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Remember that I keep telling you that the Royals and their puppets think they are smarter than they are and that everyone else is dumber than they are?

In the first 5 minutes of this video he proves that is true. NATO set up a simple routine to attack Crimea and just kept using it until Russia used it to devastate them.

"Why, Russia is too stupid to figure out what we are doing so we can just use it forever."

We didn't do that when I was in because we didn't want the enemy to learn and use an attack or defense method against us. In the Wild Weasels, they were always coming up with some new attack system or "mixing it up". Sometimes a plane would attack directly at the SAM, while the other one watched and called shots and other times one would fake an attack to draw the attention of the SAM to them while the other plane did the real attack.

Remember that I have been telling you that because the royals have destroyed everything in our nations, they have just been bluffing to intimidate others into submitting to what the West wants?

This video tells you that the rest of the world has realized this and are now calling the bluffs of the West and winning. President Moron is pulling his French ambassador and troops out of Niger because Niger called his bluff, knowing how weak Europe has become because of their greedy upper class trash royals sacking their own nations and militaries.

Do you believe me yet that you are living the fall of Rome II?

People, this is very much like Rome pulling her troops out of England just before she fell. Deja vu, baby. If you have seen it in the past, you recognize it in the present.

Now, if you know history, you should know that this tells us and everyone else that the greedy, power mad, insane Royals and their puppets have made the West vulnerable to invasion and sacking just like happened to Rome because our enemies smelled that blood and understood that writing on that wall because a small nation in Africa called our bluff and we just backed down. It wasn't Russia, China, or even North Korea that called our buff and backed us down; it was the little under developed nation of Niger, you know, just like the Scottish Picts backed down Rome before Rome fell.

Your enemies are always watching.

You can thank your greedy, power mad, intellectually superior Royals for this mess. The arrogant lunatics just couldn't steal enough and now they can easily lose everything just like the Romans did.

So, who is going to sack Europe and North America?

Oh, they already are; they are called illegal immigrants getting lots of money in social services to send home and that is only the beginning. Remember that the walls have fallen and the gates are open so the sacking has begun. Rome II is being sacked right now.

Now that Niger called Moron's bluff and backed him down, the rest will be emboldened and also start calling the West's bluffs. No one will believe their bluffs any more.


Recent polls show that Trump is leading Afghan Joe by 52 to 42, which should tell you that there is no way, Afghan Joe can beat Trump unless the Commierats can super duper rig the election. Also, keep in mind that they proved years ago that all of these polls are lefty biased because they always ask more Commierats than GOP to make the left look better. Remember that, when Trump won the first election, he was never ahead in the polls and now he is leading by 10 points in the polls, which may mean he could have a 20 point lead on election day.

Most Commierats want Afghan Joe to not run but they don't have anyone else who is even close to being sane and the people will vote for, besides, none of them can beat Trump because the left ticked off the people.

This means that Obama and the Commierats are about to lose control of the nation, it will finish off their potential for setting up their global dictatorship, and they probably won't get it back for at least another decade. This means they are extremely desperate and willing to do anything, including kill, to keep control and power. You know they will try to kill Trump.

God has opened a lot of eyes and people don't like what they are seeing of the left.

Keep an eye on this.


Remember that I have been telling you that increasing numbers of the troops fighting and dying in Ukraine are NATO troops wearing Ukrainian military uniforms?

This video tells you that the Odessa Hotel that was destroyed by Russia with missiles, was the headquarters and housing for "foreign national troops" or NATO.

Ukraine is telling us that the hotel was empty to cover up for the troops who died there but the video shows that isn't true. From what he said, the pictures showed, and the looks of the damage, there were probably at least a few hundred killed in the strike.

This plus the German tank crew that was recently killed should tell you what is really going on.


This video tells me that something else is going on between the US and India than we are being told. I am wondering just how much of your tax dollars were used to build that massive Hindu Temple. A number of top politicians and bureaucrats are planning on attending the opening ceremony. Of course they had a front organization build it so no one would know who built it or paid for it.

They began building that thing in 2015 telling me they were already making buds with India 8 years ago and began planning all of this before that.

Are they planning to replace the US with India, while destroying the US to force the US and our military into submission to their dictatorship? And people are wondering why the US is not in Bible end time prophecy?

Do you believe me yet that the US is no longer under Christian control and is being run by pagans, making it a pagan nation?

You watch all of the lefties who will turn Hindu to virtue signal they are cool.

You just got sold out to Hinduism and other pagan religions.

