Russia 4

Based on the bits and pieces of news reports coming out of Ukraine, Russia is right now doing battle field preparations for invading Ukraine. The Russian troops have surrounded Ukraine air force bases in Eastern Ukraine and, when military planes try to land or take off, the troops shoot at the planes with automatic weapons fire. This effectively grounds those military planes so they can't fight when the invasion starts.

Russian helicopters are being reported landing at Ukraine airports with troops on them because those airports have been taken over and the Ukraine military planes have been grounded in the above actions to keep those planes from shooting down the choppers. Of course, these new troops are increasing hostile activities in Eastern Ukraine with the remaining (the forces who have not gone over to the Russians along with mercenaries) Ukraine forces fighting Russian forces to regain control of the government buildings the Russian forces have taken.

Basically, Putin is eliminating as many of the Ukraine forces as he can before the invasion begins to minimize Russian troop loses. Putin is taking the path of least resistance just like I told you he would. When Putin has all of the Ukraine troops pinned down that he can, Putin will invade and take Ukraine and Transnitria.

So, what is our brilliant, fearless military leader, the Chicken in Chief, doing? Obama calls Putin (to scare Putin some more) and Putin told Obama that there are no Russian troops involved in this. Hey, the locals are calling them Russian tourists. They're just there for a visit, with guns.

Oh yeah, the West also placed more of those extremely terrifying sanctions against Russia, you know, the sanctions that caused Putin to flee Crimea in fear, not. How do you think those will work out? Sanctions are idiot's toys.

Mean while, the US is getting ready to leave its base in Kyrgyzstan and Putin is already making his moves on Kyrgyzstan because she has a lot of natural resources. In the last month, Putin has purchased Kyrgyzstan's state owned natural gas company, bid to purchase its airports (it might be better to sell them to Russia than have Russia just take them), and offered Kyrgyzstan the "opportunity" to join Russia's new "trade organization" (read military alliance). You can bet it is the same "take the offer or we take you" deal Putin just made Belarus, Poland, and Romania.

Mean while, our destroyer, which just got repeatedly buzzed by a Russian jet as a warning to stay out of this fight and to embarrass Obama, was last heard to be hiding in a Romanian port, which will probably soon become a Russian port.

"What about NATO?" you ask.

NATO is nothing more than a very weakened US with a few platoons from nations like Britain, Canada, and Australia and most of the rest of the member countries provide troops to guard the NATO bases or are window dressing on a broken window and Putin knows it.

And, if that isn't bad enough, stick around, Obama will make things worse.

Yep, definitely time to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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