No Men

I read that there are musical bands that refuse to play in Europe any more because 100% of the time they do play in Europe, small gangs of Muslims will gather around one woman in the crowd and take turns raping her IN PLAIN OPEN SIGHT while thousands of European males stand around watching and doing nothing about it. The Muslims don't even bother to drag the European women off into alleys or dark places to rape them. The Muslims rape the European women in plain open sight in front of the European males and the European males do NOTHING about it.

I am so furious. God made males to protect women and children as one of our most important responsibilities and any male who will not at least try to protect his women and children is useless, utterly useless.

Years ago, when I read about groups of males forming the Sons of Oden and patrolling the streets to protect women and children from the Muslims, I had hope for Europe. Now that I read that THOUSANDS of European men will stand around watching small groups of Muslims raping European women and will do nothing about it, I am convinced there are NO MEN LEFT IN EUROPE, only PC liberal cowards.

KNOW that your grandfathers and great grandfathers would be ashamed of you. It would horrify them to think that such liberal cowards, who will not protect the women and children, came from their loins. Your ancestors would kill you in shame themselves.

You liberal women, who helped turn your men into PC liberal cowards, need to take note that these Muslims DO NOT ask the women whether they are liberals or conservatives before they rape and often murder those women, they just do it. You liberal women deserve it when the Muslims rape and murder you because you helped turn your men into PC liberal cowards who won't protect you and other women and little girls, who don't deserve it.

Know too that the Muslims can only commit the crimes they are committing against you and your families with the help of the politicians, bureaucrats, upper class trash puppet masters, liberal college professors, liberal media, and other liberals, therefore, making those liberals complicit in the crimes the Muslims are getting away with committing against you. They are ALL responsible for the rapes and murders of your women and daughters and should be held accountable for their actions, every last one of them.

But, first, you European males would have to start being men again and, unless I am wrong, I see no hope for you and your families. Your ancestors would stand up against your evil, corrupt governments, overthrow those governments, execute EVERYONE responsible for the Muslims being able to commit the crimes against you the Muslims are committing, and kill all of the Muslims, ending the problem.

What do you think the Spanish Inquisition was really all about?

Certain of the Jews helped the Muslims persecute, enslave, and murder the Christians for more than 300 years so, after the Christians finally overthrew the Muslims, they rounded up all of the Jews who helped the Muslims persecute the Christians, executed them all, and told the rest of the Jews to either convert to Christianity so the Christians didn't have to worry about being sold out by the Jews again, leave Spain, or be killed. That is what your ancestors did to protect themselves and their families from the Muslims but you have let the liberals convince you it was wrong for your ancestors to protect themselves and their families from people just like the liberals who have sold you out to the Muslims. Now, you don't protect yourselves or families because you are afraid the evil liberal pagans will call you names, you poor wittle things.

How is that working out? Not so well?

Now do you understand why your Christian ancestors were so violent in protecting themselves and their families from evil people like pagans and especially Muslims?

Because violence works against evil people, it stops them dead in their tracks and they stop committing their crimes against you when you kill them. Your ancestors understood this. You liberals refuse to even try to understand this and are paying the price.

From what I am reading, I see no men in Europe and it is getting worse in the US with increasing numbers of men being turned into PC liberal cowards who won't protect the women and children because a bunch of liberal women have permitted the liberal college professors and media teach them to hate men, manhood, and the protection of males and turn men into PC liberal cowards.

Fortunately for the US, I do regularly see there are still some men left in America who will protect our women and children. There is hope for the US.

My first thought in reading about thousands of cowardly liberal men watching Muslims rape their women and doing nothing about it was, "where is the male battle cry, 'that is our woman those Muslims are raping, who is with me?'" Yet, that battle cry did not cross the lips of those PC liberal cowards, they just stood there and watched the Muslims raping their women afraid they might be called liberal names if they tried to help the woman. Shame, shame, shame. Oh, your ancestors would be so proud of you; NOT!

Until I see actions that prove otherwise, I must remain convinced there are no men left in Europe. Mere words cannot convince me, only actions.

You will not protect your own women and daughters because you might be called a name if you do?

America, you want to be like Europe? Why?

At this point, I see Europe as a lost cause and don't see any reason why the US should shed more US blood to protect or save Europe when they won't even risk being called names to protect their own women and daughters.

America, America, learn from the folly of Europe and don't make the same liberal PC mistakes. Keep your men as men and let them not turn into PC liberal cowards who won't protect the women and children.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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