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Remember that I told you that the UK sending troops into Ukraine is only one step away from the UK sending those troops into combat against Russia? Remember that I told you months ago that Russia was holding its traps or cauldrons in place in an attempt to draw the NATO forces into those traps?

This video tells you the same thing except that he says their intention from the start is to engage Russian troops and not for training.

Gee, who would have figured?

Hey, why should Russia lose more troops by invading the UK when the UK will lose more troops by invading Russia?

It worked, Putin drew the arrogant fools into his cauldron to roast them.

"But they are the Brits, they are superior to the Ukrainians so they will make it work." They will die just as dead by the same means. They are not bullet proof.

But, hey, it will make it easier for Russia to invade the UK to kill off the Royals to stop the insanity, if the UK doesn't have any troops left.

Do you believe me yet that the West has convinced themselves that Putin is afraid of them and the Royals believe they are superior to everyone so Putin doesn't have a chance?

I think the West has become over confident from fighting goat herders too long and Putin ain't no goat herder. A lot of British soldiers are going to die and I am wondering when Putin is going to nuke the UK.

BTW, it is only natural for a greedy person who has made millions of dollars destroying his nation to not want to stop making those millions of dollars by having peace. Z Boy not wanting to negotiate an end to his war that would kill his "cash cow" and he would stop making millions is normal for greedy people.

Why would Z Boy want to stop making millions of dollars at his people's expense?

Of course he doesn't want the war to end. It is the best gig he ever had.

Remember that the UK Defense Minister said they were going to send UK troops to train Ukrainian troops in Ukraine and "not just for training", meaning also to fight?

This video tells me that the upper class trash had a lower level defense minister "float the idea" to see what response they would get and, when they got a bad response, they came out and refuted his statement. That way, if the backlash requires getting rid of someone to quiet the people down, they only have to get rid of the Defense Minister and not the PM.

They were testing the waters to see how far they could go and are trying to intimidate Putin with more bluffing. Hey, so what that their bluffing Putin has never worked; it doesn't fail until you quit so keep doing what isn't working because, some day, it will magically start working.

People, that Defense Minister said what he had been told to say and would not have said something that radical without either the permission or instructions to say it. That is the way government bureaucracies work.

It tells me the Royals want to do it but got too much flak just from it being suggested but do you think they will quit trying?

Then I found this video that says in the first 4 minutes that the EU won't give Ukraine any more help by the end of 2023. They might give Ukraine some more help next year, if Ukraine is still a nation.

Then he tells you something very telling; that the only country that still supports Ukraine is the UK. Surprise, surprise, surprise! King Chuck ain't going to quit so it won't fail.

Then he tells you that the new Slovakia government is keeping its word about supporting Russia and not Ukraine.

I told you that they would dump Ukraine and everyone except the power mad British Royal whackos in the UK are dumping Ukraine. "Hey, they are only people; just use them and throw them away."

Do you believe me yet that the upper class trash are just a bunch of brutal savages and don't care about anyone but themselves and their bank accounts?

The West started the war, used up Ukraine, and are dumping them.

I just saw a brief Reuters video "showing the EU ministers all meeting in Kiev" for a photo op.


So I looked really close. There were no background traffic sounds from the rest of the city, no sirens, no jet or missile engines roaring by, even 30 to 40 miles away, no birds, no tourists, and none of the other things I have seen in recent videos of the real Kiev. It was all just the leaders, their body guards, Some Ukrainian soldiers (or somebody) in dress uniforms, and their staffs standing on the other side of the street watching. I even watched it twice to be sure.

Now, let me get this straight, all of those very important EU ministers flew to Poland, took a 9 hour train trip to Kiev from Poland to risk dying in a war, spent a few hours there to get their pictures taken, and took a 9 hour train trip back to Poland, and were at work a few hours after the photo shoot?

It turns out that they were actually at an EU building or the head quarters for the EU in Belgium that afternoon, you know, more than a thousand miles away.

Yeah, they were in Kiev, England just across the English Channel.

They and their media are all liars lying to you with their actions as well as their words. There was no way they were in Kiev, Ukraine. It was all show or smoke and mirrors. "Hey, look at all of us brave leaders risking death to pretend to care about someone other than ourselves."

