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Remember that I told you that God has drawn a line and is making us make a decision as to which side of the line we will stand on, with God or against God?

I had not read my e-book, "Yahweh", for a while, at least four or five years, so I started reading it again, and, as I got into the plagues of Egypt, it showed that God was separating his people from the pagans or Egyptians. The more I read in my e-book, the more I realized the explanations in my e-book very effectively were explaining how God is right now separating His people from the modern pagans. I was really surprised at how my explanations applied so well to what we are going through now with God separating His people from the pagans. God is calling His people out of their spiritual Egypt to follow God.

God has to get us to where we Christians no longer want to be like or tolerant of the pagans and their behavior and the pagans either convert to Christianity or turn against us the way the Egyptians turned against the Hebrews and drove them out of Egypt. The pagans waging war against us Christians is the pagans driving us out of the pagan spiritual Egypt back to God and God will eventually take care of these pagans persecuting Christians the way He took care of the Egyptians.

The book explains very well what we are going through and why and why it will get worse before it gets better. I explained why the Egyptians had to endure the plagues because it was really their choice the same as our current problems are our choice, because we choose our sins and punishment or to turn back to God.

Other things I did was use common sense and science to answer some questions I have heard the pagans and new Christians ask. For example, half way across the Red Sea is a huge chasm which suddenly plunges to a depth of more than a 1,000 feet and would have been impassible to the Hebrews. I used the children crossing the Red Sea to explain that when they suddenly realized they were crossing over a huge mud bridge after seeing the fish swimming underneath them.

God gives us hints about this and, along with some common sense, you get the answer. The Bible says that God caused a wind out of the east, you know, the hot, dry Sinai Desert, to blow through the passage He had created to dry the mud so the people "walked across on dry land."

If God can levitate billions of tons of water, why can't he also levitate millions of tons of mud and dry it out to form a bridge across the chasm, duh, hello?

When God released the waters so that they "returned to their power", the force of that water filling back into the void God had created when he levitated the water not only washed heavily armored horses, men, and chariots up on the Eastern shore, as described in the Bible, but washed away God's bridge, just common sense and science.

At the end of their 40 year stay in the Sinai Desert, God caused one water well to follow the Hebrew tribe everywhere they went, even over a mountain pass through bedrock.

It sounds preposterous, doesn't it?

Not if you study geology. When an earthquake shakes the ground, it sometimes liquefies the ground causing buildings to sink into the ground. They found that, with the right frequencies, they can even liquefy granite to where stuff can sink in or move through it. All you have to do is cause the atoms to vibrate enough so they loosen their hold on each other enough to go from a solid state to a liquid state and you can turn anything into a fluid, even granite. Basic nuclear physics 101.

All God had to do was liquefy the soil with the right frequency of vibrations to move the well through it. For God, no problem.

That is also how the walls of Jericho fell down. God caused the right frequency of sound which liquefied the walls causing them to lose strength and collapse under their own weight.

Oh gee, you mean you can understand God's miracles with science?

Yep, that is why God gave us science, to better understand Him.

Why did my book tell the story of the Exodus through the eyes of a child?

Because God told us that He kept the Hebrew tribe wondering in the wilderness for 40 years until all of the adults who rebelled and refused to go into the land of Canaan when they first arrived there, died off and the CHILDREN became the adults and founding fathers and mothers of the new nation of Israel.

You see, a five year old child at the beginning of the Exodus was a 45 year old adult when they entered the land of Canaan and one of the founding parents of Israel. To better understand those founding parents, you need to know how they would have perceived the Exodus through their eyes as they grew up as children during the Exodus, which is the story I told AND no one else has ever told. That way, you can better understand the Hebrews who marched into the land of Canaan 40 years later.

Not having read the book for a while, I am really enjoying it and the humor and insights I wrote into the book. I explain so much about God in the book. It is a very unique perspective on the Exodus by looking at it through the eyes of a child. (The book is narrated by an old rabbi who was only five when the Exodus began. He is telling the story to some women and children in a small Hebrew farming village 80 years after the Exodus began.)

God gave us science to better understand the Bible and God but science got high jacked by the pagans and they have distorted it with bogus research and claims, you know, like global warming because of man burning a little oil causing an increase in CO2, which would only cause in increase in plant growth because plants breath in CO2 and breath out oxygen, which purifies the air.

So, what's the problem? Having more plant growth is a bad thing?

The greatest scientists in history were almost all Christians. Newton, one of the greatest and most revered scientists was a Christian and I am certain that, if you have studied ANY science you have heard of Newton's Laws.

In an earlier essay under the creation science section of this blog, I explained what caused Noah's Flood. There is an asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter that the astronomers tell us used to be a planet that blew up. When that planet exploded, it caused the asteroid belt but quite a lot of the asteroids created by that planet exploding went flying through space in all directions causing all sorts of things to happen that today's scientists can't seem to figure out.

A shower of those asteroids hit the earth causing the fracture in the earth's surface which eventually caused the Atlantic Ocean. That fracture caused super heated water beneath the earth's crust (we know about this water because of the steam given off by volcanoes) to jet into the air, condense as clouds and cause the rainfall which lasted forty days as described in the Bible.

Gee, you mean Noah's Flood is all scientifically sound? The proof for this hypothesis of mine?

If you do a search for "Canadian meteor crater map", you will find a Canadian map showing all of the known meteor craters on the planet. The map very clearly shows the vast majority of craters are in North America and Europe on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean, which would have caused the Atlantic fracture in the earth's crust and the Atlantic Ocean.

You see, if these meteors had been randomly striking the earth over billions of fairy tale years the way the pagan fairy tale says they have been, the craters would be much more evenly spread around the planet and not mostly in one area. Only a massive meteor shower caused by an exploding planet would cause that grouping.

