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I want to talk a little more about what is going on in space and the plans we are being told about.

First, SO FAR, the things they are planning for the moon are realistic and sane, scientifically sound. They are only talking about building one or more space stations and not the Hollywood crap of terra farming an atmosphere out of nothing (Whala, magic!), outdoor farming, and having surface water or racing unicorns over rainbows.

The moon is only about three days away from earth and they are already talking about resupply for a space station and, therefore, also relatively rapid emergency relief or evacuation.

Mars is at least three months away and, without regular resupply missions to Mars, it would also be almost impossible to have a rescue mission because, by the time you got a rescue mission together and they got to Mars, all of the people would very likely be dead. Any humans traveling to Mars have to be able to sustain themselves for at least a year for a reasonable rescue operation to be effective.

They are currently looking to mine rare minerals on the moon and we have known for some time that there is quite a bit of Helium 3 on the moon because it is produced by the sun and, since the moon only has an atmosphere of about one inch (yes, it does have an atmosphere of about one inch), Helium 3 has been building up on the moon for thousands of years. We can use Helium 3, a rare element, for nuclear energy production.

That is why I told you young people to get a degree in geology, especially in rare minerals, so you can get a job on the moon searching for rare minerals. Right now, rare minerals will be the only thing which are economically feasible because they cost so much more on earth that the increased cost of mining them on the moon and transporting them to earth could be economically competitive or feasible.

For example, I wouldn't go looking for sand to make glass because sand is so cheap on earth that it would cost much, much more to bring it from the moon.

With the moon being so close and them having resupply missions to the moon, it could be economically feasible to mine some rare minerals on the moon because the supply ships can drop off supplies and pick up mineral ore to bring back to earth. That way the supply ships would not be returning empty and could make money both coming and going, making it more economically feasible.

The thing about terra farming an atmosphere out of nothing or almost nothing is brain numbing stupid. First, they act like plants are some super duper organisms which can grow under conditions we animals can't survive under.

That is absolutely not true. Plants are at least as fragile of organisms as animals. They have to have just the right soil content and atmosphere to survive just like humans. The soil and atmosphere of Mars would easily kill plants within just ONE DAY.

I told you that we have known for more than half a century that plants can't grow in soil that doesn't have enough organic matter.

What is organic matter?

Organic matter is dead stuff that has been broken down by a variety of other life forms or organisms so the plants can eat it. This very complex process is started by things like flies, cockroaches, and earthworms and finished by a range of protists or single celled organisms like bacteria and virus before the plants can eat the dead stuff. This is biologically a much, much, much more complex and fragile system than Hollywood is telling you.

For example, a number of plants can't take in nitrogen in its natural state and there is a virus in our soil which has to process the nitrogen so the plants can ingest it. Without that virus, those plants can't grow on Mars, I don't care how much nitrogen you put in the soil.

In order to get enough fertile soil to Mars to farm anything, you would have to build dozens of massive space ships much larger than super tankers on earth and move hundreds of millions of tons of earth's very limited fertile soil to Mars and make sure all of the organisms required to keep breaking down dead stuff to maintain the organic matter in the soil also survived the trip, you know, like flies, cockroaches, earthworms, moles, protists, and such. You would have to radically deplete the fertile soil available on earth causing a major biological die off on earth.

Like I said, this also disproves evolution because, before there was any organic matter in earth's soil, you know, dead stuff, what could plants have grown in?

Absolutely nothing. God had to create the first organic matter and the organisms to maintain that organic matter when He created the first plants or NOTHING could have grown. The existence of ANY life on this planet requires a far greater intelligence than our intelligence and the act of creation.

You want irreducible complexity?

Study what is required in our soil just for a plant to grow. It is much, much, much more complex than the liberals are telling you and could not just accidentally happen, even over billions of years.

BTW, the complete lack of biomatter or dead stuff in Mars' soil proves there was never life on Mars.

Plus, I have told you that atmospheric pressure is also crucial for plants to grow.

You think I am wrong?

Drive up some mountain like Mount Evans in Colorado (14,000 feet altitude) until you reach what they call timberline at somewhere between 10,000 and 11,000 feet. You will first see nothing but lots of dead, grey trees and then suddenly there will only be grass.


Because no trees or bushes can live above timberline because the atmosphere is too thin HERE.ON.EARTH! You will reach a point at around 11,000 to 12,000 feet that not even grass will grow because the atmosphere is too thin HERE.ON.EARTH!

Now, you go to Mars where the atmosphere is 200 times thinner and common sense should tell you that NOTHING.WILL.GROW.ON.MARS, ABSOLUTELY.NOTHING!!!

Then let's look at sun light. The earth is approximately 90 million miles from the sun and Mars is approximately 135 million miles from the sun. As the sun light leaves the sun and travels through space it disperses or spreads out so that the further you get from the sun, the less light you will have per square foot and this is important for growing plants because plants have to have specific amounts of sun light and most food producing plants need a lot of sun light by earth's standards.

By the time you get to Mars, there is approximately a little more than half as much sun light per square foot than you get on earth, which will not be enough sun light per square foot to grow most food producing plants on Mars. Here on earth, most of the food producing plants have to have "bright sun light" by earth standards and you can't get anywhere near that much sun light per square foot on Mars so you can't grow most plants on Mars with just sun light. You will have to also use grow lights just to have enough light for most plants.

This is a much, much, much more complex problem than the terra farming idiots can understand. They need to study college level biology and, especially, botany or plants. THERE.IS.NO.WAY. YOU.CAN.TERRA.FARM.AN.ATMOSPHERE.ON.MARS!!!! End of discussion.

Terra farming an atmosphere on Mars is PURE Hollywood bull crap and is about as feasible as unicorns racing over rainbows. It ain't gonna happen, baby!!!

But, hey, build a few space stations on the moon, mine a little Helium 3, great, no problem there. The only problems with that are the economics and logistics, which can be solved with time.

It is like I have been telling you, if you believe 10% of what you see out of Hollywood or on TV and, today, even in the printed liberal media, you are GROSSLY misinformed.

The liberal idiots who don't know what they are talking about, need to shut up.

Now, do you see how ignorant and stupid the liberals are?

BTW, the lack of biomatter in the soil, lack of atmosphere caused by not having enough gravity, lack of surface water caused by a lack of atmosphere, and lack of adequate sun light prove there could have never been life on Mars. The liberal evolutionists searching for signs of life on Mars is like searching for liberal unicorns racing over rainbows. It is beyond silly and preposterous and is pure pagan lunacy in an irrational attempt to save the failed liberal pagan evolution fairy tale but keep in mind that these scientists MUST maintain the pretence of looking for life on Mars to save the failed liberal pagan evolution fairy tale or the liberal pagans running our government won't give them any government money and they will lose their jobs so they lie to keep their jobs.

That needs to come to a screeching halt but, to get rid of that, we have to get rid of the liberal pagans running our government.

Ready for a Christian theocracy yet?

Did you notice that science keeps bringing us back to creation,the original topic for this site?

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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