Pandemic Biology

Because I couldn't sleep for hours last night, I realized I need to teach you some biology translated into English so you can understand it. The first part of this biology will be about population growths in relation to infestations causing pandemics and the second part will be about Yersinia Pestis or the Black Plague and the Pneumonic Plague.

I am convinced that God is going to use the Black Plague to judge man for our sins primarily because we have permitted our idiot chemical companies and commies to create a situation for which Yersinia Pestis can easily do the most damage in the least time. He will obviously also use other things to judge us such as destroying our cities in various ways, but He is definitely going to use such things as the Black Plague to punish us and, basically, we will have done it to ourselves.

First, you have to understand two very important biological laws concerning organism populations. The first law says that, if you decrease predation on a species, that species population will grow and this is because decreased predation permits more of the organisms to live long enough to reproduce one or more times permitting population growth. The more you decrease predation, the faster the organism population will grow.

The second law concerning this essay says that, if you increase the food supply for an organism, the organism population will grow because reproductive rates are directly tied to food supply because, more food into the female organism means she will have more molecules to convert into offspring, which will cause her to ovulate more eggs so that more eggs will become fertilized and she will produce more offspring.

For example, with field mice, they will reproduce at a rate of from 2 pups every 90 days to 4 pups every 30 days pending food supply. If they have an abundant food supply, the females will be getting more molecules in and this will trigger them to release more eggs and to also release eggs more frequently so she can produce more offspring.

Another example is humans. With an abundant food supply a female will ovulate about once a month but under famine conditions better than 90% of women will completely stop ovulating until they get more food because they are not getting enough molecules to create a baby, and, when their food supply is abundant again, they will return to monthly ovulations, with some women occasionally releasing two or more eggs in one ovulation.

Two more examples for this essay are that the house mouse will reproduce at a rate of 6 to 12 offspring every 3 weeks pending food supply and a female rattlesnake will reproduce at a rate of 0 times per year to 4 times per year with from 10 to 25 offspring per reproductive cycle, pending food supply. Do the math on that one. If you have 200 rattlesnakes and 100 are females with them producing 20 offspring each, their population will suddenly increase from 200 rattlesnakes to 2,200 rattlesnakes, by a factor of 10, within just one reproductive cycle of just a few months. Add 3 more reproductive cycles to that baby and you end up with more than 200,000 rattlesnakes in just one year.

You think that just maybe something should be eating some of those?

You have to understand that reptiles can shut down their metabolic rate to very low and hibernate for about 3 to 6 months pending the species of reptiles in relation to the amount of food for their last feeding.

Therefore, the two most important things for determining population and its growth or decline are food and predation.

You have to understand that the basic food growth starts with plant growth because all predators consume prey and the most common prey depend on plant food supply for reproduction. If you get a pandemic plant growth, you will also get a potential pandemic growth in the higher organisms that directly or indirectly depend on that plant food supply.

For example, if you get pandemic plant growth, you will get pandemic bug growth because most bugs depend on plants for their food and, with an abundant plant food supply, most bugs will produce anywhere from 100 to 1,000 offspring per female pending bug species. With EITHER a pandemic plant or bug growth, you also get a pandemic rodent growth because rodents are omnivores and can survive on plants and/or bugs. If you get a pandemic bug and/or rodent growth, you will also get a pandemic rattlesnake growth because rattlesnakes prey on both bugs and rodents with occasional meals on such things as birds and other reptiles but their primary sources of food are bugs and rodents.

This should also tell you that, if you get a pandemic rodent growth, you will also get a pandemic flea growth because the primary source of food for fleas is rodent blood. This is very important because Yersinia Pestis is normally transmitted by the "complex vector" system or combination of fleas and rodents, where the infected fleas infect rodents and other fleas are infected by biting infected rodents. You also have to understand that Yersinia Pestis kills rodents but it DOES NOT kill fleas so that infected fleas can hibernate all winter and then restart the spread of Yersinia Pestis that coming spring.

Also, Yersinia Pestis is normally transmitted as the Black Plague to humans by flea bites (it gets into your blood where antibodies can start fighting it), which is why that vector or transmition system is important to understand. But, if Yersinia Pestis gets into your lungs, it becomes Pneumonic Plague and is transmitted directly between humans the same way the flue is spread.

