I am writing this essay for one of many reasons why I write this site, which is to help you deal with the pagan "self righteous" arguments concerning sex in the Bible, when the pagans have absolutely no morals concerning sex except Satan's "do as you will". They try to steal the moral high ground to make it look like you are being Biblically hypocritical about sex, in their simple minded logic, making it alright for them to commit any and all sexual acts they want, especially incest and pedophilia.

"Hey, it is alright for us to do it because the people in the Bible did it."

Just because our ancestors did something does not make it alright to do that something today.

They are often able to do this largely because the church, especially the Catholic Church, has done such an absolutely terrible job of dealing with Biblical sex and Biblical Law in relation to Biblical and other history and science. This has caused many Christians to be ignorant and naive about sex in relation to Biblical Law or in relation to history.

This essay will also help explain pagan false perceptions about sex.

Their most common argument has to do with, "Who did the children of Adam and Eve marry and have children with?" Pagans always use this to justify them being able to screw whomever they please, after all, they believe and say, if it was OK for Adam's and Eve's children to marry and have sex, it should be OK for us to screw our siblings.

This gives a lot of Christians a lot of problems because they don't know the truth. If you study the Bible in relation to Biology and other sciences, these truths become very obvious.

First, you have to understand that, when God created Adam and Eve, He created their DNA perfect; they were genetically perfect humans, the only ones in history.

How do we know this?

Because they were immortal beings, which requires their genetics to have been perfect in several ways for their bodies to be immortal. First, their cells didn't age the way our cells age, they couldn't have or they could not have been immortal. That is a scientific fact.

Our aging process is caused by cell damage accumulating, which is caused by a combination of flaws in our cells being produced via imperfect reproduction by the cells, damage caused to the cells by outside sources such as sunlight, damage caused by ingested substances that are harmful to the cells, and by diseases that cause damage to the cells; for which the cells do not completely repair themselves, which is the second way in which Adam's and Eve's DNA had to be perfect for them to be immortal.

You see, for Adam's and Eve's bodies to be immortal, biology REQUIRES that their DNA had to cause the cells to repair themselves for all types of damage so their bodies would not "age" and could be immortal. This means that biology REQUIRES that, for human bodies to be immortal, their DNA has to be perfect.

With such perfect DNA, there would have been no problem with Adam's and Eve's children marrying and producing children because there would have been no DNA damage from inbreeding and, if there had been any damage done, the cells would have repaired that damage, which is the only reason their bodies could have been immortal.

But this creates a massive problem for pagans and their evolution fairy tale because, without perfect DNA, no new species could have evolved and survived very long because their offspring would have been FORCED to heavily inbreed, causing significant cell damage, because there would have been no one else other than their siblings to breed with, which would have quickly led to the extinction of that new species. Therefore, evolution is scientifically impossible for one more of many reasons. Oops!

Further evidence for Adam and Eve having been created with perfect DNA is when the scriptures tell us that God caused death to come into the world so that Adam and Eve were no longer immortal.

You have to understand that biology REQUIRES for Adam and Eve to go from being immortal to being mortal, that God changed their DNA from perfect to near perfect DNA. In other words, to cause that change to happen, biology REQUIRES that God had to change their DNA.

Why was their DNA changed to near perfect?

Because they lived for anywhere from about 500 to almost 1,000 years old each, which biology REQUIRES that their DNA would have been able to decrease cell damage and be able to almost completely repair cell damage to delay aging that long. Therefore, when they were kicked out of the Garden of Eden and God caused Adam and Eve to no longer be immortal, biology REQUIRES that God changed their DNA from being perfect to being near perfect.

This tells us that, after the Flood, when God changed human life expectancy to being much less than it had been before the Flood, biology REQUIRES that God had to once again change human DNA so it was no longer near perfect so that cells could age more quickly and couldn't repair themselves well enough or fast enough to delay the aging process as long. This also means the DNA would have been damaged more frequently and not been repaired from inbreeding damage so inbreeding would eventually become a biological problem for humans.

When you understand this in relation to Bible history, the changes made by Biblical Law, are REQUIRED by biology.

For example, there would have been absolutely no problem with Adam's and Eve's offspring inbreeding for the first 1,600 years because almost no genetic damage would have been done in such a relatively short period of time with near perfect DNA. Therefore, biologically, there would have been no problem with all of Adam's and Eve's children to have married each other and produced children. There would have been no significant genetic damage.

Therefore, biology states that, with Adam and Eve being the first generation, there would have been no problem with every husband and wife team in the second generation being brothers and sisters because no significant genetic damage would have been done. In the third generation, every husband and wife team would have been either brothers and sisters or first cousins and, in the third generation, every husband and wife team would have been brothers and sister or first and second cousins and there would have been no inbreeding problems like we would have today because their DNA was significantly superior to our DNA.

You have to understand that, for the first 1,600 years up to the Flood, everyone was family and incestual inbreeding was no problem and was not only considered normal and acceptable but was required for continuation of the species.

This same attitude and requirement would have been carried into the post flood era by Noah and his family because, who did Shem's, Ham's, and Jepheth's children marry and produce children with?

