I have been giving thought to a number of things and putting things together. Below are some of my observations based on all of this information and current events in relation to human nature. This will be a real eye opener.


Let's go back and take a little look at something. First, the total number of new jobs created in all of November was only 39,000 jobs, there were more than 400 thousand people who lost their jobs per week for a total of more than 1.6 million jobs lost in November with another 1.6+ million who quit looking for work.

Now what should this tell you?

It should tell you that, with this being the Christmas season and there only being that many new jobs created in one month across the entire nation, all of those jobs were temp seasonal jobs which will end by the end of December or the first week in January at the latest. In other words, for the entire month of November, NO ONE CREATED ANY LONG TERM JOBS! This is just like I told you the rich would stop hiring people to save money to pay those increasing taxes next year. The only jobs which were created in November were created for short term profit making during the Christmas season.

Second, when you realize that the number of job loses in November were greater than the new hires for November causing the fake unemployment to increase to 9.8% in conjunction with there being less than 150 thousand new jobs created in each of September and October, that should tell you that almost all of the new jobs created in September and October were temp jobs for the election. In other words, there have not been any significant new long term jobs created since at least August for the same reason, the rich are saving up to pay those new taxes.

Therefore, you can easily expect that there will be absolutely no new jobs created during December and January except for a few temp Christmas season jobs in the first week of December AND all those recently hired temp's are going to get laid off, most of them by the end of December. Also, I would expect to see more rich people laying people off starting in December in order to save money for those increasing taxes next year to pay for all of that stimulus money which didn't do anyone any good except the crooked politicians and their crooked pals.

I would not be surprised to see zero new jobs created, anywhere from 1.7 to 2+ million people lose their jobs, and another 1.6 million quit looking for work in December. January is normally the worst economic month of the year and we should see even worse numbers for January than for December with zero new jobs, 1.8 to over 2 million losing their jobs and 1.8+ million quitting looking for work. Buuuut, when everyone sees the numbers for December in the first week of January, they will wake up to the reality and true scope of this mess, panic, and flush the economic toilet. Every rich person is going to grab all the money they can and run for cover so the numbers for January could easily go through the roof and beyond anyone's imagination.

Now what should this tell you?

You know that economic black hole I have been warning you about? It's here! We are in the advanced stages of that economic black hole developing and that has been masked by the temp hiring in September and October. In January, after everyone sees the December numbers, they are going to wake up and see everything they own being sucked into the center of the economic black hole. Talk about fear and panic, you are going to see it just about the time the economy disappears into utter blackness.

Another prediction: the government and experts are going to be surprised again. That is a safe gi'me prediction. But my readers won't be surprised. I told you the train is coming, duck!

Then, when you add all of this to the other problems I have been showing you such as the housing marketing already melting down and the banking industry going belly up, these things will only cause our little economic black hole to implode even faster and deeper. What economy? Can you say barter?

Again, how is that economic recovery thing going?

Next observation

What was the solution the intellectually superior natural elites used for the Greece and Irish economic melt downs? (In spite of the hurt this is going to cause, it is very hard not to laugh at this because it is way beyond stupid.) The reason Greece and Ireland, along with other EU countries such as Portugal, Spain, and Italy, are in economic trouble is because they spent so much more money than they have that they are so far in debt they can't pay their bills. To solve this problem, the intellectually superior natural elites increased Greece's and Ireland's debt by loaning them money to pay those bills. (Excuse me, I have to get up off the floor and my sides are killing me.)

Oh yeah, those countries now have some money to pay their bills and continue spending money but will also have to pay that money back plus interest putting those countries even further in debt. Think about it, when they have spent all that loaned money, which won't take the liberal commie's very long, what will those countries have? Even greater debt than the debt they couldn't pay before. That is a solution? Wahahahahahahahahaha! All the fools have done is delay the inevitable and make that inevitable even worse when it does get here. Always remember that cream isn't the only thing that floats.

I am sure that most of you have heard of the Keystone Cops silent movies comedy team. We are talking about Keystone politicians doing slap stick humor with our lives. I swear that the liberal commie stupidity is infinite and beyond mental comprehension. I do my best to not even try to understand the depth of their stupidity because it makes my head hurt. Believe me, I am being nice to these fools when I say my farts are smarter than the fool liberals are. As a matter of fact, my farts are now mad at me for insulting my farts by even comparing these arrogant fools to my farts. LOL

Now what should this tell you?

