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God has taught me that everything in life is both a test and learning opportunity. We are tested on our choices, including turning to God for help, and provided the opportunity to learn from both the events and our choices.

The scriptures teach us to be anxious for nothing and I try my best to obey the scriptures but I have to be honest that I am human and, down deep, I do wish these bad times and events would hurry up and happen, so we could get to the good times God has shown me are ahead. Do I want these bad things to happen? No, but, since I know they must happen, I want to hurry up, get them over with, and move on to the good times. It is like when you get a spanking, which is what is happening, God is spanking us for our crimes against His Laws. You don't want the spanking but, since you know you have earned it and are going to get it, you want to get the spanking over with so you can move on to better things, knowing not to do that again.

I have told you that God has shown me that, following our spanking and the recovery and building a new nation with getting its economy booming again, anywhere from a minimum of seven to 20 new earth type planets will be created for us to colonize, I believe probably nine but we will soon see. In part, this will be to prove that evolution is a false pagan fairy tale and God created everything, just like He told us He did.

But, if you have been studying the liberal pagans for just the last few years, you know what is going to happen. The pagans will make up blatant lies so they don't have to believe what their lying eyes just saw and can continue to believe what they want to believe. You know, just like they are doing now with global warming. When it became obvious that the planet has been cooling for more than 15 years and all of their predictions proved wrong, they just changed the lie to climate change. When countered by the fact that the climate has been changing for thousands of years and is normal, they have bounced back to global warming even though that has already been proved false. The truth just doesn't work with their evil agenda and what they want to believe.

Well, you know the pagans will make up lies about those planets having already been there or that those planets were created by their false pagan gods. They will still refuse to believe Yahweh is real, He lives, He exists, that He is the one true God, and He created everything. The pagans will make up any lie that sounds good enough to them for them to remain in denial that God exists so they don't have to live by God's Laws.

BTW, I just read that they have ANOTHER new theory (read false pagan fairy tale) about how the universe accidentally happened...uh...was created by their false pagan goddess, Mother Nature (A.K.A. Gia, Mother Earth, and others). The other theories have all been disproved and it had become too well known they had been shot down so they needed a new theory. After this one gets shot down, they will just dream up a new lie....uh....pagan fairy tale....uh....theory. The pagans have been dreaming up new pagan fairy tales for over 200 years. They will never stop.

This is all because the pagans hate God's Law and love Satan's law of "do as you will" even though Satan's law always ends up with most of them being killed or enslaved by others doing as they will. They say but ignore "what goes around comes around" so they can feel free to live by Satan's law of do as you will.

That will be both the test and learning opportunity. We will all be tested as to whether we choose to believe Satan's lies because we want to, in spite of the evidence (which the liberal pagans will choose) and the learning opportunity for us Christians is that the liberal pagans will never turn from their wickedness no matter what evidence God provides them with which is why God must banish them into the Lake of Fire forever. If God were to let these evil people out of the Lake of Fire a trillion times a trillion years after they are incarcerated, they would just make up lies to not believe they were just being punished for their wickedness and should behave (it was all just a nightmare or illusion) and will return to doing the evil they are now doing, you know, just like with global warming. Keep an eye on this.

God's Law was written to protect us from each other by providing us with good guide lines for living. Satan's law was written to cause us to kill each other off so God's prophesies can't come true causing God to be wrong or a liar so God won't be justified and qualified for judging everyone so all of the evil people, especially Satan (the father of psychopathy), won't have to be banished into the Lake of Fire forever. Then all of the wicked people who have ever lived will simply get to live here with us forever doing what they will and we won't be able to stop them because they will be immortal, so we can't kill them, and they will never stop their evil, which God is proving to us now. This would result in paradise being far worse than Hell itself with perpetual warfare in which we would be forced to spend eternity trying to capture and imprison them forever so we could have peace and keep them from enslaving and torturing all of us for eternity because we won't be able to die either.

If they escape our prisons, their evil will just start all over again and, if we put them on another planet, they will develop the technology to travel to our planet and continue to wage war against us. Our only hope to ever have peace from these evil monsters is for God to judge us all and banish the people who have chosen evil, along with Satan and his demons, into the Lake of Fire forever. Anything else would be our worst nightmare.

Interestingly, God designed everything here on earth so that, when we live by God's Laws, things get better for us and we live happier lives. But, if we violate God's Laws, things get worse, we get sick, and die, so that, in effect, we punish ourselves with our own wickedness. For example, if you commit adultery, you get sexually transmitted diseases which cause illness and death. Adultery will also cause the hurt and pain of being betrayed by the person you love most and losing the person you love most. But most pagans don't care about that because most pagans are psychopaths and don't care about anyone but themselves and immediate gratification so they prefer adultery to being faithful to people they can't possibly love.

When these pandemics the pagans are forcing on us hit us, the pandemics will cause more harm to the pagans because the diseases were designed by God to punish us for choosing paganism. The very habits and culture of paganism will cause more of them to get these deadly diseases than conservative Christians. In effect, the pagans will be punishing themselves for their own wickedness while trying to murder us. Yes, some of us will die because of us having committed the sin of tolerance but many more of them will die. The upper class trash pagans know these diseases will also kill the pagan puppets but they want to purge those pagans anyway because no one can trust a traitor.

BTW, It has been reported that, in a closed meeting with some members of Congress, Obama lashed out at one of the members, cursing. If this is true, it is a sign of building frustration and anger. Also, Obama just went golfing for the third time in four days telling me he doesn't want to deal with what is going on, basically, hiding on the golf course from all the bad news, A.K.A. avoidance. Keep an eye on this.

BTW, I just read that more Democrats are taking the side of the oil and gas companies. Hmmm, turning against liberalism? Who would have guessed?

Listen, they are not just turning against Obama but are also turning against Hillary. Not that I mind but it is important to note. Mean while, it is really fun to watch Obama and Hillary tear at each other. I love Hillary's, "ISIS is happening because Obama failed to topple Assad" routine. If Obama had toppled Assad, ISIS would now have ALL of Syria and most of Iraq. Things would be even worse. What a twit. I really believe the liberals are having a stupid contest and it is very close.

Yep, we are in an economic recovery, US wages down 23% since 2008. What a mess.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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