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They are saying that Russia has scheduled its main offensive for May to let the ground thaw out and dry up. We will see.

This video shows that Ukraine is under, what we call, a bombardment. That is always done to weaken an area to prepare for an invasion. This bombardment has been increasing for at least 3 or 4 days now and is going to get worse just before the invasion.

If Russia is waiting until May for their invasion of Ukraine, there won't be much left to invade. I think you might want to keep an eye open for an earlier surprise preemptive attack.

He tells you that the embassy of Kazakhstan, a Russian ally, is telling its people to get out of Kharkiv and Odessa areas because they know that is where the Russian invasion will first focus.

If you have been paying attention to his videos, you should see that Russia has been bombarding and devastating the Ukrainian troops for weeks now so that the Ukrainian troops often cannot even hold their line. He shows you that in the rest of that video.

This video tells you that Russia has been taking ground since they took Avdiivka because they destroyed too many Ukrainian troops.

The general said that Ukraine is caught between taking heavy losses or giving up ground but, if you take heavy losses, you will give up ground, which is why they are now giving up ground just like I told you would happen. I can't believe their NATO generals can't figure that out.

Hey, it must be that reprobate mind thingy.

This video shows that the Europeans are terrified of Russia. Every time Putin sneezes, they launch air planes.


Because they know they cannot defeat Russia, they know that, if they were in Putin's place with them poking the bear, they would have already invaded their nations and executed themselves, they know that Putin is ramping up for a war with them, and they know they should be executed for their crimes against Russia and the Russian people.

Their fear is caused by their guilt but they are so irrational and stupid that they can't quit poking the bear.


Remember that I told you years ago that the UN, EU, NATO, and other international organizations setup by the West would cease to exist or be considered totally useless?

Just like in this video more and more people are asking, "What good is the UN", especially when they never really do anything but waste money posturing and pretending to be useful.

It is happening now as more and more people realize that these organizations don't really do anyone any good.

Then I found this video of Macgregor working to fight against WHO and "globalist bureaucrats". The people are increasingly realizing the dangers of these power mad and oppressive international organizations as God continues to open eyes and are now fighting back. They do not like what they have seen.

Afghan Joe

His own lefties are now calling Afghan Joe, "Genocide Joe". Yep, I don't think they support him and want him to be the next president.

It is getting worse and worse really fast for Afghan/Genocide Joe so keep an eye out for Chicago.

The LEFTIES have planned a protest outside of and during his big money maker party in New York City on March 28, 2024.

What is it going to take for the upper class trash to realize that Afghan Joe is in big trouble? Do they have it planned to super duper rig the election enough to get even Hitler elected?

Keep an eye on this.

This is the most important election in US history because, if the Commierats win and keep control of the US, there won't be a US in 4 years and too many people don't realize that.

Repeating History

This is one of my early morning articles, you know, when I should be in bed sleeping. I was lying there thinking and talking to God, when God showed me some interesting things I have not taught you yet but knew about. "Hey, stupid, I want you to teach them about this."

Our arrogant, moron, upper class trash Royals have to be the stupidest people in history because they are RIGHT NOW repeating the history that brought Rome down to rubble. Those Roman ruins you see everywhere were caused by the Roman elites and their greed.

I have already taught you that their arrogance had destroyed their common sense, which has made them fools, which is why all of their plans are failing but you ain't seen nuttin' yet. You are about to see new Roman ruins in those blue cities.

And God said, "Pride goes before the fall," and that fall has already begun. It isn't if or when but is now.

Think about this. Our arrogant, upper class trash Royal fools and their fool puppets are bringing immigrants into our Western nations to give them cheap control over you and to protect them from you but you are not their greatest threat.

Did you know that the Goths and Visigoths that sacked Rome and all of the Roman Empire were immigrants?

That is right, they migrated into Europe (gee, what a magic coincidence) from West Asia and the Middle East through Russia. Alaric and his Goths were migrants who moved into the outskirts of the Roman Empire and the Roman elites hired them to protect the elites from other Germanic migrants invading Europe and the Roman Empire so those greedy elites could destroy their Roman Army to fill their greedy pockets the same way our elites have destroyed our military and law enforcement to fill their greedy pockets and are hiring illegal immigrants to come into the West, you know, Europe, the US, and Canada. Gee, what a magic coincidence.