These intellectually superior natural elites (wahahahahaha!) have exacerbated the economic problems for both Greece and Ireland by increasing their debts and will soon do the same for other economically troubled EU countries such as Portugal, Spain, and Italy. When this idiot melt down finally matures, especially when the US can no longer keep any of them economically propped up with free money from our failed economy, the EU domino's are going to fall like they got run over by a bulldozer. We are talking economic and political super nova. The EU and Euro will simply disappear into a blinding flash with the EU ending up as who-knows how many smaller countries. Europe could easily turn back into a mass of feudal states.

My prediction on this is that, when the top military officers realize they don't have any jobs left, much less careers, because the liberal commie's destroyed their countries, there will be large numbers of military coups and you can bet that at least most of those officers will know they must seize and execute all the liberal commie politicians, media, college professors, activists, attorney's, judges, and others for treason to prevent any future counter coup which would only cause things to get worse. It will take strong and decisive military dictatorships to clean up the mess the commie's have made. There won't be any other choice.

Again, we are talking global Bastille with many countries breaking apart into smaller countries.


The US problem is getting much worse much faster than most people think. First, Obama is swimming in an ocean full of fecal matter and he can't even tread water well. At last note, Obama's approval ratings were at 39% following the Commiecrat massacre in November. He has just jumped ship to make deals with the GOP concerning renewing the Bush tax cuts showing everyone that Obama isn't a team player and is just out for Obama. The liberals are furious at Obama and I would love to see his poll numbers today. I would expect to see them as low as 35% or even below 30%.

But don't worry because it is going to get better very quickly. When the American people see the new economic numbers for December, what poll numbers? LOL We could be talking about single digit poll numbers.

There is a reality in the Commiecrat Party that, if Obama is still president in 2012, the Commiecrat Party could lose enough seats to cause the party to stop existing and this is not the first time this has happened in US history. The Commiecrats are bound to realize (but then again, they really are stupid) that Obama is the worst thing that has happened to the Commiecrat Party (they don't care about the country) and know they must get rid of him before the campaigning even starts this next year. They don't have very long to get rid of Obama and try to save anything they can.

When the Commiecrat puppet masters finally figure out that they can't let Obama stay in office for even a few more months, all those secret documents I have been telling you about will be shown to Obama in a secret meeting with demands for his resignation in exchange for a presidential pardon for all of his crimes.

That is when things will get really nasty in this country because Obama and the Black Muslims will kill anyone to keep power. Again, duck!


The one really good thing which has happened is Israel successfully using the Stuxnet virus to temporarily kill Iran's nuclear weapons program so Israel has been able to avoid using nuclear weapons to stop that threat. I take my hat off to Israel because their incredible Mossad has done what everyone else considered impossible....so far. I think we should all applaud Israel for what they have done to avoid using nukes when it seemed so obvious they would (and may still) eventually have to use nukes to stop Iran's nuclear program but we are not completely out of the woods yet. This is probably only a temporary halt to Iran's nuclear weapons program.

Something I just noticed is that Iran's leader, A'jad (Amedinajad), seems to have realized that they will have to eliminate Israel before they can get their beloved nuclear weapons. I am getting the feeling he has decided to use a massive conventional war to destroy Israel because Israel has been able to set A'jad's nuclear weapons program back again and again. Therefore, Muslim logic says, "kill them."

Please note that Iran, Syria, Hezbullah, Hamas, Fatah, and even Turkey have signed military treaties in just the last few years which require that, if any of them go to war against Israel, all of them are required to go to war against Israel. What I expect to see is a four front war with Syria, Hezbullah, Iran (Iran has troops in Syria), and Turkey attacking Israel from the north, Fatah attacking Israel from the east, and Hamas attacking Israel from the south with Turkey attacking Israel with its navy and Iran firing continental ballistic missiles (CBM's) at Israel from Iran. It is important to note that Iran has hundreds of thousands of missiles and many of them are CBM's which will easily reach Israel from Iran and has also given tens of thousands of rockets and missiles to Hezbullah, Syria, and Hamas.