This video shows Ukraine making excuses for failing (What, they quit? /sarc).

It was the drones' fault, it was a pandemic's fault, it was a lack of training's fault but, don't worry, they are now using electronic warfare (they didn't have it before?) to make up for their man power shortage.

And, if they don't have enough troops, who is managing the EW, Z Boy?

Gee, you don't think the West arrogantly under estimated Russia and over estimated themselves, do you?

But, if they don't quit underestimating Russia and over estimating themselves, it won't fail.

Actually, the arrogant fools obviously didn't pay attention to Putin ramping up for war the way I did so they were taken completely by surprise and then Putin staged a surprise preemptive attack that quickly destroyed better than 65% of Ukraine's ground forces, 65% of Ukraine's air forces, more than 1,500 SAMs, and their entire navy in the first few weeks of the war, you know, who were all trained by NATO, which should have been a massive red flag that never got raised.

Remember that I told you about that more than a year ago and the West has been trying to play catch up since?

Admit they screwed up?

Nah, not the lefties. That way they can't learn from their mistakes because they never made any mistakes to learn from. They're poifect. /sarc

And the US's excuse for not funding Ukraine for the next 45 days?

Why, Ukraine is almost as corrupt as the US Government and the US Government hates competition. /sarc

They never say the truth.

Then I found this video that tells you some important things. They spent the first 10 minutes telling a little about how the world is really run but they never told you about the very wealthy people who own those big businesses, you know, the royals, because they have been brainwashed to think of the big businesses as being evil and not the people who own, run, and turn them into being evil.

That is the way the people have been taught to think, unless you have an M.B.A. like I do. I automatically think about the mega rich share holders, members of the board, CEOs, and top management because that is who I was trained to think about in managing those big businesses. Hey, they are the only ones who count; not your customers.

Just remember that a corrupt business or government is a corrupt front for corrupt people.

Then they tell you that Ukraine is now drafting women and older children to fight in the war to make all of those greedy people more money because those greedy people, you know, the upper class trash, didn't make enough money killing off all of the men so want to make more money murdering all of the women and children.

Do you believe me yet that the upper class trash Royals and their puppets can never get enough wealth and power and will always want more and more and more? Do you believe me yet that they are raving lunatics?

Listen, if they KNEW there were spacy aliens, they would be plotting RIGHT NOW to seize that planet and take all of its wealth too. If I were a spacy alien watching our upper class trash and their puppets committing all of the crimes against you they are committing, I would NEVER make contact with them.

The next day I found this video, which shows a brilliant trap set and sprung by Russia in the first few minutes of the video.

It must burn the upper class trash butts with them thinking they are the only people on the planet who can think and others keep outthinking them.

You have to understand that Ukraine had those reserves in the town to the north of that battlefield that Russia had been trying to draw those reserves down in like Russia had drawn so many others before them but Ukraine was keeping them in reserve to stop a Russian offensive so Russia couldn't destroy them.

So Russia staged a fake "offensive attack" to force Ukraine to commit those reserves into that trap to stop the Russian offensive attack and Russia destroyed those reserves. It was a Russian sucker punch.

I have been telling you for a long time that Russia loves to set and spring traps to maximize the destruction of enemy forces while minimizing the destruction of their own forces.

I am seeing that Russia has started a new massive attack offensive to destroy the "Fall Offensive" by Z Boy before it gets started, you know, just like he did with the summer offensive. Now that Russia has destroyed almost all of Ukraine's men plus tens of thousands of NATO men, they are going to have to destroy all of the Ukrainian women because the sick, demented, and insane upper class trash will never quit.

"Hey, their war to destroy Russia didn't fail if they don't quit until they wipe out all of their own people." /sarc

People, Ukraine/NATO committed 60,000 super duper offensive troops for the summer offensive and Russia wiped out more than 80,000 killed and probably more than 100,000 more wounded.

Now Ukraine/NATO are committing 40,000 super duper female offensive troops for their fall offensive, so how many hundreds of thousands more troops will Russia have to eliminate before Ukraine/NATO commit tens of thousands of super duper child offensive troops to murder for their winter offensive?

