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With Islam now invading the West, I have realized that you all need to get training for protecting yourselves, your families, churches, clubs, and your communities. You are going to need this during the next few years. Always remember that fighting and dying are nothing like what you see on TV or in the movies. I am talking about reality and not Hollywood, TV, or video game fantasy.

I strongly suggest that you pay some military combat veteran to use their training and experience to train your family, neighborhood, or especially church (the Muslims like burning churches with Christians in them so churches are very high targets and should definitely not be gun free zones) in self defense but always request to see either their military ID or DD214 for US veterans and other forms for foreign vets, which will tell you whether they really were military and what their job was in the military, even for special ops. There are too many poser vets running around doing the stolen valor thing who don't know what they are talking about and won't do your family any good for self defense. They can get you killed.

One thing you can do is round up homeless combat vets off the street and hire them to use their training and experience to train families, neighborhoods, churches, and communities for self defense and even help those entities organize into strong fighting teams.

But, I also feel it necessary to teach you some basics and the science and history behind those basics so you can tell whether you are getting the right training or enough training. These fighting basics will also help you ask better questions during such training. I am also going to dispel a few fighting myths.

Fighting Basics

First, you have to understand that martial arts and hand-to-hand combat training are just applied science so science can better help you understand what you are doing and how to use it. Science can also help you be more innovative in combat which can save your life. But you have to understand that, with all the fancy moves you see in martial arts, you only need about 35 moves to win a fight without any weapons other than hands and feet. The rest is what street fighters call "Tojo Ballet" (the tojo is the large mat martial artists practice on), which is designed for exhibition and tournament fighting and rarely practical for street fighting. Your best and most practical instructors will be experienced combat veterans and many of them need the money, especially the homeless ones. Give a vet a chance.

Fighting Attitude

The first and most important thing about fighting is attitude. One of the first things I learned while fighting on the streets is that, better than 90% of the time, the meanest person wins the fight regardless of fighting ability. I have seen mean street fighters pound very well trained fighters because the street fighter was meaner. Therefore, my first rule in fighting is, "When the fight starts, make sure you are the meanest person there". If you add quality training to this, you should have a better than 99% chance of winning any fight against most people. I like that math.

One of the most important things that a good fighting attitude does for you is that, if you are injured or subjected to pain during a fight, with the right attitude, you won't even notice the injury or pain until after the fight, which will permit you to keep fighting and possibly save your life. If you hesitate or quit fighting because of an injury or pain during a fight, it greatly increases the potential that someone will kill you. History is repleat with stories of people who had the right fighting attitude, were mortally wounded during the fight, and killed dozens of enemies before they finished dying, often saving the lives of others and winning battles.

You need to know that some experienced combat Muslim veterans often get stoned on hashish to achieve the same thing and that is what you will be fighting. You don't need drugs to achieve this, just psychology will do fine. What you have to do is focus on doing the killing and not even think about, much less focus on being hurt or killed. This rule states that, "The one who is focused on doing the killing will most likely do the killing and the one who is trying not to be hurt will certainly be killed". This is the attitude with which ALL street tough guys fight.

Even better than psychology for developing fighting attitude is prayer, putting your faith in God, and accepting the will of God. Proper prayer will develop the best fighting attitude instantly, which is why our soldiers pray before they go on a mission. My favorite prayer before a fight comes right out of the Bible. One Hebrew military leader suddenly found his troops surrounded by the enemy just before the fight and he called out loudly, "Lord, deliver me out of the hands of my enemy and deliver my enemy into my hands." He wiped out the enemy without any losses on his side. Remember that God promises that, "if we call on His name, He will hear us, He will come, and He will save us."

There is a reason why soldiers get together before a battle and have a shouting match. The ancient warriors didn't know the science but such shouting or group hurrahs before and during the fight causes your body to increase its adrenalin flow to its maximum potential. This is very important because adrenalin increases your strength, speed, endurance, and the speed at which your brain functions so that you see, process, and react to things faster.

