Population Density Stress

This is another of my 3 am essays. Yep, I couldn't get back to sleep again and knew I had to get up and write this essay.

In biology, there is a thing called population density stress. This is stress caused by increased population density.

Remember that I have told you about me using free roaming feral cats for field research to study animal behavior?

I have noticed something concerning population density stress in cats that explains certain behaviors in humans. Yep, here we go with another of my scientific hypotheses based on observations, so hang on.

I noticed that, when the cat population was small, the older cats start out by playing and caring for the kittens until the kittens reach maturity and they become part of the turf war required to manage their population and keep it healthy.

Basically, cats, both males and females, will drive off other cats to control the land required for them to survive and reproduce. As the population density increases, it increases frustration, which increases stress, which increases anxiety, which increases violence and the violence is used to control the land for survival and reproduction of the species and you will find this phenomenon with all animals, including humans, but we humans are much more intelligent than animals and, by relying on the wisdom of God and science, can develop better ways to manage the land so more of us can survive and reproduce on the same land.

We humans, the good humans, have partly done this with agriculture, industrialization, and government but the bad humans tend to abuse the power of government to enrich themselves at everyone else's expense, A.K.A. corruption. We need to find a way to keep the bad humans out of power.

As the population grows with the cats, they handle their population density stress by fighting and driving each other, the other older cats, off to decrease the population density and, therefore, the stress that comes with it. This is a very basic and barbaric way to handle their problem and doesn't require much intelligence.

This explains why, when we humans get crowded into large cities, we tend to become stressed, develop anxiety, get angry at each other, and become violent towards each other and, therefore, there is much more violence in the bigger cities than in smaller communities.

Thus far, we humans have started handling this population density stress by urbanization where we move out into more rural areas to decrease our own population density in the cities and the stress, similar to the cats moving to other less populated areas to decrease their population density stress. We also handle this by moving out of the big cities to less populated areas or states, especially after retirement.

But, as those areas also grow in population density, the stress, anxiety, and violence returns plus we humans have a propensity to take the stupid ideas and habits we developed in the big cities to deal with the population density stress to the less populated areas and screw those areas up too, further increasing the stress in those areas.

I have noticed that, when the population density of cats reaches a certain level that the older cats will no longer care for and play with new kittens but will turn on, attack, and even kill the kittens because they see the kittens as a threat to them.

Imagine that I bring children into your home that you know will soon grow up and force you out of your home making you homeless. The normal behavioral response is to resent and turn on the children to protect and keep your home.

The less intelligent among us, the left, are trying to handle this population density stress by attacking our children and killing them with such things as abortion, having fewer children, having no children, and even butchering off 8 billion people on the planet, but we are destroying our future because these lefty idiots don't realize that our children are our future.

What should we do?

First, stop believing the lies of the lefties, who are only making our problems worse by doing really stupid, simple minded stuff to solve a much more complex problem and are behaving like a bunch of stupid animals because they have been listening to their stupid lefty educators, media and others too long.

We are not stupid animals, well, at least some of us, we are intelligent humans who have solved problems far worse than any animals have solved. With intelligence and the wisdom of God, we can solve this problem too.

Our planet is a long ways from being over populated, contrary to the lies the lefties tell you, and we just need to learn to do better land management, you know, like God told us to be good stewards or managers of the land. For example, for too long, we have been building our homes and factories on our best farm land and it will only be a matter of time before this practice will begin to decrease our food supplies and cause famine. We need to start building our homes and factories on the land which can't be used for farming and ranching to conserver the good land for producing food. God told us to manage the land and too many have been mismanaging the land for profit and greed.

We can also start desalinating sea water and using it to irrigate drier lands for habitation and food production.

Second, we have only developed about 2% of the land that can be developed so there is plenty of room for population growth for at least the next 100 years but try convincing the stupid, brainwashed lefties about that. The present situation should be a warning to us that we need to start developing better land management practices like not building homes and factories on good farm and ranch land and irrigating deserts and we can achieve this through better education and not government tyranny. If the people know a better way to manage their land, most people will better manage their land.

Third, we need to stop murdering our children because our children are our future and our most valuable resource.

Note that it was the idiot pagan lefties who dreamed up murdering off our children to solve the population density problem and has caused rapidly declining populations in the West that are damaging our economies (gee, yuh think we mighta needed those children?), and the same idiots who caused that problem with their stupid solution to the other problem are trying to solve the problem they caused by murdering children by bringing in more barbarians, who want to murder and enslave us, just making the problem they caused even worse. Idiots.

The few remaining intelligent people can do better than cause our problems to just get worse by doing more stupid stuff. Nothing the lefties have done has worked. The lefties need to shut up, crawl in a corner, and find something shiny to play with while the adults clean up their mess.

I believe that we have reached a point in technology where God will soon reveal technology that will make it possible for us to begin colonizing planets in other solar systems. We are about to have a breakthrough which will cause a revolution comparable to the agricultural and industrial revolutions.

Remember that I have taught you why it is not possible for us to colonize any of the planets or planetoids in our solar system and we will have to travel to other solar systems to begin colonizing other planets, further decreasing our population density and the stress it causes.

In other words, if we seek the wisdom of God, God will show us good solutions to our problems and not the bad solutions the idiot pagans keep dreaming up in their glorious white palaces while smoking dope. If it were up to the pagans and their false gods, we would still be living in grass and mud huts and beating our food to death with clubs.

We need to turn back to God so God will continue to show us better and better ways to solve our problems and to live, instead of listening to those idiot pagans who keep screwing things up.

Yep, that is why so many people who live in the big cities are bonkers, crazy nuts. It is called population density stress and, if you listen to one of those crazy lefty nuts when they move to your town, they will screw up your town too.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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