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Fake Science

Once again I woke up this morning at about 3:30 am and, by 6:30 am, God had shown me quite a bit.

Remember that I told you that I believe God either has or will put it in Putin's heart to bring Noah's Ark down off of Mt. Ararat for everyone to see? Remember that NASA showed us satellite pictures of Noah's Ark in the late 1960s?

The Ark had broken in about half with part of it up higher on a mountain ledge and the rest down a little lower on the mountain. They have both become covered over with rock and snow slides but are still accessible.

Listen, as a scientist, if I were the leader of any nation that had control over that mountain and ship, it would come down off that mountain for scientific research as fast as possible.

If God makes me the president, prime minister, king, emperor, head toad, or whatever of our new nation and Putin gains control of that mountain, I would do whatever I could to help him get that ship down off that mountain for scientific research. That ship is a massive treasure trove for scientific research.

You have to understand that Noah had every type of land and air animal on this planet on that ship with all of the plants those animals needed for foot plus seeds for crops after they got off the ship. That tells me there is going to be MASSIVE biological residue on that ship that can teach us a huge amount about all of the pre-flood land and air life, both plants and animals.

It will be the single greatest scientific find and research project in history. Massive is an understatement.

There is going to be plant and animal DNA EVERYWHERE on that ship plus at least some fecal matter from every animal and human and remaining plants and seeds that were left behind. Noah did not clean that ship up spick and span before he got off. He and his animals just walked off of that ship and it is still the way it was when they left it. Think about that.

As a biologist and scientist, that is fantastic!!! The Egyptian pyramids and mummies are nothing compared to the intel that ship will provide. It would take years to properly study the remains of that ship.

Only a lying pagan religious fanatic pretending to be a scientist and committing fraud would want to keep that ship on that mountain to hide the truth about God, the Bible, and the Flood so you will continue to believe their lies about millions and billions of years. If it is a lie, it ain't science.

Every true scientist who wants to know the truth would be demanding that ship come down for scientific research immediately.

That should tell you that most of the people today pretending to be scientists and committing fraud to keep you from knowing the truth, by lying to you, are fake scientists, pagan religious fanatics, and criminals with Ph.D.s from duh right ukneebursity.

Then God showed me that the true scientists should want to do real archaeology by classifying the archaeology sites as pre-flood and post flood so we can learn the truth about the history of man plus drag all of that hidden archaeological evidence out of their basements and warehouses they keep it hidden in so you can't know the truth.

It has become obvious that those pre-flood ancestors of ours knew things we don't know, especially about stone and wood working and our "scientists" can't seem to figure out how they did this, that, and something else when the evidence telling them how it was done is being kept hidden in basements and warehouses for fanatical religious reasons.

Gee, I wonder why thousands of scientists keep converting to Christianity every year after they find out the truth?

After we get our new nation established, I will insist that we drag that stuff out of those basements and warehouses for objective and transparent scientific research.

Then God showed me something very, very, very interesting at about 6 am this morning.

The Bible tells us that, when Jesus comes for the Battle of Armageddon, He will "be accompanied by the hosts from Heaven".

Gee, I wonder who the hosts from Heaven will be?

Most people think it is just going to be the angels but it will also include EVERYONE who died and went to Heaven, including people from the pre-flood era and we are going to spend the next 1,000 years during the Millennial Reign of Jesus living with those people who know the true history and not the fake history our Royals have been writing for thousands of years to make themselves look wonderful when they are crap.

They are also going to know all of those trades, technology, and science our scientists can't seem to figure out because all of the evidence being kept hidden in basements and warehouses.

If you think I was really looking forward to the first day after Armageddon before, it was NOTHING compared to how I am now looking forward to it today. I am going to get to spend 1,000 years of peacefully living with those people learning EVERYTHING I can from EVERYONE I can and teaching many what I know. We are going to spend the first few hundred years teaching each other what we know.

If you think I know a lot now, just wait until after that 1,000 years. That is going to be fantastic. That day cannot get here fast enough.

Mean while, all of those fanatical pagan religious liars pretending to be scientists will be burning in Hell with their college degrees.

