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I have been wondering how we are going to stop all of this adultery and such, you know, the fun sins people love and reject God for the most. These are the sins which have destroyed our nation and for which we are being punished.

God gave me a dream last night telling me that He will take care of it. I am to tell you that, if you don't repent of ALL of your sins, including adultery, homosexuality, and drugs, you are RIGHT NOW committing your sin unto death. If you will not repent of all of your sins, especially the adultery thingy, which, in Biblical Law, includes all non marital sex like homosexuality, pedophilia, and bestiality, God will take you to where you can sin no longer.

God is going to use the Muslims to impose Sharia Law on non Muslims to purge the non Muslims who commit these sins. If you continue in your sins, they will kill you. The message is repent of die.

I recently read that the Muslim upper class, especially the Arabs, you know, like Obama, do not live by the Sharia Law they impose on others. They very flagrantly commit adultery, homosexuality, and use drugs ALL in defiance of Sharia Law, while executing others for committing those same crimes. They are evil Luciferian hypocrites who live by Satan's one law, "do as you will".

God showed me that He will purge these evil people when God destroys Damascus during the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39, which will open the door for other true Muslims to set up the last Caliphate as God has told me will happen before the Tribulation begins.

Remember that I have told you that it will be the Muslim Caliphate which will sign a treaty with Israel and start waging war against the world at the very start of the Tribulation? Don't you realize that means the Caliphate MUST be set up and functioning along with being militarily powerful BEFORE the Tribulation begins? Do you currently see a Muslim Caliphate which is militarily powerful enough to conquer the world in a two phase war?

I guess that means that something MUST happen to cause that Caliphate to form and for it to have enough time to build an overpowering military to conquer the world. One of the things which must happen and God will take care of is that all of the current corrupt ruling Muslim families or clans must die so others can get the job done.


Obama is sending US special operations troops to help his terrorists in Syria fight "ISIS".

Yeah, right, it is more like he is sending US troops to help his terrorists fight Russia. The US just got directly involved in a war against Russia.

How much more is Obama willing to escalate his war against Russia to get what Obama wants?

You know this won't turn out well.

BTW, increasing numbers of liberals are admitting and dealing with the fact that Obama is a devout Muslim and poser Christian.


It is being reported that more than 7,000 Muslim immigrants have left the European immigrant camps on their own with no one knowing where they are going. It is a very good guess they are being taken in by other Muslims to begin their guerilla war against the Europeans to take over Europe.

Hundreds of Muslims are marching in Germany waving black ISIS flags and are telling Germans their days are numbered.

BTW, the Germans are now demanding Merkel be tried for treason and insinuating she be hung.

Gee, the people are not getting fed up and rebelling, are they?

I just hope they televise it.


There was a massive explosion at a night club in the US. I don't know whether this explosion was caused by a Muslim or not but it caused me to realize something else. Muslims are taught to hate alcohol, public dancing by females, and modern music. Therefore, there are two things you can bet on as easy predictions; 1) Muslims will start bombing nightclubs because of the above reasons and because there are large numbers of people at the nightclubs to easily kill and 2) after Sharia Law is imposed, the Muslims will shut down all nightclubs, bars, and other forms of alcohol/drug and dancing related entertainments.

I keep telling you that God is using the Muslims to turn us away from our sins and back to Him and, if we refuse to turn away from our sins and back to Him, God will kill or enslave us. God meant it when He said, "Be not deceived, your sins will find you out." Our sins are now finding us out and we are being punished and turned back to God. The sooner we repent and turn back to God, the better.

Our lives are right now in the process of a massive change for the better, whether we like it or not. Go with the change and save the pain. The sooner we make the change, the sooner God will stop the Muslims.

The stupid liberals think they are being brilliant by blindly believing the lies of the Muslims and joining forces with the Muslims. They are not paying attention to what the Muslims are doing elsewhere because they keep falling for the lame excuse that is just the "radical Muslims". But the Muslims are openly showing and telling what their plans are for the West and the Muslims fully plan to shut down every evil thing the liberals love. We Christians won't have to clean up the liberal mess because God is using the Muslims to do that job.

