their kids up in a cage or, in this case, a crate and realized why they are doing it. People used to almost never do that and now it seems they are finding families doing that all over the place. You now read about it in the news several times a week.

If you want to see the success of liberal child psychology and their pagan god, philosophy, of "thou shalt not spank or hurt thy child", just walk around Wal Mart listening to spoiled brats screaming their heads off because they didn't get what they want, which almost never happened when I was young because almost everyone spanked their children. Just imagine being the parent of those screaming brats. The sound alone will drive you nuts.

Oh yeah, liberal child psychology, a form of pagan philosophy, is working really well. About as well as the liberal adult psychology and their drugs, which send mass murderers out to kill groups of people on an almost weekly basis now. What is happening is that those parents try to raise their children by liberal child psychology and their kids get out of control so, out of frustration, the parents lock the children in cages to control the children.

Note that you will NEVER hear this from the liberal shrinks because then they would have to admit that their religion they make so much money preaching has failed and it will put them out of work so they keep covering up their failures or blaming them on something else.

Yep, liberal psychology and philosophy work so well. (/sarc)

Because of liberal psychology, today's parents don't know how to raise and control their children so they are turning out spoiled rotten little monsters like Obama who will cause society a lot of grief. When you confront the liberals about it, they respond that they are doing great with THEIR children, therefore, those other people must not be smart enough to do it right (read I am an arrogant lying twit.)

The truth is their children are just as bad or are young enough they have not yet gotten out of control to that extent, the liberals are just being arrogant liars refusing to admit the failure of their pagan gods.

Why do you think so many liberals today are opting out of having children?

It is because their liberal child psychology has failed, they know it but don't want to admit it, and they don't want to be subjected to that kind of hell those spoiled liberal brats will cause so, pass on the kids, thank you.

Others are finding out too late, you know, after they have had the children, can't figure out what to do, get frustrated, and lock the kids in cages or, as in the case of one French father who killed his son in a washing machine, worse. The spoiled rotten liberal brats are driving their parents nuts and the parents do not what to do so they end up doing far worse things than spanking the kids.

You want to know why so many fathers are killing their families and then killing themselves?

Liberal psychology and philosophy failing family by family. Yep, two great liberal pagan gods hard at work destroying your lives and the world.

God said, "Spare the rod and spoil the child" and you can add "and destroy your sanity".

Liberalism is a highly contagious and deadly disease which is spread via brainwashing called education using great sounding but extremely flawed liberal philosophy and psychology. It eats away at the brains of its victims turning them into liberal zombies unable to think on their own following the crowd of liberal zombies spreading their deadly disease and forcing it on others. The deadly disease of liberalism has reached pandemic proportions in the world and you can see its ugly results getting uglier by the day.

Where art thy liberal utopia, oh liberal zombies? Is this liberal nightmare it?

That is the biggest reason why our leaders are nuts!!!


Germany is closing its borders and putting migrants in concentration camps. Things have gotten completely out of control.

The different groups of Muslims are already waging gang warfare on each other, as well as on the non Muslims, and it is quickly spiraling out of control.

Welcome to 21st Century feudalism, brought to you by our intellectually superior, highly educated, heavily inbred, grossly overpaid, liberal, white upper class trash. I guess everyone in Europe is going to have to learn to speak Arabic.

Question: With the European nations quickly becoming Muslim nations, will we soon be taking in Christian refugees from those nations as the Muslims persecute the Christians? How many Europeans will become dead or enslaved, be raped or robbed because of the corrupt upper class trash?

Consider anyone who says we need to take in more Muslim immigrants to be a traitor.

The Sunni Muslims don't take in Shiite Muslim immigrants and the Shiite Muslims don't take in Sunni Muslim immigrants, why should we take in either?

I have decided that, instead of calling this immigration thing the Islamic Trojan Horse, calling it the Great Muslim Mule.

What do you think?

I will probably stick with the Trojan Horse thingy but it was a funny thought.


This is a big "I Told You So", there is no evidence Hilarious' server was wiped clean of her illegal e-mails.

I guess I was right, the FBI threat did stop the company from destroying evidence. I guess they were not willing to go to jail for Hilarious.


A military review has shown that ISIS is winning the war, of course, with the help of Traitor-in-Chief, Obama.


Two topless feminists just stormed the stage at a Muslim conference in France. To the Muslims, that was an act of war, one of the worst things they could have done to Muslim men, and feminists are about to find out what it is like to get in the face of Muslim men, especially for women (Muslims are extremely sexist). The Muslims will now search out and kill all feminists and lesbians. These feminists just started a religious jihad with the most dangerous and ruthless group of people on the planet. This will be interesting to watch as male hating feminists get their heads handed to them, literally. I personally wouldn't give those two feminists two weeks to live.

Fat People

A liberal comedian made fun of fat people on YouTube and got fired from the movie she was in. Then I watched a video by a liberal-tarian who worships the pagan god, philosophy, but didn't know what he was talking about as he tried to assert blame or responsibility for people getting fat. Neither one of them even mentioned the fact that many people get fat because of an ailment and simply can't help it. The philosopher likes to blame genetics for a lot of things and clearly is clue less about genetics. He, like most liberals, probably couldn't pass biology 101 but loves to quote common myths about biology to blame things on. It makes them sound more intelligent when they refer to science, even when it isn't true.

"It's genetics, it's genetics, yeah, that's the ticket, it's genetics that causes almost everything."

Genetics has become a mystical pagan magic word. If you don't know what causes something because you are ignorant or stupid, just blame genetics and every other ignorant person will think you are brilliant. Genetics has very little to do with obesity.

