Pandemic Economics

As bad as the last article on the now happening and growing pandemic made it look, there are some things I must add. First, the only reason we don't already have at least one billion dead people from such pandemics is by the grace of God and definitely not because of human intelligence. You should thank God every day that you are still alive.

Second, I need to address the economics of the upper class trash's great sounding, simple minded, stupid idea of bringing in disease infected illegal aliens so they can hire people for less to quickly increase their profits.

To show you just how stupid and greedy the upper class trash is, they have this incredibly simple minded belief that, if they can all bring in massive numbers of illegal aliens, they can pay less for working than they can pay you, they will all be able to get richer faster by stealing more faster because their profits will be higher. This stupidity was probably dreamed up by one of those simple minded, dope smoking professors from one of those right universities.

For most businesses, most of their overhead is their employees so these greedy, inbred nuts have dreamed up the simple minded idea that, if they could just pay their employees less, they will turn higher profits and get richer faster.

There is just a weeeeeee bit of a problem with this great sounding stupid idea.

If they all hire illegal aliens for less and fire all of you, who is going to buy the upper class trash's products and services?

You won't be able to continue buying their products and services because you won't have a job and the illegal aliens won't be able to buy their products and services because they will be getting paid less so they will have less disposable income to spend on anything than you did when you still had a job.

What will happen is that these idiots will cause product and service sales to suddenly and rapidly decrease because of a lack of cash flow, which will cause the economy to crash, which will cause their businesses to go bankrupt, which will cause the greedy idiots to go broke.

They remind me of the story of the dog crossing a bridge with a bone in his mouth and saw his own reflection in the stream below. Thinking it was another dog with a bone, the idiot upper class trash dog decided to bark at the other dog to scare that dog and cause it to drop its bone so the idiot upper class trash dog could have two bones. When the idiot upper class trash dog barked at his image in the stream, he dropped his bone in the stream and ended up with no bones.

You see, their idiot college professors, you know, they all got the right degrees from the right universities, probably while smoking dope in their white palaces, knew the upper class trash had gotten so terribly greedy that the upper class trash had become so focused on immediate gratification and increasing short term wealth that the idiots completely forgot about long term success, which will always lead to failure, so the stupid college professors dreamed up a bunch of really great sounding, stupid ideas like "diversification", which failed and forced them to practice a new policy of "divestment" to save their stupid, inbred butts, and "profit maximization", which is causing them all to focus on greatly increasing their wealth for the short term while hurting their earnings for the long term and eventually destroying the economy.

This profit maximization thingy has caused them to focus on wealth hoarding as a means of increasing their wealth, which has some serious flaws. Wealth hoarding is where you hoard everything you can get your hands on to increase your wealth.

You see, if you get $100 million dollars and just hoard it or sit on it, your wealth will decline over time because of such things as spending on just living expenses and inflation, especially as your currency becomes less valuable because the idiot upper class trash have developed the also stupid strategy of increasing their wealth by printing more and more money, which just causes the money to lose value faster than you can print it because it disproportionately decreases demand for your money in relation to supply.

(If this gets too complex to understand, just read it again and again until you do understand it because you really need to know this.)

That is why nations that print too much money have currencies that have very little value so that you have to spend a lot of their money to get what only takes a little of more valuable currencies to get. But, hey, idiot, corrupt politicians are too stupid to understand something that complex even though history proves it to be true.

After all, the EU was formed with the Euro largely because nations like France and Italy had destroyed the value of their currencies by over printing their currencies but, hey, you don't really expect the inbred idiot upper class trash and their idiot puppets to learn from other peoples' mistakes, do you? I mean, after all, aren't these the same people who preach and practice Marxism, which has failed 100% of the time and is currently failing everywhere around the world today?

This practice of increasing profits by hiring illegal aliens and bringing in deadly diseases is just another great sounding super stupid idea.

But, hey, it gets better. What do you think will happen to the economy and their businesses when these idiots cause a disease pandemic? What economy? Do the idiots still expect to have an economy when all of their customers start dying off?

We will return to the barter system. Besides, I have already shown that many of them will die off too and their wealth won't do them any good because you can't buy air conditioning in Hell.

Remember that I told you that, what we have here on Earth is just loaned to us by God for our brief stay on Earth because, when you die, you ALL lose it ALL and God takes it ALL back.

Maybe, just maybe, we should be better stewards and stop being so greedy and quit trying to steal what God has given to others?

It is greed that has caused better than 90% of our problems here on Earth because greedy people just can't steal enough fast enough.

Printing Money

While we are here, let me show you just how stupid the greedy upper class trash who got the right degrees from the right universities really are and this has been proven again and again and again and again but, hey, they never learn.

The idiot upper class trash always manage to get this simple minded idea in their head that, if they print more money, they will have more money to steal and spend and will, therefore, become more wealthy and can buy more stuff to leave behind when they die. But it isn't that simple and, therefore, is too complex for the idiots to understand.

