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Why is Afghan Joe still running for president in 2024?

Because, if someone else takes over, Obama loses his control with a puppet. That is why Commierats are afraid to run against Afghan Joe. They could end up dead.

Did you notice that anyone who says they are running doesn't get much press?

It is all about control and power and the upper class trash are running everything.


They are always showing you the damage caused by Israel bombing the Hamas terrorists and they sensationalize it like mad so I thought I would share one very brief video of the damage caused by one of the thousands of Hamas missiles launched into Israel at random targets by Hamas that hit a home that the lefty media never show you. Let's see what Hamas is still doing to people in Israel.

Watch this very brief video. It only lasts 44 seconds; you can survive that.

I want to know why the leaders of Iran have not had charges brought against them in the international courts for the repeated and numerous uses of proxies to commit horrible crimes against humanity?

Oh yeah, because they and their pals, the Nation of Islam, own the US Government because of Mahdi Obama, Afghan Joe, and their infiltrated agents in the US Government.

Plus you have to keep in mind that the UN is also owned by Islam, which is why they keep condemning Israel for everything under the sun.

BTW, the idiots who have accepted the idea of a "humanitarian pause" not being a cease fire are just showing us how stupid or dishonest they are. They really are the stupid people because they believe that by changing the name of a cease fire, it is no longer a cease fire and will function differently.

Hey, when these stupid people die, the average IQ in Hell goes down.

I love the way the media keep trying to scare you with "the fear of a wider war" or "the fear of the war spreading."

Don't you just love how the pagans live in fear about everything all of the time because they have no idea what is going on because they don't believe the Bible?

If the Muslims read the Bible and realized that Israel will be the only nation still standing following the Battle of Armageddon, they wouldn't waste their time trying to destroy Israel.

When ALL of the nations descend down into the Valley of Megiddo to destroy Israel at the end of the Tribulation, Jesus will descend from Heaven and destroy everyone of those nations leaving only Israel standing.

Listen, if all of the nations ganged up on Israel and showed with all of the greatest super duper weapons in history to destroy Israel, God would stick those super duper weapons up their pagan butts.

Remember that the US "sent those two carrier groups to Israel to protect Israel from attacks by Hezbollah"?

Watch this video and tell me if you see the US carriers protecting Israel from those Hezbollah attacks, even just one of them.

What? You mean Afghan Joe lied some more? If they are not there to protect Israel from attacks by Hezbollah, then why are they there?

She said that Blinken is "determined to not open a second and third front in this war."

What a bald face liar he is. There are already at least 3 fronts in this war with a possible 4th any time soon. You can't believe anything anyone on the left says. The lefties are so evil.


Remember that I told you that the upper class trash Royals and their puppets have devastated our military?

At a little over 2 minutes into this video the officer states that the US Military is "flat broke as far as what we can do."

Based on what he said and the way he said it, it is possible that not only Russia has surpassed the US Military because of our upper class trash corruption but also maybe Israel has already surpassed the US Military.

That is crucial because we are now vulnerable to invasion even without all of these troops that our enemies have already invaded into the US. This is a horrible mess caused by our insane, greedy, power mad upper class trash and their puppets.

We do not know how many nukes Israel has. We know that more than 20 years ago she had more than 200 nukes. We also know that all of her larger surface ships, subs, planes, and missiles can carry nuke warheads. If Russia expends enough of her nukes and destroys enough of the US nukes, it is possible that Israel will end up being the greatest nuclear power in the world by default.


This video is very interesting because it shows a huge mob of Muslim people being angry at their Hezbollah terrorist leader for not going into full scale war against Israel by invading Israel. They just want to storm right in and murder everyone.

This shows just how much the Muslim people support their Muslim terrorists so that, when any nation has to defend itself against those Muslim terrorists and Muslim people will be killed, then those Muslim people are partly responsible for their own deaths by supporting those terrorists and their deaths are on their own hands and the hands of the terrorists they support.

They are not innocent bystanders but participants in supporting the actions of the terrorists and have coming to them whatever those terrorists cause to happen to them.

If Hezbollah invaded Israel as per the demands of those people and those people would end up dying because of that invasion, then those people are not innocent of their own deaths and brought it on themselves.

People, the Gaza government is the Hamas terrorist organization and better than 50% of the people living in Gaza voted to put and keep them in power for more than a decade. Because of those people supporting Hamas as their government, Hamas has been able to spend more than a decade firing rockets and missiles into Israel killing men, women, and children, and then, recently, in just one day, Hamas staged a slaughter of 1,400 men, women, and Children in Israel. Most of those people in Gaza are at least partly responsible and still support Hamas as their government in spite of the fact that they are one of the worst terrorist organizations in the world.