But, as I have stated before, I think this is being coordinated with other things and countries to stretch our already over stretched forces even thinner. For example, China has been massing forces on her southern shore across the sea from Taiwan for years and you can bet she isn't putting all those troops there to enjoy the sea breeze and surf. Then it is very clear that North Korea is getting ready to start a war with South Korea. Both of these actions will stretch already thin US military forces.

Have you noticed that Afghan's leader, Karzai, has been secretly negotiating with the Taliban? Also remember the Taliban and Al Quaeda have been armed, financed, and trained by Iran (connect the dots). I would not be surprised to see a coordinated massive assault by the Taliban and Al Quaeda with the Afghan army turning against the US and NATO forces at the same time with Iran's attacks. Also watch for Iran and Al Quaeda to stage an offensive in Iraq to pen down US forces there.

Remember that Pakistan has been at war with India in the province of Cashmere for decades and recently attacked India out right in Mubai. Also, China has fought a number of major battles with India on India's northern border. I expect Pakistan to coordinate an attack by their army in conjunction with Al Quaeda against India with China possibly also joining the fight.

I would not be surprised to see Al Quaeda in Somalia attack Ethiopia again. They were only recently run out of there just a few years ago. I would also expect to see a surge of "pirate" attacks by Al Quaeda near the Straights of Aden on the south end of the Red Sea to tie up more US forces.

Please note that Russia and China recently signed a huge stack of pacts and treaties (more than 30) which you can bet included at least some kind of military treaties hidden within. Keep an eye on this.

Then there is that nasty little commie jerk in Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, who has been looking for a fight for some time. He has been helping the drug cartel guerilla forces attack Columbia, has brought in Hezbullah forces, has been working with China for a few years now, and, oh yeah, the Russian navy has recently moved a fleet to Venezuela.

Why all of this about helping Hugo Ego conquer Columbia?

Just north of Columbia is the Panama Canal which controls 1/3 of the global shipping. Oops! Light bulb time. If the commie's get control of this, they could easily hold the Western economies hostage. (Gee, could it be that is why the US commie traitors worked so hard to get the US forces out of Panama? Think about it.) The commie's learned a very important lesson from their military defeat by the US deterrence war in the 1980's. They learned that, to defeat the West, you must first destroy their economies from within because they think it is our economy and not God who has made us so invincible for so long. More light bulbs, huh? Ocommie, Billy Boy Clinton, the Commiecrats, Jimmuh Carhtuh? Think about it. Remember that, in the 1950's, the commie's bragged they would defeat the West by infiltrating and destroying our countries from within. They did, we just have not finished kicking yet.

I also expect to see the Muslims who have infiltrated our countries along with the commie activists stage street riots and even street fighting to further stretch our limited forces and cause chaos within our countries doing even more damage to our economies. This can get really nasty.


Then there is what God is doing. I am convinced that the GOP taking control of the House and not the Senate was not God coming to our rescue because, throughout the Bible, every time God rescues people, they must first nationally repent of their crimes against His Laws and have a massive national revival. I have not seen so much as a hint that this has happened even a little. What I have seen looks like the country moving in the opposite direction.

My current studies in the Tenach (Jewish Old Testament) prove this to be true. In I Samuel 2:30, God said, "I will honor those who honor Me and those who scorn me will be accursed." I don't know about you, but it just doesn't look to me like we are being honored by God. Therefore, I must say to the people of this country and the planet, repent of your sins and turn to God because your butts are being handed to you while I write this. It is way beyond time for revival and I call on all of God's people, both Gentiles and Jews, to stage a massive revival in this country and around the world turning everyone you can to God while you still have a butt left.

If you don't believe God is punishing us, just look at what is going on around you such as what I have just shown you. That doesn't exactly look like the promised land happening. I don't think we could be in for a much worse punishment than what I just showed you. Do you really want to live through all of that stuff? If not, then do something about and it starts on your knees talking to God.

I do believe that, when things get the worst, that many people will turn from their wickedness and pray to God for mercy. God tells us that is one of the reasons He punishes us, to turn us back to Him. What God has been showing me tells me this will be so but the sooner, the better and we have a lot of turning to do.

Therefore, I must conclude that the GOP winning majority control of the House was God painting the commie's in a corner to force their hand so they will paint Obama in a corner to force Obama's hand. Things are going to get really nasty very soon so that people will see the truth about the commie's and Muslims and turn to God.

You better get your churches off their butts and on their knees to...

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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