And God said, "There is nothing new under the sun."

Did you notice that, when our elites defund the police, they don't decrease your taxes?

That is because they still take that tax money from you but put it into their greedy pockets, which is the real reason the elites are defunding the police. That is the same reason why the Roman elites hired the Gothic immigrants so they could put more of their military money in their greedy pockets or coin purses.

The same reason why our elites are bringing immigrants into the West is so the elites can pay them less so they can put most of your wages into their greedy pockets just like they are putting more of our law enforcement and military budgets into their greedy pockets by destroying our military and law enforcement.

Remember that I told you that Alaric and his Goths fought and died for pennies UNTIL they realized they could make much more money by sacking those greedy elites than dying fighting for those greedy elites for table scraps so they sacked those greedy elites in Rome?

So, how long do you think it will take for our illegal immigrants or our "Goths" to realize they can make much, much, much more in much less time by sacking our greedy elites the way Alaric and his Goths sacked their greedy elites?

I have already showed you that it has already begun to happen and our arrogant elites are too stupid to figure it out so they just keep bringing more and more of our Goths into our nations and now our Visigoths are here.

Remember that I told you that the immigrants and our local criminals already started raiding the businesses where our elites shop, robbing those businesses and the elites shopping there, and they have already started following those elites home and robbing them at home more than a year ago, because they realized they can make much more stealing from those businesses than stealing from where you shop?

Now picture this, those immigrants go into and rob or sack those elites' homes and then go home telling the other immigrants about the extravagant wealth they saw and stole in those elite homes.

Just think where do you think those other immigrants will want to go to steal from, your middle class homes or those elites' homes, where they can steal much more in much less time?

"Hey, let's go sack the homes for Bill Gates, Zuckerberg, Bezos, Cook, Pelosi, Schumer, Soros, and the other rich lefties, you know, the stupid people."

The Goths are already sacking Rome II right now and the fool elites have not figured it out yet. That is why Rome II is falling right now.

It is only a matter of time until the illegal aliens the upper class trash are paying thousands of dollars to invade our nations realize that, instead of making thousands of dollars stealing from you, they can make millions of dollars stealing from the elites who are only paying them thousands of dollars or table scraps and some of them have already figured it out.

Alaric and his immigrant Goths sacked Rome but the Visigoth immigrants came in right behind him and sacked all of France, Spain, and the WESTERN Roman Empire just like today's illegal immigrants are already sacking our WESTERN Roman Empire II. Gee, what a magic coincidence.

Our fool elites are repeating history RIGHT NOW! You are living the fall of Rome II RIGHT NOW!

You have to understand that the fool elites think it is their money that protects them because they have been able to bribe our stupid politicians and bureaucrats to use our law enforcement and military to protect them but the idiots have destroyed our law enforcement and military so those corrupt politicians and bureaucrats no long have those forces to use to protect the elites so those corrupt politicians and bureaucrats have become worthless to the elites.

The elites are about to learn a very important lesson the hard way. Their money not only does not protect them but it is a magnet that will draw the immigrants to them to sack them when there are no longer law enforcement and militaries to protect them from being sacked and those arrogant fools have already brought our Goths inside our gates. Without law enforcement and a military, their money makes them the best targets on the planet and easy prey.

That means they don't have any protection except for the handful of bodyguards they hire themselves but those bodyguards can be easily overwhelmed by the tens of millions of illegal immigrants the elites brought inside our gates and the arrogant fools are too stupid to realize that.

A very easy prediction is that you will very soon see the illegal immigrants the elites are bringing into this nation will be sacking those same elites and their homes with their armies, when the immigrants realize those elites don't have any protection anymore because those elites sacked their law enforcement and militaries. It will be like taking candy from overgrown kids.

And where are they taking those "Goths"?

To their big blue cities that those arrogant, fool elites live in and near to work for "table scraps" and those Goths are already openly attacking people in those blue cities.