Wow, what a morning I had! I didn't want to get out of bed but my cats insisted I feed them.


When I was in the Air Force during Nam, I got volunteered for perimeter defense and got quite a bit of training in perimeter defense.

When I saw how Hamas overran a number of Israeli military bases so fast and easy, I thought those base commanders didn't even come close to doing their jobs. They didn't even have time for their troops to get to their perimeter defensive positions, which tells me their perimeter defenses sucked.

I used to have a lot of respect for the Israeli military but that went down just a wee bit after that attack was so successful.

Note that, by the third day, Israel had regrouped and looked like their old selves but they obviously have some holes to plug and you Americans and Europeans better pay attention because they have been smuggling Muslims into our nations since Obama became President, there is no telling how many Muslim terrorists are in our countries and that could very well have been a dry run for what they are planning to do in the US and Europe because they realize our greedy and power mad lunatic upper class trash Royals and their puppets have weakened our militaries so we will now be easier prey.

You better pray long, pray hard, pray often, get right with God, secure your red zones, and lock and load.

In a war zone like that, your first perimeter for your base has to have AT LEAST 3 layers. The first layer should be 3 layers of rolled concertina or razor wire with contact flares attached about every 3 to 5 feet so that, if anyone tries to breach those 3 rolls of razor wire (one roll on top of two so it is 2 wide at the bottom and 2 high), flares go off where they are trying to breach it to tell everyone "this is the kill zone". Behind that, you have a small space in front of a tall chain link fence with 3 rolls of razor wire on top of it. (You need that small space to regularly check your defensive lines.) Behind that, you have a small mine field with antipersonnel mines to blow off feet and legs so there will be lots of screaming to wake everyone up. Behind that you have another 3 layers of concertina wire to slow the survivors down.

About 100 to 200 feet behind that you have a combination of tower guards, who can see over things for quite a distance to see things coming from a distance, with binoculars and at least one form of night vision like infrared or starlight scopes with rifles and machine gun pits with M240s and 50 cals between those towers with the guards at just above ground level so they can sweep the feet out from under survivors and kill them lying down. Their fire should be mostly parallel with the ground and unobstructed. Those positions MUST always be manned in a war zone with pairs of fighters to permit the following troops time to reach their positions.

Back about 100 feet behind that, you have rifle pits with pairs of soldiers lying prone beside each other because, behind them will be mortar crews, who will start by sending up flares to eluminate the attackers in cycles. They send up a flare every few minutes to light up the place and, when that flare burns out, they let it go dark for a few minutes to blind the attackers so they can't see to shoot your troops before sending up another flare that will blind them again. Changing back and forth between bright light and dark keeps the attackers blind because their eyes don't get time to adjust.

Therefore, the rifle teams in the rifle pits need to be trained so that one of them only fires when the flares are burning while the other one keeps his head down to protect his eyes so he can see in the dark, when the attackers cannot see and he can mow them down.

After a short while, the mortar crews start dropping mortar shells on the attackers blowing their butts up with antipersonnel munitions that send out lots of shrapnel to cause more screaming.

There should always be aircraft nearby (for the army they should be choppers or A-10s) to attack the attacking enemy from above and behind by strafing and with antipersonnel munitions to create more screaming.

We were taught that troops seeing their fellow soldiers hurt and screaming tends to slow the rest of the soldiers down, buying us time to shoot them. It is called psychological warfare.

It is also better to wound them than to kill them because a dead soldier does not require any help but a wounded soldier will require two other soldiers to help them off the battlefield removing 3 soldiers per wounded soldier from the fight instead of just one. Good perimeter defense is a science.

To defend your base, you gotta be one mean savage and fight like there is no tomorrow and they didn't do that. Mean people are attacking you and, for you to win, you have to be meaner. One of the first things I learned fighting on the street is that the most important rule is that, before the fight starts, make sure you are the meanest one there because better than 90% of the time the meanest one wins.

If done right, the defense of your base should be a slaughter of the enemy, where you quickly stack them deep.

