Punishment 2

I have considered what the US did to Israel yesterday and it has to be the worst betrayal against an allie in the history of man. Israel has been our staunchest allie, standing by us when no one else would even after we have consistently let them down. Now we have turned loose the hordes of Islam upon her children to devour them at will. We could not have betrayed Israel more if we had nuked her ourselves. This has to be one of the most heinous crimes in the history of man. We have become the great Satan Islam has accused of us being.

The coming slaughter of Jews will finally force Israel to realize that they cannot trust us or depend on us and they will be forced to turn their faith to God, himself, for their salvation instead of putting their faith in the US. They will quickly be forced to invade the Gaza Strip and West Bank to just survive causing Islam and her allie Russia to gather for their planned invasion. They have no other choice but to be mercilessly slaughtered by the millions. God will punish them for their crime of putting their faith in America instead of in God, where it belongs.

This betrayal also explains why Israel will sign a peace treaty with Islam at the beginning of the Tribulation and stand by quietly watching as Islam conquers the world. Why should they come to our aid after we have betrayed them so badly?

After this betrayal, can anyone ever trust or depend on the US again?

And what of the US? Immediately following our forcing Israel to move thousands out of the Gaza Strip making them homeless so we could have cheaper gas, God sent five hurricanes and numerous tornados on the US to punish us. Katrina tore through Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama killing almost a thousand and making over one million homeless while driving up the prices for gasoline and home heating fuels. He next assaulted us with a hurricane that tore up the East coast causing considerable flooding, damage, and making many more homeless. Then God sent us hurricane Rita which tore through Texas and Louisiana making over one million more homeless and driving energy prices up more. He sent another hurricane up the East Coast causing even more flooding and damage. Then He sent the fifth hurricane through Florida and up the East coast causing even more flooding damage. Finally, God sent a very powerful tornado completely out of season and at night to devastate a large area.

After this horrendous crime against Israel, that little band of tornados yesterday, was only the beginning. Our blood will flow through our streets in torrents like rivers. We will die by the millions and have not only asked for it but it is like we have arrogantly gotten in God's face and are daring Him to punish us for our crimes. His anger is far beyond human description and understanding. His wrath will devour our children and families in their beds where our flesh will be eaten by rodents because there will be no one to carry our vile carcasses away.

I see God sending his army of diseases upon us like a massive tsunami wiping out entire cities. I smell the stench of rotting flesh in our homes and neighborhoods while the rodent populations grow to provide the next pandemic. He will obliterate the media who have covered up the truth and lied against Israel telling us that this great crime against her was a good thing. He will destroy the politicians and bureaucrats who have plotted against the chosen people of God. God will bring down those who sought to bring down Israel.

I see the Muslim hordes we have turned loose on Israel being turned loose on us by God and I see them dancing victoriously in our streets. Their swords will devour our flesh and drink our blood while our blood bathes our streets. Muslims will slaughter our children as we have turned them loose to slaughter the children of Israel. Their Jihad shall rage through our cities burning them to the ground while they dance in the ashes. The world will watch in horror as God judges us for our crimes against Israel.

But don't be deceived, God will also hold the Muslims accountable for their actions. Immediately after Al Quaeda moved into the Sinai and began sending terrorists into the Gaza, God hit Pakistan with a terrible earthquake killing (officially) at least 86,000 and probably more, mostly Muslims. Over 2 million more were made homeless with many of them dying from infections and diseases. Most of them have no shelter with winter and the Avian Flu rapidly approaching. It is very likely that hundreds of thousands to over a million more will die within the next few months.

Soon, God will draw Russia and the Muslims down onto the Northern hills of Israel (Lebanon and Syria) to punish them for their crimes against Israel where He will devour them with His sword of wrath. This will be the battle of Ezekiel 38 and 39 where God will get justice against those who have tried to destroy Israel. They will die in one day by the tens of millions with only 16.6% of them surviving this judgment.

My heart weeps for American but we have asked for this punishment and we shall get what we asked for. I see her rapidly declining as a super power and Israel becoming one. The world will know this was the work of God and will be awed by His great power. Our fate has been set by our wickedness and we stand before God in His court room waiting our punishment. It will come soon and swiftly. Hold on, this will be an indescribably horrible ride to Hell for many of us and we purchased the tickets with our evil.

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