Their front organization has built more than 1,400 temples worldwide so this has been in the planning and development for a long time. India and Hinduism have been working with the West to make India the next US and replace Christianity with Hinduism.

Keep an eye on this.


I have told you little bits about how God put me places that taught me some of the things I am teaching you about the Royals and their corruption but I decided to put the most important of it together and I pray that God will give me the words.

Interestingly, the organizations God used to train me up to understand and manage the upper class trash Royals and their corruption were the organizations those Royals use to control you, commit crimes against you, and steal from you. God let THEM teach me how to manage their corrupt systems so that, when I see them doing things, I know what they are doing and why, which is one reason why my "I Told You So" essays are in the hundreds and rapidly growing. I have been behind their closed doors, seen their corruption, and am trained to manage it. It is sickening and is like looking into the depths of Hell.

I got "insider knowledge", baby and having it sucks because having it is like having X-ray vision to see through the "wizard's curtains", I can see through all of their most important wizards' curtains and there is nothing but inbred, greedy, power mad, evil, satanic monsters and pagan wizards pulling those levers to control and steal from you.

Interestingly, the movie "The Wizard of Oz" was telling you about their paganism and corruption but only in general terms. Someone else knew and was trying to expose them.

Keep in mind that, when I first started down this road of yellow bricks, I had not yet learned that it is the Royals who run everything, while pretending to not be Royals, you know, they are commoners, oligarchs, the ruling class, and other such deceptive names. It wasn't until later, when I began studying the history of the Euro-American Royals, that that picture came into focus.

During that time, everyone who taught me about the upper class trash Royals called them the ruling class, oligarchs, the rich, and other deceptive names those people knew everyone understood.

When I was in Los Angeles and growing my team, the Los Angeles Racing Team (LART), we tried to get funding from a big nonprofit corporation named the Ueberroth Foundation that was founded with $1.4 billion left over from the 1984 Olympics that gave little bits of money to a few youth programs but we couldn't get any money. They should have been giving away at least $100 million every year but only gave a few thousands dollars each to about a dozen youth sports programs so something was wrong. All we got was sew on patches to provide free advertising for that nonprofit and I refused to let my riders wear them without getting funding from that corporation.

One of the members of that racing team had his own small nonprofit corporation he had been running to make money helping people for decades and he knew the industry well. When he heard of the problems we just had with that nonprofit, he came to me and said, "Carl, I want to take you to lunch and show you some things," so I said sure.

He spent several hours teaching me the corruption of the nonprofit corporation industry that was later confirmed when I got my M.B.A.

He taught me some important stuff like how the Royals had created a "reward system" or payment system for management in nonprofit corporations and government agencies that is based on the managers being paid more for managing more people to get the same job done. That system encourages corruption by the managers.

"Hey, you have to be a better manager to mismanage more people." /sarc

The Royals not only have individuals and teams trained and organized to help corrupt nonprofit corporations and government agencies but they have big corporations making the Royals millions of dollars that are hired by these nonprofit and government agencies to send teams in to study their organizations and design less efficient ways to do the job so they can't get the job done without hiring more people so the managers can get paid more for mismanaging more people. (They confirmed this when I got my M.B.A.)

That is why NONE of the major nonprofit corporations or any government agencies like FEMA, ever get the job done and are always saying they need more employees to do the job so the managers can get paid more money.

Now why would the Royals do this?

Because having a bigger government gives their puppet politicians and bureaucrats more control over more people, you know, YOU.

Also, having more people running nonprofit corporations provided the corruption for the Royals to use nonprofits as shell corporations to move money around unnoticed and do more of their evil stuff like bribing corrupt politicians and bureaucrats. It also makes it easier for the Royals to launder more of your donations and government grants through their nonprofit "foundations" into their greedy pockets.

That is why NONE of the larger nonprofit corporations get even 3% of their total revenues to "where they are supposed to go" and some of them have rewritten their mission statements so they don't have to get ANY of their revenues to anyone for help so they can stuff it all in their greedy pockets, while pretending to help people. Hey, it helps keep them rich at your expense.

That was a wee bit of an eye opener and was ALL confirmed when I got my M.B.A. and was trained to manage all of those organizations.

When I was building LART to where it could pay me for that work so I could work on it full time, I worked different odd jobs 40 to 50 hours a week to pay rent and buy food, along with putting in another 40+ hours a week building LART. It was my dream and I was building it to help others dream and achieve their dreams.

Something happened and I needed another job and one of my LART members found out about it. He was from Canada, made his living in the stock market, and had moved to LA to build his own brokerage house using the US Stock Market. He offered me a job as an apprentice stock broker and paid me to be trained by his small house of just a few people.