It is also important to understand that God is using the Muslims to take away everything we have placed before God such as professional football, baseball, and basketball. Everywhere the Muslims have taken over, they have shut down almost all Western sports and you can bet they will do the same in the West. The devout Muslims burn TVs and the movies, they have destroyed all non Muslim libraries for more than 1,000 years and will do the same when they take over the west. All of the liberal literature will be destroyed by the Muslims.

The Muslims also believe in creation but a different creation than the Bible tells us about. You can bet that all of the scientists, who have been selling their souls to the Devil for fat paychecks and lying to promote evolution, will be given a choice of telling the truth about evolution, proving it to be nothing but a lie and pagan fairy tale, and creation or losing their heads. If they will lie for money, they will tell the truth to stay alive. That is when the real truth will come out about evolution. We will quickly find out about all of the hidden evidence disproving evolution and proving creation.

We will also find out the liberals have been lying about many other things in science, the truth will be made known and will set you free from the liberal lies. God is right now cleaning house on the liberals. God meant it when He said, "Everything will be made known."

I hope you also realize that these attacks by Muslims on our universities with mass shootings along with the Muslims shutting down universities in areas they conquer elsewhere should be sufficient evidence that the Muslims will shut down all forms of liberal education in our primary and secondary schools.

BTW, the black Muslim (New Black Panthers) run Black Lives Matter disrupted an Hilarious speech proving again that the black Muslims are right now turning on the liberal white cracker commie traitors. Some of the liberals are just beginning to figure out that they are being betrayed by the Muslims. The rest will figure it out just before they lose their heads.

Eyes are opening because we now have at least one group of attorneys who have gone on the offensive against Muslims trying to stop the Muslims from taking over the US.


Russia is soundly defeating ISIS in Syria so ISIS is now changing the fight back to terrorist activities. ISIS is now claiming responsibility for a downed Russian commercial aircraft on which all 224 on board, mostly Russians, were killed.

It will be interesting to see how Putin responds to this threat. Keep an eye on how Putin uses his Spetsnaz to counter this ISIS move.

False Tribulation

The Luciferians and Muslims are trying to force the Tribulation to occur. In doing so, they are causing a false Satanic Tribulation. As much as humanly possible, they are attempting to replicate what they can of the Biblical Tribulation but it is not possible for anyone but God to fulfill even close to 100% of the details provided in the Bible for the true Tribulation.

They are attempting to set up a one world government and a one world church. They are trying to provide their own antichrist or Mahdi and false prophet. They are working to depopulate the planet even more than the Bible says it will be depopulated.


Because the Luciferians sincerely believe that, if they set up a one world government and church, depopulate the planet down below half a billion, and set up an antichrist and false prophet, their god, Lucifer, will return and make them all immortal gods.

Mean while, the Muslims sincerely believe that, if the Muslims conquer the world and eradicate all non Muslims, their god, Allah, will show up, resurrect all of the dead Muslims, make all of the Muslims immortal, and set up the Islamic eternal paradise. Same story, different Satanic pagan religion.

But, since the Luciferians and Muslims cannot fulfill 100% of the details for the Biblical Tribulation and God can't be wrong in even the slightest detail, the Luciferians and Muslims can't be right and can't succeed. Therefore, the Luciferians and Muslims are causing a false Satanic Tribulation that will end with a false Armageddon, the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39, and it is fooling most people, including many Christians, into believing this is the true Biblical Tribulation. This is in spite of the fact that this false Tribulation is not fulfilling most of the details God gave us for the true Biblical Tribulation. When Jesus does not return for the false Armageddon, all but the stronger true Christians who believe all of the Biblical details must be fulfilled, will lose faith and leave the church but, especially the poser Christians still in the church at that time. This is because the people are believing false prophets instead of God's Word.

You need to know that this is a false Tribulation and not the true Biblical Tribulation so that, when Jesus doesn't show up for this coming war against Israel, you won't lose faith and leave the church.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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