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The Russian backed Syrian Army is making good headway against Caliph Obama's Muslim terrorists. This is causing the glorious intellectually superior upper class trash in the EU, you know, the ones causing the immigrant mess in Europe and who should shut up and stay out of everything, to protest Russia helping Syria defeat the West's Muslim terrorists...uh...rebels.

This is the worst kind of global tyranny, the upper class trash, who keep causing almost all of our problems with their great sounding ideas, believe that they and they alone should decide who gets to rule any nation. If they don't like you, they send in their terrorists to start a "civil war" while calling those terrorists rebels. It is pure insanity and evil from too much inbreeding.

But don't worry, when God permits the Muslims to seize control, the Muslims will round up and kill all of these evil upper class trash.

Don't believe me?

The Muslims love to do things based on Islamic history, especially the way Muhammad did things. If you study the history of Islamic conquests, the Muslims have always rounded up and killed all of the leaders from at least the mid level to the top so the conquered leaders can't regroup and stage a counter coup later.

Believe me, the Muslims know who all of the bad guys are, where they live, where they work, and, with Muslims in every country, the upper class trash won't have anywhere to run and hide. The Muslims will get them all and do it quickly. That is why God is using the Muslims to clean up our mess.

BTW, I have been watching videos of both sides in the battle for Syria for some time. At first, the terrorists and Syrian and Iraqi Armies were rank amateurs in the way they fought. Then, with training from the US and Russia, all of these forces got a little better so they were only amateurs and not rank amateurs. Caliph Obama's Muslim terrorists are still amateurs but, when I see videos of the Syrian Army under the control and along side of the Russians, they are much more professional and know what they are doing.

Even though I can't understand what they are saying in the videos, I can tell from their voices that the terrorists are running scared. Used to their voices denoted confidence in their ability to defeat the Syrian Army. Now their voices are at least very concerned and even filled with fear. Caliph Obama's Muslim terrorists are in over their heads and know it.

BTW, I just read that Caliph Obama air dropped weapons for his Muslim terrorists fighting Syria while calling them rebels fighting Caliph Obama's ISIS. Get it straight, there is not one terrorist...uh...rebel in Syria fighting ISIS, they are all on the same side fighting Syria and Russia.

Now, just how long do you think Putin is going to allow Caliph Obama to drop off weapons for Caliph Obama's Muslim terrorists fighting Putin?

What I expect is for Putin to do something like watch Caliph Obama drop off weapons for his Muslim terrorists, wait until those terrorists move to get those weapons, and cluster bomb the whole bunch into oblivion.

Putin isn't just going to sit there and let Caliph Obama supply the Muslim terrorists fighting Syria and Russia and anyone who thinks he will is dumber than rocks.

Caliph Obama has said he is dropping efforts to train and supply his terrorists but is still dropping off weapons for them? Really?

Nah, I don't think I will drink that Kool-Aid. You can have mine.

BTW, keep an eye on Ukraine.


They just found huge oil reserves in the Golan heights of Israel with them claiming that Israel may now have more known oil reserves than Saudi Arabia. You know there will now be a greatly increased dispute between Israel and Syria over the Golan Heights with Russia supporting Syria in that claim. This alone could be what starts the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39.

Remember that I told you years ago that, after the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39, Israel would become the next global super power?

With this oil find, they will get mega rich and their economy will boom, which will make it possible for Israel to finance the much larger New Israel resulting from the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39 I told you about before. Add to this the massive natural gas fields they have found off shore Israel, and Israel won't have any shortage of energy. Notice the timing in God permitting Israel to find this oil and natural gas.


Since I wrote the two above articles, I have been connecting dots because something didn't seem right. The Orthodox Church just sanctioned a Holy War in Syria. In Christian terms, a holy war is a Crusade.

So, why would the Orthodox Church sanction an Orthodox Christian, Putin, to carry out an Orthodox Christian Crusade in Syria? What is the significance of Syria to the Orthodox Church?

In of itself, Syria means very little to Russia, Putin, or the Orthodox Church but I thought that it might be about saving all of those Orthodox Christians, which is probably a small part of it. To understand the Orthodox Church Crusade, you have look at the big picture in relation to history and the Orthodox Church.

Before Rome was divided, the Church of Rome was the official church of the entire Roman Empire. When Rome split, the Church of Rome split into the Catholic Church in the West and the Orthodox Church in the East, which later became the Byzantine Empire ruled out of Byzantium or, later, Constantinople with the Catholic Church and Orthodox Church becoming enemies who have hated each other for more than 1,000 years and with both churches hating Jews. (Try to remember all of that.) After the fall of Rome, the Muslims conquered the Byzantine Empire and the Orthodox Church has dreamed of rebuilding the Byzantine Empire and then the entire Roman Empire all under the influence of the Orthodox Church and completely doing away with the Catholic Church. This is a very old and dear dream for the Orthodox Church.

The Byzantine Empire included from a little west of Greece and a little north of Greece, Greece, Turkey, Russia (which included Crimea and Ukraine), Syria, Israel, Egypt, and Libya. Putin can rebuild the Byzantine Empire by conquering all of those countries, by building a federation of those countries, or some combination of the two run out of Moscow.

Getting the picture yet?

Putin recently made some sort of deal to save bankrupt Greece, which permits Russia to base troops and ships in Greece with Greece probably being a vassal state to Russia. Putin recently made some sort of deal with Turkey, for which we have no idea what it included. Putin has become an ally of Egypt after Obama screwed Egypt, Putin is right now saving Syria from destruction by Obama's Muslim terrorists, which will almost certainly make Syria a vassal state of Russia, and Putin has stated he will clean up the mess made by Obama and the West in Libya, which will probably make Libya a vassal state of Russia.

That is almost the entire Byzantine Empire rebuilt and soon to be under the influence of the Orthodox Church and Moscow. All that is left is Israel, with the most holy city in Christianity, Jerusalem, and more oil and natural gas than Saudi Arabia has, which would make Russia very wealthy and a greater power than even the US ever was.

If Putin saves Syria from Obama's Muslim terrorists and still has his troops in Syria with a massive oil deposit in the Golan Heights being claimed by Syria, that will be justification for Putin to invade Israel to help Syria get that oil back, which, of course, Russia will get to develop, take Jerusalem for the Orthodox Church, and get all of Israel's off shore natural gas to fund Russia's and the new Byzantine Empire's economy and build it into the greatest super power ever, all run out of Moscow.

Putin is not and has no desire to rebuild the atheistic Soviet Union, he is rebuilding the Orthodox Christian Byzantine Empire plus much more.

From there, Putin will be able to financially break the backs of the very corrupt and evil Euro-American upper class trash, putting the rest of the Roman Empire under Russia's and the Orthodox Church's control.

That is the crusade the Orthodox Church has commissioned Putin to conduct in the name of the Orthodox Church and is the reason Russia will invade Israel causing the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39. Putin wants to be the emperor or Caesar of New Byzantium and then New Rome run out of Moscow and with the Orthodox Church as the official state church.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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