Poser Real People

I have been wanting to write this essay for some time just for the fun of it. It is about the stupid photo ops the upper class trash stage trying to show us that they are real people just like us. It is absolutely hilarious that these bungling fools can't even successfully pretend to be real people for even just a few seconds at a photo op. Therefore, I call the lying bums Poser Real People. They are absolutely the best sitcom on TV. :-) Just for fun, I will give you a few of my favorite examples followed by analyses and humorous quips. Sit back and enjoy this one, folks.

My favorite photo ops comedian is the super phony Jimmuh Cahrtah who has been falsely portrayed by the media as a regular kind of guy by being a peanut farmer. I really love it when this twit shows up at the construction sites for poor housing projects. I grew up in construction and believe me, that guy would be a real hazard around any construction site for anything other than talking. The only thing he would be good for would be warming the place up during the winter with his hot air.

He always shows up after the press gets there and everyone else has been working for some time. It has always been during the framing phase of building the houses when they are raising the walls and putting up the rafters. You can tell this by watching the workers in the back ground.

When people are framing houses, they are using framing hammers which have longer handles with larger heads to increase the striking force and the striking face of the hammer head has teeth to keep the head from slipping off the nail when striking the nail so hard. The nails they drive are the longer framing nails used to fasten the walls together called 16 penny nails. When you are framing, you have to do what is called "two stroking 16 pennies" which means you use one stroke of the hammer to set the nail while holding the nail with the other hand and the second stroke of the hammer to drive the nail all of the way into the wood while the other hand is reaching for another nail to put in the next spot. You have to keep up with the other framing carpenters or they don't pay you.

Then there is the finishing hammer they always give Jimmuh when he shows up at a construction site while they are framing. LOL The finishing hammer is for doing finishing work inside the house after all the walls, roof, and everything else have been put in place. The finishing hammer has a shorter handle for easier striking and better control and the face of the striking surface is smooth so that, if the hammer slips of the nail while striking, it doesn't leave the teeth marks in the wood. The finishing hammer is used for things like building the cabinets in a house and is also a safer hammer in the hands of an idiot which is why they give it to Jimmuh. LOL

The way the routine always goes, is that Jimmuh shows up way late (that would get a construction worker fired), he is given a finishing hammer right in front of the cameras when everyone on the site is clearly framing, he then holds the hammer out in front of him like a real geek as if he is saying, "Lookit ya'll, I'm just like you because I have a hammer.", then he walks over in front of the cameras pretending that he is there helping build those homes, gives his speech, then some one clearly starts a 16 penny in a wood frame wall where it has not structural function, they show him over to the nail like he is a complete idiot, and he beats that poor 16 penny to death with a dozen or more strokes. ROFL. Personally, I wouldn't want to live in any house Jimmuh helped build. He tops my list of Poser Real People.

My grandfather was a poor dirt farmer and I can guarantee that he knew hammers and how to use them because he and my father taught me how to use them and I saw both of them help build things like houses and barns in house and barn raising's and at construction sites where I also worked for a while. I get the feeling in watching Jimmuh that he isn't even a real farmer (he is a retired Naval admiral) and that he is probably a spoiled rich plantation kid who was taught to farm by approving the decisions made by the plantation manager who went out and supervised the real work while Jimmuh sat around the house talking to the ladies and drinking whatever. The reason I believe this is because, if he were a real farmer who actually did the farming, he would know how to use a hammer and which one to use.

Second on my list of Poser Real People is Billie Boy Clinton. LOL I used to love to watch his sitcom photo ops when he was supposed to be out running his "daily 5 mile runs". ROFL That twit has never run 5 miles in one run and any runner or coach can tell that by watching. I have been involved in sports since I was in fourth grade in 1958. When I was in college, I was very competitive in bicycle road racing at the upper category one level. When I got back from Southeast Asia in 1974, I was just starting back to riding again because I had not been able to train while in Asia so I was just doing base work while stationed at Barksdale AFB in Shreveport, LA. I met a runner on the base that November who was using both cycling and running as base work to prepare for marathon running the next year. He was 1972 Olympic middle distance runner, Mike McDonald, who had run two middle distance events in the Olympic Games in 1972 and was converting over to marathon running. After riding bicycles with him for a few weeks, he asked me out to run with him. I consented and it took my legs two weeks to get used to the running because I had not also been running. After I got my legs adjusted, every morning at 5 am, we would do 5 consecutive sub 5 minute miles just doing base work where you are running easy enough so you can talk while running without gasping for breath. Note that very few people ever run even one mile at even a sub six minute pace.

