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Behold Europe

Behold Europe, a lesson in sin. She is being divided up because she forced Israel to be divided up for the undelivered promise of peace. She is being assailed by Muslim terrorism because she forced Israel to submit to Muslim terrorism. Her people live in fear because she forced Israel's people to live in fear. There is no hope for her because she took away the hope of Israel. She has turned her back on God and God has turned His back on her.

God meant it when He said, "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you." God is now doing unto Europe as Europe has done unto Israel. Europe's only hope is to repent and turn back to God but they are still in denial concerning the existence of God so to whom will they repent and return?

Maybe they could repent to Darwin but he is dead and can't help them. Maybe they could repent to Marx but he is dead and can't help them. Only God can help them and Europe must repent of Darwin, Marx, and all of their other false gods and turn back to the one true God who made the Western culture the greatest culture in history in spite of us and our glorious ancestors, who kept screwing everything up.


Iran's Houthis are winning against Saudi Arabia and their allies. The Houthis are taking back towns they had lost. They are destroying the Saudi tanks and other armored vehicles with smaller weapons and interesting tactics.

Will they get Mecca?

You should know the Houthis are after the Straights of Aden so Iran can control shipping through the Red Sea and Suez Canal, which is 1/3 of the shipping in the world, and also to take Mecca to destroy it and force the Sunni Muslims to accept a new Babylon as the most holy site in Islam.

Remember that I told you that Putin was planning to also send troops to intervene in Libya?

He just dropped another really big hint he is planning on intervening in Libya AND Yemen on the side of Iran and the Houthis. This will be interesting and could give Putin control of the Straights of Aden, the southern entrance to the Suez Canal and 1/3 of the shipping in the world, along with Libya's oil.

Russia taking control of the Straights of Aden could very easily be what will cause Israel to take the land from the Euphrates to the Indian Ocean like God showed me they will. It will take control away from Russia, Iran, and Muslim terrorism for 1/3 of the shipping in the world and give that control to Israel. This will cause Israel to divide the new coming Caliphate in two parts just like Bible prophesy says she will, i.e. the feet of Nebuchadnezzar's figure in Daniel. If Israel does this, then she will take all the way to the eastern border of Yemen and up to the Euphrates, including all of Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, the western half of Saudi Arabia, and part of Iraq.

Gun Control

So how is that gun control thingy working out? What, you say, you are now being attacked by bad guys with knives? But, didn't your glorious inbred leaders promise you utopia if you just gave up your guns?

Don't tell me that gun control is just another failed liberal great sounding idea and promise, you know, like all the rest of their great sounding promises.

Remember that I told you that, if enough college professors got killed by terrorists, the college professors would start changing their song on gun control?

I guess that, for one college professor, one was enough. University of Oklahoma Professor David Deming said, "self-defense is a basic human right that does not end where the campus begins."

Gee, you don't think some of those college professors are getting a little scared, do you?

When are you going to quit listening to and trusting those arrogant lying traitors, after you are dead and in Hell?

Give me a gun over a great sounding liberal promise any day. A gun can solve more problems than liberals have ever solved, which wouldn't be hard because that would only require solving one problem, you know, like saving your life just one time.


People are still listening to and putting their faith in the fancy talk of the upper class trash that it will solve all of our problems.

But, hold it, isn't it the fancy talk of the upper class trash that caused these problems? Maybe we should turn from the fancy talking upper class trash and trust in God again?

I keep seeing politicians and journalists trying to show us just how brilliant they are by telling us that this great sounding idea or that great sounding idea will solve our problems. Get it straight, none of those great sounding ideas will solve our problems. It is their great sounding intellectual ideas which have caused those problems.

I keep hearing people say that term limits in Congress will magically solve our problems buuuuuuut, the president is under term limits and we still have the most destructive president and traitor in US history. Gee, that didn't solve anything. They will just do more damage in less time.

They keep saying that the president should be required to have served in the military buuuuuut, McCain and Kerry both served in the military and they are two of the most destructive people we have had in our government and two of the worst traitors in US history. Gee, that didn't solve anything.

I just read a headline where some official said that a lack of supervision is fueling the terrorism in Gaza. I keep reading that this, that, or something else is causing terrorism. Every reason the x-spurts keep coming up with as to what is causing terrorism proves to be wrong.

No, it is the Koran, stupid. That is what is causing terrorism.

When will we quit putting our faith in these great sounding, simple minded ideas and put our faith back in God to clean up the mess our great sounding, simple minded ideas have caused?

Quit listening to the great sounding journalists, quit listening to the great sounding politicians, quit listening to the great sounding professors and teachers, quit listening to any and all of the great sounding intellectuals and start listening to God.

Also, get a clue, liberalism or leftism is paganism and pagan heads are screwed up to the maximum, especially with them using so many drugs.

Why, oh why do you insist on listening to such screwed up fools?


Remember that I have been telling you that God will break up the EU AND their nations?

Catalonia has started the process to break away from Spain and become an independent nation.


