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Just how stupid are the media or do they think you are?

They are making up all sorts of fairy tales about why Ron DeSantis dropped out of the race. They have no idea how US politics work at that level or are lying about it.

Everyone running against Trump in the primary except RINO Nikki knew they could not win against Trump in 2024. The ONLY reason they were running in this primary was to test the water and get known by the people for 2028. After they got crushed in Iowa, they realized staying in the game would only hurt them for 2028 and dropped out.

RINO Nikki got into it with the help of the Commierats to try to hurt Trump and get rid of him. She failed and Trump just got stronger but she is staying in for a while to try to cause him harm.

They thought she could get enough Commierat votes to hurt Trump but that didn't work. She is staying in for New Hampshire to try to do the same but there isn't anyone left to take GOP votes from Trump. If she gets crushed in a few more primary elections and doesn't drop out, she will destroy her political career.

But, if she is taking bribes from the lefty upper class trash to keep running, she won't care, especially if those bribes are big enough. Keep an eye on that.

BTW, Trump soundly beat her in New Hampshire but the lefties never quit.


You need to understand that, if Putin plans to stop the US upper class trash by a nuke strike, he has to do it before Trump takes office in a year.

He may be hoping Trump will come in and work with him to put an end to the Ukrainian War but he can only wait for that, if the Royals don't cross his last and most critical red line before that.

Therefore, we are now seeing all of these corrupt lefty leaders ramping up to start WWIII before Trump gets elected because, a president at war is harder to beat in an election but a president who got nuked to death is much easier to beat.

Remember that the West is in the process of stealing over $300 billion from Russia.

In this video she tells you that this is a crime against International Law and will mean that no one's money in any of those banks will be safe.

An easy prediction with that is that increasing numbers of nations and rich individuals will start moving their money out of those banks and into BRICS banks for safer keeping, which will cause those participating banks to start collapsing and going broke, you know, just like the West's sanctions against Russia. They never learn and they never quit.

This theft will justify Russia taking actions against those nations involved in this blatant crime against Russia, including invading to hold their upper class trash Royals and puppets accountable for their crimes against Russia.

Note that the top criminals in these crimes against Russia are Belgium, France, Germany, and the US, which are already on Russia's nuke target list (Belgium because of the EU headquarters). I am surprised that the UK is not involved.

They just can't stop poking the bear.

I told you that, what they will do is give the money to the upper class trash, who will then send old, worn-out, overpriced junk weapons to Ukraine. This is just another way the upper class trash Royals have dreamed up to steal more money from more people faster, you know, the Russian people and, if Russia does not hold them accountable for their crimes, they will get away with it because the upper class trash own all of the people who would arrest, prosecute and incarcerate the criminals.

Note that, in the comments for that video, a number of people stated that this is an act of war and justifies Russia attacking, destroying, and sacking those nations and all involved.

What they are missing because of their arrogance is that they don't own God and His angels so they will be held accountable for their crimes on Judgment Day. They WILL NOT get away with their crimes.


Remember that I have been telling you that Afghan Joe is only putting on the show of helping Israel, while working to stop Israel from destroying his proxy terrorists so the terrorists can continue to murder Israelis?

If you think I am wrong, just keep an eye on something. With these attacks against US bases and the Houthis, no one gets killed and only a few get hurt, maybe. When Afghan Joe strikes the Houthis, they take out "rocket launchers" with not one word of them killing even one Houthi. When Iran attacks US bases, there are always a few who "get hurt" but not one who got killed.

When Israel attacks targets, she always kills people and they tell you how many and the few times Hamas, Hezbollah, or the Houthis kill Israelis, they always tell you how many.

Also, the war in Ukraine has hundreds of people being killed every day, especially from Ukraine.

Do you see the difference there?

The US vs Iran stuff is just show and not real war; it is fake war, while Afghan Joe keeps trying to stop Israel from killing his terrorists. What Israel is doing is not show and is real war. Keep an eye on it because I have been watching closely for months.

Remember that I have been telling you that Afghan Joe is working with Iran, while working against Israel and just putting on a show of helping Israel?

In this video Mark Levin tells you a number of ways Afghan Joe and Blinken are pretending to help Israel while working against her with Iran. He even referred to Mahdi Obama promoting Blinken to a upper level government position.

Then he tells you how Blinken is working to unite all Muslim nations against Israel just like I have been telling you. Then he tells you that, with everything else they are doing failing to stop Israel from destroying the Muslim terrorists, they are now working to stage a political coup within Israel to stop Israel from destroying the Muslim terrorists, which will destroy Israel.

And you think the lefty upper class trash are supporting Israel?