Those civilians have spent more than a decade aiding and abetting their government and the Hamas terrorist organization in murdering men, women, and children in Israel and you think those people do not deserve some of what they have been helping Hamas do to others?

Watch this video and he tells you quite a bit about it. Most of those people are not innocent victims. They brought this on themselves.

Christian Persecution

Remember that for years I tried to get you to pray for your fellow Christians around the world?

This video shows you the top 10 nations where Christians are being persecuted, many of them murdered.

If you stop the video about 1 minute into it and take a look at the list, it is very telling. 7 of those nations are Muslim, two are communist, and one is Hindu. People, that is just the top 10 nations.

If you keep your eyes open, you will find that all pagan religions, including atheism and the occult, persecute Christians and they even fight against each other. They are all trying to wipe out Christianity because they all hate God, His Laws, and His Hebrews and Christians.

He tells you that, in spite of the persecution, Christianity is exploding in those nations. That is because most people see the results of those pagan religions, want nothing to do with it, and turn to Christianity. The Bible tells us that this will happen during the Tribulation, when the Muslims rule the world.


Remember that I have been telling you that, when a person gets into a top dictator position, they ALWAYS purge better than 95% of the people who helped them get into power to prevent those same people removing them from power?

This video shows a number of examples of leaders purging their closest allies because they were a threat and that is just in China. For more than half a century I have watched this happen around the world and read about it having happened for more than 100 years now.

But, hey, the fools always believe it can't happen to them because they are special, they are different, and they are smarter than those others who got purged before them, well, until they get purged.


Remember that I have been telling you that Z Boy is very likely to end up dead, if he doesn't resign and beat it out of country to his mansions?

The first of this video goes into detail about a coup building in Ukraine in which it is increasingly likely that the military will get rid of him. Hey, it works in Africa, baby.

Don't be surprised if he ends up dead soon.

He also points out the adverse effects of Ukraine running out of troops and having to move troops to other areas to prevent a break through, only to create a weakness in the area those troops were moved from. The Ukrainian forces are really hurting and Russia is taking advantage of it by attacking in the weakened areas.

Mahdi Obama

In this video Mahdi Obama gives an interesting and deceptive speech in what I call academic double speak, where you make people think you are saying one thing but you are saying something else.

If you watch it closely, he does it in such a way as to make it look like he is understanding and in support of Israel, while actually trying to turn people for Hamas and against Israel. He does that by saying something positive about Israel and then countering by saying something positive for the Muslims and at the expense of Israel. It is like he is saying, "Yeah, but."

He shows that he is very good at deceiving people into believing he supports Israel while trying to turn people against Israel. Watch it carefully because his message is very soft and subliminal so most people will not see what he is really doing and will fall for it.

One thing I am watching is that it is likely that he is using that speech to run for office as your future Caliph or Muslim leader. I trust him even less than I trust Afghan Joe.

BTW, they are using Afghan Joe's age as a distraction and cover for his really terrible and failed policies they still want implemented. That way THEY do not have to admit that what they want is terrible and has failed, it is because Afghan Joe is old and the stupid people have already fallen for it.

Remember that I keep telling you that God told me that Mahdi Obama will nuke Chicago?

Did you notice that Muslim terrorists like to "one up" other terrorists to prove they are greater terrorists than the last guy, you know, like when Osama Bin Laden crashed planes into tall buildings in New York City? What would be the biggest and worst terrorist attack in the US that would prove to the rest of the Muslims that Mahdi Obama should be their new leader?

To nuke one of the 3 largest cities in the US and blame Israel to turn Americans against Israel. If he did that, Mahdi Obama knows the other Muslims would fall down and worship him as the greatest terrorist in history and follow him into war against Israel.

You think that arrogant, power mad whacko won't do it so he can rule the world?

Of course he will and God told me he will.

God's Law

I want to share with you what God taught me about God and His Law. It explains a lot and I will use the 10 Commandments as an example.

God created us and the universe because He was all that existed, He was alone, and He wanted eternal companions but He didn't want a bunch of programmed androids who wanted to be with God because they were just programmed to be with God. He wanted beings who could choose to be with him and had the ability to reject Him. Remember that life is a test.