Then I would see Billie Boy Clinton out with other fat politicians who obviously had never exercised doing Billie Boy's "daily 5 mile run" together with the lying liberal media stationed at the "half way mark" to get some camera shots and a quick quip or two. I think you can just see me rolling around on the floor laughing at these phonies pretending to be running at all trying to convince us they are real people just like us. ROFL There is no way they had run even one mile with the way they were bouncing. All that vertical deflection with all that lard hanging on them would have destroyed every joint in their fat legs and feet before they could complete a mile. They were bouncing like basketballs and moving so slow it would have taken them all day to just run 5 miles. You would see them round the corner at the end of the block and start towards the photographers just as you saw the Presidential limo come out from behind the corner and cross the street to go around the adjacent block. The limo had obviously just dropped the porker boys off around the corner for their one block run. Even after bouncing half a block, the pig running team still didn't have any signs of sweat on them and their TV makeup was still in perfect order without one streak of sweat on it. Their T-shirts didn't have any sweat marks showing they hadn't been running even half a mile much less being half way through a 5 mile run. :-) When they got to the obliging lying liberal media, they would actually slow down without stopping (which I found amazing, I didn't think it was possible to move that slow without falling over), make a few brief comments to the media, make a comment about them having to finish their 5 mile run, (ROFL) and then continue on the the next corner where they would turn around the corner just as the Presidential limo would pass by them to pick them up at the end of their one block run.

Then the lying liberal media would try to make us believe these fat clowns really were out for a 5 mile run and, what really amazed me, is that there are people stupid enough they bought it. ROFL What is really scary is that those stupid people vote. :-0

Then there is that ultra liberal twit, John Kerry. I thought I would die from laughing when he decided to show us that he was a "real person" by riding a road bike in front of the lying liberal media. He clearly had a brand new, unused bike, clothes, and helmet. When he came flying down a driveway ramp to the street, he fell of his bike like a complete Fred. ROFL Then got up whining about he really did ride a bike and really was a real person. Then he actually managed to get back on the bike and rode...uh...or should I say, wobbled away from the group with the obliging media turning their cameras away from him before he could fall again and making excuses for the clown.

Now we have this twit, Ocommie. It seems like the only things he can do is lie and play basketball. He did a photo op of him sitting on a beach cruiser bicycle (they are safer for idiots than road bikes) dressed like a geaky college preppie. There was no way this clown has been riding bicycles.

Now, with this oil disaster, he shows up on the beaches, emotionally picking up pieces of tar that have floated ashore like he is doing something good by removing a few pieces of oil from the beaches while showing grief when his own policies and actions made it possible for that oil to reach the beaches. They should make that twit and the EPA go out with tools and clean those beaches up by hand.

You know, I disagreed with some of the things Bush did but at least he was a real person and real man. He actually worked his own ranch instead of hiring others to do all the work for him and was a well known mountain biker, horse rider, and other wise normal person who just made some mistakes. All we get from the left are twits who are so stupid they can't even successfully pretend to be real people for the few seconds it takes for a photo op. How can we expect people who can't even successfully pretend to be real people to do anything other than destroy our country? Think about it.

Is there anything these liberal upper class poser twits can do right or are any good for...other than entertainment?

It is time for revival on a global basis. Acknowledge your crimes against God's Laws, repent of those crimes, and seek the amnesty of our Lord Jesus the Christ. John 3:16 - For God so loved the world He gave His only begotten Son so that who so ever believes in Him will have everlasting life.

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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