Political Coup

Good morning, this is a 1 am essay. Just a wee bit early, even for me. I kind of get the feeling this is a very important essay.

Everyone is looking for the coming political coup, expecting it to start with a bang. Actually, this political coup began decades ago, very quietly, and has been quietly taking place. As a matter of fact, the coup part is almost over and there is still no big bang or much of a revolution because no one has realized yet that the political coup has already happened with very little noise. What the upper class trash did was quietly sneak up on us while we were sleeping and take our country, our freedoms, and our lives away from us.

Think not?

I have already shown you that the evil upper class trash already have control of both political parties well enough that you won't get a conservative elected for president or most important political offices. That is why the Republicans got two very liberal candidates for president in the last two presidential elections and are getting increasing numbers of liberals elected at all levels of government. The upper class trash already politically own our butts.

How is that democracy thing working out? Ready for a Christian theocracy yet?

It should also be increasingly obvious that the upper class trash have their people in the top positions in our bureaucratic government making up and enforcing new laws on a daily basis to better control and impoverish us. The upper class trash monitor us closer than any captives or prisoners have been monitored in history. The upper class trash have almost completely stripped the US military of the ability to stop the upper class trash and have set up the different police and law enforcement agencies as their heavily armed Gestapo, already bullying and terrorizing everyone. The upper class trash have already quietly started taking guns away from law biding citizens all across the nation, especially in New York City (not so quietly any more), and have now used psychology to justify disarming US veterans, declaring all of them mentally ill because they are veterans. Why do you think they have been pushing the PTSD thing so much? To make it look like all veterans are bonkers, of course. The upper class trash have just closed down the last US lead smelter so that we are now dependant on Communist China, the upper class trash big buddy and partner in crime, for our ammunition. Gee, how long do you think it will be before China stops selling ammunition to the US? Without ammunition, guns are funny looking clubs. They won't need to take your guns away from you, if you don't have any bullets.

Obamacare is destroying the already dying economy, which is a manufactured and controlled super depression, and forcing people into poverty causing them to become homeless and the liberals running our cities are already shipping the homeless off to FEMA death/slave camps, calling the FEMA camps homeless shelters. More than five million Americans have already gone missing. The upper class trash are working on legalizing more than 10 million illegal aliens which will so completely finish off the US economy so that almost everyone else will be forced from their homes, after selling their guns and ammunition to buy food, so the liberals can round them up in the quiet of night and ship them off to the FEMA camps. They have forced tens of millions of people onto Welfare with the super depression and are now significantly decreasing Welfare to cause you to lose your homes and become homeless. With Obamacare and legalizing illegal aliens, I expect homelessness to explode, possibly doubling or much worse with in just one or more years. We could easily end up with at least half of the nation homeless in just the next few years.

The upper class trash political coup has already progressed so far that, if the good guys, even the US military, don't act soon, they won't be able to act. In other words, the upper class trash political coup is almost finished and even the conspiracy theorists don't know it yet. It turns out the tin hatters had it mostly right but were wrong about how the political coup would happen. The conspiracy theorists thought the political coup would start with a bang but it started very quietly while we were sleeping and has almost finished by the time even the conspiracy theorists figured out there is going to be a political coup. The upper class trash also kept you distracted with their liberal media, movies, Internet, video games, and such so you didn't notice the upper class trash stealing your nation, your freedoms, and your lives.

Get the picture yet? You better because you don't have much longer to figure it out.

Every day, I pray for everyone's salvation, that you will all acknowledge your crimes against God's Laws or your sins, turn from your crimes against God's Laws or your sins, and accept Jesus as your savior. It is very important that you all do so quickly because you don't know when the upper class trash will cause you to "go missing".

Then I pray for revival, that everyone will turn from our beloved paganism the liberal pagans talked us into practicing, instead of God's Christianity, and back to God and ask for His help in saving us because, without God, we are severely screwed and almost all of us will soon end up dead or slaves. Next, I ask for God to save us from our enemies because things have reached a point to where only God can save our butts from the vile, evil upper class trash and their plans for us.

We don't have much time left to do these things and, after you are dead, it will be too late.

Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved!!!

BTW, how IS the democracy thing going? Ready for a Christian theocracy yet?

You don't have much time left to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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