Not Dead?

I know that there are going to be a lot of patriotic and other people who will want to refuse the obvious fact that this country is already dead and has just not finished kicking yet. Personally, I would prefer for this country to continue existing, especially as the country I grew up in as a child, which was a relatively peaceful and prospering capitalistic republic. I am not one of those young, macho, combative types who want to see a world as was shown in movies like Mad Max and Sea World. I am over 60 years old and would much rather finish my life in the nice, comfortable world I grew up in as a child. I am also an American patriot who served my country voluntarily during the tail end of Viet Nam when it was unpopular to do so. Note that my patriotism is first to God and then to country.

But God has told me He has other plans because we let the commie's run Him out of our country so He is going to let the world have their way with us as a punishment. In this essay, I want to explore some proofs that, not only is this country finished, but so is the rest of the world and a new world will quickly form from the ashes the commie's and Muslims are turning this world into.

One of the cons the commie's use to get the people, especially their commie followers, to believe in their communism and permit the commie's to continue spending money like there is no bottom to our country's financial well is they keep saying they will pay for everything they are "giving" the middle and lower classes by taxing the rich. Let's take a look at that little fairy tale.

I have pointed out that our commie's in this country alone have hidden tens of trillions of US dollars in debt so that, instead of the 13+ trillion dollars they admit we are in debt, we are about 65 trillion dollars in debt. But we will give the lying commie's the benefit of the doubt by only talking about the 13+ trillion dollars they admit to and the 1.9 trillion dollars in additional debt they just gave themselves permission to increase the existing debt by every year telling us what they intentions are, which will be to have run up 15 trillion dollars in debt by the end of this year.

Remember that I pointed out in a recent article that the 400 richest people in the WORLD have only 1.25 trillion dollars in cumulative wealth. Please note that is the 400 richest people in the world and not the 400 richest people in the US. This is important because the commie controlled US government can't tax the 400 richest people in the world, only the 400 richest people in the US AND that the 400 richest people in the US will have less than one trillion dollars in cumulative wealth but we will be conservative and say they have one trillion dollars between them.

Now remember that the commie's are telling all of their ignorant and foolish followers they will pay for all this spending by taxing the rich. I dare anyone to get 15 trillion dollars in taxes from people who only have 1 trillion dollars in wealth. It really doesn't take much math to figure that one out does it, which shows just how stupid the commie puppets are.

Basically, what this shows is that the commie's have spent more money than there is money in the US. Proof of this is the fact that the economists keep telling us that this debt will be passed on to our children and their children. Now why would this be so? Because there isn't enough money existing in the US to pay for all of this debt even if the commie government seized every dollar everyone in the US has RIGHT NOW. To pay off this debt they have run up and are still increasing at a historic rate, they would have to seize every dime we have now plus every dime our children will earn and their children will earn for who knows how many more generations.

Basically, the US is already broke and is getting more broke every day. Pay attention and you will see more and more states going broke every year the way California and Illinois are now broke and, yet, the commie's just can't stop their spending. But this problem has gotten far bigger than just the US. Remember that I have told you that the US has been sending anywhere from millions to tens of billions of US dollars to all of the other commie countries to prop them up because they have also spent themselves broke. This should tell you that the commie's have globally spent more money than exists on the entire planet and the entire planet is broke and bankrupt.

Think not? Then pay attention to the trouble Greece, Spain, Italy, US, and other countries are currently having. Everyone is focused on Greece because their crisis has hit the tipping point where they MUST do something very soon or their country will be forced to default on their debts creating an economic crisis in Greece worse than the German economy of the 1920's and spread quickly to other countries. So what are Greece's stupid commie's doing? They are going to do exactly what the commie's everywhere have been telling everyone they will do. They are currently taking existing money from the rich to pay down their debt while still spending like the commie fools they are.

This will do two things. First, it will take money out of the Greek economy causing it to implode decreasing revenues which will further decrease taxes to pay for Greece's increasing debt. The rich won't have as much money for their businesses and will have to start laying people off which will drive the economy down. You can bet that the same commie's who are stupid enough to take money from the economy to pay their debts will just take more money from the economy by increasing taxes again because that is the only thing commienomics teaches for solving such problems even though it has never worked. This will crash their economy even more forcing Greece to default or the EU to bail them out but with so many of the EU countries now in financial trouble, the Eu can't bail them all out and the EU will cease to exist. When Greece goes under, it will start the dominoes falling and take other countries with her. Then you will see the global economic black hole form.

Yet, the commie's are successfully making it look like, for a while, that there is still plenty of money in their countries and the world. How are they achieving this little illusion? You won't like what you are about to learn but need to know it anyway. :-P It is just an illusion of which they are quickly losing control. It is only a matter of time unti this little house of cards comes tumbling down and communism completely fails globally.

Did you notice over a year ago that our Fed Reserve lost 9 trillion dollars they just couldn't seem to find? Can you imagine being stupid enough to lose 9 trillion dollars? Then the media played on it for a while and suddenly quit talking about the 9 trillion dollars the Fed's lost. This is another little commie trick they have to "pay off" their debt caused by all of their spending.