There is one other thing that amazed the crap out of me about Israel. It appears that NONE of the cities, towns or villages that close to the area controlled by Hamas had civilian militias trained to defend their communities until the military could get there. The people were told to just lock their doors and hide until Hamas found them and killed them. That blew me away. That is not the Israel I knew.

I would make sure that EVERY man, woman, and down to 12 year old kid was trained and armed to fight and kill to save their lives and trained to assemble at community defensive positions to fight as a unit with military persons there to be their commanders. Every man, woman, and child within 30 miles of Gaza would be fighting machines and not cowardly victims waiting their turn to die.

It appalls me that Israel didn't do that. They clearly are not the people I helped turn the Yom Kippur War around in the mid 70s. Their leaders suck and should be ashamed of themselves.

BTW, you think I am wrong about training 12 year old kids?

God told Moses to assemble an army of every able bodied man 12 and older to fight with swords and spears and I have seen good 12 year old soldiers in a number of armies and fighting on the streets. 12 year old kids should be allowed, armed, and trained to fight for their lives instead of being required to be helpless victims.

Those civilian militias could even be under the direction and control of the police to work with them. If I were a mayor in one of those communities, I would be having my police train up and organize a militia to help them in such an event.

Also, Israel did not learn from the drone warfare in Ukraine and adapt so Hamas was much more able to effectively use drones against Israel. EVERYONE needs to ramp up on drone warfare. Every militia should have a sophisticated drone warfare unit and I would be glad to help design such units.

Any time an army sees a new type of weapon or warfare, they should study that weapon and adapt. It amazes me that Israel didn't do that, when it should have been common sense that Russia was using Iranian drones in Ukraine and Iran finances Hamas and Hezbollah terrorist organizations. Israel should have known they were going to fight those drones and should have prepared for it.

You can bet that Muslim terrorists have those drones inside the US and Europe.

I am appalled at what I saw from Israel.

Then I see people talking about the US going to help Israel.

Hold it, didn't the US sell everything it could to Ukraine to destroy Russia and it failed? How is the US going to help Israel without munitions?

All of you US allies better be able to take care of yourselves for at least a few years because the US leaders got stupid, greedy, and power mad to set up their global dictatorship, devastated our military in the worst act of treason in history, and now the US probably can't even save herself without good militias.

People, the enemy knows this, which is why Iran just had Hamas invade Israel. If the US can't help Israel, then it will be time to invade the US and you can bet this is a test to see just how bad off our military is because of our upper class trash. They smell the blood and read the writing on our wall.

I told you that our idiot leaders were making the US and our allies vulnerable to invasion and the enemy saw it like they have been doing for thousands of years. When our idiot leaders screwed up Afghanistan and then lost the war in Ukraine, that only encouraged our enemies to attack more of our allies like Israel. Our enemies are chomping at ye ole bit right now.

Do you believe me yet? Do you believe me yet that the Muslims want to conquer Israel so they can stand on the Temple Mount and give the order to murder all non Muslims to prove they are the Muslim Mahdi to begin conquering the world?

Well, here we are and Hamas got only 10 kilometers from the West Bank, which controls the Temple Mount! Just think what would have happened if Hamas had conquered the Temple Mount and their leader proved he was their Mahdi by standing on the Temple Mount and giving the order for all Muslims to kill all non Muslims. The Muslims around the world would be rising up against you right now and killing you the same way they just did in Israel.

I get so tired about being right concerning the left's insanity. They ARE the problem.

Then I found this video that proves it even more. Those negotiations he tells you about are about who gets how many seats on the 10 seat Caliphate Council in ruling the world and they just paid Iran more than $16 billion for those seats.

Oh, you're still believing our lying lefty media about how much Afghan Joe paid Iran. Watch this video and it turns out he gave them much more than $6 billion. He actually gave them a little more than $16 billion.

Mean while, the Christians in America are getting ready to tick off God some more by celebrating that satanic holiday called Halloween. "Hey, let's go worship Satan and his demons, who want to destroy us, for a while!!" That is going to make God very happy with you. I think the poser Christians are trying to commit suicide by ticking off God.