Do you believe me yet about them working for the Nation of Islam with Iran to destroy Israel so the Muslim Mahdi can prove he is the Mahdi to unite all Muslim nations behind him to conquer the world?

Remember that I have been telling you that Gaza was a two-state solution and it failed miserably?

In this video he tells you about that in detail. Finally someone other than me is publically stating that Gaza is a failed two-state solution.

Then he tells you that the US and UK are working together to sabotage Israel by forcing her back into another two-state solution to fail again and cause the destruction of Israel.

He tells you that Netanyahu is sticking to his guns on protecting Israel from destruction by the Muslims, including the Western Muslims who converted to Islam under Mahdi Obama. That in conjunction with the insane determination by the Muslims to destroy Israel will cause the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39; it is just that very few people have figured that last part out yet.

If you go back and study history since the reformation of Israel in 1948, you will find that the Muslim nations, especially those surrounding Israel, have been waging war against Israel in one way or another since then or for 76 years. The Muslims have been trying to destroy Israel for more than three fourths of a century and have really accelerated their war against Israel since Mahdi Obama got into office.

The Muslims do not want peace; they want to destroy Israel and the Western upper class trash Royals know it. They are pretending to be naive about that so more people will not notice it.

Then he tells you that there are good people in the US Government not working against Israel and supporting her protecting her people.

The US, EU, and Saudi Arabia are still increasing pressure on Israel to betray the people of Israel by agreeing to another two-state solution, after the two-state solution in Gaza failed along with everything else the West has done like Afghanistan, Ukraine, Africa, WEF Globalism, sanctions against Russia, and turn their own nations into dictatorships but dey noze what is best for Israel.

Do you believe me yet that the upper class trash Royals are too arrogant to learn and are crazy?


I just saw that a preacher was teaching that, when the world is united against Israel, the Antichrist is in control.

Really, so I guess the Antichrist is in control for the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39, Armageddon, and the final battle too?

When the Bible is talking about THE Antichrist, it is talking about a very specific person for a very specific time and I have seen people deceived and confused about their idea that every evil person is an antichrist and not just satanic.

What this is going to do is cause the people to believe that Obama is the Antichrist, when he is not, and then, when Jesus does not appear for what they are being told is the Battle of Armageddon, when it is not, that preacher is going to look really stupid.

These Battle of Armageddon obsessed preachers keep ignoring that the Tribulation has not even begun along with all of the details of prophecies and keep preaching that this battle, that battle, and every other battle is the Battle of Armageddon and Jesus will return to save us in that battle.

Get it straight, the Battle of Armageddon CANNOT happen until after ALL of the prophecies concerning the Tribulation have been fulfilled and they have not even begun to be fulfilled. Pay attention to the details for prophecy.

I have difficulty believing that these Armageddon obsessed preachers are even true Christians because God has not given them an understanding of scripture and how it works.

Upper Class Trash Royals

I am seeing and watching signs that the upper class trash Royals are fighting back against things like African nations freeing themselves from the oppressive rule of the Royals and potential BRICS nations changing their minds about turning against the oppressive upper class trash Royals and it looks like the Royals are bribing individuals to sell out their nations so the Royals can retain control over those nations to set up their global dictatorship.

And God said, "The love of money is the root to all evil."

They only have to bribe a few individuals within each nation the millions of dollars those people otherwise would not get to maintain control over those nations to keep raking in billions of dollars. And, if those Western nations bribe those people with your tax dollars, it is a win-win for the Royals.

The upper class trash Royals don't have as powerful of armies required to maintain control any more but they can still bribe top level corrupt people within those nations to sell out their people for a while. They probably don't have to bribe more than about 5 or 10 people in most nations. They never quit.

I am watching to see, if those being bribed will end up dead soon.

Keep an eye on this.

I am also watching something else about the Royals. They were all healthy and fine until King Chuck wanted to be king and his mom suddenly got sick, they sent her to Scotland, and she died or got snuffed to get her out of the way.

Now they are trying to get the older Royals to abdicate to get them out of the way and suddenly Princess Kate is in for a surgery they won't tell us about and then King Chuck has to undergo prostate surgery, and now another female Royal is going to have to have surgery for cancer.

The timing for all of this is and should be just a wee bit suspicious so keep an eye on it.

Remember that I have been telling you that it is the upper class trash who are out of touch with reality and keep causing our problems?

This video tells you that is very true. Most of them are clueless about your lives and needs and what is really going on in this world.


Because their idiot lefty college professors sitting out of touch with reality in their white palaces smoking dope, while dreaming up great sounding stupid ideas brainwash and teach them to be out of touch with reality.

The vast majority of them don't know what is going on in this world, anything about the military and war, anything about different religions like true Christianity and Islam, or anything that doesn't have anything to do with living in their upper class trash bubble world.

