Nuclear War

I have been considering a variety of other possibilities concerning the coming nuclear war between Iran and Israel.

I have noticed that one very important thing the experts are all doing is not even considering the fact that Israel will have to use nukes to get the job done and are just blindly assuming that she will use conventional weapons even though they themselves say it isn't possible to complete the job with conventional weapons alone and they say that Israel doesn't have the heavy duty bunker buster bombs required to almost get the job done without nukes. They are not using common sense and adding 1 + 1, therefore, they are getting zero. They are wrong, Israel must use nukes, if the US doesn't do the job with conventional weapons and forces Israel into the position where she must do the job. There is no other way for Israel to get the job done and she can't afford to not get this job done right.

For example, I just read this article on

Experts: Attack on Iran's Nukes Already Too Late

As Iran approaches what many experts consider the point of no return with its nuclear reactor coming online, some analysts are saying that it already may be too late to stop the Islamic Republic from developing nuclear weapons with an Israeli attack.

And then...

The country might be persuaded to abandon any efforts to build a bomb, they say, but -- like it or not -- Iran is going nuclear. And no number of Israeli F-16s is going to change that.

"We can't stop it. We can slow it down," Rep. Adam Smith, D-Wash., a member of the House Armed Services and Intelligence committees, told

Note that the experts says that "no number of Israeli F-16's is going to change that" and Israel knows this better than they do which is why I keep saying Israel has to use nukes because nukes will change it and Israel knows that also. Israel knows that it would take her air force weeks of steady bombardment to do the work of just a few well placed nukes. For example, it would take an air force squadron at least one or two weeks of steady bombardment to do the damage of just one 10k nuke. So, "Experts", get a clue.

First, I have realized that, if Israel is going to have to use nukes against Iran, then she won't be as concerned about extra nuclear fall out from hitting a nuclear power plant as she would be if she were using conventional weapons because of the fact that the nukes themselves will cause nuclear fall out. But she would almost certainly want to not significantly increase the nuclear fall out by scattering those nuke fuel rods all over the country side. This alone would mean she would be concerned but not necessarily enough to attack before the nuclear rods are in the power plant. After all, she may want to take the rods out too so they can't be used in a future power plant. So how do you achieve this?

Then I realized that Israel doesn't have to use a direct hit to take out the power plant when using nukes but she does when not using nukes. You see, there are a variety of ways to use nukes and most are classified but, if you have paid any attention to the underground nuclear testing of days gone by, you should be able to see another way of using nukes to take out that plant without scattering nuke dust all over the globe.

First, the vast majority of nukes Israel will have to use will be subterranean or underground nuclear detonations to take out deeply buried extra hardened targets. This is done in two different ways. The first way is a direct underground hit against the target blowing the facility in on itself. The second way is used against extra hardened targets or if the throw weight of your warhead isn't adequate to directly destroy the target you just detonate the nuke below the target melting and blasting a huge hole or chasm under the target causing the target to fall hundreds of feet killing everyone and destroying everything inside the facility on impact.

A nuke of just a few megatons (meg's) throw weight can melt and blast a huge hole several hundred feet deep. If you blast such a hole under a facility causing the facility to fall, it will be like turning that facility into a huge elevator free falling hundreds of feet with everyone inside being killed by the impact. The facility may remain intact because it is so strongly built but it will be disconnected and inaccessible from the surface, everyone inside will be killed by the fall, everything inside will be destroyed by the fall, and the facility will be contaminated throughout because nuke dust will be scattered throughout so it won't even be practical to try to get into the facility. That facility will simply become a huge casket for those inside and no one will survive the fall.

This means that the vast majority of nukes used against Iran will be subterranean detonations using hardened "penetration" warheads with delayed detonation devices. This will cause almost all of the nuclear fallout from those detonations to be contained underground with relatively little of it going into the atmosphere and out to the surrounding areas. Relatively few of the nukes will have to be airburst detonations and those probably won't have to be very large, maybe a few meg's at most. There will probably be less total nuclear fallout from this entire war than from just one airburst test detonation of a multi megaton warhead done by the US, Russia, England, or France during the 1950' and 1960's. During that time the US, England, and France all did multiple airburst detonation tests of at least 30 to 40 meg's and Russia did one 60 meg airburst detonation test. But you can bet that the lying liberal media will make it sound like every nuclear detonation by Israel was an airburst detonation of extreme magnitude with massive amounts of fallout to get everyone angry at Israel. I can just hear the liars screaming nuclear winter. You can bet you won't get the truth from the lying liberal media.

Therefore, it is possible that Israel may want to wait for those nuke rods to be put into the power plant, then she would plant a nuke under the power plant causing the power plant to fall inside of the chasm they create with a subterranean nuclear detonation containing the vast majority of all the nuclear fallout within the chasm. That way she would get rid of the power plant, the immediate threat for Iran developing nukes via the power plant, the nuclear rods, and greatly decrease the nuclear fallout from the attack.

Another advantage to this strategy is that everyone seems convinced that Israel will not dare attack this power plant after the rods are inserted to prevent nuclear fallout from the power plant. Israel permitting Iran to install those nuke rods will cause Iran to believe that Iran won the bluffing war, that Israel is too cowardly to attack Iran, and that Iran doesn't have to sweat an attack by Israel. This will cause Iran to become over confident, lower her guard, and make it possible for Israel to stage a surprise attack taking out even more nuke stuff at the same time.

On the other hand, Israel may just nuke the crap out of Iran tomorrow.

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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