Sabotage or Stupidity

For some time I have been trying to figure out whether the different things Obama and the Commiecrats are doing are sabotage or stupidity. I have come to the realization that it is probably a lot of both.

For example, Bush didn't ramp up for war properly right after 9/11 and tried to follow some bad advice from the Pentagon which was to keep the war small and fast. His military advisors (the ones he chose to listen to) said we could easily win this war with a small army, we didn't need to ramp up right.

When I saw this happen, it bothered me because, throughout history, every time anyone said they would easily win a war with a small army, they always got a really bad surprise with having to fight damage control to keep from getting their butts kicked while they finished ramping up right, the way they should have done in the first place. Well, this came back to haunt us when we went into Iraq immediately after clearing out Afghanistan, won a fast easy fight in Iraq, and then didn't immediately go into Iran and Syria (we blinked) because our commie traitor media brow beat Bush into trying to use his limited army for nation building when he should have been using it for nation destroying and using a civilian force for the nation building.

This blink gave Iran and Syria time to put together a guerrilla force to fight the US coalition forces in Iraq preventing those forces from taking the fight to Iran and Syria, which would have quickly put an end to this mess. Note that this also created a situation which prevented the US from going into North Korea as had been originally planned. At this point, the US forces suddenly became over extended because they were too small in numbers and were now also being used for something for which a military should never be used for, nation building. So, suddenly the US forces were too small to be able to fight more than two wars at a time and, even with just two wars, our forces were stretch way too thin because they had not properly ramped up at the beginning of the war.

You always want to have more troops, weapons, munitions, and other resources than you need to win a war. You never want to not have not enough to win the war because you will then lose the war. I have never read about any commanding officer complaining that they had too many resources for fighting a war and have almost always read about them saying they wished they had more resources than they did have. Thinking you can go into a war with just enough to win is pure stupidity because there will always be the unpredictable which will cause you to come up short and lose the war, you know, like now.

To add to this terrible situation, as soon as he took office, one of the first things Obama did was begin cutting the US military during a time of war when everyone knew we were already too short on resources to fight effectively. In just the last year, 2010, Obama has cut the US military spending back by at least 25%. Remember that Obama and Gates decided earlier this year that we didn't need that new fleet of F22 fighter planes which would be required to fight high tech countries like Russia, China, and North Korea. Oops!!! Smart move, huh?

By now, our military forces are at least 25% to 35% smaller than they were when Obama got into office and our forces were already considered too small.

It doesn't take a genius to figure out that, if your military is already short on resources, if you decrease those resources even more, you will be even shorter on resources and less capable of fighting even the wars you are already involved in fighting. When it comes to doing something that stupid, my farts are smarter than that.

Now, if you are our enemy and you know that we can't effectively fight the wars we are currently fighting, much less any more wars, what would you do?

The obvious answer is "start more wars". If you start enough extra wars to stretch the rest of our resources too thin to win any of those wars, we will get our butts handed to us. That is only common sense. Did a light bulb just come on? The smart ones know where this is going.

So, if you are the Russians, Chinese, North Koreans, and Muslims, what would you do?

You simultaneously have North Korea attack South Korea, Iran's proxies of Syria, Hezbullah, Hamas, and Fatah attack Israel in a four front war, Iran attack Iraq along with shooting missiles at Israel, Al Quaeda and the Taliban surge in Afghanistan, Pakistan and China attack India, China attack Taiwan, Venezuela attack Columbia, and have your Muslims who have infiltrated and are living in Europe, North American, Australia and other allied countries stage massive riots and organized street fighting along with terrorist attacks. Gee, does any of that sound familiar?

Now the question is, "just how much of that cutting back on US military spending while dumping trillions of US dollars into the commie pockets in the name of economic stimulus, while bankrupting the US so it can't rebuild our military, and destroying the US economy so we can't rebuild our military is stupidity and how much is sabotage/treason? (Remember that Obama is a saboteur because he isn't a US citizen, the rest of the commie's are traitors.) Oh yeah, were those military advisors Bush listened to commie infiltrators or moles setting the military up for defeat by not ramping up right?

Now you are probably beginning to see the significance of Billy Boy Clinton down sizing the US military, law enforcement, and intelligence agencies while selling classified weapons information to Russia and China (along with who knows who else) while providing those countries, North Korea, and Muslim countries billions of dollars per year in "economic aid" which was openly being used to build new military weapons. Now that was an act of treason because Billy Boy Clinton was a US citizen.

Could it be that, when the fighting starts in Israel, it will also start in all of those other places? Think about it. It might be a good idea to clean, oil, and load that gun that has been hiding in your closet or drawer. It won't do you any good if it is empty or jams.

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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