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Please keep in mind what I just taught you in my essay, "Bits & Pieces". I am going to add a twist to it. You have to understand that all of these evil groups which are working together to destroy us from the face of the earth have their own evil agendas they are secretly working towards thinking that, after we are killed off, they will succeed in achieving their personal agendas against the rest. They are only working together to kill the rest of us off because they cannot achieve that part of their agenda on their own without the help of the other evil groups.

I have repeatedly shown you that Obama is a poser Christian and devout Muslim working to destroy the US and Israel while working to help Islam conquer the world. Some very interesting things happened this last week which give us more insight into what is really going on with Obama. Again, I am about to connect some very interesting dots so hang on.

This last week the Obama administration put Israel on the list of countries sponsoring terrorism in spite of the fact that they have done more to fight terrorism than any other country. At the same time, the Obama administration is working to develop political relations with the Muslim Brotherhood which has done more to promote terrorism than any other group or country. The Muslim Brotherhood currently is working with Iran, Al Quaeda, Hamas, Hizbullah and other terrorist organizations to wage war against the rest of the world.

But it gets better. Also this last week, the Obama administration released oil from our national oil reserves to bring the price of gas down a few cents to make it look like he was doing something about the increasing gas prices. Interestingly, before Obama released that oil from the national oil reserves, he asked for and got permission to do so from King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia. Oops! Just who does this man serve?

Remember that, right after he got elected as President of the US, Obama paid a visit to King Abdullah in Saudi Arabia and a picture was taken of Obama bowing before King Abdullah in submission as only a loyal subject of the kingdom would do before King Abdullah. Oops! More dots. Obama waited until he got instructions from King Abdullah before taking actions against Lybia and only took the actions King Abdullah instructed Obama to take. Oops!

Remember that it was rich Saudi's who financed Obama's education and got Obama into Harvard Law School. Oops! It was also the Saudi's who purchased major corporations in the US and used those businesses to launder money into the election campaign for Obama's election and they even went so far as to openly make donations directly to Obama the way the Chinese did for Bill Clinton but Clinton was made to return that money and no one has taken actions against the open Muslim donations from other countries to the Obama campaign fund. Oops! It is also important to understand that the Saudi's have been using US businesses they control to launder campaign money to the rest of the liberal and Muslim politicians in the US. It is also important to know that Saudi Arabia has been sponsoring and financing black Muslim organizations in the US for decades such as the Nation of Islam and the Black Panthers who are both allies with Obama. Lois Farrahkan, the leader of the Nation of Islam, has been working with the Saudi's for decades and he is currently regularly working with Obama. Remember that I pointed out a while back that Obama has been consistently appointing Arab Muslims from Saudi Arabia to high US government positions. Oops!

Remember that, at the time of 911, better than 90% of the terrorists who belonged to Al Quaeda were from Saudi Arabia and better than 90% of the funding for Al Quaeda came from rich families in Saudi Arabia. During the height of the fighting in Iraq, we discovered that Saudi Arabia was providing most of the funding for Al Quaeda in Irag. Also, it has been known for decades that Saudi Arabia has been openly funding the terrorists who have been fighting against Israel.

Various Muslim non profit corporations have been funding what I call creeping Islamic Sharia Law in the US by working to get Sharia Law accepted in replace of US Constitutional Law one city and one state at a time. I also pointed out that there had been over 400 million converts to Islam in the last year and they had to come from the liberal commie's who are clearly in bed with the Muslims. At that time I also stated that you would see increasing numbers of US citizens who have converted to Islam being arrested for attempted acts of terror against the US and showing up dead on Muslim battlefields between different Muslim factions and I have seen that happening regularly since then.

Remember that, shortly after 911, I told you that it was Saudi Arabia and other Muslim countries using Al Quaeda as a proxy to wage a covert war against the US and all of the other non Muslim countries involved in Desert Storm as required by the Koran and is also explained on my site about the Koran.

So, do you see the picture forming? If not, let me help you.

Since Desert Storm, as required by the Koran, Saudi Arabia has been using various proxy armies to wage covert warfare against the US and, before that, against Israel. She had been losing that war against the US under the Bush administration so she decided to destroy the US from within by inserting a loyal subject and special agent of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia into the US Presidency, Obama. Saudi Arabia used her bought and paid for commie traitors in the US to get Obama elected as President so he could destroy the US from within and also destroy Israel. Therefore, by definition, Obama is a foreign special agent working for King Abdullah and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as an infiltrator, spy, subversive, and saboteur to destroy the US so the Muslims can conquer the world and kill all non Muslims.

So now I ask, is it possible that Saudi Arabia will provide the 10K nuke which Obama will use to destroy Chicago? After all, Saudi Arabia has been waging holy war against the US and has had tactical nukes (up to hundreds of kilotons) for decades. You can bet that, if his King, King Abdullah, orders him to nuke Chicago, the Saudi Arabian loyal subject and special agent, Obama, will do it.

Oh yeah, Saudi Arabia is working with the commie upper class trash natural elites to kill off all but a certain group of people so they won't have to share they world with anyone but the group the Saudi's intend to leave alive but that group will only be Muslims, as required by the Koran. Think about it. The commie's have crawled in bed with a viper which will eat them alive and the Muslims are winning. Remember that the Muslims believe that the three lowest life forms on the planet are pigs, dogs, and monkeys. They believe that all blacks are monkeys, all Muslim women are dogs, and every other non Muslim and non Arab/Persian is a pig. Remember that, in the Sudan, the Arab Muslims are currently killing off the black Muslims who helped the Arabs Muslims over throw the Christian government. This is a sign of things to come.

How is that for connecting the dots? Now do you better understand Obama's actions in relation to this war against terrorism? You better...

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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