The O Machine 2

Wow, that didn't take long. In the last essay I told you that God would bring down the O Machine because Obama is so arrogant and proud and God said, "Pride goes before the fall." The back lash is already hitting Big O and the Val for their nasty behavior and them not being team players. The world just keeps on turning because God is in the driver's seat and man plans, God laughs.

There isn't a soap opera on TV as twisted as the reality of the mess caused by the upper class trash. Obama dumped King Abdullah because Abdullah's plans were falling apart very quickly and Obama didn't want to keep his wagon hitched to a falling star so King Abdullah has cut off relations with the US. Big O turned to Iran's Hassani who has not only shunned Obama but is humiliating Obama. Farrakhan turned from Obama to Hassani and was received well taking the leader of American black Muslims away from Obama. Egypt turned from the US to Russia over Obama refusing to deliver less than half a billion dollars in weapons and now Russia is getting a $15 billion weapons deal which should have gone to the US. CNN, NBC, and CBS have started attacking Obama over Obamacare, Benghazi, and other things putting Obama on the defensive. Obama is trying to strike back but every time Obama tries to use the bully club he has whittled down into a meaningless twig in order to destroy the US, it back fires on him. Who is afraid of a twig? Putin is trumping Obama everywhere and China is testing Obama in a number of areas in Asia. One of Obama's staff has said that Obama is in a "bunker mentality" or hiding in a bunker for survival like Hitler did at the end of WWII.

Man plans, God laughs.

Since Obama dumped King Abdullah, Obama is without the Suni Arab Muslim power base of King Abdullah with well over 100 Arab Muslims loyal to King Abdullah whom Obama has infiltrated into the top levels of the US government Obama has to get rid of or go crawling back to King Abdullah while Kerry is currently doing that crawling, Obama lost the power base of the US black Muslims because Farrakhan realized the US black Muslims were being screwed by Obama and King Abdullah so Farrakhan went to Hassani, who welcomed Farrakhan with open arms and has rejected Obama's efforts to work with Hassani denying Obama the Shiite Muslim power base meaning that Obama is now without any Muslim power base, Obama has lost the power base and support of the lefty white cracker traitors because he is not being a good little commie team player (I guess he didn't get away with punishing JP Morgan after all?), Obama has turned the US military into a much weaker force to destroy the US so he can no longer use the US military as a bully club and the US military has become Obama's enemy because Obama has fired about 200 upper level military officers in the five years of his administration, you know, just like Hitler got rid of top German officers regularly during WWII, and Obama is left stranded, not only without a paddle, but also without a boat in Fecal Matter Creek. Big O and the Val are swimming for their lives in sewer water. Remember that I told you in the last essay that Big O and the Val would be assassinated, if their abuses of power and extorting the corrupt upper class trash failed? It couldn't happen to a more deserving couple. This isn't just a power struggle any more, it is a life and death struggle between all of these corrupt upper class forces and we are caught in the middle, as usual.

Man plans, God laughs.

So what should we expect to happen next?

First, get it straight that none of the "intellectually superior" upper class trash plans are working, they are all failing and they are all scrambling to fix things and keep their trains on their respective tracks. God used to do that work for the US but we turned from God thinking we don't need God any more. Even the Chinese plans are having serious and increasing problems. Only Christian Russia seems to be doing even modestly well, but remember that Putin is Orthodox Christian which means he hates Israel. What we are watching is a massive global train wreck with the train crews stubbornly and foolishly all trying to keep those wrecked trains running at full speed in an insane and suicidal race to setup their version of a global dictatorship. It truly is a mad, mad, mad world. It is worse than the Keystone Cops times one hundred. The corrupt members of the upper class really have been inbreeding too long.

God gives us some clues and that is partly what prophesy is about, you first determine whether the prophesies have anything to do with current events and then try to understand what those prophesies tell you about current events.

According to one of my dreams, Big O and the Val will succeed in setting up their US Muslim dictatorship. The black Muslims will follow Obama to war against Israel followed in submission by the stupid white crackers. This should tell us that, either Obama will get rid of Farrakhan so Big O can directly control the US black Muslims or get back on good terms with Farrakhan so Obama and the Val can start using the US black Muslims as their power base. They will also either have to quickly get rid of more than 100 Arab Muslims they have infiltrated into the US government or get back on good terms with King Abdullah but the dream didn't show any Arab Muslims, only black Muslims with the white cracker traitors being subservient to the black Muslims. My guess is that Big O and the Val will some how get rid of the Arab Muslims they infiltrated into the US government, but that is just a guess. Big O could use one of his infamous "executive orders" to just kick them out of country and replace them with black Muslims.

This also means that Big O and the Val will have to get the white crackers back in the fold by either getting rid of the corrupt leaders of the white crackers so Big O and the Val can have direct control of the white crackers or they must grovel back to the corrupt white cracker leaders....again, but I doubt the latter will work a second time. The very wealthy white crackers being killed during a formal ball in the Willis Tower (formerly Sears Tower) by Big O nuking Chicago at the same time tells me Big O will simply get rid of the white cracker leaders and take control of the white crackers himself. This should tell us that God will use Obama nuking Chicago to get rid of the corrupt Euro-American white cracker leaders and do away with their evil UN Agenda 21 plans. End game evil white cracker leaders, they will die.

This will suddenly remove the vile Euro-American white upper class trash from the equation only leaving Obama and his US black Muslim based forces, Russia, China, and the Muslim mix of Suni and Shiite Muslims who keep fighting each other. We know that Obama will take his black Muslim/white cracker CSF force to invade Israel in the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39 and that Russia and all of the Muslim countries will join him there to conquer Israel. Since China is also in bed with the Shiite Muslims, along with Russia, I expect China to send a large invasion force along with her key leaders to help invade Israel.

Years ago I told you that the tensions between these forces gathered together to invade Israel is why a massive earthquake will cause them to turn their weapons on each other as is described in Ezekiel 38 & 39. I believe that now you can better understand just how tense these "allied" forces will be because they are not truly allied and are actually enemies. They don't and cannot trust each other and many have been waging war against each other for centuries with the rest waging war against each other for at least decades. Any event can easily cause them to turn their weapons on each other as the Bible tells us they will and this will remove those powers from the equation by killing off five in every six or about 83% of their troops along with their leaders in Damascus because, without national leaders, after having lost a very large portion of their combat forces, and suffering the humiliation of fleeing from the advancing Israeli Army, these evil forces will not feel too much like waging war against anyone else. First, there will be an internal power struggle in all of those countries to establish new national leaders and then they will have to rebuild a very large part of their militaries.

That will leave the US people facing a very weakened CSF holding force being run by the Val. That is when the US civil war is most likely to start. It will be a very bloody war with city fighting similar to what is currently going on in Syria but won't last too long, maybe one to three years before a truce is made leaving the CSF holding Washington DC, Maryland, and Delaware with maybe also the states to their north. Then we will get to start building a new nation and God has told me it will be a conservative Christian theocracy because we will have already seen what "secularism", liberal paganism, and Islam have to offer and it isn't good. The greatest nation this planet has ever had was founded and built under conservative Christianity. We will learn from our mistakes and build better.

As we get closer to the events, the picture gets clearer as the situation falls more in line with prophesy.

With all of these vile, evil, corrupt upper class fighting over control of our planet, it is always time to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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