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Gun Control

A liberal judge has handed Obama another means for attempting to disarm the American people by unconstitutionally declaring a law for confiscating guns as being constitutional.

If any law denies law abiding citizens the right to own guns and ammunition, it is unconstitutional, period.

But it is like I have been telling you, the liberals have infiltrated all three branches of the government (the executive, legislative, and judicial) and seized control of our nation effectively destroying the Republic of the United States. The US is no longer a republic, has not been for years and the dictators are doing everything they can to clamp down on, impoverish, and enslave the people. This is a long, drawn out coup which has been going on for decades and the tyrants are trying to secure it by disarming the people, the way they have in other countries.

It isn't about controlling guns, it is about controlling people.

If Obama tries to confiscate guns, there will be a civil war or rebellion.


FBI Chief, James Comey, said that the "scrutiny of police" may be causing crime to rise.


It isn't scrutiny, it is out right persecution of the police by the media, judicial system, politicians, and radical liberal commie and Muslim groups.

These groups are waging war on police and the geniuses can't figure out why crime is rising?

The cops don't dare enforce the law for fear of going to prison for enforcing the law and the criminals know it.


Lois Lerner isn't going to be prosecuted by her liberal pals because the fix is in. Hilarious is joking about the crimes she has committed because the fix is in. More and more corrupt politicians and bureaucrats are openly committing crimes because the system has been taken over by the liberals and they won't prosecute their own criminal pals. The left is getting so obvious about their corruption they don't even try to hide it any more.

Hilarious is openly mocking the judicial system because the liberals own the judicial system.

Mean while, law abiding citizens are going to jail for the stupidest things. The Republic of the US is dead, it just has not finished kicking yet. The very fact so many liberals are getting away with so many blatant crimes is proof of this. Our communist judicial system is no better than the Soviet Union judicial system was. There is no justice left in this country, only favoritism for the commies and oppression for the people. That is a tyranny, not a republic.

Deal with it, we now live in the United Soviet States of America run by the corrupt, inbred upper class trash.


Things have gotten so bad in Germany that Germany is now paying immigrant volunteers to go home. They are trying to prevent a civil war in Germany and have realized that their brilliant sounding upper class trash idea was just more upper class trash stupidity. Remember that these are the intellectually superior natural elites.

The problem is that, the Muslims who went to Europe to wage a guerilla war, won't take the money and go home. They will stay and fight.

More and more they are calling this a Muslim invasion of Europe and the end of Europe.


Obama, Kerry, and the State Department are accusing Israel of terrorism. They are doing this to, first, brand Israel as a terrorist sponsoring state and then to justify invading, conquering, and converting Israel to a Muslim state. This is psychological warfare to mentally prepare everyone for Obama invading Israel. Also, branding Israel a terrorist state before Obama nukes Chicago will make it much easier to sell the idea that it was Israel who nuked Chicago as an act of terror.

Keep an eye on Chicago.


To show you how brilliant our glorious X-spurts are who got the right degrees from the right universities, they were broadcasting yesterday how Megastorm Patricia was going to devastate our planet, Mars, and Jupiter and this morning I was greeted by the following CNN headlines: "Megastorm Patricia inflicts little damage on Mexican coast". Yesterday's CNN headline was: "Patricia slams Mexico Pacific Coast as Category 5 hurricane".

So that is what lefties call slamming?

Yeah, they got that one right and we are supposed to believe they can predict what is going to happen to our planet because of "global warming...uh...change"?

They can't even accurately predict the weather and its effects for the next day. God just showed what kind of arrogant fools our X-spurts are. God said, "Thinking themselves wise, they have made themselves fools"...again.

What are they teaching at those extremely expensive upper class trash universities?

It isn't reality.


Christianity is quickly disappearing in parts of the Middle East and North Africa. The Christians are either fleeing or being murdered in mass. God is moving Christians out of these areas for the Muslims to take over and set up their end times Caliphate, just like He told me would happen.

Remember that God showed me the new Caliphate will be split in two, east and west, by Israel following the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39 with five rulers or toes from each part to fulfill the prophesy of the feet for Nebuchadnezzar's figure in Daniel. The new Caliphate must be divided into two parts with five rulers from each part. You are watching Bible prophesy unfold.


It seems that Jebberwocky's campaign is imploding. He will soon be out of the race and we can say good riddance that super RINO. Dear Daddy is stunned that the GOP base is rejecting his ultra liberal brat.

The upper class trash just doesn't get it, we, the people, do not feel blessed to having them screw us more and more.

BTW, ultra liberal Romney is now praising Obamacare and he is wondering why many conservatives didn't show up to vote for him against Obama?

Same liberal trash, different color.

I Told You So

Remember me telling you again and again that, after the Muslims take over, they will kill all of the liberals, you know, upper class trash, homosexuals, feminists, and such, who "converted to Islam" and are helping the Muslims take over?

In Germany they are having to remove homosexual Muslims from the German immigration camps because the other Muslims are persecuting them. Wait until the Muslims get Sharia Law and can start killing all liberals.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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