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Remember that I have been telling you that Satan's spawn never quit, they just regroup, reorganize, and keep trying and they get more desperate?

The WEF is failing badly with their insane Globalism but they are right now having another major meeting on how to get what they want with all of the usual nuts showing up. They never quit and the only thing that stops them is death.

I am pretty sure Putin knows that and everyone needs to know it. The upper class trash Royals are obsessive, compulsive, greedy, power mad lunatics.

You have to understand that, following Bastille and many Royals losing their heads, the Royals didn't quit, they just backed off and started using fronts or people who were Royals but most people didn't know they were Royals as fronts.

The Royals have been trying ever since to regain their monarchies and finish conquering the world so they can steal everything everyone has so they can own and control everything on the planet. Today's Royals believe it is time and know they MUST do it now or never.

Listen, if these lunatics did manage to seize control of the entire planet and everything on it like they will during the Tribulation and they found out that there is another habitable planet out in space, they would start planning on how to take complete control of that other planet as soon as they could because they are so evil they are insane. They can never have enough wealth or power and must have all of the wealth and power but, even then, they won't be happy.

Do you understand why Jesus said that it would be easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich/Royal man to get into Heaven? Why would God want to spend eternity with people who can only think about how to steal more and more and more from more and more people faster?

Most, not all, of today's rich/Royals are the worst criminals in history. They would quickly destroy Paradise and God knows that. He is not going to let them in Paradise. One of the most important reasons why Paradise will be Paradise is because NONE of the people making life hard for others on Earth today will be there to make life worse for the others. Not one of them. They will all be securely burning in the Lake of Fire forever, where they will never again cause anyone else harm and that is a good thing for everyone else.

You can safely say that there is not one sane, rational person in the WEF. It is an international open asylum for the greedy and power mad. If you are not nuts, you don't belong there.

I can't wait for Judgment Day. It can't get here fast enough.

Do you realize that will be the last time we see those raving lunatics?


I just found out that Israel just pulled an entire division out of Gaza and sent them to the West Bank. That tells me that Israel is wrapping up Gaza, doesn't need those troops there anymore, and is escalating the clean up in the West Bank.

Mean while, the Israel hating propagandists are saying stupid stuff like, "Is Israel losing control of Gaza?"

You don't take troops out of an area, if you are losing control of that area; you send more troops in to regain control of the area.

They are now reporting that Iran blew up some military and embassy buildings in Iraq but I have not seen or heard one word about one person being hurt or killed. When people get hurt of killed, they always tell you.

Note that those buildings were destroyed at night, when they were most likely to be empty and this is after Afghan Joe's secret message to Iran. Gee, that sure is a lot of magic coincidences.

I am keeping an eye on this.

A group of 20 armed Muslims attacked the southern Israeli border. They didn't say what militant group they belonged to and I got the feeling none of them survived. I expect more to try to spread Israel's troops out more around her borders to make an invasion of Israel by Hezbollah easier.

Keep an eye on that.

The US stopped a small supply boat carrying some weapons to the Houthis and it looks like they are over playing it. It is possible that Afghan Joe had Iran (with his secret message to Iran) send out a small boat with some stuff on it so the US could capture it to make Afghan Joe look good to help him with his coming election.

At about 2:23 into this video they show you a picture of the weapons they seized in an open display and I could carry more than that in my 1971 VW Bus. It is a joke and not a big weapons grab the way they are making it look. The Houthis would use up all of that stuff in 5 minutes in a fight.

Then he tells you that the US just doesn't have enough troops like I have been telling you and they are scattered all around the world. Right now, with the current threats, we need at least a 3 to 5 front military and we don't even have a one front military.

I keep telling you that you better pray long, pray hard, pray often, get right with God, secure your red zones, and lock and load because the lefty idiots up stairs are just making things worse. This is not going to end well.

Then I found out that the EU is "working on" sending their own fleet into the Red Sea to protect their own ships but they were still deciding all of the details and are expected to take more than a month to just get it all put together, which is what happens when you have too many leaders from independent nations.

Like the militarily ignorant clowns they are, they intend it to be a defensive mission and not to go on the offensive, even though the Houthis have committed international crimes.

Remember that I told you that Israel was using Sunni Muslim terrorist units in Pakistan and Iraq to stage attacks against Shiite Iran. Iran struck back at the terrorist units in Pakistan so her attention has been slightly diverted to protecting her own butt instead of just causing trouble for others.

