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For about 10 to 15 years now I have been keeping an eye on something just out of curiosity. I keep seeing Muslims with an unusually high number of very serious birth defects being caused by their extreme inbreeding for more than 1,400 years. A number of years ago, two Muslim twin females were connected at the head. Recently a Muslim little girl was born with two functioning heads.

The Muslim inbreeding is even worse than the inbreeding of the Euro-American upper class trash. Keep an eye on it and you will see.

Remember that I have been telling you that it is the black Muslims getting rid of the white leaders at the universities?

It turns out that the mess caused at Mizzou is being caused by Black Lives Matter which is run by the New Black Panthers which is a black Muslim organization.

They had a "Blacks only healing space" at Mizzou where the black Muslims asked all the white liberals to leave.

I wonder if any of the white liberals got the message and realize they are being purged?

Yep, just like I told you, the black Muslims are purging the liberal commie traitor white crackers.


Obama said that he has ISIS contained.


Oh, yeah, Obama means here on planet earth, I mean there haven't been any ISIS attacks on Venus, Mars, Jupiter, or Saturn, right...yet?

And most of the lefties are stupid enough to believe that. "Yeah, yeah, they're contained, they have only spread their attacks from Syria to Libya, Egypt, Afghanistan, Lebanon, and France." You know, almost half way around the planet.

If you can't see through that blatant lie, you are an idiot. I just love the way that, when Obama lies, God shoves it back in his face.

The loony toons lefties are trying to use this attack on Paris to justify gun control in spite of the fact that ISIS just justified us keeping weapons to protect ourselves from them...and having assault rifles...and having magazines with large capacities...and...

Will the liberals admit they are obviously wrong?

Oh, absolutely not. Why, those inbred, Kool-Aid adicts are never wrong regardless of the facts, evidence, or outcome. Some of the lefties are already trying to blame this attack on the conservatives in spite of the obvious fact it was made possible by the liberals getting what they wanted, you know, like gun control in France, free immigration into our nations, no restraints against Muslims (we don't want to profile Muslims, that is Islamaphobia), and...

The trouble is that fewer people will now be willing to listen to the liberal traitors and more will be willing to listen to the conservatives who were just proved right...again.

There have been postings on the Internet that Rome, Spain, London, Washington DC, and others are next. It won't take long to find out.

If you think my predictions about Europe being broken up and turned back into a group of feudal states is wrong, know that those predictions are based largely on watching the Muslims in Europe, seeing what they are up to, and listening to God.

For more than a decade, there have been growing Muslim "no-go zones" or communities in which any non Muslim entering, including cops and fire fighters, are attacked. The various governments don't even send in cops or anything else, permitting these communities to be run entirely by the Muslims under their own laws, which are, of course, Sharia Law.

These Muslim no-go zones are already Muslim feudal states existing within European nations and cities. Europe is right now only one step away from being broken up into a complete feudal system caused by these Muslim feudal states waging war against and taking surrounding communities, which just launched into full scale open warfare in Paris, which has a number of huge Muslim no-go zones or feudal states.

This means the prediction that Europe will return to a feudal system is taking place right now and I saw it coming because I pay attention, do my homework, and God shows me such things. Actually, it seemed like a pretty obvious and easy prediction because Europe was already in a semi feudal state more than a decade ago.


68% of US citizens consider Hilarious' server to be either unethical or illegal. The other 32% are still drinking the Clintstone Kool-Aid.

Former Ohio state senator, Nina Turner, has stopped supporting Hilarious and is now supporting Linen II. Another whacko leaving the Hilarious sinking row boat for the Linen II row boat.

Almost every day you read that the FBI investigation into the Hilarious e-mail crimes is "expanding".

Why has this woman not been booked on charges?

Oh yeah, they have to read tens of thousands of her e-mails plus Billy Boy has the fix in but Obama is waging war against the Clintstones and has his fix in too.


Remember that I have been telling you about Obama's terrorist organizations failing because Putin is killing too many of them?