To save on overhead, he was sharing office space with a small house in NYC that sent a broker to LA to build a subsidiary and our two desks were pushed together in the same small room so we worked facing each other. Fortunately for me, she was the honest one there and regularly warned me about things they taught me.

The first thing they did was give me a set of books by the SEC that had the laws for the Stock Market and I spent a few weeks reading through all of those so I was familiar with the laws and knew what was illegal. When that woman broker warned me, I knew why.

That woman taught me about the corruption of the big houses and the Royals who ran the Stock Market, though she didn't call them Royals. She taught me how they were going to cause a Stock Market crash in a few years to make the Royals more money and 1.5 years later I watched them do exactly what she said to cause the "Black October" Stock Market crash in the late 1980s.

She also taught me that there are 300 families who run this planet and got me started researching that taught me they were the Royals. I later learned they were the royals when I studied the Euro-American Royal history and started finding out that the mega rich and our presidents were all members of different branches of the Euro-American Royal Family, in the US, mostly the British Royal Family. Wow, that was an eye opener.

Then my employer had a few of his less than ethical people try to train me but that wasn't going well and was taking up their time so they couldn't make him as much money so he paid one of the five biggest brokerage houses in the US to train me in one of their classes for their beginning brokers. I intentionally forgot their name and you will see why.

They started out teaching us about the structure and function of the market (they didn't teach us law for obvious reasons) and the top brokerage firms and then they started teaching us things that, after a few months "raised red flags" with me because I knew this, that, and something else was illegal.

Gee, I wonder why they didn't teach us law?

It took me a few months to realize that, what they were doing was teaching me to commit crimes to make them lots of money so that, if I got busted, I went to jail and they got to keep their lots of money. We were being trained to be their fronts to commit their crimes for them so they got away with profiting from those crimes.

Everything they taught me and more was later confirmed when I got my M.B.A. I would not put a penny into the Stock Market. It might grow horns.

BTW, did you know that the French Royals started the stock market hundreds of years ago to give them more control over and make more money from peasant farms and ranches, where they controlled the live "stock", which is why it is called the Stock Market?

The entire thing has always been about controlling you and stealing more from you. If I were to take over running things, one of the first things I would do would be to destroy the Stock Market and divide up the businesses they have combined to protect you from the abuses by the Royals and free you from under their control. If they control the economy, they control you and I have spent more than one third of century watching them abuse the Stock Market to steal from and control you.

After about 3 to 4 months of that "training", I couldn't stomach the corruption any more, quit, and got a job sweeping floors, cleaning toilets, and taking out the trash for a good business to feel better about myself. Note that it paid rent, bought food, I could sleep at night, and I learned other interesting things about a different industry. There are good rich people.

When I got my M.B.A., I learned a lot more about how the Royals have designed and manage business, the Stock Market, nonprofits, and the government to steal from and control you, a lot more.

One of the many things they taught me was that, 25 years ago, EVERYONE, except the Royals but including the poor, pay at least half of their income in taxes with many paying more than 80% of their income in taxes and today, it is even worse.

I have taught you how the Royals use nonprofits they call their "foundations" or "tax shelters" to keep all of their wealth and investments in so they don't pay more than an absolute minimum in taxes, if any. Some of them pay no taxes but the rest won't pay more than about 1% of their income in taxes.

Remember that, when I got my M.B.A., I also had to study New Mexico and Federal law?

When I was finishing my M.B.A. just before my last semester, I sat down one Christmas holiday and read the Bible and its Laws cover-to-cover in just a few weeks and that was a real eye opener because I could see how God's Laws were written to protect us from man's laws and corruption, you know, from the Royals. It amazed me what I learned.

For example, if we set up a Christian theocracy and strictly enforce Biblical Law, the government CANNOT make us pay more than one 10% flat tax on income. The government can't charge you ANY OTHER TAXES to steal more money from you faster and EVERYONE, including the Royals, MUST pay that tax. We would all pay the exact same tax and get to keep 90% of our incomes.

Under Biblical Law, the government CANNOT charge you land taxes (that give them control over your land, which gives them control over you), gas taxes, sales taxes, utility taxes, or any other taxes. You get to keep most of your money, which is one of many reasons the Royals hate God, His Law, and the Bible because of their insane greed. The Bible oppresses their stealing.

With pagan law, the Royals are above the laws they force on you but with Biblical Law, EVERYONE, including the Royals, MUST abide by all of the same laws. Biblical Law is true legal equity and equality and the idiot pagan puppets don't realize it.