Our Military

Why is our military having trouble getting recruits?

Because, instead of hearing stories from our veterans, you know, their fathers, brothers, and friends, about how they defeated the terrible enemy, they are hearing stories how those veterans' friends senselessly died fighting to make the upper class trash military industry more money and those young people don't want to die fighting to make our greedy upper class trash more wealth.

Our upper class trash Royals and their puppets have destroyed our militaries with their greedy and not just by destroying the weapons and munitions but also by destroying the moral of future troops with their insanity.

The upper class trash Royals are their own worst enemies and they are too greedy stupid to realize it. They have become so insanely focused on stealing more and more and more money that they refuse to back up and see the damage their greed is causing so they just keep making things worse.

And you think those arrogant fools are more intelligent than you? Really?


I am watching something very interesting. Suddenly, Russia just quit threatening the US with nukes and saying that they have no intensions for Europe.

This sudden change tells me something is going on and I am watching to see what.

Is this sudden change because Putin has suddenly become scared and backed down by the West bluffing that didn't back him down before?

That is very unlikely.

Are they just working to convince the West that they were just bluffing so they can now stage a surprise nuke attack against the West, you know, make the West feel more confident so they will let their guard down?

That is more likely and, on the street, that is called a sucker punch, but it could also be something else. Keep an eye on this.

Royals and Puppets

ALWAYS remember that the Royals, their puppets, and especially their lefty college professors and media are living out of touch with reality in their bubble worlds thinking they know how best for you to live in reality.

They wouldn't know reality if it walked right over them every day.

That is no exaggeration because, when I lived in Los Angeles, I got to see and experience the world of the rich and it is very, very different from most of your worlds. When I was in LA 35 to 40 years ago (I have read a number of times it is worse today), I was friends with a man who was worth more than 200 million, which, at that time, put you in the top 1%. I sat in the owner's booth for the LA Kings ice hockey team with rich people, and regularly ran around with, worked with, and knew rich people. They respected me a lot and it went to my head. It felt really good to be respected by the rich.

I was looked up to by people who were more wealthy than anyone in this town will be looked up to by and these people in this town look down their noses at me because my illness plunged me into poverty. I achieved more in my life than any of these people in this town will ever achieve and was told I was famous in the bicycle racing circles around the world. Most of these people here don't even know my name. THAT is a lesson in humility.

And God said, "Pride goes before the fall," and He didn't lie.

There is a huge warehouse in downtown LA that, every morning they bring in huge loads of pre sorted fruits and vegetables with at least a sample case open in each load for inspection. Professional buyers walk around that place placing bids on the different loads of food with the highest bids being place by the restaurants the richest people eat at because those people can and will pay more for the same meals to have better quality food and you can taste the difference.

The next highest bids are placed by the next lower level restaurants the next lower level of rich people eat at and the food stores the richest people have their servants buy their groceries at and you people get what is left, when the bidding is over.

That is right, none of the richest people even know what the inside of a grocery store looks like because they hire people to do their grocery shopping for them. They don't even go to their own stores to look around because they hire other people to do that for them.

They are COMPLETELY out of touch with your reality in every way. I used to drive 15 miles across LA, past dozens of normal grocery stores, to a rich person's grocery store in Marina Del Rey because they had the best fruits and vegetables for a little bit more.

The only time ANY of the rich go to a store to buy ANYTHING is when they are buying luxury stuff like expensive clothes and jewelry and, even then, the richest hire professional buyers to do that shopping for them. They have no idea how much your food, clothes, gas, and other things cost and don't care. To them, you live on another planet.

Remember that I told you that I became arrogant when I was living there because of running around with and being looked up to by the rich?

God brought me here and put me into poverty to teach me humility like He did Job and Nebuchadnezzar and that lesson ain't no fun. Maybe I should write a book, "From Poverty and Back." The problem is that I am too sick to write a book; I can only write short essays.

