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Idiots In Law

They just convicted the mother of a mass shooter for the crimes committed by her son. That just set a really stupid precedence in law because now they can convict Afghan Joe for Hunter Biden's crimes and the GOP should charge right into that.

That was extremely stupid but the question is now, "Will the GOP take advantage of that legal precedence to go after Afghan Joe and other lefties?"

If I were a GOP attorney, I would be all over that like skin going after Afghan Joe and other lefties and then watch how fast they reverse the court decision against the mother.

People, if you can send one parent to prison for the crimes their child committed, you can send all parents to prison for the crimes their children committed because in 1977 the US Supreme Court ruled that all laws must be enforced equally and fairly so that they apply to everyone.

We KNOW that the children of lefties are much, much more likely to commit crimes so you would be able to send many more lefties to prison for the crimes their children have committed, especially upper class lefties like the very wealthy, corrupt politicians, corrupt bureaucrats, lefty judges, lefty DAs, lefty media, lefty academe, and lefty voters.

The proof of that is that better than 90% of the people in prison are lefties with very few conservatives in prison. Hollywood loves to make it look like everyone in prison is red neck conservative but that is a lefty Hollywood lie.

Remember that the reason lefties hate God is because they hate His Laws, you know, you will not lie, steal or murder people. They have even been making it very clear over the last few years they hate all law.

That means that lefty children are at least 9 to 10 times (conservatively estimating) more likely to commit crimes than conservative children.

Based on my observations over the decades, it would be a very conservative estimate to say that you could easily put at least 60% to 70% of the lefties in prison because of the crimes their children commit, especially drug abuse, and that estimate should be even higher for rich and powerful lefties like politicians, bureaucrats, upper class trash, judges, DAs, media, and academe, probably in the range of 70% to 80% plus and that would clean up Washington DC and all blue cities and states really fast, though we would have to build a lot more prisons or just build walls around the blue cities.

You can bet that the idiot judge and DA who got that woman wrongfully convicted are running around patting themselves on the back bragging, "Look what we did." If I were a conservative attorney, I would quickly investigate that DA, their entire legal team, the judge, and the jury who convicted that woman to see if any of their children have committed crimes and, if they did, those parents should also go to jail.

That is easily one of the stupidest great sounding ideas I have ever seen the left do. They didn't just open a Pandora's box, they opened a Pandora's container ship.

And God said, "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you."

Keep an eye on this.

Royals and Cancer

Why did I say that the Royal inbreeding may cause or contribute to them having cancer?

If you study molecular biology, you learn a lot of very interesting things; A LOT! One thing you learn is that inbreeding causes genetic damaged, which causes cells to not function right, which is what causes birth defects like hemophilia, decreased intelligence, increased insanity, sterility, physical deformities, and other birth defects.

Within your DNA is a mechanism that, when turned on, causes the cell to reproduce and, if that mechanism becomes damaged so it turns on and stays turned on, that is what causes cancer.

Therefore, (my medical hypothesis) since inbreeding damages DNA, it is possible that it could at least contribute to and maybe even cause cancer.

That is why I told you to keep an eye on it.

With all of the medical problems I have seen their inbreeding is causing by studying their history, I came to the conclusion years ago that I would be surprised if the Royal Families could survive another 100 to 200 years and, with so many of them having so many medical problems right now, that inbreeding extinction could be happening right now so keep an eye on it.

The Bible and Science

If you combine the studies of genetics with the Bible, you learn some very interesting things. I have told you there is a lot of hidden science in the Bible.

First, for God to have made mankind immortal, it would have required that He made our DNA self healing so that, when any damage happened to our DNA, our other DNA would quickly repair that damage. THAT is the only way we humans could have been immortal.

When God first made man mortal, He had to decrease the healing effect of our DNA so that it took 500 to 1,000 years for us to accumulate enough genetic damage to kill us. (If our scientists and MDs didn't hate God, the Bible, and God's Laws, they could learn so very much from them.) Genetically, it is possible that all God did was permanently cover up the genetic codes for immortality but He may have also removed a few chromosomes.

Following the Flood, God decreased our life expectancies even more, down to eventually a maximum of about 120 years, which would have required Him to change our DNA again, decreasing the self healing effect even more.

That is when the genetic damage began to be passed from one generation to the next and, with our ancestors inbreeding so very much (at first out of necessity), especially the Royals because of their arrogance, humans began to have birth defects about 100 to 200 years after Moses (ie. Tutankhamen, who had serious birth defects from inbreeding), which is why, at that time, God gave Moses laws that decreased the amount of inbreeding we were doing to decrease the damage being caused by that inbreeding but ye ole smarty pants Royals didn't listen to God because dey noze better dan God because dey is are be gods, which is why their inbreeding problems are increasingly severe today and they could be on the verge of extinction.