Then I found this video a day later. This is already escalating on day 2 with Hezbollah already engaging Israel from the north and the Taliban from Afghanistan wanting safe passage through other Muslim nations so they can storm Israel too. "Hey, we don't want to miss out on all of the fun of butchering non Muslims."

Then he said that some of the weapons the US left behind in Afghanistan are being used by Hamas in this war so those weapons were sponsored to the Hamas terrorist organization by Afghan Joe, Afghan Austin, and Afghan Milley. You can also bet that many of those weapons Z Boy and his buds sold to whomever will be used against you when those Muslims rise up in your nations and you can thank Afghan Joe, Afghan Austin, Afghan Milley, King Chuck, and Z Boy, when you see your weapons coming down your street after your butt.

You and your family's live are now on the line and they may get blown up by a weapon you paid for with your tax dollars and you can thank the lefty upper class trash Royals, their puppets, and their greedy military industry who made tens of billions of dollars selling those weapons to your enemies. I just hope those weapons take out plenty of the greedy upper class trash too so they can die rich.

Remember that I have been warning you that, if the upper class trash weaken our militaries by sacking them, our enemies will see it and start attacking us and our allies? It didn't take them long, did it?

Hey, at least our upper class trash Royal traitors are going to die rich.

People, our enemies are right now testing the military strength of the West and stretching out our troops as much as possible and this is just one of many more tests they have planned for us. All Hell is breaking loose on this planet right now because of ye ole Royals and their puppets.

He said there were 400 dead and I had already read somewhere else that it is now 700 dead Israelis but the next day I heard there were more than 800 dead Israelis.

It is like I told you that this could easily turn into the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39. Keep an eye on it.

I am seeing almost all of the Muslim nations supporting Hamas, a terrorist organization, and turning on Israel. An Egyptian cop just shot two Israeli tourists, Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Bahrain, Afghanistan, UAE, and others are all taking a stand in support of Hamas and against Israel for daring to defend her people from a sustained terrorist attack. This is quickly escalating on the international stage.

BTW, all of the nations listed in the Bible as going to war against Israel causing the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39 are today Muslim run nations, who want to destroy Israel and are supporting Hamas in this war. Gee, what a magic coincidence.

You better keep an eye on this and on Obama and Farrakhan. They are not going to want to miss this "opportunity".

BTW, the media are lying to you or ignorant when they say that Hamas is "seeking the support of the Arab world" because Iran, Afghanistan, and some of the other Muslim nations supporting Hamas are not Arab but are Persian and other nationalities so what Hamas is seeking is the support of the Muslim world because they are all Muslim. They keep trying to hide the fact that this is a Muslim thing and not an Arab thing.

Also, you need to keep in mind that ever since Obama brought tens of thousands of Muslim into the us, the Muslims have been infiltrating terrorists into the US to eventually do what Hamas has done in Israel.

You better pray long, pray hard, pray often, get right with God, secure your red zones, and lock and load. That will happen in the US and Europe soon.

Do you believe me yet that you are living the fall of Rome II?


At about 1:30 into this video he tells you that a number of brigades had to be removed from the front line because they are not combat capable just like I have been telling you. They have suffered so many losses in Russia's traps that they have entire brigades that can't fight any more.

He also shows you Russia springing more traps on Ukraine and that Russia is now doing more of the attacking. Then he tells you that Ukraine doesn't have the power to attack any more so they are forced on the defensive and, even then, have to regularly retreat to keep from being overrun, you know, just like I told you would happen.

What Russia is doing now is destroying Ukraine's ability to hold defensive lines. She started by destroying Ukraine's Military so Ukraine can't stage offensive moves anymore and is now continuing to destroy Ukraine's Military so Ukraine cannot even hold defensive positions. When Russia has achieved that, she will just blow right through the rest of Ukraine's remaining Military to take everything she needs to stop the war.

Russia has almost finished off the Ukrainian Military. He points out to you that, if Russia achieves her current goals, the Ukrainian Military will collapse and that is Russia's goal. When the Ukrainian Military collapses, Russia owns Ukraine.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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