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Afghan Joe

I saw that Afghan Joe is "helping China" in the US.

No, China OWNS Afghan Joe so he is a Chinese foreign agent infiltrated into the US Government as president. He is a traitor, spy, and saboteur and he barely even tries to hide it any more but, hey, the lefty media help him with that.

Remember that the media have been making a stink about the $6 billion Afghan Joe gave to Iran but not about the $10 billion more I told you about months ago?

I just saw that they are just now finding out about the other $10 billion. I told you about that months ago and they are just now finding out about it.

Afghan Joe does not work for the American people. He works for whoever is paying him bribes and only bad people are paying him bribes.

Do you believe me yet that we have a bad government because we have bad leaders?

The reason why the left insists that Afghan Joe's problems are caused by his age is so they don't have to admit that their great sounding stupid ideas are simply not working and should be abandoned so they blame Afghan Joe's age, you know, like it is never the real reason why their great sounding stupid ideas don't work, it is always something else so they don't have to abandon their great sounding stupid ideas.

Just dumping Afghan Joe because of his age and continuing with their great sounding stupid ideas won't solve a thing. The great sounding stupid ideas still won't work.


There seems to be division within the Muslim nations about what to do to Israel to punish her for protecting her people from them because they won't risk going to war against her like I told you. A few want everyone to go to war with Israel like Iran. A few others want to the Western thing of sanctioning oil being sold to Israel but those selling the oil don't want to quit making that money.

Except for just verbally condemning Israel, they can't agree on anything while Hamas is being crushed.

I am pretty sure I told you that Israel and the US have been doing weapons R&D in Israel together for decades.

This video tells you about one of a number of weapons systems we jointly developed and produce.

You have to understand that, during the 1973 Yom Kippur War, Israel almost lost the war because she didn't have better EW than what Russia provided to Egypt and, when the US gave her that better EW, she realized she needed to develop her own instead of depending on the US so she began doing research with the US inside Israel on new weapons systems to develop the best weapons systems.


In Iran Christianity is suppressed and censored but they cannot censor God's dreams and visions. I told you that God used a series of 3 dreams to bring me to salvation through Jesus so I would understand how He works in this area.

This video tells us that many people in Iran are converting to Christianity because of dreams and visions from God the way I was saved as a child. They say that, because of this, the Church in Iran is the fastest growing church in the world.

The Bible tells us this will go on with the Muslims during the Tribulation period because they will convert to Christianity with many being martyred or murdered for their faith.

The people have seen and lived the horrible life of paganism, don't like it, and are fleeing it in droves for Christianity.

Do you believe me yet that EVERYONE who has been conceived in history will eventually be tested and have more than a fair chance to choose God's side versus Satan's side?

Just because humans cannot spread the Gospel does not mean that God cannot. God wants us to try to spread the Gospel but he will reach out to those we cannot reach out to.

This video shows you a little of how the upper class trash have created a corrupt system so they can fund criminal organizations and their crimes against you without the fear of being caught. This crap needs to be shut down so the upper class trash cannot fund crimes against you without being caught.


I have been telling you for years that our corrupt government has grown its debt to the point to where you will have to dump the government to get rid of the debt so your new government can function.

This video tells you that the US has reached that point so that no one will loan us any more money because they know we cannot pay that debt back and soon won't even be able to pay the interest. As a nation, we are broke.

You can thank the upper class trash Royals and their evil puppets for financially destroying the US because they have finished that job. You will be forced to let the lefties, who survive our war, take control of that government so they will be burdened with that debt they ran up with their socialism or you won't be able to build or run a new government. You don't have a choice.

Watch this video and then convince me that Afghan Joe and his owner is not on Iran's side against the US. Go ahead, I dare you. It is blatantly obvious he is just a puppet working for traitors.

I have really lost confidence in the US Congress because they finally got majority and sit around looking all proper putting on little shows virtue signaling to their voters, doing nothing, while our nation is being destroy. They are derelict of duty.

And you think democracy is the answer?

