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Note: I just found this essay I wrote in 1/23/2016 before Trump was elected. I don't know why I never uploaded it and completely forgot about it and even some of the information in it. I am now going to upload it because I think it will help some of you to better understand how corrupt everything is and what is going on. BTW, he never finished working on my book so please keep in mind when I wrote this essay. I figure that God has some reason for me not uploading this before and causing me to upload it now.

A few nights ago I had a very interesting conversation that provided me with some detailed information I want to share with you. It confirmed my observations in how corrupt things are and have been for some time plus informed me that everything has been even more corrupt than I had thought and for much longer. The latter was something I had been wondering about but wasn't quite sure of.

This is an individual who made his living at the top of European professional bicycle road racing for at least a couple of decades and knew everything that was going on all of the way to the top. He told me who ran things and that European professional bicycle racing is pretty much owned by organized crime and the upper class trash, as are most other things now, including our governments. He answered a lot of questions I had been thinking about and answered every question I ask.

I have been thinking and praying about this for days before deciding to share it with you to help you better understand how bad things are and why God is our only hope. As good as our weapons are, they are only good against identifiable threats and not against moles and traitors, of which we have an abundance.

First, I have been living in poverty for more than 15 years because of a virus I got while coaching in Los Angeles, which has been slowly killing me for more than a quarter of a century, and the doctors told me that I should have died at least 9 to 10 years ago. The virus has made a mess of my body by creating the medical conditions of Hypervolmic-hyponatremia (high water blood level and low salt blood level), Severe Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and Severely life threatening sleep apnea so that my face has to be tied to a machine every night while I sleep to keep me from dying. I also have dyslexia which gets worse when I get tired. You put that together with my chronic fatigue syndrome and it easily explains all of my typos in my essays. I have to proof read all of these essays at least three or four times before I publish them because spell check doesn't catch everything and I still don't catch all of the typos.

My health is so bad that I can't work at all, it takes me half a day to several days to write these little essays, and there is no way I can do any extensive work for anyone, even myself. The two e-books I have for sale were written and I started this site and my commercial cycling site before I became this sick. When I realized I was going to get much worse, I set everything up with templates so I wouldn't have to remember as much and it would take less work to get the job done.

I can only write these essays when God inspires me to write them. If I try to write something on my own, I can't write much of anything. As soon as I finish writing the essays God wants me to write, I am too tired to write anything else.

This person I was talking to knew about me and what I had done in bicycle racing, didn't know I was sick because I rarely tell anyone, and made me a really good offer to make a lot of money doing a job for him I can no longer do because of my illness. The offer came out of the blue and I had never even met with or personally knew the person before. I knew who he was but didn't know him and had never contacted him. To be honest with him, I had to thank him for the offer, inform him that I couldn't accept the offer because I am too ill to do the job, and politely refuse the job.

He decided to help me make a little extra money because of my illness and, after briefly looking over my cycling e-book, he decided to reformat my cycling e-book to bring it up to "modern e-book standards" and make it more marketable for free, which is very kind. The content will remain almost the same, it will just look more professional. With my health, there is no way I can do that much work myself because that is a lot of work. You see it is a huge book with a huge amount of information. All other how-to-books have about 10 to 18 chapters with about 100 to 150 pages. My cycling book has 8 sections with 80 chapters and 600 pages. It has the equivalent information of at least 5 regular how-to-books.

After he had finished reformatting the book and was ready to begin the redesign of the book, he called me up and ranted for a while about how incredible the book is because he had never seen anyone put anywhere near as much information about cycling in one document. He told me it should be an encyclopedia of cycling with three to five books saying it was an insane amount of information for one book, told me that the book has better quality information and much more information than all of the courses and materials currently being used by the national governing body to train coaches, and then he resumed work on the book. The only reason it can be one book is because it is an e-book, if it were published as a printed book, they would have to make it at least three to five books or try to sell a how-to book the size of Webster's unabridged dictionary for at least $150.

So a few nights ago he called me and we talked for about three hours. It seems he realizes and even stated that I know more and better science about bicycle racing than even the pro cycling coaches and he is trying to think of some way to do business with me. For whatever he has in mind, he felt it necessary to teach me how things "really work" in European and now even US bicycle racing (just how corrupt it really is, especially European racing) and spent three hours teaching me and answering my questions, of which I can only mention the more important points and not a lot of detail in just one little essay.

