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I told you the liberals wouldn't admit they were wrong about the immigration thing. One EU official said that they shouldn't be harder of refugees because of the Paris attack, another liberal whacko is blaming conservatives and another blames climate change.

The liberals admit they are wrong and screwed up?

"No, no, let's wait until every nation has been completely taken over and we are all slaves or dead before we admit to being wrong."

It has been confirmed that at least some of the Paris terrorists entered Europe as immigrants. Oops!

Why am I not surprised with all of those young, single Muslim males entering Europe?

The European Muslim organization they were tied to is spread out in Belgium, Germany, and France and seems to be headquartered in Belgium.

This is only the beginning. These attacks are going to happen much more often and be much more deadly, especially in countries which have disarmed their people, making those countries soft targets.

But don't worry, our glorious caliph in chief says he has ISIS contained.

Did you notice that while everyone was stunned at what happened in Paris, the Muslims kept doing much worse around the world in places like Libya, Nigeria, Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, and other places?

I think it just got personal with the West.

300,000 Britons have signed a petition to close the UK borders to immigrants. I think the Paris attack got their attention.


The Yizidis are fighting back against the Muslims. Some Sunni Muslims identified Yizidis for ISIS to kill or rape in towns ISIS had taken over and, now that those towns have been taken back, the Yizidis are burning those Muslims' homes, you know, kind of like driving the traitors out of the town.


Putin is making some very big advances in Syria. In the south, he is taking a very large area from Damascus to the Israeli border, in the east, he is taking Palmyra, and to the north, He is taking the Aleppo area. That is a very large area he is taking back right now.


There are more protests now that a cop shot another black man. You need to know that this isn't about cops shooting blacks but black Muslims because, under Sharia Law, non Muslims are not permitted to kill Muslims for any reason.

The proof for this, other than the Koran?

Blacks kill blacks all of the time and no problem. If a black cop kills a black Muslim, big problem because it is forbidden under Sharia Law. That is why the black Muslim organization, Black Lives Matter, caused trouble for those black cops who killed a black Muslim criminal. It isn't about race, it is about Islam. Get the picture?


France has enacted article 5 of the NATO agreement which requires ALL members of NATO to join France in fighting ISIS, including the US. This means that Obama is now required to help destroy ISIS, whom Obama created. This will be interesting.

Putin has offered to throw in with France and NATO to destroy ISIS. This will be interesting.

The Swedish foreign minister blames Israel for indirectly causing the Paris attacks saying that the attacks were in part because of Israel frustrating the Palestinians. The effort to blame Israel for everything and justify the destruction of Israel continues.

First, she is part of the Swedish government and can't be very intelligent. Second, after the Muslims take over Sweden, she is dead.

When I get frustrated by the upper class trash and their crimes against us all, I keep reminding myself that, after the Muslims take over those nations, the upper class trash will all be killed or, as the Bible says, held accountable for their sins or crimes. The upper class trash are not going to get away with this, their sins will find them out.

Oh yeah, ISIS released a video threatening Washington DC with an attack. Keep an eye on it.

A European counter terror chief says there are 50,000 people in Europe fighting for ISIS. That is a very large standing army and can do a lot of damage.

Gee, I wonder how many of them are Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, and other non Muslim religions? (/sarc)

Trump keeps rubbing it in the liberal faces that, if the French people had not had their guns taken away from them by their intellectually superior liberals, the Paris attacks would have been a very different story. Suddenly, the American people are not looking stupid for refusing to give up their guns.

Anti-Islam protesters have taken to the Paris streets. Eyes have been opened.

A French mayor, Robert Chardon, is calling for the banning of the Muslim faith in France. He will quickly develop a strong following or end up dead. Keep an eye on this.

Mean while, the US traitor in chief, Obama, has appointed Muslim Rashad Hussain, who is linked to the Muslim Brotherhood, as head for the US Center for Strategic Counterterrorism Communications. Preparations for Obama's Muslim coup continue.

The reaction to the Paris attack is very strong everywhere, especially in the US.

Marine La Pen, the leader of Front Nationale Party in France, called for the nation of France to "re-arm" itself in the wake of the Paris Islamist attacks on Friday. You know the liberal upper class trash are throwing a fit about that. La Pen also called on France to revoke Muslim passports and said that France must control her borders, in other words, get out of the EU. This party may have just won their next election and conservatives like her will start winning elections all over Europe and in other countries. Eyes are opening.

Maybe we should loan France a few B-52s?


The leaders of the West should be afraid, very afraid. They are under attack by the Muslims and one step away from being under attack by their own people. All of these people fighting back against the Muslims against the wishes of their governments is rebellion against their governments and only one step away from moving to overthrow their governments.

I expect that, if their governments continue to suppress their people fighting back against the Muslims, the people will turn on their governments and take their governments down so the people will be able to defend themselves against the Muslims.

After all, the primary purpose of government is to protect good people from bad people and, if their government is not fighting Muslims to protect their people, then the government has failed the people so it is only natural human behavior to removed that government and get it out of the way so the people can defend themselves.

BTW, I have read that there is a huge European black market on guns AND that it is easy to get guns on the deep web. You can bet that at least some Europeans are arming themselves as you read this.

I would like to suggest to the Europeans that, when you put your traitor leaders in the guillotines, put them in face up so they can see the blade coming down. You can also kill more traitors per hour by automating your guillotines. You can use something like a big conveyor belt to run them through the guillotines. On the other hand, you could take your time to saver the moment.


Alabama and Michigan are refusing Syrian Muslims.

Ultra liberal and increasingly Muslim Michigan?

I am trying to figure out why Michigan would reject Syrian Muslim terrorists.

After the Paris attacks, I am thinking that pro immigration candidates like Jebberwocky and Rubio are washed up and should go find a real job. Oh, except Rubio is now changing his little song saying, "no refugees".

Trying to save his worthless butt, is he?

And then the pro immigration Jebberwocky said, "We should declare war!" Once a Bush, always a Bush.

On whom, Jebberwocky, on whom? On you?

We know what happened the last two times a Bush took us to war, they screwed it up.

Former CIA Chief, Morell, has said that it is time for a new strategy for fighting ISIS and that the US should ally with Russia and Syria. You know that caused Caliph Obama to throw a fit.

How dare he suggest that 1) they drop Obama's current strategy of supporting ISIS and 2) they stop trying to remove Assad and fight with him?

Sometimes the news can be funny.

Mean while, Paul Ryan is saying, "No mass deportations on his watch".

Really? He would rather put the US people at serious risk? Guess whose side he is on? Is he a closet Muslim?

In the debate for the commies, Hilarious, Linen II, and O'Malley all said that the US should still take Muslim immigrants. We know that Hilarious has taken a lot of money from the Muslims. Have Linen II and O'Malley also taken money from Muslim countries?

Funny Side

Someone has been smuggling beer into Saudi Arabia disguised as...wait for it...Pepsi, really. Saudi Arabia just busted a smuggling ring that has been smuggling beer into Saudi Arabia as Pepsi.

Let me remind all of you that, when Obama sets up Sharia Law in this country, absolutely ALL alcohol will be banned...again. That will include the liberals' wine.

Oh, so you idiot liberal winos love Muslims and want Sharia Law, do you?

It will be funny to watch the liberal winos crying and trying to learn to live without their beloved wine.

What are they going to eat their cheese and crackers with?

But, hey, you liberal winos tied the hands of our US troops trying to fight your beloved Muslim pals so that the troops couldn't win that war and ended up losing it. You deserve everything you are about to get so I don't want to hear any of your whining. Maybe your cheese and crackers will go well with camel milk.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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