I have been watching the increasing problems in humans today, partly because of that inbreeding, and became convinced that mankind couldn't last more than a few hundred years and Royals are really screwed even worse. That is part of why we are having so much increasing infertility and other medical problems today and I have told you about that.

Now, lefties have it much worse because of their love of recreational drugs because we have known for more than 60 years that ALL recreation drugs, including alcohol and tobacco, cause cell damage, including DNA damage, which is why I never used recreational drugs except for alcohol for a few months right after I left high school and before college.

For example, we didn't have a problem with mentally challenged kids in school when I was a kid in the 50s and 60s. Today, about 65 years later, we have a pandemic of mentally challenged kids in schools and, if you check, you will find that those kids' parents use recreational drugs, which should tell you those drugs are causing genetic damage to the parents' sex cells, causing those children to be mentally challenged.

Now, keep in mind the damage caused in Royals by inbreeding and know that all of the lefty Royals use recreational drugs a lot, causing much more damage and that damage is building up in their DNA. That is why I believe the Royals cannot last another 200 years; they are genetically killing themselves off and that may be partly what their increasing cancer is all about.

Now, for God to make us immortal again for Paradise, He is going to have to give us those self healing bodies He gave Adam and Eve that will quickly heal all DNA damage so it won't accumulate in our cells to cause enough cells to die so we die.

Boy, am I going to enjoy that body forever, especially after my prolonged illness. That body is going to be wonderful.

My studies and observations tell me that God has to intervene soon or there won't be any humans left to save.

You should study the Book of Revelation AFTER studying all of the hard sciences. That is a massive eye opener. The way our planet and sun are dying right now and how fast that will accelerate during the soon coming Tribulation, if Jesus doesn't come and heal everything soon, "there will be no flesh let" or life left.

You have to understand that, when something like a planet or sun dies, towards the end, the catastrophe accelerates very quickly to a sudden and violent death. I have been watching that rapid acceleration of the death of this planet and sun for more than 60 years, it has gotten really bad, and is about to enter the phase of acceleration described in the Book of Revelation.

It also tells me that God is going to intervene to delay that final destruction to give Jesus time to come at the end of the Tribulation as planned. Without that intervention by God, our cosmos would cease to exist by the second or third year of the Tribulation, you know, when the stars are rolled up like a scroll.

In 1998 scientists proved conclusively that our cosmos will continue to expand until everything flies apart beginning at the outer edges of our cosmos and that is exactly what that scripture describes so that science proved the Bible right. When I first read that, I knew that God would have to intervene at that time or the Tribulation would end right then because EVERYTHING would fly apart.

In some dreams, later God showed me that He will intervene to keep our galaxy and the next large galaxy from flying apart, which is why the Bible says later that there will still be stars.

You really should study all of the hard sciences and then study the Bible. It will scare the living crap out of you because it is much worse than what most people believe. Without God, there is no way this planet could last another 15 years and that is a conservative estimate because it probably couldn't last another 5 years.

Just look at the greatly increasing seismic activity on Earth and increasing activity of the sun. They are both about to blow themselves apart and the Bible tells us that in the last 7 judgments the sun will expand, which is the first part of a super nova, and be about to implode and go super nova, when Jesus gets to town to save your butts. If He were to delay His coming at all, you would go out with a really big bang that would take out the entire solar system.

Hey, you could get to go flying through space at super duper sonic speed singing the 1960's Dave Clark Five song chorus, "I'm in pieces, bits and tiny pieces."

I have been watching all of that since before 1970.

There is a massive amount of science hidden in the Bible so that true science, not God hating pagan science, explains much more about the Bible.

Gee, I wonder why the Bible tells us that people will be dying from fear and committing suicide?

BTW, every time they come out with some new technology some poser Christians claim it is the "mark of the beast" to distract people from the truth. They just came out with some new goggles for viewing stuff and I just saw a video telling us it is the mark of the beast. Oooooo! And then next week, next month, or next year they will come out with some new gadget and it will be "the mark of the beast"!

Quit listing to idiots and read the Bible.

What is the mark of the beast?

God told you that it is the number 666 tattooed on the back of the right hand or forehead just like the Muslims have been doing for 1,400 years but Satan keeps telling you it is this, that, or something else to distract you from the true mark of the beast so it will be easier to get more of you to accept the mark of the beast.