One of the first things he told me is, "They play rough, very, very rough", in other words, they kill people in European racing. Most of the time, they just ruin people who don't get with the program but they do kill people.

The drug abuse is so pervasive and the governing bodies know about it but they pretend not to know and put on a show to make it look like they are policing and at least attempting to do something about the drugs. The ugly truth is that they actually help the athletes and doctors manage the drug use.

A few years ago, a top pro completely fried his kidneys on EPO and was having kidney dialysis every day to stay alive, which is really tough, especially mentally. The guy mentally broke and killed himself with a cocaine OD.

He told me that every year the international governing body hires a medical team from Houston, Texas to travel to Europe where they test 100% of the pro racers to make sure they are not frying their kidneys on EPO. They know all of the riders are using EPO, the governing body is just making sure the riders don't completely fry their kidneys by helping the riders manage their drug use instead of busting them out of the sport for using EPO.

Then I mentioned that I had coached a rider over the Internet up from cat 3 (intermediate amateur level) to where he was recruited by a Spanish pro team to ride with them for the summer to see if they wanted to contract him for the next season. The rider consistently finished with the top 3 or 4 riders on the team (25 riders per team) in single stage pro races but fell behind in multiple stage races because the EPO greatly increases recovery for stage racing. The team sent him home because he refused to take drugs and he told me that absolutely everyone on the team was taking drugs, especially EPO and steroids.

When I told this to the guy I was talking to, he said, "They saw him as a threat", meaning that they don't accept non dopers riding on their teams because they are afraid the non dopers will testify against them. This means that the people running the sport, especially the teams, won't let a rider who still does well without doping stay in the sport and they will kick them out or worse. This alone makes it impossible for anyone not using dope to race professionally in Europe because the cheaters and criminals have absolute control. You know, that good old pagan morality thingy.

He then told me about one pro who was winning but refused to use dope being asked if "he wanted his daughters to still be able to walk to school on their legs". This was a threat to cause harm to the rider's daughters if he kept racing without using dope. He started using dope.

I would have gotten another job because I don't lie, I don't cheat, I don't steal, and no job is worth risking my family. My integrity is worth more than any job, pride, money, fame or anything else. My soul is owned by Jesus and is not for sale. Satan will have to shop elsewhere. Over the last 30 years, I have had a number of opportunities to make really good money and live well, all I had to do was lie and steal. Even during the last 15 years of poverty, I have had opportunities to get out of poverty by committing crimes but I would rather live in poverty than commit a crime. If I can't make a good living honestly, then I will gladly live in poverty because I don't want to find myself standing before an angry God on Judgment Day AND I have to be able to look at that man in the mirror and say, "that is a good man" without having to lie. I am not a liberal so I am not stupid enough to believe my own lies.

This guy told me much more, confirming in detail just how corrupt everything is, especially the upper class trash. Our founding fathers fought against this European corruption but it very subtly started up again quickly after. Less than 50 years after they founded of this nation, the corrupt upper class changed our law from Biblical based law, which is much more difficult to corrupt, back to British common law, which is very easy to corrupt. Also, every time there was a major European migration to the US, those Europeans brought their European corruption to the US and took us even further down the road towards national destruction.

You have to understand that the Church of Rome and Europe were never truly Christian, they were always more pagan than Christian. When the Church of Rome assimilated Christianity into the Church in the fourth Century, they didn't get rid of their paganism, which included all of their corruption. If you look at the Biblical Law, it is only the first five chapters in the Bible and is only about 1/2 inch think. If you look at the Catholic Church Cannon, it is larger than an American Webster's unabridged dictionary and it is almost all pagan or man made law, including laws making it a capital crime to own a copy of the New Testament or claim salvation through Jesus.

It was this paganism which caused the persecution of many Christians and fled to North America for religious freedom. Then the French and then British took military control of these colonies forcing their pagan common laws and corruption on the colonies, which caused the American revolution against the British and their pagan common laws, which made it possible for government corruption and to oppress the colonists.