This is important because the untreated mortality rate for Black Plague is better than 90% (which dwarfs COVID 19 and makes it look like a punk), causing a very painful death within one to two weeks (your body slowly turns black beginning at the tips of your fingers, toes, nose, and ears and moving towards your heart, which is why it is called the Black Plague), and the mortality rate for Pneumonic Plague is officially considered to be 100%, causing death within 24 to 36 hours, because less than one in 100,000 people infected will survive the infection. Almost always, by the time you realize you have Pneumonic Plague you are almost dead and even treatment won't do you any good, therefore, it is one of the most deadly diseases to man in the history of mankind. Even Ebola only has a mortality rate of 90%.

When the Pneumonic Plague gets into the human population, lots of people die very quickly. It spreads so quickly that they can't even use contact tracking to try to stop it. It just has to run its course, which means a lot of people will die.

You think that Yersinia Pestis doesn't make COVID 19 look like a punk disease?

Even with their inflated numbers, COVID 19 only has a mortality rate of less than half of one percent of the people who get infected, the Black Plague has a mortality rate of 90%, more than 180 times more deadly, and Pneumonic Plague has a mortality rate of 100%, more than 200 times more deadly. You also have to understand that none of this unscientific crap they are making you do for COVID 19 will do any good. Yersinia Pestis will go right through those stupid little dust masks, social distancing won't do any good, and you being locked won in your homes where the rodents can bring the infected fleas right into you, won't do you any good. The only thing that will stop Yersinia Pestis will be for free roaming feral cats to bring the rodent population back down below epidemic levels so the disease will stop spreading.

Therefore, the rodent population is critical for the spread of Yersinia Pestis, which is why, since I started this blog, I have stressed keeping our rodent populations below epidemic levels or the level below which a disease will only spread to no more than a few organisms before it goes away. That is called a disease outbreak.

The basics for the spread of a disease are based on the population density in relation to mobility or the ability for the carrier organism to make contact with other organisms and to spread that disease to those organisms, while the carrier is still contagious and alive.

For example, if we have a section of land that is one mile by one mile and we put a pair of rodents in one corner and put another pair of rodents in the opposite corner, it is almost certain that, based on a combination of population density in relation to mobility, if one pair of rodents gets a deadly disease, they will probably die before either of the infected rodents can make contact with either of the other pair of rodents and spread that disease to that pair of rodents. That is called a disease outbreak.

If we put 1,000 pairs of rodents within the same section of land, based on population density in relation to mobility, it is certain that, if the same pair of rodents gets infected by a deadly disease, they will make contact with and spread that disease to other pairs of rodents before they die and the disease will continue to spread until the population density in relation to mobility drops down to where no more infected rodents will make contact with and infect uninfected rodents before they die. In a nutshell, that is how a pandemic normally functions.

Therefore, it is critical to keep rodent, and therefore, flea populations below epidemic levels by using free roaming feral cats to do it naturally.

I have explained in detail in previous posts that chemicals and mechanical devices don't work because rodents are smart, learn, adapt and survive by avoiding things that kill other rodents and they can develop immunities to poisons, where as feral cats also learn, adapt, and keep killing the rodents to maintain their populations below epidemic levels.

You also have to understand that bugs, rodents, and even young rattlesnakes can easily get into almost any house, especially if they are off of the ground with pipes and wires going from the group up into the house. Remember that I told you that the White House has a "bug and rodent problem" and, if the White House has a pest problem, so does your house.

Your homes are not exactly built using space technology so there will always be holes these organisms can squeeze through and they can enlarge holes to where they can squeeze through. A mouse and a small rattlesnake can squeeze through a hole the size of a dime. They can get under your floors, in your walls, and in your ceiling and research in 1988 showed that, for every mouse you see in your house, you have 100 and, just because you don't see any mice, doesn't mean they are not there, it just means you don't see them. They can also regularly get inside your living quarters while you are sleeping at night, which is why your feral cats should have access to the inside of your house.

I told you that, when you see a cat staring at a blank wall, they are listening to what is crawling around inside that wall because they have 6 times the hearing you have. Cats can hear those little critters moving around in your walls.

You have to also understand that, when it gets cold enough both bugs and rodents go into hibernation and stop breeding as do perennial plants and snakes. This means that their reproducing populations will be slightly lower the next spring than they were that fall because some of them will be killed or die from the cold during the winter...unless they are living inside your nice, warm house, where they remain active and reproducing.

More people really should study municipal ecology. You may not sleep too well after but it is very interesting.