"But, hey, it gots tuh be duh gadgets cause dat is more sci-fi. Hey, it gots tuh be spacy aliens. It caint be whut the Bible said because we noze better dan tuh beliebs duh Bible."

Banking Mess

What is causing all of this banking mess?

I warned you about that decades ago. It is the extreme greed of the bankers and the corrupt politicians they bribe.

What they did is make it legal for banks to "print money" by what they are allowed to do with the money people put into their banks.

They are allowed to loan out 90% of what the people put into their accounts and then loan out another 90% of what they loaned out so they are creating money out of thin air, which is why they took money off of the gold standard so they could create money out of thin air, what in the business world we call "printing money", and then they get to loan out another 90% of the second amount they loaned out, printing more money out of thin air, and then they get to loan out 90% of the last amount they loaned out, printing more money out of thin air and so forth.

How many times they can do that changes so it may be 4 times or 6 times or more, pending what the national banking regulations say that year.

Let's say you deposit $10,000 and they get to loan out for 4 different times. The first loan is for $9,000, the second loan is for $8,100, the third loan is for $7,290, and the fourth time is for $6,561 for a total of $30,951 with $21,951 they made up out of thin air. If two or more of those loans go bust, they lose more money than they had or, if there is a run on the bank, they don't have any real money available to give to even most of their depositors.

For the most part, all the banks have to give their customers trying to withdraw money is deeds for land, bonds, and loan contracts. It takes very few people withdrawing all of their money to break the banks.

It is a legalized racket that the upper class trash can easily make go bust to cause you to lose all of your money, while they keep most their money they made from that racket in other investments, and that is what is happening.

They have more ways to screw you while protecting themselves than you can imagine.

Royals and Law

Remember that I have told you that the Royals and their puppets have made themselves above the law so they can commit any crimes they want?

Mayorkas just got a pass on being impeached because too many of the criminals in Congress gave him a pass on his blatantly obvious crimes (they had bribed enough Republicans to vote against impeachment, which is why Mayorkas arrogantly grinned through the entire impeachment process). He should have been impeach, prosecuted, and imprisoned for his crimes a long time ago but they cover for each other, making them complicit in each other's crimes. They are not going to remove or prosecute each other because they need each other in their place to keep from being prosecuted for their crimes.

It is what we used to call the "good ole boy system" or organized crime, where they all protect each other to get protected by each other. That is what happens when you let criminals run everything.

Do you understand why they don't want Trump as president to put all of their butts in jail?

Do you believe me yet that our Republic is dead and just not finished kicking yet because they are killing it?

That is what I am concerned may happen with my court case but I keep praying God will take care of that because I am fighting it for everyone and God told me to fight for everyone, which God may have told me to do to teach me how corrupt our courts are.

Based on what is going on, Mayorkas is already causing people to be killed and knows it. He should be held responsible and accountable for those homicides and the members of Congress who voted to not impeach him should be held complicit and as accomplices in his crimes. They all committed crimes against you.


Remember that I have been telling you that the Nation of Islam and Iran are using Iran's proxies to get other Muslim nations to unite to destroy Israel?

This video shows a leader of the Houthis shaming the Muslim nations to get them to unite to destroy Israel. He is rebuking them for not doing what I told you they are trying to get those nations to do. Gee, what a magic coincidence.

Netanyahu won't do what Afghan Joe wants so Afghan Joe has insisted on talking to or having Blinken talk to the head of Israel's military. I don't think he will take a bribe to betray Netanyahu and Israel.

I wish all of the idiots would stop talking about the hostages because they are just helping Hamas cause problems for Israel. Get it straight, Hamas is NOT going to give up the rest of the hostages because then they would not have anyone left to hide behind and, from what I have found out, most of the rest of them are already dead. Hamas is probably going to kill the rest of them before they die so deal with it because nothing will change that. Hamas planned to do that from the start.

BTW, God is using all of this anti-Semitism outside of Israel to drive Hebrews back to Israel. Those who don't go home will probably be killed.


Remember that I told you that the real Noah's Ark is on Mt Ararat and not in some rolling hills like Ron Wyatt claims?

This video about a 1990's expedition to inspect Noah's Ark tells us a number of very important things about Noah's Ark.

Note that they made two trips to see the Ark.

First, it tells us that there are quite a few people who have seen it, many of them professionals. The Ark is really there.

Second, it tells you that both Turkey and Russia know where Mt Ararat and Noah's Ark are. That means Putin knows.