You see, when you print more money, you increase the supply in relation to demand, which decreases the value faster than you can print the money. That is a basic proven law of economics. This means that, as the value of the money decreases, they will have to have and spend more of that less valuable money to get the same item and the price of the item always increases faster than your money supply, ALWAYS. There have been no exceptions to this in history.

Besides, how can you expect those morons to learn from history when the history they study and teach is all lies...uh...I mean, "revisionist history", yeah, that's the ticket, revisionist history? Don't you just love the way the simple mind idiots use big words to make their stupidity and evil sound so good? Is there anything about them that is not deceptive and a lie?

I can't think of anything.

But the stupid, inbred, idiot, greedy upper class trash solution to this problem of increasing prices caused by them increasing the supply of money is to increase the supply of money more so they can have more money to spend on the now more expensive item but that will just cause the price of the item to increase faster than they can print the money. Basically, the idiots can't learn that, by printing money to increase their wealth, they are taking two steps backwards to take one step forwards. ABSOLUTELY NO ONE has ever won at this idiot game, NO ONE!

For example, before they formed the EU and created the Euro and one of the main reasons they formed the EU and created the Euro, France and Italy had so terribly ruined their currencies by incessantly printing more and more of their money that it literally took millions of their francs and lira to buy a meal at a restaurant. Great job, idiots, great job.

But did those greedy jerks ever learn?

Of course not, that would have required a miracle from God far greater than walking on water. And God said, "The love of money is the root of all evil." In other words, greed causes you to get stupid and do stupid things.

BTW, that is what Obama was doing by printing hundreds of billions of US dollars, you know, more than any other president in history. Obama was intentionally trying to destroy the US dollar by inflation so we couldn't rebuild our military that he was destroying while running up our debt so we couldn't rebuild our military and while destroying our economy so we couldn't rebuild our military. This was all meant to weaken the US military so the US could no longer refuse to join their commie one world government and submit to their commie global dictatorship. It was treason of the highest order.

Cash Flow

True wealth comes from cash flow instead of by hoarding. That requires that, as you get cash in, you must invest or spend that cash to continue the cash flow.

Henry Ford did more to create the booming US economy than anyone else when he began paying his people about two to three times more than his competitors DURING a depression. Unlike his greedy, simple minded competitors who got the right degrees from the right universities and who pulled back into their shells, laying off many of their workers, when a depression started to try and survive, Ford started paying his people more money for the work they were doing to increase their disposable income so more of them could afford to buy his cars to keep the cash flow going in his business to continue the business growth during a depression. This was to prevent Ford from having to lay off employees the way the other car companies were doing and it actually caused him to hire more employees, growing his business faster.

You have to understand that, during a depression, businesses don't just completely stop getting business. It is just that their business decreases causing a decrease in cash flow and Ford regained that decrease in cash flow by increasing his employees' disposable income, which caused them to also buy cars, which replaced and even increased the Ford Motor Company cash flow to above pre-depression cash flow levels.

The other car companies all lost market share and ground during the depression but the Ford Motor Company grew and took more market share. By the time the depression was over, Ford had passed almost all of his competitors in the car industry.

Ford understood that, if you just hoard wealth, that wealth will continuously dwindle until you are broke but, if you continue cash flow, the wealth will continue to grow even with inflation so your wealth will at least remain the same and probably grow. Therefore, true wealth requires you to maximize cash flow which requires paying your employees a fair wage and not stealing from them because the more disposable income the people have, the more they will spend, and the more the economy and your business will grow.

That concept caught on until the upper class trash just got too greedy to think and caused the US to become the greatest economy in the world because US citizens bought more cars, TVs, and other items because they had greater cash flow and disposable income, which caused US businesses to grow more than in other nations, and caused the US to become such an economic power that even Obama wasn't able to completely destroy our economy.

Trump seems to understand this too and our economy is already rapidly growing again in spite of Obama and company.

The greedy upper class trash in other nations and increasingly in the US still have not figured out that, if they quit stealing from their people to increase the upper class trash wealth via hoarding, the people will have more money to spend, which will cause their businesses to grow, which will cause their economy to grow, which will cause their income taxes to grow naturally increasing the wealth of the upper class trash much, much more than by stealing but, hey, greedy people get really stupid and ignorant really fast so you can't expect them to learn something so complex.

You see, stealing may make your richer in the short term but it destroys your economy and makes you less wealthy in the long term.

Besides, I have already told you and have proved again and again on this site and they prove again and again every day that the only reason most of them go into politics is because they are too stupid to earn half as much money legally, much less understand something that complex. If the politicians don't steal it, they won't get it and they want more and more right now, so learn?

Yeah, right after the unicorns start running over the rainbows. Those inbred idiots are too simple minded to understand anything that complex so they do the simple thing they can understand, they just steal. That is all those all-knowing, all-wise, heavily inbred, highly educated, lying, natural elite, intellectually superior, upper class trash who got the right degrees from the right universities can understand, stealing. That is why they are politicians.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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