They think you lowly peasants have too much freedom and you should be forced to live the way they want you to live and they never quit because they arrogantly believe that they are superior to you and they and their clueless college professors can't be wrong so you MUST be wrong.

Think for themselves?

Nah, that would hurt their brains and would not be acceptable in their bubble world. That would be blasphemy.

Life is a Test

God tells us that life is a test and it helps to understand that test and how God gives each and every one of us much more than adequate opportunity to reject evil and choose good.

First, you have to understand that, to be saved, you only need to reject evil and choose good one time for life. That means that, to be eternally damned, you MUST reject good and choose evil EVERY TIME!

Every day that you wake up, God is giving you one more day to choose good over evil and you will get a number of chances during that day. That means that in just one year, you get at least 364 chances to choose good and reject evil and you only have to do it one time for life.

For simplicity's sake, let's say you reach the age of accountability at 10 years of age, some do later and some do sooner. If you live to be 30 years of age, you will get 7,280+ opportunities to choose good and reject evil and to be eternally damned you will have to choose evil at least 7,280+ times consecutively. If you live to be 70 years of age, you will get 21,840+ chances to choose good and reject evil and, to be eternally damned, you will have to choose evil 21,840+ consecutive time.

Those estimates are very conservative because you probably get several chances each day to choose good over evil. Not one person condemned into eternal damnation on Judgment Day will be able to claim they did not have adequate opportunity. If you die and go into eternal damnation, you deserve it because you chose it thousands to tens of thousands of times, rejecting good every time. God will not want to spend eternity with you because He very clearly gave you much more than adequate opportunity to choose good and you rejected it every time, choosing evil and eternal damnation every time.

That is your test called life so choose wisely and soon.

That tells you that these evil people running our world have chosen evil and eternal damnation tens to hundreds of thousands of times consecutively because they love their sins. They have well established eternal reservations in Hell and the Lake of Fire waiting for them.

I guarantee that, on Judgment Day, almost all to all of you will gasp in horror at how evil each of these upper class trash Royal things and their puppets really were. If you compare these satanic things to the most terrifying human mythological monsters, those monsters will look like cute little kittens.

Everyone looks at Godzilla as being a horrible monster because it destroys a city. These evil things are destroying entire nations of people, killing all of the mothers and fathers off in wars and then selling the surviving children as sex slaves, all for their love of money and are starting to openly admit part of it.

The reason they got mad at Putin for rescuing orphans from the ravages of the Ukrainian War is because Putin stopped them from making more money selling those orphans as sex slaves. "Why, he cost them THEIR money!"

People, these evil things have been openly telling you that they plan to depopulate better than 95% of the people on this planet by murdering off all of them, their nations, their children, and selling the rest of you into slavery to make them more of their wonderful money. They plan to butcher, murder, slaughter, and enslave an entire planet full of people for their love of money.

Destroying a city is nothing to these beasts.

You have to know that Satan is exceedingly proud of them. He boasts about them to his demons.

When they talk about misinformation or disinformation, what they are talking about is the horrid truth about themselves and how evil they really are.

God has caused me to see behind their terrible satanic curtain too many times so that I recognize their evil, what they are really doing and why. These wicked monsters have chosen evil and rejected good at least hundreds of thousands of times and have earned the right to burn in the Lake of Fire forever and I have to remind myself that the reason God has not already sent them to Hell is because life is a test and God uses these horrible beasts to tempt others into choosing evil over good to test those others but God has also shown me that this part of the test is almost over because He has almost had enough.

Remember that Jesus told you that, in our last days of this part of the test, "it will be as it was in the days of Noah" or just before the flood part of the test. Just look around at how horrid these evil things are and that is what God destroyed with the flood and what God will soon destroy with His last day judgments including the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39, the Tribulation, and, finally, the Battle of Armageddon and they can't get here soon enough.

Then we will get 1,000 wonderful years of peace with Jesus ruling as our king with no crimes or war but He also told us that, "everyone MUST be tested" so that EVERYONE who will have been conceived by that time and has not been tested, MUST be tested so that He will turn Satan loose on the Earth one more time "for a little while" for the last test before Judgment Day and eternity. I am so much looking forward to that first day of eternity.

Choose wisely and pass God's test.


Russia is making increasingly larger and larger gains in Ukraine except where they are fighting fresh NATO troops. In those areas NATO is either attacking with Russia holding ground and NATO taking big losses or NATO is losing ground more slowly for now.

Increasing numbers of Ukrainian/NATO forces are surrendering, mostly in small groups but those groups are getting larger.

This video shows that Ukraine/NATO troops are losing a lot of ground and taking heavy losses. Don't worry, the upper class trash Royals will have their idiot puppets send in more NATO troops to die because they never quit.