Third, it tells you like I told you that the locals know that it is Noah's Ark on the mountain.

It tells you about some of the structure of the Ark in that it has three floors or layers and it has broken into about 3 parts with some of those parts being downhill from the rest.

There is a huge amount of evidence and large number of eye witnesses to the fact that there was a global flood but the God haters ignore that and claim it is just a myth, you know, with lots of eye witnesses. Part of that myth is still on Mt Ararat proving the Bible is true and God is real.

Then I found this incredible video that documents sightings of Noah's Ark on Mt. Ararat by at least dozens of people over thousands of years, especially in the last few hundred years, with many in the last 50 years. They also interviewed dozens of modern scientists who explained proofs for the Flood.

The video is much longer than I like to post but it is really well done. Also, I was writing this article as I was watching the video so I was stopping to write about what I saw and then would watch some more.

They tell you about 270 flood stories from around the world in almost every culture telling about Noah's Ark.

Wow, just past the midpoint, it confirmed my hypothesis about a meteor shower I told you about more than 2 decades ago that "broke up the fountains of the deep" just like the Bible says that I posted in the top section of essays in Nov 1999 as "Scientific Analysis of the Flood" that I still believe is the best analysis of the Flood. It is the 14th essay for this blog so it is only the 14th from the top.

They think it was caused by one meteor and don't seem to have considered the cumulative effect of a shower of meteors created by the planet that used to orbit between Mars and Jupiter that caused the asteroid belt now there following its explosion and I explain the evidence that my hypothesis is based on. All of my hypotheses are based on science, evidence, and observations.

Then they interviewed a scientist from the Pentagon who explained details for the progress of the flood that was very close to what I explained with only some differences for which I explained those differences based on evidence, geology, meteorology, and physics. It was a very good explanation with visuals.

That video shows absolute proof of Noah's Ark on Mt. Ararat and that the global Flood really did happen and God haters and ignorant people don't believe it. They didn't tell you about satellite pictures provided by NASA in the late 1960s showing the Ark at rest on Mt. Ararat that I clearly remember seeing in news papers. The Ark was in two pieces at that time with one piece above the other piece by at least a few hundred feet.

Am I an old fart or what? I prefer the term elderly flatulence.

Then they interviewed a guy who told you about having seen the Ark in a satellite photo proving me right again. Then they talked to a couple of government people including military who told you that our government has satellite and plane reconnaissance pictures showing Noah's Ark, labeled as Noah's Ark.

One reason they don't show that absolute evidence to you is because the pagan God haters are in control of the government and they would try to destroy anyone who does show you those pictures.

I believe that God has preserved the Ark for 4,400 years because He is getting ready to bring the Ark down from Mt. Ararat to prove the Bible to be true and that He exists, you know, and disprove the lie of evolution. That may be why God is permitting the weather to get warmer to melt the snow and ice covering the Ark to make it easier to get the Ark down and find all of the debris.

I also believe that there are other time capsules of God that will soon prove the Bible and God to be true. It is about to get very interesting but, first, I think God is going to get rid of most of the lefty pagan leaders and media so the truth can be made known to the world.

Now, why did Ron Wyatt claim that he found Noah's Ark in some rolling hills miles away from Mt. Ararat?

The only reason I can think of is to discredit the Bible by claiming the Ark is not on Mt. Ararat, which would be the same reason why he claimed Moses crossed the Gulf of Aqaba instead of the Red Sea.

That is the same reason Satan infiltrates poser Christians into the church, especially as greedy preachers, who care more about their bank accounts than they care about your souls. Those preachers are a big part of the cause for the problems we are having now because they turned too many people away from believing the Bible and to believing pagan lies like evolution.

God is going to disprove evolution with His time capsules and chase those people back to the Bible and salvation. Maybe those preachers should have spent more time in the Bible and less time in their bank accounts.

Remember that man plans, God laughs but Satan also plans and God laughs too.

You just saw a lot of very good evidence that Noah's Ark really is on Mt. Ararat and I pray and hope they bring it down soon.


This video teaches you why different things are being shoved down your throats because of organizations like the CIA and other organizations "lobbying" producers and studios to include their lies in the films the producers make to promote those organizations' goals. Note that they are funded by the upper class trash to promote their insanity.

It is like Mark said, this crap doesn't just happen by accident. There are people and groups working to deceive you to believe and think the way they want you to think so you will do what they want you to do.


An update for Ukraine is that Russia is increasing her gains, continuing to destroy strategic sites with missiles and drones, and crushing Ukraine. The only difference is that it is quickly getting worse for Ukraine.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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