The only people they could have procreated with would have been their own brothers and sisters and first cousins. There is no other possibility. Therefore, following the Flood, incest would have been required for reproduction and been considered socially and legally acceptable.

The Bible even proves this because Abraham married his half sister and at least two of his decendents married first cousins AND the 12 tribes of Israel came into being because those 12 families kept inbreeding for 430 years, while in Egypt. Archaeology also tells us this is true because we know that at least one Pharaoh married his mother and procreated and another Pharaoh married his sister and procreated and the people at that time would have seen this as being normal and acceptable.

This all tells us that incestual reproduction was still considered normal and acceptable up to the time of Moses or for the first 2,600 years of mankind and, with God having caused our DNA to decrease in quality twice, would have caused some problems by then because, following the Flood, our DNA would have started accumulating significant amounts of damage. By the time of Moses, it would have become a problem with occasional birth defects starting to happen, as archaeology has shown, so that biology REQUIRES that God had to give us laws to stop this behavior to keep mankind from significantly decreasing in intelligence and increasing in insanity.

God's Laws also tell us this is what happened because NO ONE writes laws telling people to not do something that no one is doing. The Laws God gave us were not just to tell us to not do such things as siblings and other near relatives having sex but it was telling them to STOP doing what they had been doing for thousands of years and was considered normal and acceptable. Whatever God's Laws tell us not to do, the Hebrews and everyone else on this planet were still doing.

The history of paganism proves this because history is full of brothers and sisters and first cousins producing children, especially among the rulers, and the pagans still insist on being allowed to do this today, even though we now know the genetic problems this causes. Pagan attitude towards incestual sex has never changed since the creation in spite of the fact we now know why God gave us His Laws about sex.

You see, the pagans have absolutely no right to owning the moral high ground. Today we know better because of biology and they still want to do it.

What God was telling us with His Laws concerning sex was, "Hey, you guys have to stop doing what you have been doing and consider to be normal and acceptable because it is causing significant damage to your gene pools" but we humans didn't know enough about biology to understand this.

You have to understand that, up until the time God gave Moses the Laws, everyone on this planet, including the Hebrews, were committing incest and it was considered normal and socially acceptable by everyone on every continent.

God gave us His Laws concerning sex to stop the damage that was being caused by thousands of years of inbreeding and the Hebrews were chosen to 1) be an example on how to live right to prevent these problems and 2) were supposed to share these Laws with the Gentiles to help stop the damage that was being caused by inbreeding among the Gentiles but the Hebrews failed to do what they were chosen to do, so, shortly after the death of Jesus, God gave that job to the Gentile Christians, who did spread it around the world because the Gentile Christians did the job the Hebrews were chosen to do and failed to do.

The problem is that most pagans and even some Christians, especially poser Christians, in spite of what we have learned from biology, didn't like not being able to screw anyone and everyone they wanted, including brothers and sisters, so they have continued the practice behind closed doors. This practice is much more wide spread around the world than we Americans are being told. Which is one of the big reasons why pagans hate God, the Bible, orthodox Hebrews, and Christians and are waging war against us. The pagans just gotta have their adultery, baby.

If you study history, you see this problem persisting today.

Think not? In all of those millions of small villages scattered around the world that we humans have used to populate and civilize the planet, who have their children been marrying for from hundreds to thousands of years?

They have all been marrying family because it would only take a few generations for everyone in such small villages to become family and then they would all be inbreeding and this is still going on today.

But I have also pointed out that this is especially true for the upper class trash because they have been inbreeding within their relatively small family for more than 2,500 years and still are today, you know, with Prince Harry marrying his 17th cousin, Merkal.

Yep, in spite of God's Law and science, most of us humans are still doing what God told us to stop doing 3,600 years ago, which is one reason we have the problems we are having and today's leaders are the worst and most evil in history, they are the most inbred in history, therefore, the most nuts in history.

Another example here is that Muslims have continued heavily inbreeding within their families or clans for the last 1,400 years. For years, I kept an eye on it and noticed that Muslims have some of the worst problems with birth defects because of their incessant inbreeding for thousands of years. It is very common for Muslims to marry within their clan or family and marrying first cousins is very common.

Contrary to what evolutionists want us to believe and is required to believe in evolution, our ancestors were much more intelligent than us because our intelligence has declined because of thousands of years of inbreeding. These evolutionist lies about us being more intelligent than our ancestors causes us to not be able to understand why we regularly find things which required superior intelligence to us, you know, like building the Egyptian pyramids, and it isn't because of space aliens. It was because our ancestors were more intelligent than us because we are the product of thousands of years of inbreeding.

Think I am wrong? How about the brother and sister who recently made news in the US because they got married and had four children, all of whom were severely retarded, which didn't happen thousands of years ago when brothers and sisters had children?

The truth is that we must stop inbreeding because of the genetic damage it is doing because it is decreasing our intelligence and increasing our insanity to the point that we will eventually wipe ourselves out, you know, just like the stupid lefties, especially the very heavily inbred upper class trash, are now trying to do.

Maybe it is time we all start behaving like good little Christians and live by God's Laws and stop making things worse. It might help just a wee bit.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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