Obama's "Free Syrian Army" terrorist organization is "dwindling" because it is bleeding terrorists to desertions. I guess they kind of don't like being vaporized by Putin's bombs. Go figure. They mustn't want those 72 virgins right now.

Hold it, have we not been told again and again that you cannot kill your way out of a war?

Someone forgot to tell Putin.

Gee, could that be why Obama's "rebel" terrorist organizations are negotiating with Putin against Obama's wishes, you know, to save their butts?

BTW, Syria, Hezbollah, And Russia are getting ready to take a very large piece of land between Damascus and Israel.

What should that tell you?

Putin has pretty much cleaned up the mess northwest of Damascus which posed a threat to Assad and is now ready to start taking back other parts of the nation. If he hadn't, he wouldn't be making such a big move elsewhere because I don't think Putin is stupid enough to spread his troops too thin.

Israel just flew 15 jets into Syria and destroyed weapons that were being transferred to Hezbollah without a confrontation with Russia. This has me wondering what Putin was doing.

Was this prearranged between Israel and Putin or did Putin's military drop the ball and not see Israel coming?


I am waiting and watching the places which have legalized pot and, so far, it looks like both Denver and Seattle have had massive increases in a variety of crimes. Gee, what a coincidence. Things will get worse, keep an eye on it.


If you follow the trail of the current liberal mess, you find that it started with liberal college professors training up new and more liberal college professors who trained up new and more liberal public school teachers who trained up new and more liberal students who are now so extremely liberal they are terrorizing the current liberal college professors.

In other words, the liberal universities are now getting what they wanted and don't like it because these ultra liberal brats are taking down those college professors and administrators because they are not liberal enough. It looks like the liberals have outsmarted themselves again. Be careful what you wish for.

Man plans, God laughs.

It needs to be noted that the liberals are more and more aggressively trying to force home schoolers to put their children in public school so the children can be brainwashed into liberals. The liberal pagans have seized control of our once great nation and are using our own government to wage war against Christians. This is an illegal judicial and administrative war in violation of the US Constitution. This is just more proof that the Republic of the US no longer exists and we are now under the tyranny of the United Soviet States of America with the only thing keeping the criminals even partly at bay being that more than 100 million Americans are armed.

The Line

More churches are crossing God's line heading for Satan's side. A number of churches are openly portraying homosexuals, transgenders, and others as being good Christians. They are openly choosing and supporting sin over Jesus.

There is a massive war against Christians by the pagans (secularists). The war is accelerating quickly.

False Prophets

There are quite a few false profits who have been saying that this last blood moon tetrad has to do with the Tribulation, Armageddon, and return of Jesus. I have told you before that the pagans are trying to cause the Tribulation by setting up a one world government and church but all they are doing is causing a false Tribulation. There are also a number of false profits who are contributing to this false Tribulation, they will claim the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39 is Armageddon, and that Jesus will return at that battle only for Jesus to not return, causing many to fall away from the church.

What all of these people are doing is causing a lot of people to believe in their false Tribulation, false Armageddon, and false return of Jesus and then, when Jesus doesn't return, cause many to fall away from Christianity. We are in a false Tribulation caused by the pagans and poser Christians and this is NOT the real Tribulation. This will cause the pagans to ridicule Christianity even more, discredit true prophets, and discourage many from accepting Jesus as savior. This is also Satan using his people to cry wolf so that people won't listen to the true prophets when they legitimately cry wolf to warn people, when the wolf does come.

Study and depend on the Bible to tell you who the false prophets are.

Upper Class Trash

There is a truth around the world that most people just want to live a normal life and be left alone. The problem is that the upper class trash and their minions are power mad, greedy, and lazy so they keep causing life to be difficult for everyone else so the upper class trash and their minions can control and steal from the normal people so the upper class trash and their minions don't have to work. These evil people are the problem and always have been. Because of their obsessive, compulsive wickedness, the upper class trash and their minions just can't leave the rest of us alone.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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