I expect to see more attacks by those and other terrorists in Iran to force Iran to keep troops at home to protect Iran.

There is also now tension between Ethiopia and Somalia. I read that Somalia has declared war on Ethiopia.

Keep an eye on that.


Remember that I have been telling you that Putin knows he is going to have to take out the upper class trash Royals and their puppets in the US, UK, France, and Germany to stop their insanity because they will never quit unless they die?

The UK signed an agreement with Ukraine to support Ukraine forever. France is expected to be next to sign an eternal support agreement with Canada signing next.

The Royals are confirming that Putin MUST kill them to stop their insanity and Putin is ramping up to do that.

When they first managed to grab a foothold in Krynky, I warned you that it was a Russian trap to destroy Ukrainian troops.

In this video he shows you how badly Russia devastated those Ukrainian troops, almost wiping out a number of their best units and the idiots just kept sending in more and more troops to die. They were just target practice for Russia.

Now, after their troops being hugely devastated, the morons finally decided to withdraw what was left of those troops. He tells you that the excuse they are using for withdrawing was the weather, you know, forget that there were not many troops left and they were dwindling quickly.

During WWII, the US and allied forces held their ground in as bad of weather and so did the Russians but we had a not more than 100 troops left.

Then, at about mid video, he tells you that it was not the decision of the commanding officers but the troops to withdraw. It is a rebellion against those commanders just like I have been telling you will happen and that rebellion is growing along the front line. It will soon turn into a route.

I am wondering how long it will take for the NATO troops to turn on their leaders in their nations for selling them out.


I have never heard one preacher or other person teach on this.

Have you ever thought about what is going on in Hell right now?

I did decades ago and God showed me that all you have to do to know what is going on in Hell right now is understand human behavior and use common sense in relation to what the scriptures teach. Jesus told us that the people in Hell can reason and think, when He told us about the rich man talking to Abraham. They will be in a lot of pain and agony but they will still be able to think and do things so they are not just going to be hanging out doing nothing but enjoying the heat.

Let's say that you did what your fake Christian preacher or some pagan preacher told you or you were the victim of some Royal and you woke up in Hell and then, sometime later, they showed up in Hell.

What are you going to do?

You have to understand the situation.

First, both of you will be immortal and cannot be killed but the Bible tells us you will both feel pain and you will be extremely angry at them, you know, furious.

Second, they won't have any money to pay or bribe anyone to help or protect them. Unlike here on Earth, they will be completely vulnerable.

Third, they won't have any weapons but their hands and feet, with which to defend themselves, just like you.

Fourth, they won't have any body guards or an army and, if they did have body guards or an army here on Earth and they also ended up in Hell because of those leaders, the body guards and army will also be angry at those leaders and will not protect or defend them and will help you overwhelm them and beat the living crap out of them.

Remember that you were not the only person they caused harm to here on Earth. The people who will be angry at those leaders will grossly outnumber those leaders so they will be able to easily overwhelm all of them.

Every Royal, religious leader, and others who caused harm to people and went to Hell will be extremely vulnerable to the tens of thousands to millions and, today, even billions of people they lied to and caused harm to. The shoe will suddenly be on the other foot but it is going to be a boot and not a shoe.

So, you are going to naturally join everyone they caused harm to on Earth and beat the living crap out of the leaders until Judgment Day, you know, for a few thousand years. You will be very angry and won't have anything else to do.

And God said, "Be not deceived, your sins will find you out." And God is right.

Common sense and the scriptures should tell you that Alexander the Great, Genghis Khan, Attila the Hun, every Pharaoh, every king, every queen, every Royal, every pagan religious leader in history has spent from hundreds to thousands of years getting the living crap beat out of them by the people they caused harm or lied to on Earth.

Whose is going to stop the people? Why would God stop them from getting what they deserve and did to others?

And God said, "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you." Of course God is not going to protect those leaders from their victims. God is going to let the victims do unto the leaders as the leaders did unto the victims.

Everyone of those great, wonderful, magnificent military, religious, and political leaders the Royals and their professors teach you to look up to and respect as great people, have spent hundreds to thousands of years getting the crap beat out of them in Hell because of the harm they caused others, you know, getting done to them what they did to those others. That is normal human behavior for people who are super ticked off and facing eternal damnation.

Yeah, they will be in pain because of Hell but people who are in prolonged pain often use violence to help relieve the pain.