Most people "dump" adrenalin at about the same level but there are people who dump from two to three times as much adrenalin as most people and exercise physiologists call these people "supper athletes" while historians call these people "super warriors". Exaggerated tales of these super warriors have been passed down through history with stories of Hercules, Thor, Odin, King Arthur, and many others. Yes, these people were almost certainly real and they were super warriors who were deified or made gods after their deaths. The super warriors of the past are the great battlefield champions in history and they really did kill a lot of people.

It is important to understand that some really tough people and people on drugs will not be deterred or even effected by pain. There are some people for whom you can bend their fingers all the way back until they are flat against the back of their hand and they will kill you. Therefore, you can forget the cute crap about using some neat, clean little tricks to cause pain to stop someone from killing you. When you are fighting for your life, you better fight to cripple or kill the other person as quickly as possible. You should try to end the fight with each blow or move by crippling or killing the person. Know that there are people for whom some injuries, which would stop most people, won't even slow them down and you better kill those people as quickly as you can. Nice guys die very quickly in combat.

It is also important to know that, when fighting for your life, there is no such thing as a fair or clean fight. You either win or you die. My rule is that, "the only clean fight is the one in which I walk away without a scratch on me". You better be ready to bite, scratch, gouge eyes, and everything else necessary to survive. I will bite a man's nose, lips, cheeks, and ears off to stay alive. If you find yourself in a position to bite a man's testicles off, you better bite because you are probably about to die, if you don't. The most important rule in fighting for your life is survival or staying alive. There is surviving to protect your family and dying with your family. You do what you have to to survive and protect your family.

Remember that it is better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6.


Your children are your future and you must protect them to have a future. In history, especially for most cultures, the men did the fighting while the women got the children to safety, it was a team effort. In some warrior cultures, the men and women did the fighting while older children, who were from about 8 to 12, got the younger children to safety. In either case, the women and children need to know how to fight and defend themselves.

In fighting the Muslims, who are already "inside our gates", every male and female of 12 and older will have to fight with the older children of from 8 to 12 being responsible for getting the younger children to safety and, if necessary, fighting to save them. Therefore, it is imperative that everyone starts learning to fight as young as possible. A two year old kicking a bad guy in the shins or other wise distracting him while you are fighting them can help win the fight and save lives.

You need to organize and train your family for handling different family fighting situations and the fighting in those situations will change as your children grow and you have grandkids to protect. Everyone in the family, down to the youngest, needs to know where to go and what to do in order for the family to win the fight and survive.

Offense vs Defense

You will often here the armchair experts debating which is better for fighting, offense or defense?

You tell me. Defense has to succeed every time and offense only has to succeed once to win. If your defense fails once, you are dead. A very important rule when fighting for your life is, "You have to kill all of them before one of them can kill you." You can only achieve that with offense and not with defense.

Yes, you need to know how to use defense for when you are thrown back on your heels or it is necessary and when to use it and there is a thing called a tactical retreat but you need to only use defense long enough to set up your next offensive move or attack to destroy the enemy. When you are on defense, you are giving the momentum of the fight to your enemy and the longer they have that momentum, the more likely they are to kill you. To carry the momentum of a fight and increase your chances of survival, you must fight offensively whenever possible.

I read an article written by a French special forces soldier with combat experience who had experience in serving with units from different nations, in which he stated that one of the biggest differences between the US military and other nation's militaries was that, when all of the officers are killed off in a unit from other nations, their men are trained to dig in and fight defensively until another officer can get to them and lead them in battle, which gives the momentum of the fight to the enemy and can get all of the men killed before an officer can get there. When all of the officers are killed off in a US military unit, the soldiers are trained to attack and destroy the enemy, which seizes the momentum of the fight and gets the enemy killed.


For this war we are already in, your are going to need to organize at the family level, neighborhood level, city level, county level, state level, and national level. This can be best achieved by hiring US combat veterans to help structure your organization because they are trained and experienced in operating from the squad and platoon level all the way up to the division level and beyond. The combat veterans know how to organize and structure your fighting forces for security, offense, defense, movement, recognizance, and everything else. They can get your organization or community militia in order and shape very quickly and you can help a veteran out.

Such veterans can also help you set up and manage training programs and every aspect of your militia security and defense. Hire a veteran and help a veteran.