These are the 10 Commandments:

1. You will have no other gods before me; you worshiping other gods means you reject and hate God

2. You will have no carved images and says that this shows those people hate God

3. You will not take the name of your God in vain

4. You will remember the Sabbath Day; that is the day God rested after creation and you are to rest on that day in remembrance of His creation

5. You will honor your mother and father; the humans who created you

6. You will not murder

7. You will not commit adultery

8. You will not steal

9. You will not lie

10. You will not covet what your neighbor has (want to take it from them)

The first 4 laws are to honor and respect God, who created you out of love, and the last 6 laws are to honor, respect, and how to treat other humans. Just like I have been telling you for decades, God gave us the Law, in part, to protect us from each other and the last 6 laws teach how to treat each other.

The Bible is God's "drivers manual for life". That is the way you are supposed to live.

Now, if you keep ALL of God's Laws, which is not humanly possible, you go into Paradise to spend eternity with God because God wants to spend eternity with those people but, if you break one of them one time, you go into God's eternal penal institution we call Hell/the Lake of Fire.

Now, what should that tell you?

It should tell you who God does and does not want to spend eternity with. God DOES NOT want to spend eternity with anyone who hates Him or disrespects Him, which is understandable. It also tells you that God DOES NOT want to spend eternity with anyone who disrespects other humans and commits those crimes against other humans.

God DOES NOT want to spend eternity with anyone who goes around lying to, stealing from, and causing harm to His humans.

If you think humans get evil in just 50 to 100 years, just try to imagine how evil those same bad humans would get in thousands of years, much less eternity, knowing they are immortal, because those who have chosen evil will always chose more and more evil.

When you see all of these humans, especially rich humans, going around lying, stealing, murdering, enslaving, and other horrible things to other humans, mostly for money and power, just remember that God DOES NOT want to spend eternity with those savage beasts and I agree with Him because I DO NOT want to spend eternity with them lying to me, stealing from me, using me, and causing harm to me either.

I would much rather spend eternity with God and the people He wants to spend eternity with.

Now, that should also tell you that, when someone says they hate God and His Law because His Law "oppresses them" that they hate being kept from lying to you, stealing from you, using you, and causing harm to you; they are not good people and you should be concerned about them even knowing that you exist.

When you understand that, it is very easy to see who and why they will spend eternity in the Lake of Fire where they can never, ever again cause anyone harm, which is a good thing because eternal damnation protects us from them.

You are not going to see ANY of the corrupt upper class trash Royals, their puppets, their media, their college professors, their bankers, their corporate managers, or any such others in Paradise, not one of them, UNLESS they repent of their crimes against God and you and accept the payment God made for them manifest as His own Son for their crimes. The world will be a much, much, much better place without them. They cause almost all of our problems.

God tells us with His Law that He does not want to spend eternity with those evil savage monsters, not one of them.

Hey, they are going to get their communist one world government in Hell. They will get their true equity in Hell because not one of them will have a penny forever. But they ARE NOT going to get to ever again cause you harm, while they are burning in the Lake of Fire. You just know they are going to hate that.

So God's Laws tell you who He wants to spend eternity with and who He DOES NOT want to spend eternity with so you can ask yourself, "Does God want to spend eternity with me" and know the answer.

Does He?

He tells you with His Law whether He does.

That is why people who hate God and His Laws choose paganism, paganism permits them to make up their own laws and excuses for committing their crimes to do terrible things to others, especially the upper class trash Royals. They get to lie, steal, enslave, and murder other people, while believing they will not go to Hell. Why, they are "ordained" to eternal salvation regardless of what they do to you or because they do certain silly rituals. Why, they can't commit a crime or sin because they are above the law, even God's Law.

With paganism, you can make up and believe all of the fairy tales you want but Hell ain't going to be a fairy tale.

Now, about those fake Christians who have convinced themselves that, because Jesus paid for our crimes against His Laws, that they can live by Satan's law, "Do as you will".

You mean a true Christian with Christ in their heart would even want to live by Satan's law?

Do you really believe that God wants to spend eternity with those liars, who keep falsely calling themselves Christians and want to live by Satan's law instead of God's Law because they obviously hate God by lying to everyone, stealing from everyone, using everyone (including God), and causing harm to everyone forever?

Nah, I don't think they want to be the type of people God wants to live with so you know God does not want to live with them forever. They are using God to fool themselves into believing they can live by Satan's law because they obviously hate God and His Law or they would want to live by it, and they can still spend eternity not living in the Lake of Fire.

And God said, "Thinking themselves wise, they have made themselves fools."

God doesn't want to spend eternity living with lying fools. His Law says so.

People tell you with their words and their actions whether they have chosen eternal damnation or eternal salvation. Most of the time, you just watch and listen to them and they will tell you.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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