They corrupted and used democracy to destroy our nations. Keep putting your faith in democracy and you will soon be burning in Hell on Earth. People, the upper class trash Royals and their puppets have destroyed every democracy and republic in history.

Remember that, if you have bad leaders, you have a bad government and a bad nation and there are a lot of people who support our bad leaders.


Again, I posted the following on FB and decided to share it with you. Maybe it will help you to better understand some things.


I am so fed up with the ignorant bull crap coming from the media. I think every journalist should have to take a class on doing even just a basic military strategic analysis before they are allowed to speak publically concerning the military, war, and anything else to do with any military matters.

Geeze, if any nation has a military and they shoot at someone, the media go bonkers mad and you would swear that because they have a tank or plane they are going to conquer the galaxy. The sky is falling, the sky is falling!!! Quick, prop up the sky!

Let me teach you a very, very basic strategic analysis that I have not heard one journalist even mention concerning Israel. This will help you better understand what is really going on.

Israel can field more than 500,000 troops, has some of the best planes in the world, has some of the best tanks in the world, she has a good navy with submarines, and, as of more than 20 years ago, she had more than 200 tactical nukes (we have no idea how many she has today; she could have several thousand for all we know), with her planes, missiles, ships, and subs being nuke capable. She also has the best electronics warfare in the world right now and some of the best SAMs and other missiles.

I personally rank her as one of the top 3 militaries in the world even though the x-ee-spirts rank her below China, which is really stupid because most of China's weapons are garbage and she is heavily overrated but I could write a book about that. People, we have been doing top end military research and development for weapons with Israel in Israel for at least 30 to 40 years. Her stuff is as good as Russia's and the US. No one has better weapons than Israel.

The military morons running Iran could never do a strategic analysis or they would never waste their time trying to destroy Israel.

Hamas is reported to have about 40 to 50 thousand troops in Gaza with no air force, no tanks, no real navy other than a few frogmen, and no nukes. It is not if Israel is going to destroy Hamas but when and with how many losses of her own and she is taking her time to keep both her losses and civilian losses down or she would have already crushed Hamas.

Then the media go ape about Hezbollah waging war with Israel in the north at the same time. Waaaa, waaaa, the sky is falling some more because the war is going to spread throughout the galaxy!

Hezbollah has about 100,000 troops, no tanks, no planes, no navy, and just about 150,000 rockets, which are stored in underground bunkers with Israel knowing where almost all of them are so they can be destroyed when Israel decides to do so but she doesn't want to escalate that war before she finishes off Hamas.

COMBINED in that area, Hamas and Hezbollah don't have 200,000 troops and could never defeat or destroy Israel so that all they can do is murder a bunch of Israeli citizens, which is what they always do.

That is just the basics and doesn't even include espionage, EW, ECM, and other things to analyze but is enough to be revealing.

Then why did Iran start a war with Israel?

First you have to understand that Islam requires the Muslims to destroy Israel, the Hebrews, Christians, and then all other non Muslims to set up a global dictatorship so their god, Allah (who was the war god of Sabianism before Muhammad ran off with him), will come, make them all immortal, and set up eternal paradise.

You have to study what people believe because that determines how they think, which determines what they will do. I learned that in studying military history as a kid a billion years ago. (I spent almost 25 years studying Islam.)

All 57 Muslim nations want to destroy Israel and some of them have tried a number of times. You also have to understand that Sunni Islam, based out of Saudi Arabia, has been waging war with Shiite Islam, based out of Iran, for 1,400 years, since Muhammad died, so it is a wee bit difficult for the Muslim nations to unite against anyone.

The four most powerful Muslim nations in that area are Turkey, Iran, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia.

Turkey has been waging war with the Kurds for decades with the Kurds not having much of an army, no tanks, no planes, no navy, and just a bunch of rebels but Turkey has not been able to defeat them telling me that they don't have a prayer at defeating Israel and they know it.

Iran has been waging proxy warfare against Israel for decades and keeps getting her butt handed to her so she doesn't have a pray at defeating Israel.