In decades of studying this mess, I realized it would be impossible for one man or team of people to undo or clean up the extremely complex laws and other messes the Royals have made of our nation over several hundred years and, even if you got a dictator to have absolute control over everything and he were to try to clean it up, it would take him and his team at least 30 to 40 years to clean up this mess and Trump proved it.

Remember the video of Trump and some of his team standing in front of and around a huge stack of laws they got rid of in just one year?

That wasn't even 5% of the laws they have to get rid of to free the people from abusive control by the Royals and protect the people from the Royals stealing from the people. Trump proved me right and it would take him at least 20 to 40 years to clean up the mess I was trained to manage. It should be common sense that you are not going to clean up more than 200 years of corruption in less than 30 to 40 years.

Then, when I read the Bible through just before I graduated with my M.B.A., I realized that, if you just did away with our heavily corrupted government and replaced it with a Christian theocracy, it would automatically clean the slate and permit us to quickly start fresh with Laws that were written to protect us and you would ALL get more wealthy faster, which would grow the economy faster, because you would get to keep 90% of your income instead of the government taking most of your income in taxes.

Hey, if the government isn't making people poor, then you don't need as much money to take care of poor people.

I have seen God and Bible hating pagans use the lame excuse that, under Biblical Law, it would hurt the poor because they would also have to pay the same income taxes as the rich telling me just how stupid and brainwashed they are.

I know, let's do the math. Right now, with the many taxes we ALL have to pay, even the poor are spending at least 50% of their income on taxes and under Biblical Law, they would only have to pay 10% of their income on taxes, which means the poor would get to keep almost twice as much money for themselves so their lives would be better.

With the corrupt system we are using the Royals set it up so the poor don't pay any income taxes but there are so many other taxes they do pay that they end up paying much, much more in taxes than they would under Biblical Law such as sales taxes, land taxes, gas taxes, utility taxes, phone taxes, and much more. By the time you add all of those other taxes together, that Biblical Law does not permit, they are spending more than half their income on taxes that make the Royals more wealthy at the expense of the poor.

The Royals not charging the poor income taxes to make the Royals look kind and caring is just a ruse to cover for the Royals stealing much, much more from the poor with many other taxes to make the Royals much more wealth at the expense of the poor. It's a con. "Hey, don't look over there at the many taxes we charge the poor; look over here at the one tax we don't charge the poor."

If you take home more money, you spend more money, which helps more businesses create more jobs and grows the economy faster, which is why the US became the richest nation in history. You can right now see how the Royals stealing more from you faster is destroying ALL of our Western economies because you have less to spend, which causes businesses to contract, which decreases the number of jobs (which means more people have less for the Royals to steal), which destroys the economy but, hey, it makes the upper class trash Royals more money for a little while, you know, until the economy tanks and takes them down with it because of their greed and stupidity like it has done for thousands of years.

Almost all Royals, all they know about economics is "How much can I steal right now." They can't even think about what their stealing will do to the economy months or years later and don't really care. They are so short sighted that they cannot think beyond their immediate stealing right now.

Have you noticed that most of the richest people in the world come from the richest economy in the world?

There is an economic reason for that but the Royals are too inbred stupid to learn from that over thousands of years and they keep destroying their nations' and empires' economies and their potential financial futures by stealing from their people.

Do you believe me yet that greed destroys common sense and makes people stupid?

And God said, "The love of money is the root to all evil."

The easiest and fastest way to start a new nation that will protect the people from the abuses by the Royals and grow the economy much faster is to dump the old corrupted government the Royals have spent the last few hundred years destroying and start a new Christian theocracy because the constitution and law are already written and the Royals don't get to change it to control and steal from you because that Law says that, "you will not add to or take away from the law."

It is only common sense that is the ONLY way you can undo more than 200 years of the Royals corrupting our government in just one life time.

Do you see why the Royals and their puppets hate God and the Bible and are waging war against Christianity?

The best and fastest thing you can do to stop them is set up a Christian theocracy. When we colonize those planets I told you about, you better bet your butt that is what we are going to do to give us an instant government that protects the people from abuses of power by the government, you know, the Royals.

BTW, one reason why the Royals hate God and the Bible is because the Bible says the Royals are NOT gods.

And, people, that isn't even the nutshell version of what God has taught me over the last 60+ years and I am trying to teach you in a few decades.

The corruption of the Royals is appalling. They have spent thousands of years perfecting corrupting everything to control and steal from you. They have even corrupted our churches.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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