The Purge

Yesterday, in the News 237 essay, I wrote about the HPV pandemic the upper class trash and their liberal minions have caused on this planet with their "free sex", especially here in the US but it is a massive global problem too. After thinking about it all night, I realized that I need to take this further and provide you with more information, especially with a time line for all of you males who have been taught it doesn't cause men any harm. I want to give you an idea of what you are in for and how I dealt with it.

Yesterday, I shared an article with you telling that more than half the men in the US have HPV and more than a quarter of them have a cancer causing strain. You need to know that is a conservative estimate and you can bet it is much worse.

Second, common sense should tell you that, if half the men have HPV and a quarter of them have a cancer causing strain, then half of the women have HPV and a quarter of them have a cancer causing strain. They didn't tell you that because they didn't want to panic the women, who know HPV causes them harm, and only talked about men having it because they have you convinced that HPV doesn't cause harm to men, which you should now know is a lie.

And remember that I am only discussing HPV with you and not the dozens of other forms of sexually transmitted diseases, most of which they simply have not told you about.

When I got to Korat AFB in Thailand in 1973, for the required "new comers briefing", our squadron commander had the hospital give us a slide show on the 29 MOST COMMON incurable and terminal STDs in Thailand. Remember it was just about the 29 most common and didn't even come close to including all of them. There could easily be more than 100 types of STDs on this planet, most of which they have not told you about and keep secret for very important reasons, you know, for reasons like little boy's pee pees fall off, literally.

BTW, everyone in those slides was dead by the time we saw the pictures and I have never heard anyone in the US mention those diseases in spite of the fact that it should be obvious they were brought back to the US by military and, later, by civilians.

Gee, I wonder why?

No, I know why and if you saw those diseases, you would know why also. Those were the worst STDs I have ever seen in my life and what they do to your body before they kill you is beyond imagination. They would make a really great horror movie.

BTW, everyone in those slides or who got those STDs was sent back state side to the Los Angeles VA hospital, put in a special quarantined wing for research purposes to try and find a cure for those diseases, and buried in the nearby VA cemetery, after they died, with an MIA (Missing In Action) notice being sent home to their families to save those families the embarrassment of knowing their husband, son, father, or brother was killed by an STD because they were running the whores. Plus they really don't want the families to know how horrible of a death they died.

Any time any of you, military or civilians, get one of those and certain other STDs, the doctors quietly send you to a special quarantined wing in a hospital somewhere to use you as a lab rat to find a cure for the STD until you die and you mysteriously turn up missing so no one knows what is going on while you are rotting away in that hospital and, yes, your body will literally rot away. It ain't purdy.

Here is another little tidbit for you to be concerned about for HPV. A number of years ago, they found out that the increasing cases of throat and anal cancer, which have become pandemic in this nation, are being caused by people transferring HPV to their sex partner via oral and anal sex and the part of the body the virus enters is where it will cause the cancer.

Maybe, just maybe we are not supposed to have oral and anal sex?

Let me give you a little time line for the progression of my illness knowing that I was a very healthy marathon athlete when I got infected and it has taken longer to tear my body down than it will take to tear your body down, if you are not a healthy marathon athlete.

I was infected in 1985 at 36 years of age when I could easily ride more than 100 miles on any day and jam really hard for most of that ride. I was in fantastic shape for most people but not racing shape.

By 1988 I first began to feel the effects when my endurance first decreased enough I could notice it and thought it might be me aging. I was wrong; it was the effects of the disease. The first thing you will notice is a gradual decrease in endurance.

By 1992, I couldn't ride more than 80 miles and by 1996 I couldn't ride more than about 60 miles. It was at that time I realized it wasn't just me getting old and I tried to get medical help but the doctors are trained to tell you that you are just getting old, but I knew better from my studies in biology, the sports sciences, and sports medicine along with a lot of experience in coaching riders older than I was.

In November 1999 I lost the last job I would have because I was so sick I couldn't work anymore and began teaching myself html coding to try to start up my own business on the Internet. It was working until I got sick enough my short term memory began to decline and I began forgetting my html coding. I realized I had real problems and developed a simple but effective system using templates and a filing system for notes which has made it possible for me to continue to function at least some. I am really amazed at how well my system has worked with me being as sick as I got years ago.

Unless I get really fatigued, my long term memory and cognitive thinking are fine. When I get fatigued enough, first my short term memory goes and I may or may not get it back but I learned that reviewing notes will cause at least some of it to return. Then my long term memory and cognitive thinking go but they come back as soon as I recover. I learned to pace myself so I don't get that tired any more, which solved most of the problem. But I am still so sick I simply could not work for anyone else, even part time.