A number of years ago, Iran began supporting a Shiite Islam rebel group to overthrow the Sunni government in small Yemen, they still have not done it, and are still murdering each other so Sunni Saudi Arabia decided to intervene to save the Sunni government and has not been able to defeat a small and limited rebel government telling me she ain't going to defeat Israel.

Egypt waged war against Israel in 1948 with the help of Jordan and Syria and lost. Then she waged war against Israel in 1967 with the help of Syria and Jordan and lost again. Then she waged war against Israel in 1973 with the help of Syria and lost again. She fought all of those wars against Israel with the help of the Soviet Union telling me she ain't going to defeat Israel.

Iran and Turkey have been calling for years for ALL 57 Muslim nations to unite to invade and destroy Israel but they kind of sort of have too many differences plus none of them are very militarily strong so Iran has been waging proxy warfare against Israel hoping the others would eventually join in, which is why Iran started this proxy war. She is trying to stir the pot enough to get the rest of the Muslims, including the ones she is at war with, to unite with her to destroy Israel.

If they do go to war against Israel, they will probably turn their guns on each other before that war is even half over and kill more of each other's troops than Israeli troops, which, by a magic coincidence, is what the Bible predicted would happen in the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39.

That is why all 57 Muslims nations just had an "urgent" meeting as the OIC in Saudi Arabia, they are agreed to take a stand against Israel but they know better than to go against her with the US, you know, one of the other two of the 3 most powerful militaries in the world, supporting Israel. They would be taking on two of the three most powerful nations in the world and they ain't going to win that war.

That is why they are trying to "pressure" the US into abandoning Israel because they THINK that, combined, they MIGHT be able to defeat Israel, maybe. It is like a bunch of kindergartners picking a fight with Mike Tyson. "Hey, if we can get enough of us, we might bust a knee cap."

That is also why Iran has been working with the Nation of Islam inside the US, hoping the Nation of Islam will keep the US out of Iran's way and even join them in the effort to destroy Israel, with the might of the US, then they might be able to destroy Israel.

They are clueless about doing a strategic analysis. I think they might know a little more about modern warfare than the idiot media, maybe.

I KNOW that none of you ever heard any of that from any of the media because they have to sensationalize the crap out of everything to scare people to increase views to increase profits because they are more concerned about making money than telling you the truth AND they are also militarily ignorant as Hell.

I hope that helps you better understand what is going on.


When I was a kid in the mid 50s, I kept seeing stuff about WWII, my dad and some other relatives fought in that war and I wanted to know what it was like for them but none of them would tell me about it.

As soon as I could read at about 7 or 8 in the mid 50s, I began reading, studying, and researching everything I could find on WWII to find out what they went through and quickly learned the rule that you ALWAYS study your enemy or competitor to find out what they believe because that will determine how they think, which will determine what they will do.

I found that to be very true and that all great generals and other officers did that.

That is why, following 9/11, I got a copy of the Koran written in both English and Arabic to begin studying Islam and have spent decades studying Islam to better understand them. I got the book written in both English and Arabic because it was for people who could read both languages and would be able to tell whether it was translated right or not and, if it wasn't, they would tell their friends so no one would buy the book. Therefore, the publisher had to be certain it was translated right or they would lose their butts on the book.

In the Koran, it says that, if a Muslim murders a non Muslim, they are doing a good work and earn guaranteed salvation and then adds that, if a Muslim dies trying to murder a non Muslim and fails to murder that non Muslim they still earn guaranteed salvation. That is what they believe because that is what the Koran says. I know, I read it.

If you don't believe me, get a dual language copy of the Koran and read it yourself.

Therefore, they think that, if they murder you, a non Muslim, they will earn guaranteed salvation, which is why so many of them become terrorists to earn guaranteed salvation. The second part of that tells why they so eagerly commit suicide terrorist attacks to earn guaranteed salvation.

They BELIEVE that, with a suicide terrorist attack they will wake up in Paradise with Allah so they seriously think about staging a suicide terrorist attack and then stage that suicide terrorist attack because of what they BELIEVE.