Fighting Fundamentals

In today's world, you really need to learn to fight with guns and a variety of guns. Having the money to buy a gun doesn't mean you know how to use it. Again, the best training will come from a US combat veteran. You will be amazed at what they will teach you in helping you select the right weapons, caring for those weapons, weapons safety, and the many different ways in which to use those weapons to stay alive and protect your family, neighbors and friends. Again, this training should be for everyone in the family and not just the father.

Always remember that simultaneously emptying both barrels of a sawed off ten gauge double barrel shot gun into someone's body at close range will stop anyone. The primary reason for killing anyone is to stop them from trying to kill you or someone else.

But you also need to learn other weapons use such as the basic weapons of knives, clubs, hands, feet, and anything at hand. With the proper knowledge of the structure, strengths, and weaknesses of the human body, you would be surprised at what you can do to the human body with a baseball bat. Another great weapon a lot of people have is a 26 ounce framing hammer, which makes a great battle axe and a framing or camping axe will also do great in a struggle for life. Even a shovel, broom, or mop can be used to kill some one and save your life.

The most common target in hand-to-hand combat is to break the neck at the base of the skull because this causes instant death by severing the spinal cord and stopping involuntary life signals from being sent from the hypothalamus in the lower, rear brain to the heart, diaphragm, and intercostal muscles, stopping the heart beating and their breathing. They will also stop trying to kill you because the signals to their muscles from the brain will also cease and there are many ways to achieve this. Striking the throat or neck are the most common ways to achieve this but also striking any part of the face or head hard in an upward direction will also achieve it.

There is a fighting myth that striking the throat in the front with your fist crushes the voice box causing the person to quickly suffocate (you can survive for three minutes or longer without oxygen). What you are really doing is driving your hand towards the base of the skull at the rear as hard as you can to break the neck and sever the spinal cord.

There is another myth that striking the nose in an upward direction drives the nose bone into the brain killing you. The only bone in the nose is a 1/4 inch long spike between the eyes with one inch of bone in the skull behind that. The rest of the supporting structure for the nose is cartilage, which will crush on impact and go nowhere. It is not possible to drive 1/4 inch of bone through one inch of bone with your hand. What you are really doing is rocking the head back hard enough to break the neck at the base of the skull causing instant death as described above. You can achieve this by striking the chin, nose, or forehead in the same manner with your hand, foot, or weapon.

Striking the neck at the base of the skull with any number of weapons such as a club, hammer, or axe or striking the face in an upward direction will sever the spinal cord causing instant death. Most other injuries to the head will cause loss of consciousness or dizziness but many head injuries will permit a good fighter to keep killing. But there is one more injury to the brain which will cause instant death and stop the person from killing you, which few people know about. About an inch behind the bridge of your nose and between your eyes is a small gland called the pituitary gland. If you destroy that or sever it from the brain, it causes instant death. The best way to achieve this is to plunge some kind of weapon such as a knife, the claws of a hammer, or such right between the eyes. A bullet will do the job well also.

The heart is a common target, especially when using fire arms, arrows, knives, and spears but even with fists and feet. But you need to know that you can place a 38 caliber hand gun right against the chest in front of the heart, discharge the projectile right through the heart and it will take that person 50 to 60 seconds to finish dying, more than enough time to kill you. Fortunately, this also tends to "knock the wind out of the person" causing them to be stunned enough that most people won't be able to continue fighting BUT you better know that a few really tough guys, especially big ones on drugs like angle dust, can still kill for at least 30 to 40 seconds. If you kill some one by stabbing or shooting them through the heart, you better be prepared to keep fighting them until they finish dying or they could kill you. In history, many dying people killed the person who killed them.

When attacking the limbs, attack the joints and not the bones. It is much easier to destroy joints than bones but joints can be surprisingly strong. Most people only think of muscles providing locomotion or movement of the limbs but they also provide support and protection for the joints. Your joints are partly held together and in place by the tension of the muscles crossing them. If a limb suddenly has force applied to it, the "muscle spindle", which is a localized part of the nervous system, will contract the protecting muscles to absorb most of the force against the joint and protect the joint.