When I first got back here in the fall of 1998, I was still healthy enough I was hiking and I noticed that our winter was warm enough that the plants were growing and bugs were out reproducing all winter. This told me that the plant, bug, and rodent populations would be much higher that coming spring so we would have a rodent pandemic, I told my science students about it, and we did have a very big pandemic but we were fortunate that no diseases got into that population.

I remember reading about one woman's home in the foothills, you know, where our corrupt upper class trash live, who killed more than 200 mice inside her house in just one day and she killed them for months. If Yersinia Pestis had gotten into that mouse population, she would almost certainly be dead.

I also read about another woman whose house became so infested with rattlesnakes under her floors, in her walls, and in her ceiling, you know, by eating all of those mice in and around her house, that no pest control could even begin to get rid of them and she was forced to move out of her house.

When a house becomes that infested by rattlesnakes, the only way to get rid of the infestation is to either burn the house down or bulldoze it because, if you try to gas them, they can shut down their metabolism so low they can survive the gas.

Isn't biology interesting? It can be scary as hell, can't it?

One thing most people don't know about rattlesnakes or what we called buzz bugs is that they have infrared heat sensors on both sides of their upper jaw in front of their eyes they use to find prey at night like rodents and, if they are crawling around your bedroom floor and it gets cool, they can "see" the heat of your bodies in the bed, will crawl into your bed with you to get warm, and, when you move, they will bite you.

I lost my great grandfather Griffin on my mother's side when he was only 45 because a buzz bug crawled in bed with him on a cool night to get warm, and, when he moved, it bit him.

I learned young, that, if you don't have free roaming feral cats to keep rattlesnakes out of your house and your bed, you are not even safe in your bed.

The scriptures tell us that, if we become a sinful people and God does not judge us, He will be required to apologize to all of the sinful nations He has judged and no longer exist. Therefore, when I see how evil we have become as a nation, I know that God MUST soon judge us because He said so.

When I look at the scriptures, history, and science, I see that America is dead and is right now finishing kicking, which I really hate but that is reality. Look, as a nation, you kept voting these evil jerks into power so God finally let them have control, you know, what most of you wanted, so these jerks could finish destroying the great nation God built. As a nation, we are RIGHT NOW committing the same sins that God judged all past nations for committing so God MUST also judge us and very soon.

Guess what, He is judging us RIGHT NOW and I am seeing more ways He will soon judge us by letting us have what we want so that our sins will destroy us. It is always our sins that destroy us.

In the last few weeks, I became aware of just how very evil this city I live in is (not everyone, mostly those in control) and that God must soon judge this city or apologize to the cities and nations He judged and no longer exist. When I see that they just suddenly started a concerted effort to round up free roaming feral cats, especially in the middle and upper class neighborhoods, decreasing predation on bugs, rodents, and rattlesnakes, with Yersinia Pestis being just a three to four hour drive away, we just had a very warm January and February with bugs and plants out reproducing, telling me that the rodents and snakes are also out reproducing, there is no doubt in my mind what is going to soon happen.

If you have seen it in the past, you recognize it when you see it in the present. I have seen this many times before in history and I know the science behind how it works. There is no doubt in my mind that God is about to use Yersinia Pestis in relation to our rodent pandemics in all of our cities caused by killing free roaming feral cats to judge our cities, especially the larger blue ones.

I know of Yersinia Pestis being in central to northern New Mexico, southern Colorado, and Arizona and last year I read about a few cases in Los Angeles and San Francisco. I told you years ago about the man from New York City who got infected with Yersinia Pestis in Santa Fe, New Mexico and could have caused a Black Plague pandemic in NYC, if he had been bitten by just one flea before they put him in the hospital but God was just warning us so we got a pass that time.

You know that it already has to be in other places I don't currently know about and I believe that God has been holding it back to give us a final chance to repent and turn back to Him but it is now increasingly clear that chance has almost gone, especially for the blue zones, which are easily dead meat.

I believe the safe or red zones God told me about in a dream and I am now seeing years later are God giving the remaining good people another final chance to repent and you better do it fast. Listen, I see hell breaking loose in this nation right now and it ain't going to be purdy, baby. If God judges Chicago and Los Angeles, He has to judge the rest of the evil cities too, especially the most evil of all, Washington DC.

People, it isn't if, it is when.

We have destroyed the greatest nation in history with our sins, not with nukes, missiles, bombs, or bullets but with our sins.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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