We humans ALL act based on what we believe and we don't all believe the same things. Therefore, it helps to find out what the other person believes.

That also explains why Muslims are not only refusing to denounce the slaughter in Israel on October 7 but actually cheer it and support that terrorist attack because they BELIEVE that all of those Hamas terrorists did a good work and earned guaranteed salvation AND they also BELIEVE that, if they appose those Hamas terrorists and what they did, they will themselves lose salvation. That is why they are marching in the streets supporting Hamas.

I almost forgot that the Muslims BELIEVE that EVERYONE who aids those terrorists in murdering non Muslims is also doing a good work earning salvation. Every rich person or nation who donates money or weapons to them, all of their rich leaders living in luxury in another nation, all of the civilian people who vote for and support them, the Muslim civilians who die for the terrorists as human shields, the Muslim protestors supporting them, and anyone who in anyway helps them is earning guaranteed salvation.

I hope that better helps you understand what is really going on and it ain't nuttin' like what they tell you in the media because they won't do their homework and are ignorant. Now, you are not ignorant and you know better.

You are welcome.

The really bad thing about paganism is that you BELIEVE that, if you do this, that, or something else, you will go to Paradise because that is what your religious leaders told you and then, when you die, you wake up in Hell facing eternal damnation.

Question everything and be careful what and who you believe and remember that, just because you want to believe something, that does not mean it is right.

That is why, after I found out everyone had been wrong about me not being able to go to college and that I should question EVERYTHING, on my way to my first archaeology class I decided I wanted to know whether there is a god being, who the god being is, and what the god being wants.

It only took a few years of studying science and seeing all of the evolutionists ignoring evidence disproving evolution could not have happened without a god being and others believing that there had to be a god being to "cause" evolution to happen because everything is too complex to happen by accident and coincidence, that I realized there had to be a god being because science proved it.

The evolutionists know this and chose to believe what they want to believe so they can enjoy their crimes against God's Law without fear of eternal damnation and they teach you to believe their lie they chose to believe so you won't force them to live by God's Law.

Then I researched all of the major religions to see if any were scientifically feasible and the only religion that was scientifically and historically feasible was Judeo-Christianity.

What you chose to believe will determine your eternal destiny.

A Little Tactical Thingy

I keep seeing people talking about Hezbollah having so many missiles she will deplete all of Israel's iron dome missiles leaving Israel defenseless to further missile attacks.

SAC taught us that, if the enemy is overwhelming you air defense systems, you just toss a tactical nuke up in the air with an altitude detonation device and it will clear most of the incoming garbage like planes, missiles, artillery shells, drones, and water balloons out of the air. Problem solved.

We were taught a lot of ways to use nukes to save your butt and take out the enemy. You don't just blow up nukes on the ground the way the media and Hollywood show. It is much more complex than that.

BTW, for a nuke to generate an effective EMP, it has to be detonated at a specific altitude pending the throw weight of the nuke and they have to be detonated pretty high.

Here is a funny one. I know how to take out those expensive luxury nuke shelters the rich are building so they can survive the nuke war they are causing and so does Russia. They think they are smarty pants but they are ignorant as Hell.

Let me give you a little example for that. let's say you spend bookoos bucks building an underground nuke shelter that can take a direct hit by a 30 meg nuke with no one having a nuke that large. I just aim my nuke to go under your nuke shelter with a hardened warhead and delayed detonation device and the blast will do two things. First, it will melt all of the rocks and ground under your nuke shelter turning it into plasma or molten rock. Second, it will push your nuke shelter up with the explosion, weakening its base and then the following implosion will pull it down into that molten rock, where you will bake. You ain't getting out of that alive and Russia knows it.

US/Israel R&D

Remember that I told you that the US and Israel have been working together on R&D weapons projects in Israel for decades?

This video tells you about the Arrow air defense system that was "jointly funded by Israel and the US" meaning it was developed, funded, and built by both nations. Israel has some of the best weapons systems in the world.

She also has the best EW because, when she buys planes from us like the F-35, she always takes our EW off and puts her EW on because it is better.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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