Obesity is too complex of an issue for liberals to handle. They can't handle anything beyond what they have been brainwashed to believe, you know, "you just eat too much", "you eat junk food", or "you eat sugar". You know, the really simple stuff. In their ignorant, simple little minds, it is all about eating. Their simple little zombie minds can't comprehend anything more complex than that.

As an exercise physiologist and biologist, I have been fighting with these problems for decades (almost half a century) and I can easily and safely say that the primary cause of obesity in the US is liberalism. The liberals fought to destroy and remove physical education and sports in our schools. Now people don't know how to exercise right, they don't know how to eat right, and they don't even know proper hygiene, all of which used to be taught in PE. The liberals spread lies like exercise doesn't matter or do any significant good and taught people to hate sports and exercise so that many people have became out of shape, which caused them to feel run down all of the time and not want to exercise. Basically, the people don't burn off what they eat and get fat. The liberals have spread one fad diet after another, none of which has done any good and almost all of which have actually killed people so that now no one has even the vaguest idea of eating right.


Almost everything today's people know about exercise and diet is wrong because of liberalism.

Why would they not be fat?

Used to, to become a coach/PE instructor, you had to attend four years of college and study up to junior and senior level biology and then study all of the sports sciences and sports medicine. The best kept secret on every college campus was that coaching/PE was one of the toughest courses on campus and was the fourth hard science because of all of the science we had to study. Every year, better than half the freshman class for coaching and PE flunked out because they couldn't pass the chemistry and biology courses we had to take and they went across campus to get degrees in the soft sciences, some of them got Ph.D.s and became soft science college professors.

Today, to become a coach or personal trainer, you either take a few two day courses given by bureaucrats, who wouldn't know ATP from ADP, running a sports governing body or take a six week course for personal trainers. Common sense should tell you that you cannot learn as much in six weeks as you can in four years of college, forget about learning as much in a few two day clinics. The governing bodies and legal "experts" no longer recognize four years of learning sports in college, which has discouraged most people from going to college and caused your sports experts to become extremely dumbed down. Today's coaches know very little about how the human body functions in relation to exercise and rest and can't coach worth beans so the athletes take drugs to make up for the lack of quality coaching.

I have watched the liberals cause this mess with their great sounding philosophy over the last 45+ years. Liberals are why we have an obesity problem in this country. The obesity problem in this country was not caused by eating fat, it was not caused by eating sugar, it was caused by liberalism and their great sounding and destructive idiot ideas or liberal philosophy. If you want to solve the obesity problem in this country, stop the liberal insanity.


There has been an increasing number of large earthquakes along the west coast. When God causes the LA earthquake He showed me in that dream, it will be violent enough that it will probably damage other cities. God only showed me the damage that will happen in LA. Don't be surprised to see significant damage in cities from Mexico to Canada along the west coast and even inland. Keep an eye on LA.

The West Coast is definitely being punished for their liberalism with everything from earthquakes to droughts and forest fires. The punishment won't stop until the people repent and turn back to God.

Ben Carson

Remember me telling you that Carson is a liberal and wants gun control?

He just second guessed a cop and said he would not have shot Michael Brown.

I guess he would have been a good little liberal RINO and stood there letting Brown beat him to death?


People are surprised that 29% of Americans would support a military coup of the US government. The ugly truth is that this will only encourage Obama to misbehave because he now knows that only 29% of the people would support the military removing his evil butt from office to save the country. It is like I have been telling you, not only must at least 65% of the people support the military removing him from office before the military can act but, they must be demanding and begging the military to remove Obama from office. This is very bad news and tells me that things must get much worse because ONLY 29% support the military in saving their butts.


Just like the rest of the pagans and their god, Satan, always love to do, the dopers love to take scripture out of context to support what they want to believe and do. I seriously doubt that any of them have ever read the Bible and know what it says. The dopers love to quote the verse from the Bible where God told Adam that he could eat from ALL of the herbs or plants of the field to show that they are supposed to use dope, especially marijuana.

There is just a wee bit of a problem with them using this scripture to justify them using drugs. They are taking the scripture out of context. When God said that, it was in the Garden of Eden when everything was perfect. After Adam and Eve sinned, God changed some things such as causing certain plants to grow thorns and needles to punish Adam and Eve for their sin. The plants were no longer the same and, therefore, not all of them were fit for human consumption.

But God made another change in living organisms following the flood so that man and some animals began also eating meat or blood. I think this is most likely when God changed most plants so that they are now poisonous, which would force man to eat meat.

Most people don't know it but better than 90% of the plants on this planet are 100% toxic to humans. We can't eat any part of those plants because they will make us sick or kill us, such as the Lantana Camera. Of the less than 10% from which we can eat, for most of them, we can only eat one part of the plant because the rest is poisonous. For example, we can only eat the potato from the potato plant because the rest of the plant, the roots, the stalk, the leaves, is toxic to humans. There are very few plants, such as the dandelion, from which we can eat every part of it.

Oops! What happened to the Biblical justification for using dope where God said Adam and Eve can eat of all of the herbs of the field?

God changed that because of man's sin. If a doper tries to wrongly use this verse to justify using dope, ask they why they don't eat or smoke the Lantana Camera, which is 100% toxic to humans and most animals. If you eat any part of it, you will be dead within 3 to 4 days and there is no treatment or cure for it. You will just spend the next three to four days dying a very painful death. It is one of the most deadly plants to man and most animals on the planet but is one of the most beautiful.

Be careful about taking scripture out of context, it could kill you.

BTW, the high from drugs is caused by the drugs causing damage in the brain cells which causes the cells to malfunction. Basically, all drug induced highs or sensations are your nerve and brain cells "screaming" as they die.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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