Israel was working with the country of Georgia to fly from southern Georgian bases to destroy Iran's nuclear weapons industry so Russia invaded Georgia seizing control of the bases where Israel was operating out of in order to protect Iran from an attack by Israel. The last I heard about it, Russia is still in control of those bases to prevent Israel from attacking Iran and destroying her nuclear weapons industry.

Then Israel attacked and destroyed a nuclear weapons development site in Syria. Russia responded by rebuilding a port in Syria to handle the larger Russian naval ships and stationed a fleet at that port to prevent Israel from destroying the same facility again.

Russia has just stationed its first fleet in the Persian Gulf and the obvious reason is to prevent Israeli planes from attacking Iran's nuclear weapons facilities from the West and East via the Persian Gulf. At the same time, Russia has provide Iran with more than 60,000 tons of fuel grade nuclear material greatly shortening the time required for Iran to build a fleet of nuclear weapons. Iran is reported to have enough fissile material to eventually build more than 60 nukes of 10 kilotons or more.

Most of the rest of the world, but especially Russia and the US, are painting Israel into a military corner to where Israel will not be able to attack Iran with planes and must resort to using missiles armed with nuclear warheads. I believe that this last move of Russia stationing a fleet in the Persian Gulf will just about do that. I only see two other potential options that have probably already been removed from the table by Russia.

The first of these was the option of Israel using bases in one of the small and newly liberated countries to the north and northeast of Iran which were only relatively recently liberated from the Soviet Union. From what I have been seeing, all of these countries have been scared off from helping Israel and protecting themselves from Iran by the invasion of Georgia by Russia.

The second of these was that Israel has been working with India to train her troops to prevent another major terrorist attack in India in exchange for the use of bases in India to attack Iran via the Persian Gulf. This was also looking very promising until Russia based its fleet in the Persian Gulf. Most likely, this resource has also been denied Israel by Russia.

If this is true, then the only option remaining for Israel to protect herself by a preemptive strike against Iran is by using missiles armed with nuclear warheads. She quite probably has no other choice left to her at this time.

Since Israel's new government has formed, Israel has been getting all their ducks lined up for the attack with the US trying to stall Israel until November and Israeli intelligence saying that will be too late. I expect Israel to attack just before they think it will be too late.

So what could be Russia's motivation for supporting such hostile countries in their pursuit for nuclear weapons?

I think that Putin is trying to revive the old Soviet Union but realizes they don't have the money to compete against the US or even China for super power supremacy again. I think that what he is doing is trying to build a coalition of countries he falsely believes will be loyal to him and Russia if he helps them become militarily more powerful. After all, it wasn't just the US which the old Soviet Union was competing against but an alliance of countries from around the world, especially Europe.

The Soviet Union had an alliance but it was made up of most poor countries the Soviet Union had to prop up to have the alliance. I think Putin is now trying to put together a coalition of rich oil countries to form a new alliance which the Soviet Union will not have to financially support.

I think this is a serious mistake because Russia is seeking out countries being run by power mad people and, even if they succeed in defeating the West, none of those countries will want to share power much less be subservient to Mother Russia. It is only logical and should be obvious that, if they succeed, the coalition will turn in on itself and destroy itself fighting for ultimate power. This is especially true in light of the truth about Islam and with most of the countries Russia is trying to align itself with being Muslim dictatorships. Islam is waging war against itself while waging war against the world and I would never want to align my country with such power mad countries. With such an alliance, failure is a must.

If you think I am wrong, just take a look at the countries Putin is trying to align Russia with. He has clearly taken sides with the very radical countries of Syria and Iran and just moved to denounce any punishments for North Korea testing a nuke in violation of prior agreements.

Putin is making alliances with the most radical and dangerous countries in the world making him one of the most radical and dangerous people in the world. Little does Putin realize that he is fulfilling Bible prophesy and we know how that prophesy ends.

Pray long, pray hard, pray often; we need it a lot.

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