Believe me, the upper class trash Royals and their puppets have proved they are sick enough to do just that. They can't go to Hell fast enough.

Then I saw a video that said that the EU is bluffing about supporting Ukraine with the US not supporting Ukraine because the EU can't give Z Boy any more weapons and munitions "without compromising their own national security."

First, everything the upper class trash Royals and their moron puppets say is a lie so they are bluffing about EVERYTHING all of the time. They are bluffing Russia, they are bluffing Ukraine, they are bluffing Africa, they are bluffing their own people and everyone else.

I told you that, before the Ukrainian War started Germany, the strongest economy in Europe, only had 4 subs that had not left the dock in years because their military doesn't have the money for parts and maintenance, they only had 90 obsolete Tornado fighter planes, half of which couldn't fly because their military doesn't have the money for maintenance and parts, and they only had 250 tanks, half of which wouldn't even run because their military didn't have the money for maintenance and parts and that was all because their greedy upper class trash Royals and puppets had been sacking their militaries for decades, you know, since the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991.

But dey is going to die rich, baby.

Then I watched those European nations sell a big chunk of their remaining useless junk to Ukraine to fill their greedy pockets even more and they are afraid that selling any more old junk to Ukraine will compromise their security? Really? What security?

Heck, if their nations all united, Africa could invade and conquer Europe right now; forget about Russia.

At least now people have found out that the upper class trash Royals and their puppets are liars and always bluffing everyone. Their greed and insanity are mind boggling.

Remember that I told you about Russia staging a nuclear test? Remember that I have been telling you that Putin has to know that he will have to have a nuke war with the US and UK to stop the insanity of our leaders?

It turns out it was much more than just testing a weapon or two. It was a nationwide nuke warfare war game to prepare Russia for nuke warfare with the US (and UK). It just got real.

This should concern the West a lot what this video tells us. Russia has stopped recruiting troops because she recruited over 350,000 just this year and feels she has enough troops for the rest of this war, you know, WWIII. She is about ready to go to war against the West.

Maybe the Royals are concerned, because the EU is trying to bribe Hungary to support Ukraine and turn against Russia. I don't think that is a coincidence.

You know what is really funny and shows you just how incredibly stupid the Royals really are?

What the Royals are doing is trying to bribe Hungary by returning billions of dollars in assets the EU seized from Hungary for refusing to sanction Russia, if Hungary will turn against Russia. If Hungary stays loyal to Russia and Russia invades and conquers Europe, Russia will make sure Hungary will get those assets back, while Russia sacks the rest of Europe.

Now, why would Hungary take that bribe?

Remember that I told you that it is looking like the West is getting ready to dump Z Boy, probably kill him, and make it look like someone else?

Then I found this video which tells us that the Ukrainian Army is afraid there might be a military coup and you can bet the CIA and MI6 are organizing it.

They are going to make it look like the Ukrainian Army got rid of Z Boy because HE was losing the war and not the upper class trash Royals.

Hey, after all, the Army knows who is losing their war, right? Therefore, losing the war was Z Boy's fault, right?

Why, it could not possibly be our vastly superior elite upper class trash Royals and their puppets who lost the war. /sarc

But, you better not expect them to quit trying to find a way to destroy Russia so they can set up their global dictatorship over you. Why, they would never quit because that would be them failing and they are too wonderful to fail at anything, you know, like they have been obviously doing for years now.

Let me give you a clue. If the CIA or MI6 offer to make you a rich puppet, that should tell you that, the first time it will benefit them, they will kill you and are probably already planning to do so.

International Organizations

Remember that I told you years ago that the UN, EU, and NATO would fall apart and cease to exist?

We have been watching the EU and NATO self destruct for a few years but now the UN is under attack. In this video it shows you that Africa has turned on and is exposing the corruption of the UN. The UN will probably be replaced by BRICS.

If the US and Europe don't back off from their imperialism, they will eventually be invaded.

And God said, "Be not deceived, you sins will find you out."

The upper class trash Royals and their puppets are being found out.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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