Another note is that I have dyslexia and, when you get tired, your dyslexia gets worse. Put that together with severe chronic fatigue syndrome and your dyslexia can get so bad that you literally become illiterate and unable to read or write until you recover. It has been just such a world of fun...NOT! I thank God that I am intelligent and educated enough to deal with this by myself. Without that, I simply would not have made it this long.

By that time, my endurance had declined so much that I would fatigue or what we in cycling call bonking at 40 miles or less on a bike ride, even on flat ground. Today, I can't even ride a bicycle one block on flat ground.

I finally had to go to a clinic because I couldn't afford health insurance and they told me about Medicaid, helped me get set up on it, and I found a nurse practitioner who reluctantly agreed to run tests on me telling that, "Personally, I don't think we will find anything". She also believed I was just getting old. Two weeks later they called me to let me know that my test results were in and, when I went in, that nurse practitioner was stunned and horrified to the point that all she could do was stand grasping my records tightly against her chest while leaning against a wall, tell me what they had found, while regularly saying very loudly, "You are VERY ill!", you know, like she had to tell me. I guess they found something.

We never thought that it might be the HPV causing all of this because all of the x-spurts were telling us that HPV is harmless to men. It took us years of tests, me doing my own pathological research because socialist Medicaid wouldn't pay for her time to do pathological research (if you have not studied enough biology, you won't be able to do it yourself; good old social medicine), and connecting dots to finally figure out what was causing the mess. A lot of it was discovery because of my knowledge and research because I would find out something, she would order the tests, and sure enough, that was it.

She diagnosed the severe chronic fatigue syndrome and I found out about the sleep apnea in about 2005. When they ran the tests on me for the sleep apnea, the medical people told me after the tests that it was so severe I should have died at least 2 to 3 years earlier because everyone else would have. By that time, most of you would have already been dead for a few years, which means about 10 to 20 years after you are infected.

We ended up running every test Medicaid would pay for and visits to more than half a dozen specialists before we were able to trace it back to the HPV by about 2010 or 2011. The trouble is that it is such a complex and difficult trail and most of you will die from something the HPV causes that they will never figure out it is the HPV that kills you. In other words, most of the people who die from HPV, they will never figure it out and will blame something else.

For example, the sleep apnea alone will probably kill most of you within about 10 to 15 years of your infection and they will never realize that the sleep apnea was caused by the HPV, therefore, they will blame the sleep apnea and not the HPV.

Gee, what a coincidence that sleep apnea is rapidly increasing in the US while we are having a pandemic of HPV. If you have HPV, you are not in for fun times. I spent at least 1.5 years within one breath of death, so sick I would sleep 15 to 20 hours per day and then could only sit in a chair and stare at four walls the rest of the day for most days during that time. Oh, it is going to be so much fun! (/sarc)

In my last essay, I told you that the Hypervolemia caused the inflammation all of my cells and recent research showed that inflamed immune system cells weaken the immune system making you more susceptible to other diseases. If you want to get sick, you go to doctor's offices and hospitals because that is where all sick people go and you are most likely to get infected by their diseases. Towards the end, when we finally found out what caused all of this, I was getting so many diseases from visiting the doctors' offices and hospitals that it almost killed me and I had to quit going to see the doctors and hospitals to stop getting sick. I got a dozen diseases that kill people every day, some of them two or three at a time, you know, really nice stuff like that super bug, C-diff and the pig flu. Purely by the grace of God, I survived. There is absolutely no other reason.

By that time, we already knew the doctors can't do anything for me. It is now up to me and God to take care of Carl. Today, I breathe because God keeps me alive.

Satan can't have me, God doesn't want me yet, so you are still stuck with me; bummer, huh?

Now, let's get down to my main topic, the purge and this is where it gets scary and you see just how evil the upper class trash are.

Remember that I have been telling you that the upper class trash will purge all of the liberal traitors, after they have their dictatorship set up, because no one can trust a traitor, not even other traitors?

Who is going to be most likely to have the most of these deadly STDs?

Why, of course, the liberal pagans who believe in and practice free sex, you know, adultery, and it is known that the homosexual crowd is the worst infected of all. That is a medical fact you can find on the CDC site. With half of the males in the US infected with HPV alone, you can bet that ALL liberal males are infected with one or more deadly STDs, which means that all of the liberal females, especially feminists, are also infected, with many not knowing it. We already know the entire homosexual community is infected and dying.

Gee, I wonder why the upper class trash taught you to believe in and practice free sex; they weren't trying to kill you liberal traitors off to purge you, were they?

