Slavery 2

God woke me a little after 2 am this morning to write this. You need to know that hundreds of millions of American people have already been sold into slavery by the upper class trash, these people are bought and paid for and don't know it. All that is needed is for the slaves to be rounded up by FEMA and delivered to the new owner.

Remember that within months of the time Obama was first elected as president, Obama signed a deal with China. In a nut shell, this deal stated that, for the money China "invested" in US government bonds, China would get land and slaves. It was agreed that everyone who "owed" the US government money would be delivered to China as slaves to do with as China pleases. These US slaves are to be everyone who is "in debt" to the US government pending the upper class trash's definition of being in debt.

This means that China already paid for these US slaves with the hundreds of billions of dollars she has already spent on US government bonds and that money has been laundered through the US government into the pockets of the liberal puppet masters and politicians controlling both the Democratic and Republican parties, you know, the people who keep telling you they want to take care of you, but not the way you think they want to "take care of you". The way the upper class trash did this was that they got you to "sell" yourselves to the US government (them) for the "free" government money they have "given" you with their many socialist programs.

The most obvious of these are the people who took out loans from the government for any reason and have not yet paid those loans back, such as student loans, or you owe the government back taxes, fines, penalties, or any other money. The most devious of these are the programs where you have received any "free" money from our dictators such as government grants, Welfare, Medicaid, Medicare, or any other programs in which you received "financial assistance" of any kind from the government. In the eyes of the upper class trash, what you did when you accepted any "free" money from the government is that you sold yourselves into slavery to the government (them), they just have not rounded you up and delivered you to your slave masters yet.

This is one reason why our corrupt leaders are so determined to give amnesty and citizenship to the illegal aliens in this country. ALL of those people have either accepted "free" money from the government or owe back taxes and have, therefore, sold themselves into slavery to the US upper class trash BUT they are not US citizens and it would be a little tough by international laws for the US upper class trash to deliver the citizens of other countries into slavery to China. That is another ten to twenty million slaves for the US upper class trash to sell to China for billions more dollars. Do you get the picture?

You have to understand that, in the very evil minds of the upper class trash, they own our government and, therefore, if you have accepted any money from our government, you are owned by them to do with as they please. These monsters have already sold you into slavery to China and it is time to deliver the goods, you.

Those are the shadows we are seeing moving around in the back ground right now. China has purchased hundreds of millions of you and wants her good little slaves as soon as possible so she can start getting her "investment" back. In order to do this, the liberal commie traitors must establish their beloved communist dictatorship so no one can oppose them rounding you up and delivering you to China to do with as China pleases. Therefore, Obama is being pressured to stage a political coup as soon as possible but the US military has been countering his moves forcing Obama to retreat and try again. (We really need to get our troops back in country as soon as possible.)

Another thing is that Obamacare gives Obama the "right" to arrest and detain any of you indefinitely without a trial or hearing or enslave you any time he wants and even have you "assassinated" with nothing but his word. Think about it, Obamacare automatically makes everyone in the US Obama's personal property to do with as he pleases including sell you to China as slaves or murder you and harvest your internal organs for profit. Get the picture?

Gee, I wonder why Obama is so adamant about keeping Obamacare and it being enforced right now instead of being delayed even just one year? Gee, I wonder why everyone in Washington got themselves exempted from Obamacare? Gee, I wonder why the states are passing laws making it illegal for Obama to enforce Obamacare in their states and why Obama is becoming so angry about it calling the state politicians terrorists to justify Obama declaring martial law? Gee, I wonder why Obama and his buddies are trying so hard to take your guns away from you? Not really, I know why. China is wanting her property right now! Obama signed the contract and must deliver the goods or become the goods. Get the picture?

You people who are part of Obama's police state need to realize that Obamacare also makes you Obama's property so that, after you have helped load the rest of us on the ships to China, you are next. Bet on it.

You have to understand that, if Obama and his corrupt upper class trash have received the money for all of you slaves and they don't deliver, then, by international law, China can invade the US and take the upper class trash as slaves along with everything they own, including all of the money the upper class trash stole from the US people along with what they accepted from China. The contract between Obama and China has come due and Obama must now deliver the goods or he and his corrupt buddies become the slaves. Therefore, Obama must soon find a way to seize control of the US government without being stopped by the US military so Obama and his corrupt pals can deliver the goods to China, which means that Obama and his pals are getting just a wee bit desperate and those efforts by Obama to seize control of the US government and the US military stopping Obama are the shadows moving in the back ground. Keep an eye on this.

Since, in the minds of the evil upper class trash, you are already their slaves, it just might be a good time to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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