Further proof is the moon.

Did you know that the side of the moon facing us is heavily cratered and the "dark side" of the moon is very lightly cratered?

If the pagan fairy tale of these meteors randomly striking the moon over billions of pagan fairy tale years were true, the dark side of the moon should be more heavily cratered than the side facing earth, which is partly protected by earth. The only way the present condition on the moon could possible exist is if there was an asteroid shower caused by that exploding planet further proving my hypothesis about that planet exploding caused an asteroid shower which cause the Atlantic fracture which caused our global flood. Hypothesis proved!!!

Then there is the pagan astrophysics hypothesis about a cloud of asteroids and ice outside of our solar system they wrongly call a theory which just blows my mind. They have ABSOLUTELY NO proof for this hypothesis, not one shred of evidence but wrongly call it a theory and teach it as fact. They say this cloud thingy explains the current asteroids and comets in our solar system. Oooooooooo!


This is all in spite of the fact that it is a scientific fact we have this massive asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter which explains all of these things if you just study the dynamics of the asteroid belt, for which I have seen NO ONE ever mention, not one person.

To understand these things, you have to study the dynamics of the formation and continuation of that asteroid belt. When that planet first exploded, it sent asteroids out in all directions with most eventually settling into the original orbit of the planet before it exploded causing the formation of the asteroid belt but other asteroids going towards and away from the sun explain other phenomena.

Most of those asteroids sent showering towards the sun would have either struck one of the four planets (Mercury, Venice, Earth, and Mars), one of our moons or the sun. Quite a few more would have kept floating around in space, pending their original trajectories, and others would have just missed the sun enough to be sling shotted by the sun back out into space at a great enough speed to reach the outer edge of our solar system and eventually returned to the sun as comets, no pagan mythical fairy tale cloud required, just common sense science.

Many asteroids would have been shot away from the sun by the exploding planet striking planets like Jupiter and Saturn and their moons with others being slowed by the sun's gravity until they were drawn back towards the sun with many hitting planets, the moons, and the sun later than the original meteor shower explaining the remainder of the craters on Earth's and our moon's surfaces in other areas. Others would still be floating around in space with others just missing the sun and being flung back out into space to later become comets.

Then you have the dynamics for the continuation of the asteroid belt. Those asteroids in that belt wouldn't be just happily floating through space in unison singing Kum byah, while smoking pot. They will be traveling at different speeds with some of their orbits beginning to decay causing them to gradually or even quickly descend towards the sun AND us, which is where all of these mystery asteroids are suddenly appearing from. These new asteroids we keep finding heading towards us and the sun were in that asteroid belt a few weeks, months, or years ago and were pulled out by the solar gravity as their orbits decayed.

Others get bumped out of orbit by other asteroids and start their travels towards the sun and us. As long as that asteroid belt is out there, we are going to keep finding new asteroids heading our way and I have noticed a recent increase in them finding new asteroids telling me that the orbits of increasing numbers of asteroids are decaying and/or being bumped out of orbit so we are heading for asteroid shower II, you know, a little something you just might want to know about but won't hear about it from a pagan fairy tale "scientist".

Gee, that sure explains a lot without having to invent some mythical pagan fairy tale cloud thingy far, far way, for which we have no evidence it even exists when we can see an asteroid belt which does exist. But, hey, what can you expect from pagans who don't have and use the wisdom of God except junk science.

BTW, there is a guy who died a number of years ago but, before he died, he made a lot of money claiming to have found certain Biblical items like the place where the Hebrews crossed the Red Sea, Noah's Ark, and the Ark of the Covenant. I took his findings with a grain of salt and now believe he found nothing.


The evidence he provided for finding where the Hebrews crossed the Red Sea is at least questionable, if not an obvious lie. You see, he claimed to have found coral reefs which grew on the remains of chariots before the chariots deteriorated, where you could see the wheels and spokes of the wheels. First, he claimed the chariots were made of wood and rotted away long ago leaving just the reefs but the Bible said the chariots were made of iron.

Second, do you really believe you would still see coral reefs in the shape of chariots, wheels, and spokes after 3,600 years of growing? Don't you think those reefs would have grown into such massive reefs by now that they would no longer be recognizable as chariots, much less wheels and spokes? Just doesn't make sense, does it?

Then he showed pictures of rocks shaped like a boat, which was not really shaped like what is described in the Bible and so far down from the top of the mountain on which the Bible said it settle that the boat traveling that far down the mountain would have destroyed it.

I had previous seen pictures taken by NASA where they believed they found the Ark, it had traveled just a little ways down from the top of the mountain and that much of a trip had caused it to break in half. Shortly after, the pagan liberals in government caused those pictures and the story to quietly go away.

Then he claimed to have found the Ark of the Covenant in an underground chamber beneath where Jesus was crucified with a really great sounding story. The problem is that I already knew the Jews had found and were actively protecting the Ark in another area so his story, like the others had to be false.

That is what my site and e-book are all about, explaining, teaching, and sharing information with you that God shared with me. I have been going back over it and, with almost 1,100 essays, there is a massive amount of information on this site and in my book, "Yahweh". Truly, God has blessed me and I pray He has used me to bless you.

Let me share with you an old Hebrew rabbinical blessing Leonard Nemoy used part of for his role as Spok. "May God bless you and keep you that you will live long and prosper." The old rabbis said this while holding out both hands towards you making the "Vulcan" sign, which is the sign for the Hebrew letter Y, you know, the first letter for Yahweh and also Yeshuah or Jesus. Every time the Trekies hold up their hand making that sign, they are saying, "May Yahweh/Yeshuah bless you and keep you so you will live long and prosper," and they don't know it.

Just how ironic and funny is that?

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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