Yep, you liberal traitors are already in the process of being purged while you are still busy helping them set up their glorious dictatorship, you are too stupid to know it, and this isn't just the middle and lower class minions.

Remember that I told you the upper class trash will purge the politicians and bureaucrats when they don't need them anymore? Why do you think Hillary is so sick? You don't think it could be because she didn't keep her legs together, went to sex islands with Billy Boy, raped child sex slaves, and picked up every STD imaginable, could it?

Billy Boy and Hillary are probably walking CDC libraries for STDs.

And, if that is the case, she ain't getting well, baby. It sounds like she is about to finish kicking. If you can't keep your panties up off of the floor, it is going to kill you.

And God said, "Be not deceived, your sins will find you out."

If the STDs don't kill you, they will weaken your immune system and all the upper class trash will have to do is release the right bugs into this pandemic rodent population they have caused by killing off all of the free roaming feral cats and teaching you to hate free roaming cats and it will finish you off.

Remember that I told you they are lying to you about the bubonic plague being curable and there are different strains, three of which are curable but two or three others that are not curable? What do you think they will release into a pandemic rodent population to kill most of you off other than the disease which killed more humans than any other disease?

And it ain't a purdy way to die either, just check it out. The "Black Death" is a terrible way to die.

You see, they are not just going to replace the middle and lower classes with robots and computers, the upper class trash plan on replacing all of the politicians and bureaucrats with robots and computers so they don't have to worry about those traitors overthrowing their government five to ten years from now.

Hey, they are helping overthrow the current governments because they are power mad, why would they not decide to overthrow the new dictatorship later? What, you think those traitors will suddenly stop being power mad after they help set up the new dictatorship?

No one can trust a traitor and their "cause" is just a lame excuse to overthrow the government and set up their dictatorship.

All of you liberals are being purged right now, deal with it. This STD pandemic proves it. They lied to you as well as to us.

I mean just how stupid can you liberals be to believe the lies they are tell you while you are helping them tell us lies?

It is like I have been telling you, liberals are the stupidest people on the planet.

While we are here, digging around in medical science, let me share a little with you about sleep apnea.

They tell you that being fat causes sleep apnea but, if you study exercise physiology, you realize something the doctors are not being taught because they don't study exercise physiology.

When does the human body burn better than 90% of its fat?

While you are sleeping at night and the body is burning the fat to repair cell damage done during the day and burning fat is an aerobic process requiring oxygen. Don't ever forget that.

When do you have sleep apnea causing hypoxia or low oxygen blood level?

At night, while sleeping.

So, if you are having sleep apnea at night so you are not getting enough oxygen to burn the fat to repair cells, what will happen?

First, you won't be able to burn the fat so the body will store the fat and you will gain weight; you will get fat.

Second, you won't be able to repair your cells from the daily work and cell damage will accumulate causing chronic fatigue syndrome even without the Hypervolemia. With the Hypervolemia, you will get SEVERE chronic fatigue syndrome.

You see, it isn't the fat that causes the sleep apnea, it is the sleep apnea which causes you to gain the weight and the doctors are wrongly ASSUMING it is the fat which causes the sleep apnea when it is the HPV causing the sleep apnea because doctors have not connected all of the dots.

This is extremely difficult to diagnose because it is an extremely complex process and, so far, the doctors are still missing too many dots and just assuming something that isn't true.

A big part of our obesity problem in this nation isn't because of sugar, it is because the HPV pandemic is causing the sleep apnea pandemic and the sleep apnea is causing the weight gain pandemic and this recent report on HPV proves my hypothesis right. Sugar has nothing to very little to do with it. It is the free sex, not the sodas that are killing you. But the upper class trash don't want you to know the free sex is killing you because they want you to keep having the free sex so you will keep infecting each other and killing each other off.

Did you notice the coincidences?

Obesity, HPV, and sleep apnea are increasing rapidly all at the same time. Gee, what a coincidence.

Remember that they have repeatedly publically announced that they want to depopulate the planet down to a maximum of 500 million people?

They are doing it right now with free sex and will soon finish it off with a few other pandemics, you know, like the Black Death. According to the statistics, all of you liberals are dying right now and you don't even know it. You have been murdered by your own lying liberal upper class trash overlords that you are so faithful to. They sure are not very faithful to you.

Don't believe me?

Go down and get yourself checked for STDs, all of them.

BTW, did you know that when a woman has surgery to remove the cervical cancer the HPV causes, it sterilizes the women further decreasing the population by preventing reproduction?

Good old adultery, dependable as ever, still killing people by the millions.

Believe me, by the time this is over and you find out everything they have done, you will kill the liberals, especially the upper class trash. History and human behavior prove that to be true. You are going to be so mad.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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