Now you can also understand exactly what the liberals meant when they said they wanted the US to be more like Europe; they wanted the US to be more corrupt like Europe so they could get away with more crimes.

I am absolutely convinced that, if it were possible to get honest, conservative, Biblical Christians elected as president and 100% of the US Congress, they would all be dead within one to two years, definitely before they could even begin to clean up the mess Satan's pagans have made of this country.

This is why it is necessary for God to clean out these horrid pagan moles before we can even begin building a Christian theocracy to protect everyone. God is going to do this in three stages. The first stage will be the Muslims staging a coup and purging our upper class trash. This will also cause the remaining liberals to come out of the closet and join their Muslim friends so we will know who they all are. There will be no more hidden moles, which is the biggest problem in cleaning up this mess. The second stage will be when Obama takes large numbers of liberals to invade Israel and they will be killed by God and each other in the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39. The third stage will be when we fight a rebellion to free ourselves from the liberals and Muslims, killing almost all of them and leaving the remainder a small part of the US along the East Coast.

Then and only then will we be able to set up our Christian theocracy to prevent this from happening again.

Personal Lessons

There are also some personal lessons I learned from this I want to share with you so you can better understand how God works. We often wonder why God does or doesn't do something, especially in giving us what we want. For decades I had wondered about this and I got the answers to some of those questions a few nights ago.

While I was attending the University of New Mexico in 1968, I fell in love with bicycle road racing. I had really great training partners who taught me a lot and, with time and hard work, I quickly began showing promise towards racing professionally in Europe. My dream became to race for a while, coach for a while, and manage for a while.

God really set me up with a fantastic startup opportunity, which I could not have done better on my own and I "just fell into this" or basically, God pushed me into it. My first two training partners were a British Olympian who had raced as a neo pro in Europe and a US rider who had been ranked as one of the top 15 riders in the US, finished second in the biggest stage race in the US, and won the Mt Evans Hill Climb. Plus my first coach was Gene Rypka, Ph.D., who was an internationally recognized research scientist in micro biology and exercise physiology (he had two Ph.D.s) and had coached up the US rider who I just mentioned. Also, the UNM coaching and physical education program was ranked as one of the top three to five in the US and one of the best in the world partly because of all of the science we had to study, especially biology. It was hard enough, you had to be a rocket scientist to pass the program with about a 70% washout.

In 1969, I got to train one-on-one with Tom Garrity who had been ranked number one in the US in 1968 and no one had been able to stay with him all year. By the time I finished training with him, I could stay with him and neither of the first two riders I mentioned could stay with me or even keep me in sight any more. So I had quickly developed speed, strength and endurance to at least the national level. As a matter of fact, after I got to where I could stay with Tom, he and doctor Rypka spent over an hour one day trying to get me to go to Europe because they felt I could have easily been "one of the top ten pros in Europe". I wanted to finish my college first, which was just a few more years.

By the spring of 1970 no one in New Mexico could keep me in sight and I was training two days per week, one-on-one with John Vande Velde, Sr., who was ranked in the top ten in the world in individual pursuit and regularly raced pro-am races in Belgium against the best pros in the world, regularly finishing in the top 20. After training with him for about one month, he started asking me to slow down towards the ends of our biweekly training rides because he was tired and needed to rest.

I was no physical slouch and was definitely pro material so I decided to try to race in the Midwest that summer because it was the most competitive circuit in the US with at least 7 of the top 10 racers in the US regularly racing there along with Sigi Koch of Germany, who was ranked the 22nd best amateur in the world. I wanted to know how good I was and to gain more experience against the best I could so I decided to jump in the biggest lake with the biggest fish and try swimming.

John volunteered to set up a place to stay with his parents and a job with his uncle and even told me before he left for Chicago that summer that everything was set up. I was injured in an accident 1.5 weeks before I left and couldn't train so I was out of shape but I figured that a few weeks of racing hard would put me back on form, no problem.

