Don't you just love the Christian hating lefty crap ridiculing the Christians in that Texas church shooting for praying saying, "What good did your prayers do you?"

Yeah, nothing like attacking the helpless, dead Christian victims you hate to distract from the fact that the person who did all of the murdering was another violent lefty atheist. Yeah, you wouldn't want people to think about the fact that almost all mass shootings in the US were by crazy, violent lefties, especially when this one was so very obvious. You know that their biggest regret is that the lefty atheist didn't murder more Christians.

It has been a well known fact for decades that better than 90% of the violent criminals in prisons are lefties. Out of all of the bullies I fought as a kid, I can't remember one that wasn't a lefty. All of the violent riots over the last half century were by lefties. Conservatives don't riot, they peacefully protest.

And we conservatives are the violent ones?

Maybe, instead of outlawing guns, we should outlaw lefties. That would decrease violent crime in the US by better than 90% and most conservatives wouldn't need guns to protect themselves from violent lefties, especially atheists, who murdered more than 100 million people in the last century and are still murdering them.

"But, hey, nothing going on here; look at those stupid Christians praying for peace while being slaughtered by a violent lefty atheist."

What good did their prayer do them?

Scientific research proved decades ago that prayer, while facing adversity, gives people peace and strength to face that adversity. Yep, a good thing to have while facing adversity.

What does your atheistic non prayer do?

Nothing, absolutely nothing.

Please note how brave this lefty atheist was with his mighty non prayer. He had been to the church and knew it was a soft target and he not only took guns to murder unarmed, innocent women and children (he was too brave to take a baseball bat) but he wore body armor to a soft target.

Why, was he afraid they might throw their Bibles and hymnals at him?

After this lefty atheist finished bravely murdering unarmed women and children (at least a dozen of the dead were under 12 years of age), he went outside and came face-to-face with a brave sheep dog who didn't even have body armor but he had a gun to protect himself and others from violent lefties.

And what did our brave lefty atheist do?

After exchanging a few rounds, he heard mommy calling, threw down his weapon, and ran away like a scared little girl.

What did the brave sheep dog do?

He chased the big bad brave violent lefty atheist until the atheist could no longer hurt the sheep, you know, just like good sheep dogs do.

There are three types of people in this world. There are the violent lefties like Hitler (a lefty socialist), Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Castro, Che, and almost all of the people who have done mass shootings in the US and regularly murder innocent people or sheep, the sheep who pray for peace and strength while facing death at the hands of the violent lefties, and the sheep dogs who pray for peace and strength while facing death and then kill the violent lefties to protect the sheep.

"Why, how dare those stupid Christian sheep pray for peace and strength while we violent lefties murder them?"

Don't you just love these hypocritical violent lefties insulting the Christians for praying for peace and strength while being murdered by violent lefties? How many of those big mouthed hypocrite lefties are veterans who served in their nation's military to protect the sheep from violent lefties?

I would be surprised if any of them are veterans, especially the big shot stars. I doubt any of them ever had a good old face breaking, bone breaking, bloodletting fist fight. If they had anything resembling a fight, it was probably a girlie patty cake fight where no one got hurt and they probably only had just one but think they are great street fighters.

Have you noticed how the big, bad, brave violent lefties gang up on and ambush individual Trump voters to beat the crap out of them because the violent lefties ARE the bullies?

What would these big mouth violent lefties do if they were to find themselves facing death, especially at the hands of a violent lefty? Would they pray for peace and strength to face the death?

Oh no, they would panic, hear mommy calling, and run screaming and crying home to mommy like a scared little girl and leave the helpless women and children to die at the hands of some violent lefty.

But they sure talk the talk, don't they?

Yep, when it comes to talking, they are real Chatty Cathys and can yak all day long. But when it comes to walking the walk, all you are going to see is back sides and not for very long.

"Mommy, I'm coming!"

Yeah, they are really brave bashing on helpless, dead Christians for praying for peace and strength while facing death at the hands of a violent lefty atheist to distract from the fact that the Christians were being murdered by another violent lefty atheist. I am SO impressed...NOT!

BTW, for those of you ignorant lefties who don't know this, the basic Christian prayer in facing adversity, especially death is, "Lord, if it is your will, save me from this but, if it is not your will, give me the peace and strength to face it," you know, instead of running screaming and crying to mommy like a stupid lefty atheist.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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