Remember that I have shown that the commie's are too stupid to understand economics which is why they believe in the very simple minded and flawed commienomics. They have another little trick for paying for their spending. In their simple mindedness, they think that, if they print more money, they will have more wealth to pay for their spending. What these simple minded fools do not understand is that the value of money is also dependent on supply and demand. If you increase the supply of any currency in relation to the demand, you decrease the value of the currency so that it will require more of the currency to pay for things. In other words, prices go up.

People have been taught to believe that when prices go up, it is because things have become more expensive but that isn't true. The real reason why prices go up is because your currency becomes less valuable and it requires more money to purchase the same commodities.

For example, people are taught to believe that when gold went from $200 per ounce to $1,000 per once, it was because gold became more valuable. That is not true, the value of gold has not changed. The real reason why gold went from $200 per ounce to $1,000 per ounce is because the US dollar became 1/5 as valuable requiring 5 times more dollars to purchase the same amount of gold. Gold IS the internationally accepted standard for value of currency. Knowing this, you realize that these economists, who are predicting that gold will increase to anywhere from $1,500 to over $5,000 per ounce, are actually making very safe long term predictions to promote themselves as economic geniuses. Any true economist worth his weight in sand realizes that, if our government keeps printing money and keeps running up debt as fast as they are, it will only be a matter of time and the US dollar will be worth 1/5 as much as it currently is worth. And, at the rate they are currently doing it, this will happen very soon. This is a very safe bet.

You also need to understand that the value of your currency decreases faster than you increase the supply. If you double the supply of your currency, the value of your currency will decrease by more than half leaving you with less wealth and not more wealth. You see, the simple minded commie's think that, if you just simply increase the number of dollars, you will also increase the government's wealth and that is not true. What you end up doing is decreasing the value of the currency so it will require more dollars to purchase the same products and services which will require increasing your budget and debt to pay for the same government services so you end up being even more in debt when the dust settles. You lose wealth when you print money.

Now where did that 9 trillion dollars go the US Fed printed and mysteriously lost? They used it to pay off some of the debt the commie's have been running up. Globally, the commie's are printing more money to pay for their increasing spending which is why ALL currencies are declining in relation to gold. This is because ALL commie's are stupid enough to believe they can increase their government's wealth by increasing the amount of their currency. This is only driving their debts higher and higher and the commie's are too stupid to figure it out.

Another little trick the commie's are using to cover the fact that there isn't any money left in the world, only debt, and make it look like there is plenty of money, is also designed to bankrupt the US government enough to force the US people to accept becoming one of many countries in their commie global dictatorship. I have already shown you that the US commie's are currently sending hundreds of billions of US dollars to prop up the rest of the planet hiding the fact that every country on the planet is currently bankrupt.

Then there is what I call the debt musical chairs. This is where one country buys the debt of another country and the second country uses that money to buy the debt of another country who uses that money to buy the debt of another country until eventually some one uses the same money to buy the debt of the first country. Basically, they are moving their debt around the planet so you don't realize the planet is broke.

This little racket is like you getting from 50 to 100 credit cards and using each credit card to pay off the other credit cards before they become due while also buying things. Common sense should tell you that it is only a matter of time and your little snowball paradise will get too big to manage and your paradise will turn into financial hell with your finances imploding with the force of a black hole. Please remember that I have proved again and again that commie's don't have any common sense.

What has happened with their debt musical chairs game is that the commie financial snowball has gotten so big that it is now out of control and is about to create a global financial and economic black hole that will swallow everything and everyone. That is why the US commie's are really doing their "stimulus packages". They are stuffing their pockets with US dollars as fast as they can to keep themselves rich while everyone else is going broke, hoping, in their simple minded thinking, that they will survive this global crash as rich people. What the stupid commie's don't realize is that, when their economic black hole forms, there won't be any currency on this planet which will have ANY value and all that loot they are stuffing in their pockets will be worthless.

Then what?

The commie's have learned enough from history to know that, when their global economic black hole forms, the people will naturally raise up in arms with revolutions and civil wars. They are quickly working to try to set up their different militaries to protect themselves safe and sound in their white palaces while the rest of us starve and will be their impoverished slaves.

History teaches us some other interesting things the commie's have failed to learn. First, there will always be some enterprising young officer in the mid to lower ranks like Napoleon who will see his troops and the people starving with his troops having to fight off large numbers of impoverished people to protect much smaller numbers of rich jerks. These officers will turn their troops on the rich jerks, set up military dictatorships, round up and execute the rich jerks to prevent a counter coup and to appease the people into accepting their military dictatorship with the enterprising officers becoming the new rich upper class. So history teaches that, most likely, almost every country on the planet will turn into a military dictatorship or monarchy because of the mischief of the commie's with the stupid commie's paying with their lives. It really helps to pay attention to history.

So now you can better understand why this country and the rest of the planet are really already dead and it is only that they just have not finished kicking yet. There is only one being intelligent enough to stop this mess and I have been showing what some of His plans are in relation to Bible prophesy.

Also, it should be obvious that a lot of people are going to die soon so it is critical that you all believe in the Lord, Jesus the Christ, because God gave His only begotten Son so that who so ever believes in Him should have ever lasting life. After all, you really don't want to go into eternal damnation with the stupid commie's. :-) Imagine having to live with those idiots forever. What a horrible thought.

Your only hope is to pray long, pray hard, pray often.

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