When I showed up at the YMCA in downtown Chicago, I called John and nothing had been set up. I was out of shape, had my bike, equipment, cloths, with some pocket money in a strange large city and wound up fighting cockroaches for a mattress on the floor of a hippy's apartment who was waiting sentencing for pot and I was working day jobs trying to earn enough money to buy food, pay race entry fees, and travel expenses to races while saving enough money to get back home for college. The only training I was able to do was the races I rode on Sundays, my fitness quickly fell off even more so I was never close to full form but I was still able to do well enough to do a lot of learning including that, if I had been in top form, I could have easily competed against their best (John was one of the top five riders on that circuit).

After I got home from this racing nightmare, doors closed on my European pro racing future right and left. I fought it for years but still couldn't get any doors to open.

For decades I wondered why would God would give a person such incredible talent for something and not let them use that talent, especially for the second most popular sport in the world where I could have easily and regularly been a good Christian witness to 1 to 2 billion people globally?

This recent conversation answered that question. I realized a long time ago that God let me have those experiences to make me a better coach by permitting me the racing experience against nationally and internationally ranked riders. I learned team tactics and a lot of other important things for bike racing. But, if I had gone to Europe as a young and weak Christian, the organized crime running that bike racing would have either run me off or killed me and God was protecting me from them. They could have easily ruined me in competitive cycling so I would not have ever had an opportunity to coach anywhere. Those European criminals would have screwed my weak little Christian butt to a wall and possibly killed me. They definitely would not have wanted me racing on their corrupt circuit, especially with all of their top riders doing drugs. Even today, as an older and stronger Christian, they would run me off or kill me.

When God doesn't let you do something or fulfill a dream of yours, it is often because He has something else for you and/or is protecting you from something. He will often let you do something for a while to teach you certain things and then move you on to do something else. It isn't because God is being mean to you but because God loves you.

Unfortunately, a lot of people develop resentment towards God for not giving them what they want, never stopping to realize that it was because they shouldn't have what they want. In my case, I knew there had to be a reason for it but couldn't figure it out and kept looking for the answer until a few nights ago when God gave it to me. I have waited 45 years for that answer and thank God for not giving me what I wanted and would have certainly destroyed me.

BTW, when that European corruption did make it into US cycling in the early 90's, it did finish off my career in competitive cycling and that conversation explained that too. The guy explained why a number of things happened to me, specifically, and others in cycling because of this corruption. During that conversation, I kept thinking, "OK, that is why this, that, or something else happened."

He explained to me that there is more information and quality information in my book than any of the European coaches know (none of them are college trained) because all most of them know is how to fill water bottles and send their athletes to doctors for dope, confirming what I knew a long time ago, which was that their coaching and training techniques are at best 1950s quality, decades behind what is in my book. Which explains why he is working so hard to find a way to make money with me. I just hope it is honest work.

BTW, the massive cardiovascular and cardiorespiratory systems God had me build while racing bicycles is largely what God has been using to keep me alive the last 10 to 15 years. All of the medical people who have worked with me feel that is the only reason I am still alive.

Better than 90% of the people who die from sleep apnea die from cardiac arrest because, when their throat cuts off their air causing their oxygen blood level to drop, their heart starts beating faster to get more oxygen into the blood and to the heart. This increased heart rate causes their hearts to burn more oxygen faster further depleting the oxygen blood level until there isn't enough oxygen reaching the heart, which causes the heart to go into arrest and the person to die.

When I was racing, my resting heart rate was 37.5 bpm. The normal human heart is the size of their fist but mine is larger than both of my fists combined and can move much more blood more easily in less time saving energy and oxygen permitting my heart to keep functioning when normal hearts would go into arrest. Any oxygen blood level below 70% is considered life threatening because most people's hearts can go into arrest at anything below 70% oxygen blood level. When I was tested, my oxygen blood level reached 59% without a significant increase in heart rate. I am much more likely to die from something other than cardiac arrest like brain death than cardiac arrest because, at anything below 60% oxygen blood level, the brain suffers damage and can die buuuuut, because of my cardiovascular system, my oxygen blood level would have to go significantly lower than 60% to incur brain death.

God had more than one reason for causing me to obtain such a high level of fitness and He knew what He was doing. I am not bullet proof but God has made me very bullet resistant to keep me alive through this. Simply put, most people could not have survived what I have been through the last 10 to 15 years and God gave me a body which would get me through this because He knew he was going to put me through this. Truly, God has blessed me.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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