I really love studying and learning about God's creation and birds are an interesting part of that creation, one of many.

If anyone ever calls you a bird brain, take it as a compliment because birds are better at seeing and reading geometry than most humans. Most humans have trouble getting through a simple curve or 90 degree turn.

I really love to watch Prairie Falcons hunt pigeons because they have a dance of death the "stupid" pigeons win most of the time.

The Peregrine Falcon is only the fastest bird in the world at sea level and a few thousand feet above. At high altitude, the Prairie Falcon is the fastest bird in the world but, in spite of this, the Prairie Falcon rarely makes kills at high speed and prefers to hunt, most of the time, at only 20 to 30 feet above the ground.

When a Prairie Falcon sees a flock of pigeons sitting on a pole line, it will climb to about 50 feet and do a short, shallow dive into the flock. Almost all of the time the pigeons will see the Prairie Falcon in time to fly off to one side and that is when their fascinating dance of death using really advance geometry begins.

The pigeons begin flying in circles because it is much more difficult for a raptor to establish an accurate line for interception for something flying in circles than flying in a straight line but the Prairie Falcon is also very good at this, VERY GOOD. From some incredible point on the other side of the pigeons' circle or even outside of their circle, the falcon will change the radius of his circle to establish an incredibly accurate point of interception buuuut when the pigeons notice the flacon is now on an interception course, the pigeons will change the radius of their circle or change to a new circle to avoid interception, either flying inside or outside of the falcon when it arrives at the point of interception, normally by about 3 to 5 feet.

I have watched a Prairie falcon do this dance of death using geometry with pigeons for as much as 15 to 20 minutes with both sides changing the radius of their circle half a dozen times per minute without the falcon making a kill, but with some pretty close misses, before breaking off to hunt something else and have watched a Prairie Falcon do this dance of death with several different flocks of pigeons more than half a mile apart, one after the other.

Our fighter pilots could learn something watching birds.

A Red Tailed Hawk will try the same game with pigeons but will normally give up after from 3 to 6 tries, if it doesn't make a kill. They don't seem to have the patience or persistence to dance with pigeons very long.

Now you understand why pigeons fly in a circle as a flock. God taught them to.

On the other hand, Sharp Shinned Hawks use geometry in a different way to get prey. The Prairie Falcon prefers to hunt on the wing or when flying but the Sharp Shinned Hawk prefers to perch hunt from on top of poles, trees, and tall bushes.

One day I was sitting on my covered porch which has tree branches growing up over it when I felt something looking at me. I look out into the desert and, about 80 yards away, was a Sharp Shinned Hawk flying right at my face. During that flight, he didn't bob or weave one inch in any direction in spite of his wing flapping. I was amazed at how smooth and direct his flight was.

About 12 to 15 feet from my face, he suddenly flared his wings and spread his tail, exposing his entire underside to me, and changed direction to up over the roof of my porch. Apparently, the Sharp Shinned Hawk likes to fly a line of attack to about 5 to 10 feet under its prey to cause the prey to think the hawk is targeting something under the prey and then, in the very last second, make a sudden change in direction to take its prey by surprise.

I have also watched Prairie Falcons hunt people's yards in neighborhoods looking for cats, small dogs, and anything else they can find. It is interesting how they do it keeping between 15 and 30 feet. The Prairie Falcon will start a shallow dive into someone's front yard from about 30 feet while looking in that yard for prey. If they see nothing, they use the momentum of the dive with maybe one or two wing beats to regain altitude up over the house and start a dive into the people's back yard while looking for prey. I have watched Prairie Falcons dive and recover through neighborhoods checking out each yard they fly over or near.


Because, if they are already in a dive, close to the ground, when they see prey in a yard, all they have to do is continue the dive and make a necessary change in direction to have that prey within one or two seconds, often before the prey can react. If they don't see any prey in the yard, they use the momentum from the dive to regain altitude and get over the house into the next yard to start their next dive. It is very effective and energy efficient.

Speaking of energy efficiency, the Prairie Falcon is excellent at energy conservation. They live in the cliffs of mountains like the cliffs about 5 miles east of where I live. Those mountains climb from about 4,000 feet to 9,000 feet within less than one half mile and the Prairie Falcons will live in the upper level cliffs, thousands of feet above where they hunt.

To conserve energy, the Prairie Falcon will hunt in the desert at about 4,000 feet, take their prey to tall mesquites to stripe the meat off the bones to save weight (you can find the small skeletons hanging in those mesquites), fly over to the base of the cliffs and then begin flying circles looking for an updraft. When they find an updraft, they will tighten their circle to stay inside the updraft and ride the updraft up to the level of their nest to avoid using a lot of energy to fly against gravity, and then fly out of the updraft directly to their nests.

And you thought we humans invented the elevator?

Some stupid bird brain beat us to it by a few thousand years because God taught them how to do it.


Britain just stabbed Obama in the back by selling Iran a plane to carry Iranian troops back and forth to Syria. This is in violation of the sanctions against Iran.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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