Even here in little Alamogordo, with about 30,000 people, the rich, who would be middle class to upper middle class in medium to large cities, don't shop in the stores they own here but drive 1.5 hours or 90 miles to El Paso, TX to do their shopping because those stores get better quality food then their stores. We peasants, especially us poor people, eat the food from their stores they won't eat. We get what is left. Believe me, God retaught me humility the hard way. Remember that I am still fighting for the poor in the courts.

I have lived in both worlds and know my way around.

BELIEVE ME, the lefties, especially the upper class trash Royals, their puppets, the left college professors, and media, have no idea what your world is really like because they live on their own planet. I know because I have lived there. They are CLUELESS about your reality and the reality for the rest of the planet and only pretend to care. If they ever stumble into your reality, they will freak out.

And they arrogantly believe they should be telling you how to live in reality? Really?

You have to understand that their lefty college professors, who train up all of those lefty dorks, sit in their white palaces stoned to the max reading each other's great sounding stupid bull crap, not knowing how to deal with reality, teaching those lefties their great sounding stupid fantasies. Then those lefties go out into the real world and try to force their great sounding stupid dysfunctional fantasies on you, which will always fail.

They are all brainwashed to be out of touch with reality and irrational, which is the definition for insanity so they are brainwashed to be nuts. They live on a completely different fantasy planet, you know, the Lefty Twilight Zone.

You know what is really funny?

Most of them are so out of touch with reality that they think they are poor. What a joke. "Why, I couldn't pay cash for a Ferrari or buy that $10,000 watch because I am poor." LOL The poor darlings.

Did you notice how many of them are fat and not starving to death? And you think they are smarter than you?

I knew them and they are not smarter than you.

BTW, I have been noticing that more and more of the sailboat people are rich people. They used to be mostly middle class people who worked temp jobs while cruising.

I LONG for eternal Paradise with God!

Third Temple

I just saw part of a video by a "Christian", who obviously has not really studied the Bible, and he is calling the Hebrews sacrificing the red heifer and building the third Temple "bad" and that is after he "spent the last 3 weeks studying it". Yup, yup, yup.

I have been studying it the last 56 years.

He said, "We don't need no more sacrifices and we don't need no more Temple."

Who is teaching these Christians this crap? Satan?

Read your Bible stupid because end time prophecies REQUIRE that the third Temple be built before the mid Tribulation or God will be a liar.

How else will the Antichrist seize control of the third Temple if it ain't built?

Plus he is talking about it will cause the battle of Armageddon, you know, like that is a bad thing.

What? Jesus coming to win the Battle of Armageddon is a bad thing? He doesn't want Jesus to come? And he thinks he is a Christian?

Plus far too many "Christian" preachers keep calling every sandbox fist fight the Battle of Armageddon like it will be the first and only war in history.

GET IT STRAIGHT, the Battle of Armageddon CANNOT happen until ALL 7 years of the Tribulation have taken place and ALL of those prophesied events have happened!!!! You idiot Armageddon preachers need to actually read your Bible and quit reading books about the Bible.

This war CANNOT be the Battle of Armageddon so shut up about Armageddon until AFTER the Tribulation has happened. This can only be and must be the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39, which is a completely different battle that MUST happen before the Tribulation begins.

What, you don't want the Tribulation to begin so Jesus can come?

Let's get this over with. If I could, I would start the Battle of Armageddon right now so Jesus would come but that CANNOT happen.

The big trouble is that the Armageddon preachers have been taught that the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39 is the same battle as Armageddon, when the details don't even come close to matching. They CANNOT be the same battle but the Armageddon preachers don't know that because they were taught bull crap and don't pay attention to prophecy details.


Get it straight:

1) The Temple MUST be built before mid Tribulation because the Bible said it will be and God cannot be a liar. If it causes a war, bring it on because God will win it.

2) That means the Temple MUST be built before Jesus can come.

3) This is not going to be the Battle of Armageddon but is going to be the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39.

4) The fulfillment of prophecy so Jesus can come is NOT a bad thing unless you hate Jesus.

5) These "Christian preachers" are using this misinformation to turn Christians against Israel, which is a bad thing.

6) If I had the health and money, I would help Israel build that Temple right now so Jesus can come.