All of these hundreds of thousands to millions of people who have been murdered by the Western leaders and those making a fortune from the military industry in the Ukrainian War and went to Hell are waiting for these evil monsters when they get to Hell and those monsters who caused harm to those people will be overwhelmed by the superior numbers of those people they caused harm to for money and will spend every second of every minute of every hour of every day getting the crap beat out of them until Judgment Day.

It has to be what the Irish would call, the "Greatest Donny Brook in history".

Muhammad made up his own religion from Sabianism, made up his own rules to get people to murder and die to make him more powerful and wealthy 1,400 years ago. You just know that, every Muslim who believed him, died and went to Hell before him along with all of their victims, most of whom also went to Hell, were waiting for him in Hell and they have all been beating the crap out of him and every Muslim leader who died and went to Hell since then for 1,400 years with more than 1,000 more years until Judgment Day to go.

Every rich Royal slave master is getting the Hell beat out of them by all of the slaves they owned and also ended up in Hell. Every communist leader is getting the Hell beat out of them by their victims who went to Hell. Every evil, greedy, power mad person who caused harm to other people is getting the Hell beat out of them in Hell by their victims, who also went to Hell.

I thank God for my salvation through our Lord Jesus the Christ and that I have spent almost my entire life helping other people. My current court battle is me fighting to help other people, especially the poor, with me being in severe illness and poverty. I don't have to worry about my victims waiting for me in Hell. Because of God, I have people waiting to thank me in Heaven and I get to meet all of the people I have helped and went to Heaven. That will be a good day.

It is your choice, choose wisely.


Remember that I told you about the US Military stopping a terrorist attack with a couple of nukes during the Obama administration?

I have some questions about that.

First, what happened to those people with the nukes and, second, where did they get the nukes?

We never heard a word about those people being arrested or prosecuted, which is one very big reason why I believe it had to be our very popular first black President and his Nation of Islam. If it had been anyone else, it would have been the news for years and would still be talked about by the news more than a decade later. You know that is true and that is one of the biggest reasons why I believe it had to be Mahdi Obama and his Nation of Islam.

The ONLY reason why they NEVER even mentioned who it was HAS to be because it was Mahdi Obama and his Nation of Islam. If it had been ANYONE ELSE, it would have been and would still be the biggest news since WWII.

And, why did the lefty media not question who it was?

They knew and were told by the media owners not to say anything about it.

Now, where did they get the nukes from?

There are a number of possibilities and none of them are good.

The first is we know that Farrakhan had been building the Nation of Islam since at least the 1960s by infiltrating his people into the US Government and Military to be trained and gain experience and left some of them in the Government and Military for a number of reasons including moving them towards the top for control and intel and brought the rest back to the Nation of Islam to build their own nation within our nation or a "shadow government" trained by the US Government. He also sent quite a few of them to college to study various things.

That tells me that the Nation of Islam could have easily built their own secret nuclear weapons lab to build their own nukes.

If so, did the US Military shut their lab down?

I didn't hear anything about it.

They could have also used some of their infiltrated people within the military to sneak nukes out of the US inventory.

If so, did the US Military cut that off?

I didn't hear anything about it.

They could have also paid or bribed Iran, Pakistan, China, or North Korea to give them nukes to use against the US and those nations would have ALL gladly provided those nukes.

If so, did the US Military cut that off?

Obviously not because the Nation of Islam is still working with Iran to plan and manage this war by providing their proxy Iran with tens of billions of dollars and they also have Afghan Joe working with China.

Now, you are a Muslim entity that planned out a nuclear terrorist attack inside the US to make yourselves the greatest terrorists in the history of the world to get more respect from the international Muslim community than Osama Bin Laden got to get those Muslim nations to unite behind you to conquer the world and the US Military stops you without arresting and incarcerating you so what do you do?

That is easy. You infiltrate your people within the Military to the top and into key positions to prevent the US Military from stopping you again, you know, like Afghan Austin, who you know infiltrated Nation of Islam people into the key positions of the Military department that stopped the Nation of Islam nuclear terrorist attack against the US a decade ago. Mission accomplished.

Now all they have to do is get some more nukes and do it again but better and, since most of the people of this nation have moved further away from God and are much more sinful than a decade ago, God isn't going to stop it this time and note that the prophecies God gave me have to do with the most sinful cities in the US like Chicago and LA being destroyed, which is what God would do. Think about it.

God is going to take out the blue side of our nation to free the red side. He is going to take out all of the Sodoms and Gomorrahs in the US and don't be surprised if as many as 100+ million people die in just the US before this is over.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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