Knowing human anatomy really helps a lot. When fighting with your hands, feet, and, maybe, a club, the best way to attack and destroy the joints is as follows:

The knees are weakest laterally so that the best way to destroy the knees to cripple someone is to apply significant force to the sides of the knees such as stepping on the side of a knee and stomping down and to the side against the knee or striking the side of the knee with a baseball bat. Significant forced will blow out the tendons and ligaments supporting the knee causing it to collapse to the opposite side. NO ONE is going to stand and fight on that knee.

The hip joint is weakest to the outside so that, if you kick or hit the leg on the inside just below the groin with the force directed towards the outside, the force will cause the ball of the femur to be pulled out of the socket and the supporting muscles in conjunction with the muscle spindle reflex will pull the femur up and out of socket. NO ONE will stand and fight on that hip.

The elbow is weakest when force is applied to invert the joint causing the head or Olecranon process of the ulna to snap off destroying the joint and incapacitating the lower limb.

The shoulder joint is weakest towards the outside just like the hip joint and a similarly applied force will dislocate the shoulder and incapacitate the arm. You want to strike up into the arm pit and slightly towards the outside with something like a fist, foot, or baseball bat. This force will push the humorous ball out of the socket and upwards dislocating it and incapacitating the arm.

The tendons which make it possible for you to close your fingers to make a fist, hold, or grab run down through the palms of your hands and insides of your forearms to the muscles at the back of your forearms. If those tendons get severed in a fight, you won't be able to make a fist, hold, or grab and will only have floppy clubs for hands to fight with. Therefore, in a knife fight, never, ever, ever defend against the knife with the palms of your hands facing the enemy. You always defend with the backs of your hands facing the enemy to protect those tendons so you can continue to fight.

For example, if you are right handed, you will hold your left hand and arm vertically in front of you with your palm facing your face and your fingers slightly separated so you can see between your fingers while protecting your eyes. This protects your upper body, throat, and eyes and, with a quick clockwise downward sweep, protects your stomach muscles.

The primary targets in a knife fight are 1) the tendons running through the palms of their hands and forearms so they can't hold, hit, or grab, 2) the throat (to kill) and eyes (to blind), 3) pecs at the shoulders (to disable), the heart (to kill) and abdominal muscles (to disable). If you cut between the arm pit and top of their shoulder, you sever the pecs so the person can't raise their upper arm to hit, stab, or defend. If you cut through the abs, they can't kick you or stand up, they will fall over backwards, especially with a punch to the chest. Those are the primary cuts you make and have to defend against. All of those cuts are made with a slicing movement except for stabbing at the heart from under the sternum in an upward direction. There are other targets but those are the primary targets.

You try to make the blocks with the back of your hand and arm inside their knife hand so you can roll your hand and grab their forearm without those tendons being cut to briefly control their knife while you kill them with your knife or other hand and you better make it a kill shot.

When you go into a knife fight, you have to accept that you will almost certainly get cut and you must kill them as quickly as possible to minimize injury. Your focus MUST be on killing them as fast as possible.

Striking the kidneys is over rated but can be effective on most people who are not very tough or on drugs. Yes, you can destroy the kidney by striking it hard enough but you can live for days without a kidney, which is ample time to kill the person attacking you. I have seen people pound someone to dust after being struck hard in the kidneys one or more times. It is best to cripple or kill a person than try to incapacitate them with pain.

Dead men don't attack you.

A final note, let me share something with you my mother taught me about equal rights in fighting women. She said, "A gentleman doesn't hit a lady but a lady doesn't hit a man and, any woman who thinks she is man enough to attack you, you better defend yourself." If you attack me, whether man or woman, you will get the same beating because a woman attacking me has the same right to the same beating a man attacking me would get. I believe in equal rights for women.

If you keep your hands to yourself, I will keep my hands to myself. If you attack me or someone else, I will do everything I can to destroy you as quickly as possible.

BTW, Obama says we are not at war with Islam, which is true, we are not waging war against Islam, but they are at war with us and Obama doesn't say that. Also, Obama is looking for ways to increase the tension between Obama and Israel, you know, just like I said Obama would.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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