7) According to the Bible, Jesus CANNOT come until after the Third Temple is built.

Who is teaching these preachers this crap?

Probably the same Biblically ignorant morons teaching them the Eurocentric end time prophecies.


Evolutionists and other atheists have so many intellectual games they love to play to discredit the Bible so they can pretend to be right.

This video shows you one such example, especially dealing with the term "day". This is a very good video.

He very clearly proves to you that, when God said He created something in one day, He meant it was one and only one day and not millions and billions of years.

I understood what Ken teaches the first time I read through it because I knew what God meant because it is that clear just like Ken shows you. God literally created our entire existence, including the entire cosmos, in just six regular Earth days and I don't care what the fanatical lying pagan evolutionists tell you. God did not lie; that is their god, Satan's job.

Listen, just because you can't do something or can't even understand it does not mean God can't do it. God is infinitely superior to you and me. Nothing is impossible with God.

I am so thankful that God made me a super duper smarty pants with common sense so I could figure out how infinitely superior to me God is and that I don't even come close to being a god, unlike these arrogant, ignorant pagan lefties, especially the Royals, who love to ignorantly believe they are gods because they THINK they are so wonderful and magnificent that they just gots tuh be a god.

OK, prove you are a god. Just speak and create one habitable planet with all of the plants and animals on it. They are probably too ignorant to know what would be required for a planet to be habitable but they think they are gods. They don't have to create a solar system or galaxy, much less an entire cosmos; just one habitable planet.

If you can't do that, you are not a god; I don't care how wonderful you think you are.

He tells you that most Christians and preachers don't literally believe the Bible, which is what is causing all of this other confusing crap. Satan has done a great job of seriously damaging Judeo-Christianity because too many Christians believe Satan and his people, including too many "Christian preachers", instead of believing God.

They think that Satan, the father of lies, is telling the truth and God is lying?

When they find themselves standing before God on Judgment Day, they are going to be very surprised because the truth will be made known when you find out all of the thoughts and words used to create and spread Satan's lies.

People, for more than half a century, I have watched them have to dream up new fairy tales about millions and billions of years about every 5 to 10 years because their old fairy tales keep being proved to be scientifically wrong. I told you that they dropped Darwinian evolution in 1984 because it has been proved wrong and grabbed Punctuational Equilibria, which was previously considered to be a really bad joke. In 1996, they finally dumped Punctuational Equilibria for something else that only lasted about 1.5 years and was replaced with Catastrophism, which was so flawed it was laughable. About 8 to 10 years ago, they dumped Catastrophism for the incredibly stupid and irrational Multiverse crap they are still kind of teaching today.

If evolution is a scientific fact, why do they have to keep changing it because it keeps getting proved wrong and why do their fairy tales keep getting more and more stupid?

Because evolution is a lie and keeps being proved false and they are getting desperate so they keep dreaming up dumber and dumber lies to replace the previous lie because they hate God, God's Laws, the Bible, and God's people. People, if it keeps being proved wrong, it is wrong.

COVID Vaccine

I am not surprised by what he says in this video about an explosion of a variety of cancers in relation to the vaccine.


Note that the one scientist said that all RNA vaccines should be outlawed. That is because an RNA vaccine will interact with your DNA and, if it triggers the wrong molecules or programming in the DNA, it will cause abnormal, unrestrained cell reproduction or cancer.

An "explosion" in that many different types of cancers tells us that the RNA property of the vaccine is interacting with the cell DNA and turning on the mechanism for cell reproduction and leaving it turned on, which is cancer. With it creating many different types of cancers, that tells me it is creating cancer cells in different parts of the body.

The more research I see, the more concerned I become about these lefty globalists having intentionally designed this vaccine to murder off large numbers of people to depopulate "their planet" just like they said they would do. If they did, then that is premeditated genocide using science. If this is true, then EVERYONE involved in this horrific crime against mankind should be held accountable for their part in the crime.

I absolutely would not put that past these insane lefties, especially with them murdering off hundreds of thousands with their war in Ukraine. These lunatics just can't murder enough people fast enough.

Keep an eye on this.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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