Note that he tells you that 4 nations have committed to signing a defense treaty with Ukraine with only the UK and Poland having signed and Canada and France just talking about signing. When he lists the names of those countries, he is telling you in which nations Russia will have to kill the upper class trash Royals and their puppets to stop their insanity.

Notice that the UK is ALWAYS in over their eyeballs on everything, even when the US is not involved and they are constantly getting others to fight as proxies for the UK, even the US. That is because the British Royals in the UK are the primary source of these problems and clearly plan to end this with them ruling the world. The ONLY thing that will stop their insanity is their deaths and Putin knows it.

Remember that about 5 or 6 months ago the arrogant upper class trash Royals and their puppets thought they are so wonderful that Putin wouldn't dare to attack them? Remember that a few months ago the inbred idiots began to wake up to the reality that Putin is ramping up to invade their nations?

This video shows the idiots are so terrified about Putin getting ready to invade Europe and they are trying to guess when he will invade. Some are saying Putin will invade in 2025, others are saying they have 3 to 5 years to get ready, and you should not be surprised if he stages a surprise preemptive attack this year.

He isn't going to wait until all of these arrogant fools ramp up for war and are ready to stop him.

Mean while, the head jerk at NATO is trying to keep the lie going that Putin wouldn't dare attack the elites so people will continue to send their weapons to Ukraine to keep Russia pended down without realizing that, when Russia invades Europe, Ukraine won't get any more weapons to continue fighting with and that war will be over. All Putin is doing right now is using Ukraine to further deplete the western troops, weapons, and munitions to make the rest of the war easier to win.

The West is trying to keep Ukraine fighting to keep Russia pinned down so they can ramp up to fight Russia by sending Ukraine the weapons they need for ramping up to fight Russia. Yep, that is going to work well. Sooner or later, Ukraine is going to run out of weapons and Russia and her allies are going to own Europe. It isn't if but when and you can thank the idiot upper class trash and their puppets for that.


This video tells you about a new taxation plan to launder more money into the pockets of the government from the rich so the government and their upper class trash owners can launder more of that money into their greedy pockets.

What is going to happen?

It is going to backfire on them like crazy because now more of the rich will leave the state and take their businesses and money with them so the state will go broke, their economy will finish going to third world poverty, and only the poor will live there until they run out of money. That is a very easy prediction.

They just chased off almost all of the rest of the people who own all of the businesses and are going to cause most of the illegal aliens to move to Commiefornia. It could easily turn into the poorest place on the planet. People, the greedy morons just turned a state that was one of the 5 strongest economies in the world into one of the poorest economies in the world.

You think those over educated morons are not out of touch with reality?


I knew this was going to happen. Check this video out.

I knew that Afghan Joe was going to go to the Middle East, beef up our troops to make it look like the US is supporting Israel, then, after some fake attacks to justify pulling our troops out to get the troops out who will not invade Israel and murder every man, woman, and child, he will pull those troops out "to keep the war from spreading".

They will pull the troops out of Syria next.

Then I found out that the US is "retreating from Syria" too.


Remember that I have been telling you that Europe is imploding like Rome did?

This video shows that their economy is dying because, as Germany goes, so goes the rest of Europe because Germany is the strongest economy in Europe.

Now, with Africa and Russia taking resources away from Europe, they are dead in the water. This proves that Rome II is dying because of their greedy upper class trash with the US not too far behind.

I am wondering if Russia will have to invade with Africa or just take out top targets, especially the upper class Royals, or if most of the EU nations will bail on NATO and the EU to make buds with Russia to save their butts or some combination of that? Do you believe me yet that the upper class trash are really out of touch with reality and destroying the West?

Then, by the strangest magic coincidence, I found this video telling us about a number of EU nations considering leaving the EU to save their butts, including Netherlands, Sweden, Poland, and Germany. More and more of their people and people in other nations have had enough and want out of the EU. The Royal WEF Globalism is shattering.

Just like I have been telling you for years, the EU, NATO, UN, WHO, and other Western run international organizations are all dying because they are failing at everything they do because they are being run by idiots.


Remember that I have been telling you that it is important to know what others believe because that determines how they will think and what they will do?

This is a very good video about religion. He starts out telling you that the war in Israel is a religious war like I have been telling you. He also points out that Islam is growing quickly but not that most of the converts are lefties.

Then he tells you that people of different religions THINK differently just like I have been telling you. You know, you have to understand what others believe because what they believe determines how they think and how they think determines what they will do.

He points out that Muslims and Christians believe and think differently.

Note that he also pointed out a few of the different Muslim sects but not that they have been murdering each other for 1,400 years.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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