Political Math

Let's do a little political math. We know Obama is not a US citizen or he would have provided us with a legitimate copy of his birth certificate a long time ago to quickly put an end to that question, especially during the election. We also know he is only a poser Christian and a devout Muslim based on his words and actions. With his continued actions to destroy the US economy and government with the new laws and excessive spending, along with his constant betrayals of our allies and helping our enemies, we can easily say he is, therefore, an infiltrator, spy, and saboteur at the highest possible level. He cannot be classified a traitor because he is not a US citizen. That makes all of the US citizens who helped Obama get elected and are helping him destroy America and her allies the traitors.

Knowing these things, we take a look at the Iran problem. In May and June of 2009, Obama was promising the US people and Israel that he would have the super bunker buster bomb, the MOP, ready for use by December 2009 or January 2010 along with talking tough (with no actions at all) and threatening to help attack Iran while still talking sanctions out the other side of his lying mouth and used that to get Israel to promise not to attack Iran before January 2010, you know, next month. In July of 2009, Obama started saying that the MOP would be ready by June or July of 2010 with no explanation for the 6 month delay for a critical weapon system to protect the US and her allies from a nuclear attack. Obama just persuaded Israel to give him another 6 months to work on sanctions while at the same time changing his story about having the MOP ready by December 2010 with no explanation for another 6 month delay in that critical weapon system to protect the US and her allies from a nuclear attack.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that what the devout Muslim spy and saboteur, Obama Bin Laden, is doing, is using talk and lies to buy time for Iran to develop enough nuclear weapons to nuke Israel.

I have mentioned the complete failure of Obama as president on this site at least once. From our perspective, he has not succeeded at one foreign policy because everything he has done has helped our enemies and hurt the US and its allies. Everything he is working to do within the US will bring the US down both economically (the economy) and financially (the government). Even a complete idiot will occasionally get something right by accident so I have to add this to the rest of our equation and come to the obvious conclusion that Obama is being very successful at achieving his goals of destroying the planet except for communism and Islam. What the stupid commie's don't realize is that Obama is just using them and their stupid communism to destroy everything else and then he will turn on them and destroy them also. The Koran requires him to do just that, after he has destroyed everything else outside of Islam. Obama and his Muslim buddies are playing the commie's for suckers.

Knowing Bible prophesy, I have to believe that God has some one in Israel who has enough testicles to do what is right but God has this habit of showing up with just enough just in time to get the job done. God will wait until it looks like there is no way out of our predicament and then act with just enough force to save our stupid butts from ourselves.....again. I believe this has to happen very soon because things are reaching the stage of being critical so keep your eyes open for some one in Israel who has even just one testicle. We have not seen the individual yet so it could be some one like a lowly captain in the Israeli Defense Force, you know, like Napoleon was before he took control of France during Bastille.

I am also praying for God to provide the US with some military officer, you know those guys making all kinds of money wearing fancy uniforms and who swore an oath to protect the US, Constitution, and US citizens from both external and internal threats who has enough testicles to do their job and protect us from this internal and external threat. I have to believe God has some one some where who will act at just the right time to save our stupid butts from ourselves.....again. He will also probably be some lowly captain in the US military, you know, like Napoleon.

This means we have two job openings, one in the US and one in Israel for some one with even just one testicle. Of course, there are quite a few other countries which could also use such an individual.

It should be very clear to anyone who knows the scriptures that God has delivered us into the hands of our enemies because we have turned out backs on Him as stated in the scriptures as the last of His six levels of judgment just before complete destruction comes. But you should also know that God says that, if His people will repent of their sins and call on Him, He will forgive us our sins and deliver us from our enemies.

I believe that God is going to first bring down this country to humble it and cause His people to return to Him. Then I believe God will raise up another country from the ashes for the remnant of His people. This is going to hurt.

For now, the one thing we must all do on a daily basis is:

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!
We really do need it!

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